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Abbreviation : LA
Long Form : locomotor activity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Smartphone and a freely available application as a new tool to record locomotor activity rhythm in large mammals and humans. ---
2018 Effects of Dietary and Lighting Conditions on Diurnal Locomotor Activity and Body Temperature in Microminipigs. BT
2018 Subdiaphragmatic Vagotomy With Pyloroplasty Ameliorates the Obesity Caused by Genetic Deletion of the Melanocortin 4 Receptor in the Mouse. BW, FI, RER, SDV
2018 Time-of-Day Effects on Metabolic and Clock-Related Adjustments to Cold. BAT
2018 Validation of locomotion scoring as a new and inexpensive technique to record circadian locomotor activity in large mammals. SM
2017 An experimental model of the "dual diagnosis": Effect of cytotoxic brain edema plus peripheral neuropathy on the spontaneous locomotor activity of rats. ---
2017 Effect of a selective SGLT2 inhibitor, luseogliflozin, on circadian rhythm of sympathetic nervous function and locomotor activities in metabolic syndrome rats. ---
2017 Effect of prenatal restraint stress and morphine co-administration on plasma vasopressin concentration and anxiety behaviors in adult rat offspring. EPM, PVC
2017 Maternal voluntary physical activity attenuates delayed neurodevelopment in malnourished rats. RO, SG
10  2017 Sex differences in variability across timescales in BALB/c mice. CBT
11  2017 The histaminergic system is involved in psychological stress-induced hyperthermia in rats. PSH
12  2016 Circadian Gene Circuitry Predicts Hyperactive Behavior in a Mood Disorder Mouse Model. ---
13  2016 Effects of gestational and lactational exposure to low dose mercury chloride (HgCl2) on behaviour, learning and hearing thresholds in WAG/Rij rats. DPOAE, MWM, PA
14  2016 Oxytocin decreases diurnal and nocturnal arterial blood pressure in the conscious unrestrained spontaneously hypertensive rat. HR, MAP, OT, SDR, SHR
15  2015 In vitro and in vivo pharmacological characterization of a neuropeptide S tetrabranched derivative. NPS, NPSR, PWT, RR
16  2015 Inbreeding affects locomotor activity in Drosophila melanogaster at different ages. ---
17  2015 Sensitization and Tolerance Following Repeated Exposure to Caffeine and Alcohol in Mice. CTA
18  2014 Repeated fear-induced diurnal rhythm disruptions predict PTSD-like sensitized physiological acute stress responses in F344 rats. CBT, HR, PTSD
19  2013 In vitro and in vivo pharmacological characterization of the novel neuropeptide S receptor ligands QA1 and PI1. HEK293mNPSR, NPS, RR
20  2013 Normabaric Hyperoxia Treatment Improved Locomotor Activity of C57BL/6J Mice through Enhancing Dopamine Genes Following Fluid-Percussion Injury in Striatum. CTBI, FPI, NBOT
21  2013 The effect of previous exposure to nicotine on nicotine place preference. CPP, LNR and HNR
22  2012 Adaptation strategies to seasonal changes in environmental conditions of a domesticated horse breed, the Shetland pony (Equus ferus caballus). ---
23  2012 Circadian dysfunction in a rotenone-induced parkinsonian rodent model. BTs, PD
24  2012 Circadian system functionality, hippocampal oxidative stress, and spatial memory in the APPswe/PS1dE9 transgenic model of Alzheimer disease: effects of melatonin or ramelteon. AD, BT, Tg, Tg-CON, WT
25  2012 Impairment of heme biosynthesis induces short circadian period in body temperature rhythms in mice. GF
26  2012 Role of mu, delta and kappa opioid receptors in ethanol-reinforced operant responding in infant rats. BELs, CTA
27  2011 Effects of wire-bottom caging on heart rate, activity and body temperature in telemetry-implanted rats. BT, BW, HR
28  2011 Induction of ketosis in rats fed low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets depends on the relative abundance of dietary fat and protein. EE, LC-HFDs, NMR
29  2011 Nicotine treatment reduces LPS-induced sickness responses in telemetry monitoring rats. ANA, BP, BT, CAP, HR
30  2011 Physiological responses to chronic heat exposure in an aging non-human primate species, the gray mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus). LD, SD
31  2011 The role of serotonin in the NMDA receptor antagonist models of psychosis and cognitive impairment. APDs, NMDA, NOR
32  2010 A versatile telemetry system for continuous measurement of heart rate, body temperature and locomotor activity in free-ranging ruminants. HR
33  2010 Circadian control of mouse heart rate and blood pressure by the suprachiasmatic nuclei: behavioral effects are more significant than direct outputs. BP, EEG, HR, SCN, WT
34  2010 Corticosterone treatment before puberty sensitizes the effect of oral methylphenidate on locomotor activity in preadolescence and produces differential effects in adulthood. PA
35  2010 Subtle cardiovascular dysfunction in the unilateral 6-hydroxydopamine-lesioned rat. CBT, HR, HRV
36  2009 Daily rhythms of core temperature and locomotor activity indicate different adaptive strategies to cold exposure in adult and aged mouse lemurs acclimated to a summer-like photoperiod. CI, Tc
37  2009 Mice heterozygous for both A1 and A(2A) adenosine receptor genes show similarities to mice given long-term caffeine. ---
38  2009 Orexin-A acts on the paraventricular nucleus of the midline thalamus to inhibit locomotor activity in rats. OXA, PVT
39  2009 Physiological roles of A1 and A2A adenosine receptors in regulating heart rate, body temperature, and locomotion as revealed using knockout mice and caffeine. HR, TEMP, WT
40  2008 Neonatal administration of fluoxetine did not alter the anxiety indicators, but decreased the locomotor activity in adult rats in the elevated plus-maze. FS, NECA, TE
41  2008 Neuropeptide S is a stimulatory anxiolytic agent: a behavioural study in mice. EPM, i.c.v, NPS, RR, SIH
42  2008 Protein malnutrition and aging affects entraining and intensity of locomotor activity and body temperature circadian rhythms in rats. BT, PM, SP, WN
43  2007 Does scopolamine block the development of ethanol-induced behavioral sensitization? EtOH, SCOP
44  2006 Altered circadian rhythm reentrainment to light phase shifts in rats with low levels of brain angiotensinogen. ASrAOGEN, bLD, BP, DL, HR, LD
45  2006 Circadian rhythms of heart rate and locomotion after treatment with low-dose acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. HR, PB, PS
46  2006 Fasting-induced reduction in locomotor activity and reduced response of orexin neurons in carnitine-deficient mice. BT
47  2006 Seasonal adjustment of energy budget in a large wild mammal, the Przewalski horse (Equus ferus przewalskii) II. Energy expenditure. HI, MR
48  2006 Temperature rhythm reentrains faster than locomotor rhythm after a light phase shift. LD, Tb
49  2005 Effects of three-hour restricted food access during the light period on circadian rhythms of temperature, locomotor activity, and heart rate in rats. HR, LD
50  2005 Neural mechanisms underlying motor dysfunction as detected by the tail suspension test in MPTP-treated C57BL/6 mice. DA, PD, TST
51  2004 Characteristics of autonomic nervous function in Zucker-fatty rats: investigation by power spectral analysis of heart rate variability. ECG, HF, HR, HRV, LF
52  2004 The daily pattern of heart rate, body temperature, locomotor activity, and autonomic nervous activity in congenitally bronchial-hypersensitive (BHS) and bronchial-hyposensitive (BHR) guinea pigs. BHR, BHS, BT, ECG, HF, HR, LF/HF
53  2003 Blockade of serotonin 5-HT1B and 5-HT2A receptors suppresses the induction of locomotor activity by 5-HT reuptake inhibitors, citalopram and fluvoxamine, in NMRI mice exposed to a novel environment: a comparison to other 5-HT receptor subtypes. ---
54  2003 Brain regional gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and locomotor activity: effect of long-term aldrin exposure. GABA
55  2003 Hyperactivity and reduced energy cost of physical activity in serotonin 5-HT(2C) receptor mutant mice. HTR2C
56  2003 Olfactory bulbectomy modifies photic entrainment and circadian rhythms of body temperature and locomotor activity in a nocturnal primate. Tb
57  2002 Diurnal fluctuations of heart rate, body temperature and locomotor activity in the house musk shrew (Suncus murinus). BT, HR
58  2002 Diurnal variation of heart rate, locomotor activity, and body temperature in interleukin-1 alpha/beta doubly deficient mice. BT, HR, IL-1
59  2002 Induction of hyperlocomotion in mice exposed to a novel environment by inhibition of serotonin reuptake. A pharmacological characterization of diverse classes of antidepressant agents. NA, NARIs
60  2002 Ranges of diurnal variation and the pattern of body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate in laboratory beagle dogs. BP, HR
61  2002 Supersensitivity of the cholinergic muscarinic system in the rat's brain is induced by high concentrations of Cu+2. ME, MR, PA, RB
62  2002 The daily pattern of cardiovascular parameters in Kurosawa and Kusanagi-Hypercholesterolemic (KHC) rabbits. BP, BT, HR, JW, KHC, MBP
63  2002 Time-of-day dependent pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic profiles of caffeine in rats. AUC, BT, HR, pk
64  2001 Aldrin-induced locomotor activity: possible involvement of the central GABAergic-cholinergic-dopaminergic interaction. ---
65  2001 Aldrin-induced stimulation of locomotor activity and brain regional glutamate. ---
66  2001 Characterization of the locomotor activity-inhibiting effect of nociceptin/orphanin FQ in mice. i.c.v, NC
67  2001 Nucleus accumbens amphetamine microinjections unconditionally elicit 50-kHz ultrasonic vocalizations in rats. AMPH, NAcc, USVs
68  2001 Role of brain regional GABA: aldrin-induced stimulation of locomotor activity in rat. CNS
69  2001 The daily pattern of heart rate, body temperature, and locomotor activity in guinea pigs. BT, HR
70  2000 Telemetric monitoring of blood pressure in freely moving mice: a preliminary study. BP, DP, HR, MAP, SP
71  1999 Effects of naloxone, glycyrrhizic acid, dexamethasone and deoxycorticosterone in repetitive stress. DEX, DOC, GCA, NAL, RS
72  1999 Possible mechanism of interaction of GABAergic-adenosinergic systems in the regulation of theophylline-induced locomotor activity under its nontolerant and tolerant conditions. TH
73  1998 Effects of neonatal focal cerebral hypoxia-ischemia on sleep-waking pattern, ECoG power spectra and locomotor activity in the adult rat. ECoG, HI, MRI, PS, SWS
74  1998 Influence of neonatal focal cerebral hypoxia-ischemia on cardiovascular and neurobehavioral functions in adult Wistar rats. BP, BT, HI, HR
75  1998 Is GABA involved in the development of caffeine tolerance? ---
76  1998 Steroid dependent effects of oxytocin on spontaneous motor activity in female rats. EB, OXY, PA
77  1996 The telemetric monitoring of heart rate, locomotor activity, and body temperature in mice and voles (Microtus arvalis) during ambient temperature changes. BT, HR
78  1995 Behavioral and neurochemical changes in the dopaminergic system after repeated cocaine administration. DA, NA
79  1995 Caffeine-induced locomotor activity: possible involvement of GABAergic-dopaminergic-adenosinergic interaction. ---
80  1993 Adenosine A2a receptors in the nucleus accumbens mediate locomotor depression. Acb, DA
81  1993 Cardiovascular, thermal and behavioral sensitization to methamphetamine in freely moving rats. BT, HR, MAH, MAP
82  1993 Influence of growth hormone (GH) and GH-releasing factor on locomotor activity in rats. GH, GRF, I/O, rhGH
83  1991 Histidine decarboxylase inhibition induced by alpha-fluoromethylhistidine provokes learning-related hypokinetic activity. FMH, HA, JA, MP, OFP
84  1990 Antagonistic effects of growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF) and somatostatin on locomotor activity: GRF-induced hyperkinetic syndrome. GRF, SS
85  1988 Correlation between metabolic and behavioral effects of dexfenfluramine treatment. d-FF, FI, MR, RQ
86  1988 Lipostatic and ischymetric mechanisms originate dexfenfluramine-induced anorexia. RQ, TMR
87  1986 A comparative study of the locomotor activity effects of apomorphine and the "atypical dopamine agonists" (piribedil and S3608). NAS
88  1986 Dextrofenfluramine increases energy cost of muscular effort. d-FF, REE, RQ, TEE
89  1986 Metabolic mechanism of the anorectic and leptogenic effects of the serotonin agonist fenfluramine. BW, D-FF, EE
90  1985 Carbon dioxide production by individual mice as an index of behavioral and metabolic activity. ---
91  1985 Effects of toluene inhalation on carbon dioxide production and locomotor activity in mice. ---
92  1982 Spontaneous short-term fluctuations in the daily pattern of heart rate, body temperature and locomotor activity in the laboratory rat. BT, HR
93  1979 [Thyroid gland activity and motor activity during dog ontogenesis]. PBI
94  1977 Studies of the pharmacology of a new antidepressant, S1694. DA, NA
95  1973 Survival-time, locomotor activity (LA) and other parameters of starving male and female mice. ---