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Abbreviation : LB
Long Form : lamellar bodies
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Hydrocortisone Promotes Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Definitive Endoderm toward Lung Alveolar Epithelial Cells. ATII, IDE2, mESC-DE, PSCs, RB20, SFD, SP-C
2019 Metabolic labelling of choline phospholipids probes ABCA3 transport in lamellar bodies. ABCA3, Cho
2018 Decompression sickness, fatness and active hydrophobic spots. AHS, ATII, BG, DCS, DPPC, PFO
2018 Impaired permeability and antimicrobial barriers in type 2 diabetes skin are linked to increased serum levels of advanced glycation end-product. AGE, AMPs, DM, SC
2017 Application of Orthodontic Immediate Force on Dental Implants: Histomorphologic and Histomorphometric Assessment. BIC, cN, WB
2016 Impaired Lysosomal Integral Membrane Protein 2-dependent Peroxiredoxin 6 Delivery to Lamellar Bodies Accounts for Altered Alveolar Phospholipid Content in Adaptor Protein-3-deficient pearl Mice. AP-3, AT2, HPS, PRDX6
2016 Mutation of Serine 32 to Threonine in Peroxiredoxin 6 Preserves Its Structure and Enzymatic Function but Abolishes Its Trafficking to Lamellar Bodies. PC, Prdx6, S32A, S32T
2015 Cellular basis of secondary infections and impaired desquamation in certain inherited ichthyoses. EI, hBD-2, HI, KLK7, NS, SC
2014 Ultrastructure of skin from Refsum disease with emphasis on epidermal lamellar bodies and stratum corneum barrier lipid organization. CLE, PA, RD
10  2012 Cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2 oppositely regulate epidermal permeability barrier status and differentiation. CBR
11  2012 Characterization of VAMP-2 in the lung: implication in lung surfactant secretion. ---
12  2012 Development of a novel three-dimensional, automatable and integrated bioprocess for the differentiation of embryonic stem cells into pulmonary alveolar cells in a rotating vessel bioreactor system. ESC, mESC
13  2011 Actin dynamics regulate immediate PAR-2-dependent responses to acute epidermal permeability barrier abrogation. Cav-1, PAR2, SG
14  2011 CD44 regulates tight-junction assembly and barrier function. KO, TJs
15  2011 Comparative proteomic analysis of lung lamellar bodies and lysosome-related organelles. LRO
16  2011 IL-1alpha stimulation restores epidermal permeability and antimicrobial barriers compromised by topical tacrolimus. AMP, KCs
17  2011 Rab38 targets to lamellar bodies and normalizes their sizes in lung alveolar type II epithelial cells. ATII, EGFP, FHH, SD
18  2011 Ultrastructural changes of the intracellular surfactant pool in a rat model of lung transplantation-related events. I/R
19  2010 2-APB and capsazepine-induced Ca2+ influx stimulates clathrin-dependent endocytosis in alveolar epithelial cells. 2-APB, ATII, CPZ
20  2010 Allometry of the mammalian intracellular pulmonary surfactant system. AE, BM
21  2010 Amniotic lamellar body counts determined with the Sysmex XE-2100 analyzer to predict fetal lung maturity during diabetic and other complicated pregnancies. FLM, L/S, PG, TLC
22  2010 Regulation of ABCG1 expression in human keratinocytes and murine epidermis. LXR, PPAR-delta
23  2010 The surfactant lipid transporter ABCA3 is N-terminally cleaved inside LAMP3-positive vesicles. MVB
24  2010 Topical calcitriol restores the impairment of epidermal permeability and antimicrobial barriers induced by corticosteroids. ---
25  2010 Transmission electron microscopy studies in an experimental model of canine atopic dermatitis. AD, LL
26  2009 Lamellar body formation and dark multivesicular body pockets in fetal and postnatal normal rat alveolar type II cells: ultrastructural study. MVB
27  2009 The "caveolae brake hypothesis" and the epidermal barrier. APM, MbetaCD, SG
28  2008 PPAR and LXR activators regulate ABCA12 expression in human keratinocytes. ABC, CHK, LXR, PPARs
29  2008 Structure of pulmonary surfactant membranes and films: the role of proteins and lipid-protein interactions. ---
30  2007 Distribution of intracellular and secreted surfactant during postnatal rat lung development. LLF, SP-A, TM, ULV
31  2007 Potassium channel openers accelerate epidermal barrier recovery. ---
32  2007 Psychological stress downregulates epidermal antimicrobial peptide expression and increases severity of cutaneous infections in mice. AMPs, GAS, GCs, PS
33  2007 Role of PKC-delta as a signal mediator in epidermal barrier homeostasis. ---
34  2006 Barrier dysfunction and pathogenesis of neutral lipid storage disease with ichthyosis (Chanarin-Dorfman syndrome). NLSDI, SC
35  2006 Basis for improved permeability barrier homeostasis induced by PPAR and LXR activators: liposensors stimulate lipid synthesis, lamellar body secretion, and post-secretory lipid processing. LXR, PPARs
36  2006 Pulmonary surfactant transport in alveolar type II cells. PS
37  2006 Serine protease signaling of epidermal permeability barrier homeostasis. LR, PAR2, SC, SP, SPI
38  2006 Smokeless tobacco-induced lamellar body abnormalities. ST
39  2005 Distribution of surfactant proteins in type II pneumocytes of newborn, 14-day old, and adult rats: an immunoelectron microscopic and stereological study. MVB, SP
40  2005 Exocytosis of lung surfactant: from the secretory vesicle to the air-liquid interface. ---
41  2005 Mechanisms by which psychologic stress alters cutaneous permeability barrier homeostasis and stratum corneum integrity. CD, IPS, PS, SC
42  2004 Basis for abnormal desquamation and permeability barrier dysfunction in RXLI. CD, RXLI, SC, SP, SSase
43  2004 Ca2+ entry is essential for cell strain-induced lamellar body fusion in isolated rat type II pneumocytes. ---
44  2004 Mesothelial lamellar bodies in norm and experimental conditions. Transmission and scanning electron microscopic observations on the peritoneum, pleura and pericardium. EH, EP, TEM, SEM
45  2003 Mechanical forces impeding exocytotic surfactant release revealed by optical tweezers. ---
46  2003 Surfactant homeostasis is maintained in vivo during keratinocyte growth factor-induced rat lung type II cell hyperplasia. AEII, KGF, PBS, rHu
47  2002 Palmitoylation and processing of the lipopeptide surfactant protein C. SP-C
48  2002 Vascular regulation of type II cell exocytosis. ---
49  2002 [Study on the effects of various dosage of dexamethasone in accelerating fetal lung maturation and the accompanied side effects in rats]. DEX
50  2001 Alveolar metabolism of natural vs. synthetic surfactants in preterm newborn rabbits. ARS, FRS
51  2001 Binding of annexins to lung lamellar bodies and the PMA-stimulated secretion of annexin V from alveolar type II cells. SP-A
52  2001 Effects of Stachybotrys chartarum on surfactant convertase activity in juvenile mice. RL
53  2001 Testosterone perturbs epidermal permeability barrier homeostasis. ---
54  2001 The effects of topical alpha-hydroxyacids on the normal skin barrier of hairless mice. AHA, SC, TEWL
55  2001 The roles of cholesterol in pulmonary surfactant: insights from comparative and evolutionary studies. Chol, DSP, PL
56  2001 [Pulmonary surfactant system]. AM, AS, LS, LSS, TM
57  2000 [The effects of NAC on the expression and activity of SPA in rats inflicted by smoke inhalation injury]. NAC, SP-A
58  1999 Convertase activity in alveolar surfactant and lamellar bodies in fetal, newborn, and adult rabbits. ---
59  1999 Coordinate assembly of lipids and enzyme proteins into epidermal lamellar bodies. ---
60  1999 Exocytosis in alveolar type II cells revealed by cell capacitance and fluorescence measurements. Cm
61  1999 Fetal lung maturity in pregnancies complicated by insulin-dependent and gestational diabetes: a matched cohort study. AF, DP, FLM, L/S, PG
62  1998 Dynamics of surfactant release in alveolar type II cells. LTG, PM
63  1998 The secretory granular cell: the outermost granular cell as a specialized secretory cell. SC, SG, TGN
64  1997 Epidermal barrier in disorders of the skin. EL, SC, XCI
65  1997 Incidence of air pollution in the pulmonary surfactant system of the pigeon (Columba livia). ---
66  1997 Mode of action of glycolic acid on human stratum corneum: ultrastructural and functional evaluation of the epidermal barrier. AHA, SC, SG, TEWL
67  1997 Structural and biochemical basis for the UVB-induced alterations in epidermal barrier function. SC, SG, SS, UVR
68  1997 Ultrastructure of the epidermal barrier after irritation. EL, SC, TEWL
69  1996 Expression and distribution of surfactant proteins and lysozyme after prolonged hyperpnea. PL
70  1996 Lubrication of visceral movement and gastric motility by peritoneal surfactant. SAPL
71  1995 Clearance of surfactant protein B from rabbit lungs. AW, DPPC, SP-B
72  1995 Elemental composition of lamellar bodies from fetal and adult human lung. ---
73  1995 Occurrence of lamellar bodies in the rat brain organotypic cultures in normal and pathological conditions. ---
74  1994 Synthesis of type II cell lamellar body lysozyme-15 kD protein (lbl-15) by perfused rat lung. anti-HLZ, lbl-15, SF
75  1993 Internalization of surfactant protein A (SP-A) into lamellar bodies of rat alveolar type II cells in vitro. SP-A
76  1993 Structural relationship between epidermal lipid lamellae, lamellar bodies and desmosomes in human epidermis: an ultrastructural study. SC, SG
77  1992 Disturbed extruding mechanism of lamellar bodies in dry non-eczematous skin of atopics. DS, SC, WPB
78  1992 Identification of ras and ras-related low-molecular-mass GTP-binding proteins associated with rat lung lamellar bodies. GTP, LMM-GBPs
79  1992 Lamellar bodies as delivery systems of hydrolytic enzymes: implications for normal and abnormal desquamation. EFAD, SC
80  1991 Avian permeability barrier function reflects mode of sequestration and organization of stratum corneum lipids: reevaluation utilizing ruthenium tetroxide staining and lipase cytochemistry. MGB
81  1991 Development of alveolar septa and cellular maturation within the perinatal lung. i,t, V, N, and S
82  1991 Endocytosis in cultured rat alveolar type II cells: effect of lysosomotropic weak bases on the processes. MVB, S-G
83  1991 Mullerian inhibiting substance blocks epidermal growth factor receptor phosphorylation in fetal rat lung membranes. CHO, EGF, EM, MIS
84  1991 Ozone stress initiates acute perturbations of secreted surfactant membranes. ---
85  1991 Surfactant content and type II cell development in fetal guinea pig lungs during prenatal starvation. DPC, PL
86  1990 Internalization of pulmonary surfactant into lamellar bodies of cultured rat pulmonary type II cells. D-MVB, MPA, MVB
87  1990 Surface properties of two rabbit lung lamellar body preparations with markedly different fatty acid profiles. ---
88  1990 Ultrastructural analysis of regional type II cell development within fetal and neonatal lungs. ---
89  1989 Endotoxin suppresses surfactant synthesis in cultured rat lung cells. CMF, RDS
90  1988 Ozone-induced lamellar body responses in a rat model for alveolar injury and repair. DSPC
91  1988 Rat lung type II cell and lamellar body: elemental composition in situ. ATII, Cyto, EPMA
92  1987 Interactions of beta adrenergic antagonists with isolated rat alveolar type II pneumocytes. II. Receptor-independent accumulation of beta adrenergic antagonists and other cationic amphiphilic drugs in lamellar bodies. 9-AAP
93  1987 Profiles of type-II pneumocytes in rats inoculated intratracheally with bacterial lipopolysaccharide. LPS, P-II
94  1987 Rate of secretion of lung surfactant before and after birth. ---
95  1985 A semi-automated and standardized method of determining the lamellar body content of amniotic fluid. ---
96  1985 Lamellar body-enriched fractions from neonatal mice: preparative techniques and partial characterization. ---
97  1984 Intrauterine hypercarbia and lamb lung surfactant synthesis. DSPC
98  1984 [Earliest appearance and morphologic picture of lamellar bodies in the amniotic fluid]. ---
99  1982 Factors regulating lamellar body volume density of type II pneumocytes in excised dog lungs. PAO
100  1981 Rat lung surfactant kinetics biochemical and morphometric correlation. AEP II, DSPC, LV