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Abbreviation : LBs
Long Form : Lewy bodies
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Expression of alpha-synuclein is regulated in a neuronal cell type-dependent manner. DLB, LNs, PD
2019 Unusual features of ependymoma in a patient with Parkinson's disease. MRI, PD
2018 Autophagy mediators (FOXO1, SESN3 and TSC2) in Lewy body disease and aging. DLB, FOXO1, mTOR, PD, SESN3, TSC2
2018 Curcumin affords neuroprotection and inhibits alpha-synuclein aggregation in lipopolysaccharide-induced Parkinson's disease model. AAS, iNOS, PD, SN
2018 FKBP12-immunopositive inclusions in patients with alpha-synucleinopathies. alpha-Syn, DLB, FKBP, MSA, PD
2018 Inoculation of alpha-synuclein preformed fibrils into the mouse gastrointestinal tract induces Lewy body-like aggregates in the brainstem via the vagus nerve. alpha-Syn, ENS, p-alpha-Syn, PBS, PD, PFFs, SNpc
2018 Loss of autophagy in dopaminergic neurons causes Lewy pathology and motor dysfunction in aged mice. DA, PD
2018 Physiological C-terminal truncation of alpha-synuclein potentiates the prion-like formation of pathological inclusions. FL
2018 Salidroside Promotes the Pathological alpha-Synuclein Clearance Through Ubiquitin-Proteasome System in SH-SY5Y Cells. DA, PD, pSer129-alpha-syn, Sal, SNc, UPS
10  2017 Age-Dependent Alpha-Synuclein Accumulation and Phosphorylation in the Enteric Nervous System in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease. ENS, LNs, PD
11  2017 alpha-synuclein aggregation and its modulation. alpha-Syn, LNs, PD, WT
12  2017 Caloric restriction alleviates alpha-synuclein toxicity in aged yeast cells by controlling the opposite roles of Tor1 and Sir2 on autophagy. CR, PD, syn
13  2017 Distinct pattern of enteric phospho-alpha-synuclein aggregates and gene expression profiles in patients with Parkinson's disease. CNS, ENS, LNs, M3R, p-alpha-syn, PD, VIP
14  2017 Familial Mutations and Post-translational Modifications of UCH-L1 in Parkinson's Disease and Neurodegenerative Disorders. alphaS, p.I93M, p.S18Y, PD, UCH-L1
15  2017 Levodopa (L-DOPA) attenuates endoplasmic reticulum stress response and cell death signaling through DRD2 in SH-SY5Y neuronal cells under alpha-synuclein-induced toxicity. alpha-syn, ATF4, BiP, CHOP, DRD2, ER, L-dopa, NF-kappaB, PD, XBP1
16  2017 Mechanisms underlying extensive Ser129-phosphorylation in alpha-synuclein aggregates. PD
17  2017 Novel conformation-selective alpha-synuclein antibodies raised against different in vitro fibril forms show distinct patterns of Lewy pathology in Parkinson's disease. LNs, mAbs, PD
18  2017 Role of Apolipoproteins and alpha-Synuclein in Parkinson's Disease. PD, SN
19  2017 The molecular chaperones DNAJB6 and Hsp70 cooperate to suppress alpha-synuclein aggregation. KO, PD
20  2017 Two Distinct Polymorphic Folding States of Self-Assembly of the Non-amyloid-beta Component Differ in the Arrangement of the Residues. AS, NAC
21  2017 Unbiased Proteomics of Early Lewy Body Formation Model Implicates Active Microtubule Affinity-Regulating Kinases (MARKs) in Synucleinopathies. MARK1, MARKs, MARKs, PD
22  2016 Alteration of Upstream Autophagy-Related Proteins (ULK1, ULK2, Beclin1, VPS34 and AMBRA1) in Lewy Body Disease. DLB, PD
23  2016 Brain region-dependent differential expression of alpha-synuclein. PD
24  2016 Diagnostic utility of CSF alpha-synuclein species in Parkinson's disease: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis. CSF, DLBs, MSA, PD, PRISMA-P
25  2016 Functionally different alpha-synuclein inclusions yield insight into Parkinson's disease pathology. alphaS, PD
26  2016 High expression of alpha-synuclein in damaged mitochondria with PLA2G6 dysfunction. alpha-Syn, KO, PalphaSyn, PD, PLAN
27  2016 Implication of Alpha-Synuclein Phosphorylation at S129 in Synucleinopathies: What Have We Learned in the Last Decade? PD, pS129
28  2016 Induction of de novo alpha-synuclein fibrillization in a neuronal model for Parkinson's disease. halpha-Syn, PD
29  2016 LRRK2 deficiency impacts ceramide metabolism in brain. Cer, GlcCer, PD
30  2016 microRNAs: Emerging Targets Regulating Oxidative Stress in the Models of Parkinson's Disease. DA, miRNAs, PD, ROS, SNpc
31  2016 Neuropathologic comorbidity and cognitive impairment in the Nun and Honolulu-Asia Aging Studies. AD, HAAS, NS
32  2016 Non-Amyloid-beta Component of Human alpha-Synuclein Oligomers Induces Formation of New Abeta Oligomers: Insight into the Mechanisms That Link Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Diseases. AD, AS, NAC, PD
33  2016 Purification of alpha-synuclein containing inclusions from human post mortem brain tissue. DLB, GCIs, MSA, PD
34  2015 Abnormal Paraplegin Expression in Swollen Neurites, tau- and alpha-Synuclein Pathology in a Case of Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia SPG7 with an Ala510Val Mutation. ---
35  2015 Alpha-synuclein modulates NR2B-containing NMDA receptors and decreases their levels after rotenone exposure. alpha-syn, NMDAR, PD, WT
36  2015 Associations of brain lesions at autopsy with polysomnography features before death. CI, OR
37  2015 Clinical correlations with Lewy body pathology in LRRK2-related Parkinson disease. LRRK2, PD
38  2015 Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration with Accumulation of Argyrophilic Grains and Lewy Bodies: A Clinicopathological Report. ---
39  2015 Isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase, a cholesterol synthesizing enzyme, is localized in Lewy bodies. IDI, MSA
40  2015 Lewy Bodies: A Spectator or Salient Killer? PD, ROS
41  2015 Midbrain catecholaminergic neurons co-express alpha-synuclein and tau in progressive supranuclear palsy. LC, PD, PSP, RS, SNc, TH
42  2015 Neuropathological comparisons of amnestic and nonamnestic mild cognitive impairment. AD, aMCI, CAA, CWMR, MCI, naMCI, NFTs, PD
43  2015 Parkinson's disease and alpha-synucleinopathies: from arising pathways to therapeutic challenge. alphaS, CNS, ENS, LNs, PD, PNS
44  2015 PINK1 phosphorylates transglutaminase 2 and blocks its proteasomal degradation. PD, TG2
45  2015 Potential of Cellular and Animal Models Based on a Prion-Like Propagation of alpha-Synuclein for Assessing Antiparkinson Agents. PD
46  2015 Synchrotron FTIR micro-spectroscopy for structural analysis of Lewy bodies in the brain of Parkinson's disease patients. FTIRM, PD
47  2015 Synphilin-1A is a phosphoprotein phosphatase 1-interacting protein and affects PPP1 sorting to subcellular compartments. PPP1, Sph1
48  2015 The phosphorylation of alpha-synuclein: development and implication for the mechanism and therapy of the Parkinson's disease. PD
49  2014 Alpha-synuclein immunotherapy blocks uptake and templated propagation of misfolded alpha-synuclein and neurodegeneration. DLB, i.p, LNs, mAbs, PD, PFFs
50  2014 Association of glycogen synthase kinase-3beta with Parkinson's disease (review). GSK-3, PD, SN
51  2014 Immunogenicity of epitope vaccines targeting different B cell antigenic determinants of human alpha-synuclein: feasibility study. DLB, halpha-Syn, LNs, Th
52  2014 Immunohistochemical localization of spatacsin in alpha-synucleinopathies. ARHSP-TCC, DLB, GCI, MSA, NCI, PD
53  2014 In silico modeling of the effects of alpha-synuclein oligomerization on dopaminergic neuronal homeostasis. aSyn, CMA, PD
54  2014 In vitro aggregation assays for the characterization of alpha-synuclein prion-like properties. DLB, DLBD, MSA, PD
55  2014 Modeling Lewy pathology propagation in Parkinson's disease. aSyn, LNs
56  2014 Neuropathologic heterogeneity does not impair florbetapir-positron emission tomography postmortem correlates. AD, PET
57  2014 Niemann-Pick disease type C1 predominantly involving the frontotemporal region, with cortical and brainstem Lewy bodies: an autopsy case. NPC
58  2014 Nutrient deprivation induces alpha-synuclein aggregation through endoplasmic reticulum stress response and SREBP2 pathway. ND, PD
59  2014 Phosphorylation modulates clearance of alpha-synuclein inclusions in a yeast model of Parkinson's disease. aSyn, FRAP, PD, pS129
60  2014 Tetranectin knockout mice develop features of Parkinson disease. PD, SNc, TN, WT
61  2014 The chaperone-like protein 14-3-3eta interacts with human alpha-synuclein aggregation intermediates rerouting the amyloidogenic pathway and reducing alpha-synuclein cellular toxicity. AS, PD
62  2013 Extensive aggregation of alpha-synuclein and tau in juvenile-onset neuroaxonal dystrophy: an autopsied individual with a novel mutation in the PLA2G6 gene-splicing site. INAD
63  2013 Localization of CHMP2B-immunoreactivity in the brainstem of Lewy body disease. AD, ALP, alphaS, CHMP2B, ESCRT, GCIs, GVD, ILBD, MSA, palphaS, PD
64  2013 Site-specific perturbations of alpha-synuclein fibril structure by the Parkinson's disease associated mutations A53T and E46K. AS, PD, WT
65  2013 The central theme of Parkinson's disease: alpha-synuclein. LNs, PD
66  2013 The Lewy body in Parkinson's disease and related neurodegenerative disorders. PD
67  2013 The role of alpha-synuclein in neurodegenerative diseases: from molecular pathways in disease to therapeutic approaches. AD, PD
68  2013 [Hyperbranching axons template alpha-synuclein deposits and non-localizing clinical manifestations of Parkinson disease]. alphaS, PD
69  2012 Alphalpha-synuclein levels in blood plasma from LRRK2 mutation carriers. ELISA, IPD, LNs, PD, ROC, SNCA
70  2012 Autophagic adapter protein NBR1 is localized in Lewy bodies and glial cytoplasmic inclusions and is involved in aggregate formation in alpha-synucleinopathy. DLB, MSA
71  2012 Cross-functional E3 ligases Parkin and C-terminus Hsp70-interacting protein in neurodegenerative disorders. PD
72  2012 Cross-seeding effects of amyloid beta-protein and alpha-synuclein. alphaS
73  2012 Intracerebral inoculation of pathological alpha-synuclein initiates a rapidly progressive neurodegenerative alpha-synucleinopathy in mice. CNS, DLB, LNs, PD, Tg
74  2012 Loss of P-type ATPase ATP13A2/PARK9 function induces general lysosomal deficiency and leads to Parkinson disease neurodegeneration. PD
75  2012 Neurochemistry and the non-motor aspects of PD. PD
76  2012 Neuropathologic substrates of Parkinson disease dementia. AD, APOE4, CI, CLB, LNs, OR, PD
77  2012 Neuropathological investigation of the hypometabolic regions on positron emission tomography with [18F] fluorodeoxyglucose in patients with dementia with Lewy bodies. AD, ADP, DLB, NFTs, NPs
78  2012 PARK9-associated ATP13A2 localizes to intracellular acidic vesicles and regulates cation homeostasis and neuronal integrity. ---
79  2012 Parkinson's disease showing progressive conduction aphasia. AD, PD
80  2012 Relationship of neighboring tissue and gliosis to alpha-synuclein pathology in a fetal transplant for Parkinson's disease. GFAP, Iba-1, LNs, PD, TH
81  2012 The role of alpha-synuclein oligomerization and aggregation in cellular and animal models of Parkinson's disease. alpha-syn, PD
82  2011 Accumulation of histone deacetylase 6, an aggresome-related protein, is specific to Lewy bodies and glial cytoplasmic inclusions. DLB, GCIs, HDAC6, MSA, PD
83  2011 Alpha-synuclein aggregation is involved in the toxicity induced by ferric iron to SK-N-SH neuroblastoma cells. PD, ROS
84  2011 Apolipoprotein E and LRP1 Increase Early in Parkinson's Disease Pathogenesis. APOE, PD, SN
85  2011 Authentically phosphorylated alpha-synuclein at Ser129 accelerates neurodegeneration in a rat model of familial Parkinson's disease. GRK6, PD, Ser129, SN
86  2011 Dynamic modeling of alpha-synuclein aggregation in dopaminergic neuronal system indicates points of neuroprotective intervention: experimental validation with implications for Parkinson's therapy. alphaS, DA, OE, PD, ROT
87  2011 E46K human alpha-synuclein transgenic mice develop Lewy-like and tau pathology associated with age-dependent, detrimental motor impairment. ---
88  2011 Exogenous alpha-synuclein fibrils induce Lewy body pathology leading to synaptic dysfunction and neuron death. DLB, LNs, PD
89  2011 Glucocerebrosidase mutations do not cause increased Lewy body pathology in Parkinson's disease. GBA, PD
90  2011 Human Polycomb protein 2 promotes alpha-synuclein aggregate formation through covalent SUMOylation. hPc2, PD
91  2011 Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 and alpha-synuclein: intersecting pathways in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease? PD
92  2011 Neuropathology and neurochemistry of nonmotor symptoms in Parkinson's disease. PD
93  2011 Neuropathology of sporadic Parkinson disease before the appearance of parkinsonism: preclinical Parkinson disease. PD
94  2011 Oxidation of the cysteine-rich regions of parkin perturbs its E3 ligase activity and contributes to protein aggregation. MS, PD
95  2011 Proteasome inhibition induces alpha-synuclein SUMOylation and aggregate formation. DLB, PD
96  2011 [Role of genetics in the etiology of synucleinopathies]. LNs, SNCA
97  2010 alpha-Synuclein pathology in the spinal cord autonomic nuclei associates with alpha-synuclein pathology in the brain: a population-based Vantaa 85+ study. alphaS
98  2010 alpha-Synuclein: membrane interactions and toxicity in Parkinson's disease. PD
99  2010 Association between male gender and cortical Lewy body pathology in large autopsy series. AD, NACC
100  2010 Cell type specific sequestration of choline acetyltransferase and tyrosine hydroxylase within Lewy bodies. ChAT, LBD, TH