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Abbreviation : LCA
Long Form : Lens culinaris
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2017 Lectin array and glycogene expression analyses of ovarian cancer cell line A2780 and its cisplatin-resistant derivate cell line A2780-cp. Con A, LEL, SNA
2016 DBA Lectin Binds to Highly Proliferative Mouse Erythroleukemia Cells. CCND1, CCND2, CFSE, ConA, ECA, High, MYC, UEA
2015 Lectin-based analysis of fucosylated glycoproteins of human skim milk during 47 days of lactation. LTA, UEA
2015 Suspected natural lysosomal storage disease from ingestion of pink morning glory (Ipomoea carnea) in goats in northern Argentina. ---
2013 Detection of glycosylated proteins in rabbit oviductal isthmus and uterine endometrium during early embryo development. DBA, PNA, PSA
2013 Lectin-based analysis of fucose and sialic acid expressions on human amniotic IgA during normal pregnancy. MAA, SNA, UEA
2009 Specificity analysis of lectins and antibodies using remodeled glycoproteins. AAL, anti-HRP, ECL, HPA, LTA, SNA, VVA
2009 The guinea pig as an animal model for Ipomoea carnea induced alpha-mannosidosis. ---
2006 Expression pattern of glycoconjugates in the Bidderian and ovarian follicles of the Brazilian toad Bufo ictericus analyzed by lectin histochemistry. AAA, ECA, HE, PAS
10  2003 Glycodendritic structures based on Boltorn hyperbranched polymers and their interactions with Lens culinaris lectin. ---
11  2003 Lectin typing of five medically important Candida species. Con A, PSA
12  2001 Identification of inactive ecto-5'-nucleotidase in normal mouse muscle and its increased activity in dystrophic Lama2(dy) mice. DM, eNT, NM
13  1999 Differentiation of Helicobacter pylori isolates based on lectin binding of cell extracts in an agglutination assay. AAA, ECA, Lotus A, LPSs, SBA, STA, UEA I
14  1999 New detection method after cellulose acetate membrane isoelectric focusing: activity staining for lactate dehydrogenase, detection for sugar chains using lectin and simple western blotting. CA, LD, MAM, SSA
15  1998 Axenic cultivation and partial characterization of Leishmania braziliensis amastigote-like stages. PFR, PNA
16  1998 Cytotoxic effects of lectins. LDCC, RIC
17  1997 Glycosylation of cholinesterase forms in brain from normal and dystrophic Lama2dy mice. BuChE, Con A, RCA
18  1997 Lectin-binding glycoconjugates in the subfornical organ of the rat. Con A, LFA, SFO
19  1995 Glycoconjugate expression of chondrocytes and perichondrium during hyaline cartilage development in the rat. ECL, GSL I, GSLII, LTA, PHA-L, PSA, SJA, STL, VVL
20  1995 Glycoconjugates of the human trabecular meshwork: a lectin histochemical study. DSA, Jac, PSA, SNA, STA, UEA-1
21  1995 Lectin and immunohistochemical comparison of glycoconjugates in the conjunctiva of patients with and without exfoliation syndrome. BPA, CAA, Con A, ECA, HPA, PHA-E, PNA, VVA
22  1994 Distribution of carbohydrates in the zona pellucida of human oocytes. Con A, GS-I, PNA, S-WGA, SBA
23  1994 Lectins as markers of rumen epithelial cell differentiation. GNA
24  1993 Lectin histochemistry of normal and neoplastic peripheral nerve sheath. 1. Lectin binding pattern of normal peripheral nerve in man. BSL-1, Con A, HPA, PSA, S-WGA, SJA, UEA-1
25  1992 Changes of soluble glycoproteins in dystrophic (dy/dy) mouse muscle shown by lectin binding. GS II, PSA
26  1992 Ricinus communis agglutinin I reacting and non-reacting butyrylcholinesterase in human cerebrospinal fluid. AChE, BuChE, Con A, CSF, RCA, RCA I
27  1992 Ultrastructural localization and semiquantitative analysis of glycoconjugates in the tectorial membrane. DSA, GCs, LFA, PHA-L
28  1990 Development of cortical vesicles in Sicyonia ingentis ova: their heterogeneity and role in elaboration of the hatching envelope. Con A, GS II
29  1989 Cycle- and function-related changes in lectin binding to human endometrium: a histochemical study with pronase treatment. PNA, SBA, VVA
30  1989 Glycoconjugates in exfoliation syndrome. A lectin histochemical study of the ciliary body and lens. Con A, PNA, SBA
31  1989 [Electrophoretic analysis of urinary glycoproteins in diabetic nephropathy using peroxidase-lectins]. alpha-GalNAc, alpha-Man, GalNAc
32  1988 Glycoconjugates in normal human kidney. A histochemical study using 13 biotinylated lectins. BSL-I, Con A, PSA, SJA, UEA I
33  1988 Hepatocyte cell surface polarity as demonstrated by lectin binding. ABC, Con A, PHA, RCA
34  1987 A lectin cytochemical study of glycoconjugates in the human retina. BSA-I, Con A, LTA, PNA, PWM, SBA
35  1987 Glycoconjugates in retinoblastoma. A lectin histochemical study of ten formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tumours. Con A, PNA
36  1987 Lectin binding patterns in amphibian epidermis. Con A, GS II, GS-I, UEA I
37  1986 Alteration by concanavalin A of the slow dissociable component in the human growth hormone-receptor interaction. Con A, H-R, hGH, PM
38  1986 Lectin-binding sites in normal, hyperplastic, adenomatous and carcinomatous human colorectal mucosa. Con A, GSA-II, PNA, VVA
39  1986 [Lectin binding of psoriatic skin]. Con A, HPA, PHA
40  1984 Binding of four lectins to normal human oral mucosa. PNA, SBA, str, UEA I
41  1984 Flow cytometric analysis of the binding of eleven lectins to human T- and B-cells and to human T- and B-cell lines. APA, HPA
42  1983 Cell type-specific binding of Ricinus lectin to murine cerebellar cell surfaces in vitro. Con A, FITC, RCA120
43  1983 Histochemical studies on lectin binding in reactive lymphoid tissues. ABC, BSA, Con A, PHA, PSA, SJA, UEA
44  1983 Lectin binding patterns in diffuse large cell lymphoma. Con A, PHA, PSA, RCA
45  1980 The localization of lectin binding sites on photoreceptor outer segments and pigment epithelium of dystrophic retinas. Con A, OS, PE, RCS, RCS
46  1975 Selection and characterization of eight phenotypically distinct lines of lectin-resistant Chinese hamster ovary cell. CHO, Con A, GlcNAc-T, PHA, RIC