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Abbreviation : LCA
Long Form : last common ancestor
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Plant Aquaporins: Diversity, Evolution and Biotechnological Applications. AQPs
2019 Reconciliation of a gene network and species tree. ---
2018 An efficient, large-scale, non-lattice-detection algorithm for exhaustive structural auditing of biomedical ontologies. GO
2018 Characterization of bacterial community structure during in-vessel composting of agricultural waste by 16S rRNA sequencing. ---
2018 Early hominids may have been weed species. ---
2018 Expression of six3 and otx in Solenogastres (Mollusca) supports an ancestral role in bilaterian anterior-posterior axis patterning. CNS
2017 A reconstruction of sexual modes throughout animal evolution. ---
2017 Bonobo anatomy reveals stasis and mosaicism in chimpanzee evolution, and supports bonobos as the most appropriate extant model for the common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans. FL, HN
2017 Evidence of a chimpanzee-sized ancestor of humans but a gibbon-sized ancestor of apes. ---
10  2017 Lower Ilium Evolution in Apes and Hominins. ---
11  2017 Predation by female chimpanzees: Toward an understanding of sex differences in meat acquisition in the last common ancestor of Pan and Homo. ---
12  2016 A Comparison Between Bonobos and Chimpanzees: A Review and Update. ---
13  2016 Comparative Myology and Evolution of Marsupials and Other Vertebrates, With Notes on Complexity, Bauplan, and "Scala Naturae". ---
14  2016 Scapular shape of extant hominoids and the African ape/modern human last common ancestor. GM
15  2016 The change of microbial community from chlorinated solvent-contaminated groundwater after biostimulation using the metagenome analysis. RDP, SPRS
16  2016 The Out of Africa hypothesis and the ancestry of recent humans: Cherchez la femme (et l'homme). OOAH
17  2015 Fossil hominin shoulders support an African ape-like last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees. ---
18  2015 Genome evolution in an ancient bacteria-ant symbiosis: parallel gene loss among Blochmannia spanning the origin of the ant tribe Camponotini. ---
19  2015 K₂p channels in plants and animals. ---
20  2015 Specialize or risk disappearance - empirical evidence of anisomerism based on comparative and developmental studies of gnathostome head and limb musculature. PMs
21  2015 The evolution of human and ape hand proportions. ---
22  2014 Comparative genomics of nucleotide metabolism: a tour to the past of the three cellular domains of life. IMP
23  2014 Development of the nervous system in Solenogastres (Mollusca) reveals putative ancestral spiralian features. ---
24  2014 Genetic and developmental basis for parallel evolution and its significance for hominoid evolution. evo-devo
25  2014 Most parsimonious reconciliation in the presence of gene duplication, loss, and deep coalescence using labeled coalescent trees. ILS, LCT, MP
26  2014 On the tool use behavior of the bonobo-chimpanzee last common ancestor, and the origins of hominine stone tool use. ---
27  2014 Reconstructing an ancestral genotype of two hexachlorocyclohexane-degrading Sphingobium species using metagenomic sequence data. HCH
28  2013 Analysis of phenotypic evolution in Dictyostelia highlights developmental plasticity as a likely consequence of colonial multicellularity. ---
29  2013 Divergence Times and the Evolutionary Radiation of New World Monkeys (Platyrrhini, Primates): An Analysis of Fossil and Molecular Data. ---
30  2013 GOseek: a gene ontology search engine using enhanced keywords. GO
31  2013 GRtoGR: a system for mapping GO relations to gene relations. RLCA, SRLCA
32  2013 Symplesiomorphies in the WUSCHEL clade suggest that the last common ancestor of seed plants contained at least four independent stem cell niches. WUS
33  2013 When outgroups fail; phylogenomics of rooting the emerging pathogen, Coxiella burnetii. SNPs
34  2012 A universal trend among proteomes indicates an oily last common ancestor. ---
35  2012 Morphology of the distal radius in extant hominoids and fossil hominins: implications for the evolution of bipedalism. ---
36  2012 On the origin and evolution of thermophily: reconstruction of functional precambrian enzymes from ancestors of Bacillus. ML
37  2012 The invention of WUS-like stem cell-promoting functions in plants predates leptosporangiate ferns. WOX, WUS
38  2012 Variation and specialisation of the forcipular apparatus of centipedes (Arthropoda: Chilopoda): a comparative morphometric and microscopic investigation of an evolutionary novelty. ---
39  2011 Evolution of RNA-binding proteins in animals: insights from genome-wide analysis in the sponge Amphimedon queenslandica. RBPs
40  2011 Evolution of sodium channels and the new view of early nervous system evolution. ---
41  2011 MTR: taxonomic annotation of short metagenomic reads using clustering at multiple taxonomic ranks. ---
42  2011 Spontaneous abortion and preterm labor and delivery in nonhuman primates: evidence from a captive colony of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). ---
43  2011 Structural properties of the reconciliation space and their applications in enumerating nearly-optimal reconciliations between a gene tree and a species tree. ---
44  2010 Development and the evolvability of human limbs. ---
45  2010 In search of the last common ancestor: new findings on wild chimpanzees. ---
46  2010 The archeology of cognitive evolution. ---
47  2010 The vertebral formula of the last common ancestor of African apes and humans. ---
48  2009 Ancient origin of placental expression in the growth hormone genes of anthropoid primates. GH
49  2009 Space of gene/species trees reconciliations and parsimonious models. ---
50  2008 Distinct genomic signatures of adaptation in pre- and postnatal environments during human evolution. ---
51  2008 Frontal fusion: collapse of another anthropoid synapomorphy. ---
52  2008 The facial skeleton of the chimpanzee-human last common ancestor. ---
53  2007 An extended RNA code and its relationship to the standard genetic code: an algebraic and geometrical approach. SGC
54  2007 Protein disulfide oxidoreductases and the evolution of thermophily: was the last common ancestor a heat-loving microbe? PDI, PDOs
55  2007 Question 7: comparative genomics and early cell evolution: a cautionary methodological note. ---
56  2006 CvP-bias as an index to predict the life style of last common ancestor. ---
57  2006 Developmental expression of transcription factor genes in a demosponge: insights into the origin of metazoan multicellularity. ---
58  2004 Comparative analysis of complete genomes reveals gene loss, acquisition and acceleration of evolutionary rates in Metazoa, suggests a prevalence of evolution via gene acquisition and indicates that the evolutionary rates in animals tend to be conserved. ---
59  2004 Construction and immunogenicity study of a 297-bp humanized HIV V3 DNA of an approximated last common ancestor in mice. ---
60  2002 Molecular evolution before the origin of species. FdxN, PL
61  2001 Modern African ape populations as genetic and demographic models of the last common ancestor of humans, chimpanzees, and gorillas. ---
62  2000 About the last common ancestor, the universal life-tree and lateral gene transfer: a reappraisal. ---
63  1999 Did DNA replication evolve twice independently? ---
64  1999 On the origin of metabolic pathways. ---
65  1999 On the origin of operons and their possible role in evolution toward thermophily. ---