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Abbreviation : LCA
Long Form : life cycle assessment
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A framework for coupling a participatory approach and life cycle assessment for public decision-making in rural territory management. ---
2019 A Path From Sustainable Nutrition to Nutritional Sustainability of Complex Food Systems. ---
2019 A Prospective Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Monomer Synthesis: Comparison of Biocatalytic and Oxidative Chemistry. ---
2019 A streamlined life cycle assessment of a coal-fired power plant: the South African case study. ---
2019 A tool to guide the selection of impact categories for LCA studies by using the representativeness index. LCI, LCIA, RI
2019 Accurate Control of Cage-Like CaO Hollow Microspheres for Enhanced CO2 Capture in Calcium Looping via a Template-Assisted Synthesis Approach. CSs
2019 An energy- and nutrient-corrected functional unit to compare LCAs of diets. FU, GHG
2019 An LCA of the Pelamis wave energy converter. ---
2019 An optimization method for energy structures based on life cycle assessment and its application to the power grid in China. GWP, MI, WD
10  2019 Application of analytic hierarchy process to develop a weighting scheme for life cycle assessment of agricultural production. AHP, IA
11  2019 Application of life cycle assessment as a tool for evaluating the sustainability of contaminated sites remediation: A systematic and bibliographic analysis. BP
12  2019 ASAS-CSAS ANNUAL MEETING SYMPOSIUM ON WATER USE EFFICIENCY AT THE FORAGE-ANIMAL INTERFACE: Life cycle assessment of forage-based livestock production systems. ---
13  2019 Assessing the impact of space debris on orbital resource in life cycle assessment: A proposed method and case study. ---
14  2019 Biogas production by means of an anaerobic-digestion plant in France: LCA of greenhouse-gas emissions and other environmental indicators. CED, GWP
15  2019 Biomethane from Short Rotation Forestry and Microalgal Open Ponds: System Modeling and Life Cycle Assessment. SRF
16  2019 Black Soldier Fly biowaste treatment - Assessment of global warming potential. BSF, GHG, GWP
17  2019 Building-Integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal (BIPVT): LCA of a facade-integrated prototype and issues about human health, ecosystems, resources. BIPVT, CED, GWP, PV
18  2019 Carbon and blue water footprints of California sheep production. ---
19  2019 Carbon footprint of fertilizer technologies. CF
20  2019 Combined life cycle assessment and artificial intelligence for prediction of output energy and environmental impacts of sugarcane production. AI, ANFIS, ANNs
21  2019 Comparative analyses of different biogenic CO2 emission accounting systems in life cycle assessment. ---
22  2019 Copper release and transformation following natural weathering of nano-enabled pressure-treated lumber. EOL, MCA, TCLP
23  2019 Cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment (LCA) of low-impact-development (LID) technologies in southern Ontario. LID, PPS
24  2019 Critical review on life cycle assessment of conventional and innovative waste-to-energy technologies. WTE
25  2019 Eco-efficiency analysis of recycling recovered solid wood from construction into laminated timber products. LCC
26  2019 Ecological network analysis of growing tomatoes in an urban rooftop greenhouse. ENA, RTG
27  2019 Ecosystem damage from anthropogenic seabed disturbance: A life cycle impact assessment characterisation model. CFs
28  2019 Environmental and cost life cycle assessment of different alternatives for improvement of wastewater treatment plants in developing countries. WWTPs
29  2019 Environmental Assessment of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete Using Carbon, Material, and Water Footprint. CC, CC, UHPC, UHPC
30  2019 Environmental impact of personal consumption from life cycle perspective - A Czech Republic case study. ---
31  2019 Environmental impact of strawberry production in Italy and Switzerland with different cultivation practices. ---
32  2019 Environmental impacts of phosphorus recovery from a "product" Life Cycle Assessment perspective: Allocating burdens of wastewater treatment in the production of sludge-based phosphate fertilizers. ---
33  2019 Environmental sustainability assessment of seawater reverse osmosis brine valorization by means of electrodialysis with bipolar membranes. CF, EDBM, PV, SWRO
34  2019 Establishing a decision-support system for eco-design of biological wastewater treatment: A case study of bioaugmented constructed wetland. BWTTs, DSS
35  2019 Expansion of the Petroleum Refinery Life Cycle Inventory Model to Support Characterization of a Full Suite of Commonly Tracked Impact Potentials. LCIA, PRELIM, U.S. EIA
36  2019 Exploring "Internet+Recycling": Mass balance and life cycle assessment of a waste management system associated with a mobile application. MFA, MSW, WEEE
37  2019 Exploring the production of bio-energy from wood biomass. Italian case study. CHP, ORC, VSRF
38  2019 First steps in life cycle assessments of cities with a sustainability perspective: A proposal for goal, function, functional unit, and reference flow. CPI
39  2019 Global warming potential and total material requirement in metal production: Identification of changes in environmental impact through metal substitution. GWP, TMR
40  2019 HIT.WATER scheme: An integrated LCA-based decision-support platform for evaluation of wastewater discharge limits. CA, EQL, PB, WQM
41  2019 Holistic Analysis of Urban Water Systems in the Greater Cincinnati Region: (2) Resource Use Profiles by Emergy Accounting Approach. LCC
42  2019 How does intensification influence the operational and environmental performance of photo-Fenton processes at acidic and circumneutral pH. CPC, DB71, PF, PFPS, SPR
43  2019 How to manage biocomposites wastes end of life? A life cycle assessment approach (LCA) focused on polypropylene (PP)/wood flour and polylactic acid (PLA)/flax fibres biocomposites. EOL, PLA, PP, WF
44  2019 Is the nitrogen footprint fit for purpose? An assessment of models and proposed uses. ---
45  2019 Life cycle assessment (LCA) of food waste treatment in Hong Kong: On-site fermentation methodology. CED, EROI, OWTF, S-FRB
46  2019 Life cycle assessment for municipal solid waste management: a case study from Ahvaz, Iran. IWM
47  2019 Life cycle assessment for solid waste management in Lebanon: Economic implications of carbon credit. ---
48  2019 Life cycle assessment of cane sugar production: The environmental contribution to human health, climate change, ecosystem quality and resources in Mexico. ART, LCIA, RSB
49  2019 Life cycle assessment of garden waste management options including long-term emissions after land application. GWIW, GWWW, ICWW, MCIW, MCWW
50  2019 Life cycle assessment of rice production systems in different paddy field size levels in north of Iran. ALO, CC, CED, FD, FE, MD, ME, TA, WD
51  2019 Life Cycle Assessment of Seaweed Cultivation Systems. ---
52  2019 Life Cycle Assessment of waste disposal from olive oil production: Anaerobic digestion and conventional disposal on soil. EVO, OMWW, OP
53  2019 Life cycle assessment of wastewater treatment in developing countries: A review. WWT
54  2019 Life cycle environmental impacts of natural gas drivetrains used in UK road freighting and impacts to UK emission targets. ---
55  2019 Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Analysis of Algal Fuels. ---
56  2019 Mitigating environmental impacts using Life Cycle Assessment in Brazilian companies: A stakeholders' perspective. LCT
57  2019 Modeling pharmaceutical emissions and their toxicity-related effects in life cycle assessment (LCA): A review. APIs, CFs, LCI, LCIA
58  2019 Modeling the oxygen-depleting potential and spatially differentiated effect of sewage organics in life cycle assessment for wastewater management. COD
59  2019 Multidimensional analysis of environmental impacts from potato agricultural production in the Peruvian Central Andes. DEA, EFA, EICs, LDA
60  2019 PestLCI 2.0 sensitivity to soil variations for the evaluation of pesticide distribution in Life Cycle Assessment studies. ---
61  2019 Process of fruit peel waste biorefinery: a case study of citrus waste biorefinery, its environmental impacts and recommendations. CW
62  2019 Prospective Water Supply Mix for Life Cycle Assessment and Resource Policy Support-Assessment of Forecasting Scenarios Accounting for Future Changes in Water Demand and Availability. P-WSmix, WSmix
63  2019 Soil biotreatment effectiveness for reducing global warming potential from main polluting tillage operations in life cycle assessment phase. ESC, EWA, EWC, FU, GHG, GWP, HTA, HTS, HTW, OF, TE
64  2019 Soil quality index: Exploring options for a comprehensive assessment of land use impacts in LCA. CFs, LANCA, NSQI, SQI
65  2019 Spatial and life cycle assessment of bioenergy-driven land-use changes in Ireland. GHG, GIS, iLUC, LUC, RED, SOC, SRC
66  2019 Systematic review of light exposure impact on human circadian rhythm. REM
67  2019 Towards a low CO2 emission building material employing bacterial metabolism (2/2): Prospects for global warming potential reduction in the concrete industry. GWP, TEA
68  2019 Treatment of synthetic dye baths by Fenton processes: evaluation of their environmental footprint through life cycle assessment. ---
69  2019 Uncertainty Implications of Hybrid Approach in LCA: Precision versus Accuracy. GHG
70  2018 A bi-level environmental impact assessment framework for comparing construction and demolition waste management strategies. MCDW
71  2018 A life cycle assessment of options for producing synthetic fuel via pyrolysis. ---
72  2018 A Multimedia Hydrological Fate Modeling Framework To Assess Water Consumption Impacts in Life Cycle Assessment. ---
73  2018 A Process Systems Framework for Rapid Generation of Life Cycle Inventories for Pollution Control and Sustainability Evaluation. LCI, PCU
74  2018 A regional scale modeling framework combining biogeochemical model with life cycle and economic analysis for integrated assessment of cropping systems. CT, DNDC, GWP
75  2018 Addressing bystander exposure to agricultural pesticides in life cycle impact assessment. ---
76  2018 An Exploration of the Relationship between Improvements in Energy Efficiency and Life-Cycle Energy and Carbon Emissions using the BIRDS Low-Energy Residential Database. BIRDS
77  2018 Are functional fillers improving environmental behavior of plastics? A review on LCA studies. ---
78  2018 Are stormwater pollution impacts significant in life cycle assessment? A new methodology for quantifying embedded urban stormwater impacts. EMC
79  2018 Arundo donax L. can substitute traditional energy crops for more efficient, environmentally-friendly production of biogas: A Life Cycle Assessment approach. ---
80  2018 Assessing the sustainability of acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment in South Africa. AMD, LCCA
81  2018 Assessment of new functional units for agrivoltaic systems. FUs, PV
82  2018 Beneficial effect of compost utilization on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a rice cultivation system through the overall management chain. GHG, GWP, OM
83  2018 Biodiversity impact assessment (BIA+) - methodological framework for screening biodiversity. ---
84  2018 Biodiversity Recovery and Transformation Impacts for Wetland Biodiversity. ---
85  2018 Bottom-up approach in the assessment of environmental impacts and costs of an innovative anammox-based process for nitrogen removal. ELAN
86  2018 Can farmers mitigate environmental impacts through combined production of food, fuel and feed? A consequential life cycle assessment of integrated mixed crop-livestock system with a green biorefinery. CTUe, FU, GBR, GHG, LW, SCC, Sys-I, Sys-IV
87  2018 Choice of mineral fertilizer substitution principle strongly influences LCA environmental benefits of nutrient cycling in the agri-food system. ---
88  2018 Climate mitigation by dairy intensification depends on intensive use of spared grassland. GHG
89  2018 Combined application of Life Cycle Assessment and linear programming to evaluate food waste-to-food strategies: Seeking for answers in the nexus approach. FL, LP, WEFCNI
90  2018 Comparative life cycle assessment of alternative strategies for energy recovery from used cooking oil. CExC, GWP, ICE, UCO
91  2018 Comparative life cycle assessment of MSWI fly ash treatment and disposal. MCS, MSWI
92  2018 Comparison of Product Carbon Footprint Protocols: Case Study on Medium-Density Fiberboard in China. CF, GHG, MDF, PAS
93  2018 Conceptual environmental impact assessment of a novel self-sustained sanitation system incorporating a quantitative microbial risk assessment approach. NMT, PFT, QMRA, UDDT
94  2018 Country-Level Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Liquefied Natural Gas Trade for Electricity Generation. LNG
95  2018 Critical Review of Eutrophication Models for Life Cycle Assessment. LCIA
96  2018 Delving the environmental impact of roundwood production from poplar plantations. ---
97  2018 Developing a predictive model for the energy content of goat milk as the basis for a functional unit formulation to be used in the life cycle assessment of dairy goat production systems. DPMs, FU, GE, lac, PPMs, SNF, TS
98  2018 Developing Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) for shampoos: The basis for comparable life cycle assessment. OEFSR, PEF, PEFCR, SETAC
99  2018 Discourse coalitions in Swiss waste management: gridlock or winds of change? ---
100  2018 Distributions of emissions intensity for individual beef cattle reared on pasture-based production systems. NWFP