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Long Form : liquid-expanded
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Effect of Escherichia coli on phospholipid monolayers: surface tensiometry and Brewster angle microscopy measurements. DMPC, DPPC, E. coli
2019 Comprehensive Study of the Liquid Expanded-Liquid Condensed Phase Transition in 1,2-Dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho-l-serine Monolayers: Surface Pressure, Volta Potential, X-ray Reflectivity, and Molecular Dynamics Modeling. DMPS, LC, MD
2019 Effect of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles on Mixed POPC/DPPC Monolayers at Air-Water Interface. AFM, DPPC, LB, LC, NPs, POPC
2019 Emergence of a linear slope region of the isotherm in the first-order liquid-expanded-liquid-condensed phase transition in Langmuir monolayers. ---
2019 Interfacial rheology and direct imaging reveal domain-templated network formation in phospholipid monolayers penetrated by fibrinogen. LC, LS
2019 Molecular Ordering in Lipid Monolayers: An Atomistic Simulation. LC
2018 Interfacial curvature effects on the monolayer morphology and dynamics of a clinical lung surfactant. LC
2018 Phase Behavior of GM1-Containing DMPC-Cholesterol Monolayer: Experimental and Theoretical Study. Chol, DMPC, GM1, MD, SEM
2017 Cospreading of Anionic Phospholipids with Peptides of the Structure (KX)4K at the Air-Water Interface: Influence of Lipid Headgroup Structure and Hydrophobicity of the Peptide on Monolayer Behavior. DPPG, IRRAS, LC
10  2017 Critical Temperature of 1-Palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine Monolayers and Its Possible Biological Relevance. LC, MscL, PE, PG, POPE, TMPs
11  2017 Effect of Perfluoroalkyl Endgroups on the Interactions of Tri-Block Copolymers with Monofluorinated F-DPPC Monolayers. DPPC, GP, LC
12  2017 Energetic Basis for Inhibition of Calcium Phosphate Biomineralization by Osteopontin. AFM, CaP, HAP, LC, OPN, RP
13  2017 The insertion of Polybia-MP1 peptide into phospholipid monolayers is regulated by its anionic nature and phase state. LC, PS
14  2017 The miscibility of milk sphingomyelin and cholesterol is affected by temperature and surface pressure in mixed Langmuir monolayers. LC, milk-SM
15  2016 Binding of the Cationic Peptide (KL)4K to Lipid Monolayers at the Air-Water Interface: Effect of Lipid Headgroup Charge, Acyl Chain Length, and Acyl Chain Saturation. LC
16  2016 Perfluorinated Moieties Increase the Interaction of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers with Lipid Monolayers. F-GP, LC, PGMA, PPO
17  2015 Alkyl esters of L-ascorbic acid: Stability, surface behaviour and interaction with phospholipid monolayers. ---
18  2015 Assembly and relaxation behaviours of phosphatidylethanolamine monolayers investigated by polarization and frequency resolved SFG-VS. BAM, LE-LC, PE, SFG, SPs
19  2015 Binding of Short Cationic Peptides (KX)4K to Negatively Charged DPPG Monolayers: Competition between Electrostatic and Hydrophobic Interactions. DPPG, LC
20  2015 Cholesterol strongly affects the organization of lipid monolayers studied as models of the milk fat globule membrane: Condensing effect and change in the lipid domain morphology. LC, MFGM, MSM
21  2015 Elucidating the effects of cholesterol on the molecular packing of double-chained cationic lipid langmuir monolayers by infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy. DODAB, IRRAS, LC
22  2015 Monitoring phases and phase transitions in phosphatidylethanolamine monolayers using active interfacial microrheology. DLPE, DMPE, LC
23  2015 The behavior of the adsorption of cytochrome C on lipid monolayers: A study by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique and theoretical analysis. cyt c, LC
24  2014 Surface behavior of sphingomyelins with very long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and effects of their conversion to ceramides. Cer, LC, SM
25  2013 Distribution of cooperative unit size of amphiphilic molecules in the phase coexistence region in Langmuir monolayers. C.U, LC
26  2013 Interactions of Pluronic block copolymers with lipid monolayers studied by epi-fluorescence microscopy and by adsorption experiments. DPPC, LC, POPC
27  2013 Miscibility of egg yolk lecithin with palmitic Acid and hexadecanol at the air-water interface. FM, HD, LC, PA/HD
28  2013 Selective deposition of organic molecules onto DPPC templates--a molecular dynamics study. ANP, DPPC, LC
29  2012 Impact of the spacer on the condensing effect of fluorinated chains investigated by grazing incidence X-ray diffraction on ultrathin Langmuir monolayers. GIXD, LC
30  2012 Influence of the physical state of phospholipid monolayers on protein binding. LC, MIP, RP2, SC
31  2012 Interactions of DPPC with semitelechelic poly(glycerol methacrylate)s with perfluoroalkyl end groups. DSC, LC
32  2012 Ordered-disordered domain coexistence in ternary lipid monolayers activates sphingomyelinase by clearing ceramide from the active phase. Cer, LO, SM, SMase
33  2011 Liquid-liquid domain miscibility driven by composition and domain thickness mismatch in ternary lipid monolayers. Lo
34  2011 Molecular dynamics simulation of phase transitions in model lung surfactant monolayers. CG, LC, Ld
35  2011 Monolayer characteristics of a long-chain N,O-diacyl substituted ethanolamine at the air/water interface. GIXD, IRRAS, LC, TAOAE
36  2011 Temperature dependent dendritic domain shapes in Langmuir monolayers of tetradecanoyl N-ethanolamide at the air-water interface. BAM, LC
37  2010 A comparative study of F-DPPC/DPPC mixed monolayers. Influence of subphase temperature on F-DPPC and DPPC monolayers. DPPC, F-DPPC
38  2010 Domain-growth kinetic origin of nonhorizontal phase coexistence plateaux in langmuir monolayers: compression rigidity of a Raft-like lipid distribution. LC
39  2010 Fluorocarbon-hybrid pulmonary surfactants for replacement therapy--a Langmuir monolayer study. DPPC, LC, PFA, PS, RDS
40  2010 Interfacial forces between a silica particle and phosphatidylcholine monolayers at the air-water interface. ---
41  2010 Molecular dynamics simulations of liquid condensed to liquid expanded transitions in DPPC monolayers. LC
42  2010 Monolayers of mixture of alkylaminomethyl rutin and lecithin at the air/water interface. DAMR, DAMR, LC
43  2010 Na(+) and Ca(2+) effect on the hydration and orientation of the phosphate group of DPPC at air-water and air-hydrated silica interfaces. DPPC, LC, SFG
44  2010 Reorganization and caging of DPPC, DPPE, DPPG, and DPPS monolayers caused by dimethylsulfoxide observed using Brewster angle microscopy. BAM, DMSO, DPPC, LC
45  2010 Structure, interfacial properties, and dynamics of the sodium alkyl sulfate type surfactant monolayer at the water/trichloroethylene interface: a molecular dynamics simulation study. MD, TCE
46  2010 Sum-frequency spectroscopic study of Langmuir monolayers of lipids having oppositely charged headgroups. LC
47  2009 Coexistence of immiscible mixtures of palmitoylsphingomyelin and palmitoylceramide in monolayers and bilayers. DSC, LC, PCer, PSM
48  2009 Langmuir films of petroleum at the air-water interface. ---
49  2009 Langmur monolayers of cerebroside with different head groups originated from sea cucumber: binary systems with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC). AFM, BAM, DPPC, FM, LC
50  2009 Reversible formation of nanodomains in monolayers of DPPC studied by kinetic modeling. DPPC, LC
51  2009 Vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopic investigation of the interaction of thiocyanate ions with zwitterionic phospholipid monolayers at the air-water interface. DMPE, DPPC, VSFG
52  2008 Aggregation of a peptide antibiotic alamethicin at the air-water interface and its influence on the viscoelasticity of phospholipid monolayers. DOPC, DOPE
53  2008 Application of thin titanium/titanium oxide layers deposited on gold for infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy: structural studies of lipid bilayers. DMPC, IRRAS, LC
54  2008 Effect of hydrocarbon chain and pH on structural and topographical characteristics of phospholipid monolayers. AFM, BAM, DOPC, DPPC, LC
55  2008 Effects of eicosane, a component of nanoparticles in diesel exhaust, on surface activity of pulmonary surfactant monolayers. DPPC, LC
56  2008 Sphingomyelinase acts by an area-activated mechanism on the liquid-expanded phase of sphingomyelin monolayers. Cer, LC
57  2008 Temperature and compression rate independent domain shape in Langmuir monolayers of di-n-dodecyl hydrogen phosphate at the air-water interface. BAM, DDP, LC
58  2007 Effect of formation temperature and roughness on surface potential of octadecyltrichlorosilane self-assembled monolayer on silicon surfaces. AFM, KPFM, LC, SAMs
59  2007 How many phases and phase transitions do exist in Gibbs adsorption layers at the air-water interface? BAM, L-Arg, LC, n-HDP, pi-t
60  2007 Self-organization of a wedge-shaped surfactant in monolayers and multilayers. AFM, BAM, LB, LC
61  2007 Structural models and surface equation of state for pulmonary surfactant monolayers. LC
62  2007 The melting of pulmonary surfactant monolayers. CLSE, DPPC, TC
63  2006 Distribution of coexisting solid and fluid phases alters the kinetics of collapse from phospholipid monolayers. DPPC, TC
64  2006 DPPC Langmuir monolayer at the air-water interface: probing the tail and head groups by vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy. BBSFG, DPPC, LC
65  2006 Fluidization of a dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine monolayer by fluorocarbon gases: potential use in lung surfactant therapy. DPPC, FM, gFCs, LC
66  2006 Influence of an amide group in methyl octadecanoates on the monolayer stability. BAM, CH2, DFT, LC
67  2006 Influence of temperature and alkyl chain length on phase behavior in Langmuir monolayers of some oxyethylenated nonionic surfactants. BAM, LC
68  2006 Kinetic appearance of first-order gas-liquid expanded and liquid expanded-liquid condensed phase transitions below the triple point. BAM, L-Arg, LC, n-HDP, pi-t
69  2006 Langmuir-Blodgett patterning of phospholipid microstripes: effect of the second component. DOEPC, DPPC, LB
70  2006 Surface phase behavior of di-n-tetradecyl hydrogen phosphate in Langmuir monolayers at the air-water interface. BAM, LC
71  2006 Surface phase transition of C12E1 at the air/water interface: a study by dynamic surface tension, external RA FT-IR, and 2D IR correlation methods. ERA FT-IR, LC
72  2006 Thermodynamic and infrared analyses of the interaction of chlorpromazine with phospholipid monolayers. CPZ, DPPC, DPPG, LC
73  2006 Two-dimensional facets in Langmuir monolayers of 1-O-hexadecyl-rac-glycerol at the air-water interface. EO, LC
74  2006 Weak first-order tilting transition in monolayers of mono- and bipolar docosanol derivatives. GIXD, HB, XPS
75  2005 Adsorption and micellar properties of a mixed system of nonionic-nonionic surfactants. CMC, LC
76  2005 Anisotropic aggregation and phase transition in Langmuir monolayers of methyl/ethyl esters of 2,3-dihydroxy fatty acids. BAM
77  2005 Anomalous phase behavior in Langmuir monolayers of monomyristoyl-rac-glycerol at the air-water interface. BAM, LC, MMG
78  2005 Influence of temperature and headgroup size on condensed-phase patterns in langmuir monolayers of some oxyethylenated nonionic surfactants. BAM, EO, LC
79  2005 Interaction of an organic cation with Gibbs monolayers of n-hexadecyl phosphate. BAM, L-Arg, LC, n-HDP
80  2005 Langmuir monolayers of cerebroside originated from Linckia laevigata: binary systems of cerebrosides and phospholipid. APSP, DPPC, LC, PMA
81  2005 Phases and phase transitions in Gibbs monolayers of an alkyl phosphate surfactant. BAM, LC, n-TDP
82  2005 Probing the properties of lipopolysaccharide monolayers and their interaction with the antimicrobial peptide polymyxin B by atomic force microscopy. AFM, LC, LPS, PMB
83  2005 Unconventional air-stable interdigitated bilayer formed by 2,3-disubstituted fatty acid methyl esters. AFM, BAM, DLA, FM, GIXD, LB, LC, XR
84  2004 Brewster angle microscopy of calcium oxalate monohydrate precipitation at phospholipid monolayer phase boundaries. COM, DPPC, LC
85  2004 Faceted structures in Langmuir monolayers of diethylene glycol mono-n-octadecyl ether at the air--water interface. BAM, fwhm, LC, PM-IRRAS
86  2004 n-Decyl-glucopyranoside and n-decyl-maltopyranoside gibbs monolayers. Phase changes in the dilute liquid-expanded range. CMC, Glu, Mal
87  2004 Phase behaviour and morphology of binary mixtures of DPPC with stearonitrile, stearic acid, and octadecanol at the air-water interface. BAM, DPPC, LC, OD, SA, SN
88  2004 Streptomyces chromofuscus phospholipase D interaction with lipidic activators at the air-water interface. BAM, DAG, PA, PC, PLDSc
89  2004 Surface phase behavior in Gibbs monolayers of bis(ethylene glycol) mono-n-tetradecyl ether at the air-water interface. LC, pi
90  2003 Dynamic and morphological investigation of phospholipid monolayer hydrolysis by phospholipase C. BAM, DPG, L-DPPC, LC, PLC
91  2002 A near-field microscopy study of submicron domain structure in a model lung surfactant monolayer. LC
92  2002 Fluorescence evidence that a phase transition causes the induction time in the reduction in dynamic tension during surfactant adsorption to a clean air/water interface and a kinetic-diffusive transport model for the phase-induced induction. ---
93  2002 Structural and topographical characteristics of dipalmitoyl phosphatidic acid in Langmuir monolayers. BAM, DPPA
94  2001 Domain formation in models of the renal brush border membrane outer leaflet. BBM, CHL, LC, POPC, SM
95  2001 Imaging of monolayers composed of palmitic acid and lung surfactant protein B. ---
96  2000 Adsorption of pulmonary surfactant protein SP-A to monolayers of phospholipids containing hydrophobic surfactant protein SP-B or SP-C: potential differential role for tertiary interaction of lipids, hydrophobic proteins, and SP-A. DPPC, LC, PG
97  2000 Differential effects of surfactant protein A on regional organization of phospholipid monolayers containing surfactant protein B or C. DPPC, LC, PG
98  2000 Distribution of ganglioside GM1 in L-alpha-dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine/cholesterol monolayers: a model for lipid rafts. AFM, DPPC, LC
99  2000 Submolecular organization of DMPA in surface monolayers: beyond the two-layer model. LC
100  1999 Imaging of various surface properties of fluorescently labelled phospholipid Langmuir-Blodgett films with a combined scanning probe microscope. LC, SNOM-AFM