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Abbreviation : LEPR
Long Form : leptin receptor gene
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Association of Leptin Gene DNA Methylation With Diagnosis and Treatment Outcome of Anorexia Nervosa. AN, ANTOP, LEP, LEP
2019 Influence of K656N Polymorphism of the Leptin Receptor Gene on Obesity-Related Traits in Nondiabetic Afro-Caribbean Individuals. BMI, MetS, OR, SNPs, WC
2019 Molecular dynamic (MD) studies on Gln233Arg (rs1137101) polymorphism of leptin receptor gene and associated variations in the anthropometric and metabolic profiles of Saudi women. BMI, MD, Rg, RMSF, SASA
2019 Variability in the leptin receptor gene and other risk factors for post-transplant diabetes mellitus in renal transplant recipients. PTDM
2018 Food Consumption as a Modifier of the Association between LEPR Gene Variants and Excess Body Weight in Children and Adolescents: A Study of the SCAALA Cohort. ---
2017 Circulating leptin, soluble leptin receptor, free leptin index, visfatin and selected leptin and leptin receptor gene polymorphisms in sporadic breast cancer. BMI, LEP
2017 Genetic profiling of two phenotypically distinct outbred rats derived from a colony of the Zucker fatty rats maintained at Tokyo Medical University. Amp-FTA, SSLP, ZF
2017 Restoration of Lepr in beta cells of Lepr null mice does not prevent hyperinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. ---
2017 The Responses of Mouse Preimplantation Embryos to Leptin In Vitro in a Transgenerational Model for Obesity. ---
10  2017 Whole-genome sequencing reveals mutational landscape underlying phenotypic differences between two widespread Chinese cattle breeds. CNV, GO
11  2016 Polymorphism in Leptin and Leptin Receptor Genes May Modify Leptin Levels and Represent Risk Factors for Multiple Sclerosis. ELISA, LEP, MS, PCR-RFLP
12  2016 Serum Adiponectin Predicts Cancer-specific Survival of Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma. LEP, RCC
13  2015 Age-related changes of leptin and leptin receptor variants in healthy elderly and long-lived adults. FLI, OB-Re
14  2015 Association of the leptin receptor Gln223 Arg polymorphism with lipid profile in obese Pakistani subjects. ---
15  2015 Serum leptin levels, leptin receptor gene (LEPR) polymorphism, and the risk of systemic lupus erythematosus in Kashmiri population. PCR-RFLP, sOB-R
16  2015 Two leptin genes and a leptin receptor gene of female chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus): Molecular cloning, tissue distribution and expression in different obesity indices and pubertal stages. aa
17  2014 Leptin receptor somatic mutations are frequent in HCV-infected cirrhotic liver and associated with hepatocellular carcinoma. HCV
18  2014 Maternal genotype and severe preeclampsia: a HuGE review. ---
19  2014 Measurement of the levels of leptin, BDNF associated with polymorphisms LEP G2548A, LEPR Gln223Arg and BDNF Val66Met in Thai with metabolic syndrome. BDNF, BDNF, LEP
20  2014 Novel LEPR mutations in obese Pakistani children identified by PCR-based enrichment and next generation sequencing. LEP, MC4R
21  2014 Novel locus for fibrinogen in 3' region of LEPR gene in island population of Vis (Croatia). CVD, LD, SNPs, WC
22  2014 Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the LEPR gene are associated with divergent phenotypes for age at onset of puberty in Davisdale ewes. SNPs
23  2013 A Novel Rat Model of Type 2 Diabetes: The Zucker Fatty Diabetes Mellitus ZFDM Rat. T2D, ZDF, ZF
24  2013 Association of dopamine D2 receptor and leptin receptor genes with clinically severe obesity. ---
25  2013 Relationship between leptin receptor and polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS, SNPs
26  2013 [Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in leptin receptor gene with knee osteoarthritis in the Ningxia Hui population]. OA, PCR-RFLP, SNP, SNPs
27  2012 Association of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease with a single nucleotide polymorphism on the gene encoding leptin receptor. BMI, ELISA, IR, LEP, NAFLD, SNP, T2DM
28  2012 Effect of LEPR Gln223Arg polymorphism on breast cancer risk in different ethnic populations: a meta-analysis. ---
29  2012 Leptin receptor gene Gln223Arg polymorphism is not associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome in Turkish children. ---
30  2012 Molecular characterization of the leptin receptor gene as a candidate gene in the pulmonary hypertension syndrome in broiler chickens. BW, PHS, TV
31  2012 Progression of pancreatitis prior to diabetes onset in WBN/Kob-Lepr(fa) rats. ---
32  2011 Association between variants of the leptin receptor gene (LEPR) and overweight: a systematic review and an analysis of the CoLaus study. ---
33  2011 Characterization of a new animal model of metabolic syndrome: the DahlS.Z-Lepr(fa)/Lepr(fa) rat. LDL
34  2011 [Association of leptin level and leptin receptor gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to severe pre-eclampsia]. CI, OR, PCR-RFLP
35  2010 Association of polymorphisms in leptin receptor gene with obesity and type 2 diabetes in the local population of Coimbatore. BMI, PCR, RFLP, SNP, WHR
36  2010 Genome-wide association study identifies polymorphisms in LEPR as determinants of plasma soluble leptin receptor levels. SNPs, sOB-R
37  2010 Lack of association between the leptin receptor gene (LEPR) Gln223Arg polymorphism and late-onset Alzheimer disease. AD, Gln223Arg, LOAD
38  2010 The influence of dietary restriction on the development of diabetes and pancreatitis in female WBN/Kob-fatty rats. ---
39  2010 The Q223R polymorphism in LEPR is associated with obesity in Pacific Islanders. AN, BMI, LEP
40  2009 Inflammatory state and stress condition in weight-lowering Lys109Arg LEPR gene polymorphism carriers. IL-6
41  2009 Leptin levels and leptin receptor polymorphism frequency in healthy populations. SD
42  2008 A genome-wide SNP panel for mapping and association studies in the rat. ---
43  2008 Characterization of a novel congenic strain of diabetic fatty (WBN/Kob-Lepr(fa)) rat. ---
44  2008 Collective and individual functions of leptin receptor modulated neurons controlling metabolism and ingestion. AgRP, NPY, POMC
45  2008 Leptin gene and leptin receptor gene polymorphisms are associated with sweet preference and obesity. LEP
46  2007 Bone mass in prepubertal boys is associated with a Gln223Arg amino acid substitution in the leptin receptor. aBMD, aBMD, BMC, VDR
47  2007 Clinical and molecular genetic spectrum of congenital deficiency of the leptin receptor. ---
48  2007 [Association among lipids, leptin and leptin receptor polymorphisms with risk of breast cancer]. ---
49  2006 Are serum leptin and the Gln223Arg polymorphism of the leptin receptor determinants of bone homeostasis in elderly men? BMD, S-BAP
50  2006 Leptin receptor gene polymorphisms in severely pre-eclamptic women. CI, OR
51  2006 Polymorphisms in the leptin receptor (LEPR)--putative association with obesity and T2DM. BMI, SNP, T2DM
52  2006 Relationships among serum leptin, leptin receptor gene polymorphisms, and breast cancer in Korea. ---
53  2005 Fine mapping of porcine chromosome 6 QTL and LEPR effects on body composition in multiple generations of an Iberian by Landrace intercross. QTL, SNPs
54  2004 Gene variants and binge eating as predictors of comorbidity and outcome of treatment in severe obesity. BED, MC4R, POMC
55  2003 A multigene test for the risk of sporadic breast carcinoma. AR, BCRS, COMT, ESR1, LEP
56  2003 A novel leptin receptor variant with a conservative amino acid substitution (I359 V) in body weight selected and unselected mouse lines. ---
57  2003 New leptin receptor mutations in mice: Lepr(db-rtnd), Lepr(db-dmpg) and Lepr(db-rlpy). CBA
58  2001 LEPR gene polymorphisms: associations with overweight, fat mass and response to diet in women. SSCP
59  2001 Maternal leptin receptor gene variant Gln223Arg is not associated with variation in birth weight or maternal body mass index in UK and South Asian populations. BMI
60  2000 Hypertension in obesity and the leptin receptor gene locus. BMI
61  2000 Mapping of the leptin receptor gene (LEPR) to chicken chromosome 8. ---
62  1998 HpaII and RsaI PCR-RFLPs within an intron of the porcine leptin receptor gene (LEPR) and its linkage mapping. ---
63  1998 Xenoduplex analysis--a method for comparative gene mapping using hybrid panels. RH, SCH
64  1997 Exonic and intronic sequence variation in the human leptin receptor gene (LEPR). ---
65  1997 Fine structure of the murine leptin receptor gene: splice site suppression is required to form two alternatively spliced transcripts. RE
66  1997 Structure and sequence variation at the human leptin receptor gene in lean and obese Pima Indians. ---
67  1997 The leptin receptor gene (LEPR) maps to porcine chromosome 6. ---