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Abbreviation : LEPR
Long Form : leptin receptor
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Amino acid-based compound activates atypical PKC and leptin receptor pathways to improve glycemia and anxiety like behavior in diabetic mice. AAC, GLUT1
2020 Amyloid beta peptide is an endogenous negative allosteric modulator of leptin receptor. AD, ECD, NAM, POMC, TR-FRET
2020 Association of leptin and leptin receptor polymorphisms with coronary artery disease in a North Chinese Han population. CAD, LEP, SNPs
2020 Association of the leptin receptor Q223R (rs1137101) polymorphism with obesity measures in Sri Lankans. SNP
2020 DNA methylation in promoter regions of genes involved in the reproductive and metabolic function of children born to women with PCOS. AMH, AR, LEP, NGS, PCOS
2020 Exploration of cardiometabolic and developmental significance of angiotensinogen expression by cells expressing the leptin receptor or agouti-related peptide. AgRP, ALB, Ang II, AT1A, HFDs
2020 Expression of a hypomorphic Pomc allele alters leptin dynamics during late pregnancy. ARC, LepRe, nPE1, POMC
2020 Glucagon-Receptor Signaling Reverses Hepatic Steatosis Independent of Leptin Receptor Expression. DIO, FAox, GCG, GCGR
2020 Growth Hormone Receptor Deletion Reduces the Density of Axonal Projections from Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus Neurons. AgRP, GH, GHR
10  2020 Incendiary Leptin. BAT, WAT
11  2020 Leptin receptor deficiency: a systematic literature review and prevalence estimation based on population genetics. gnomAD
12  2020 Leptin receptor-expressing cells represent a distinct subpopulation of notochord-derived cells and are essential for disc homoeostasis. IDD, IVD, LepR-Cre, NCs, NP
13  2020 Leptin receptor-expressing neuron Sh2b1 supports sympathetic nervous system and protects against obesity and metabolic disease. BAT, SNS
14  2020 Maternal obesity modulates sexually dimorphic epigenetic regulation and expression of leptin receptor in offspring hippocampus. GD, INSR, mHFD
15  2020 Methylphenidate in children with monogenic obesity due to LEPR or MC4R deficiency improves feeling of satiety and reduces BMI-SDS-A case series. BMI, CEBQ, MC4R, MPH, SDS
16  2020 Relationship among porcine lncRNA TCONS_00010987, miR-323, and leptin receptor based on dual luciferase reporter gene assays and expression patterns. ---
17  2020 Temporal expression profiles of leptin and its receptor genes during early development and ovarian maturation of Cynoglossus semilaevis. BPG, dph, LEP
18  2020 The glucose-lowering effects of alpha-glucosidase inhibitor require a bile acid signal in mice. AGI, BA, FXR, HFHS
19  2019 A toddler with a novel LEPR mutation. LEP
20  2019 Abnormal Osteoblastic Response to Leptin in Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. AIS
21  2019 Advantage of Alveolar Ridge Augmentation with Bioactive/Bioresorbable Screws Made of Composites of Unsintered Hydroxyapatite and Poly-L-lactide. PLLA, u-HA
22  2019 Association of LEPR polymorphisms with predisposition and inflammatory response in anti-tuberculosis drug-induced liver injury: A pilot prospective investigation in Western Chinese Han population. ATLI, SNPs
23  2019 Association of LEPRGln223ArgPolymorphism with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis. CIs, NOS, ORs, OSAHS
24  2019 Association of polymorphisms in leptin and adiponectin genes with long-term outcomes in renal transplant recipients. OR, RTR
25  2019 Associations of Leptin Receptor and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma Polymorphisms with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis. PCOS, PPARG
26  2019 Celastrol Reduces Obesity in MC4R Deficiency and Stimulates Sympathetic Nerve Activity Affecting Metabolic and Cardiovascular Functions. DIO, ER, MC4R
27  2019 Central growth hormone action regulates metabolism during pregnancy. AgRP, GH, GHR, KO
28  2019 Central growth hormone signaling is not required for the timing of puberty. GH, GHR, HPG
29  2019 Clinical significance of Leptin receptor (LEPR) and Endoglin (CD105) expressions in colorectal adenocarcinoma. HE
30  2019 Computational and artificial neural network based study of functional SNPs of human LEPR protein associated with reproductive function. SNPs
31  2019 Effects of Dietary Bisphenol A on the Reproductive Function of Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) Testes. 11-KT, BPA, ECS, EDC, GSI, LIN, PR, VTG, zp1
32  2019 Effects of GABA and Leptin Receptor-Expressing Neurons in the Lateral Hypothalamus on Feeding, Locomotion, and Thermogenesis. GABA, LH
33  2019 Expression of leptin and leptin receptors in colorectal cancer-an immunohistochemical study. CRC, IHC, LEP, NACT
34  2019 Expression of obesity-related adipokine genes during fasting in a naturally obese marine mammal. FTO, NAMPT, RBP4, RETN
35  2019 Fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) and leptin receptor (LEPR) gene polymorphisms in Egyptian obese subjects. FTO
36  2019 Functional and Phenotypic Characteristics of Human Leptin Receptor Mutations. ---
37  2019 Genome-wide association study reveals dynamic role of genetic variation in infant and early childhood growth. LEP
38  2019 Growth hormone enhances the recovery of hypoglycemia via ventromedial hypothalamic neurons. 2-DG, CRR, GH, GHR, SF-1, STAT5
39  2019 High-fat-diet-induced modulations of leptin signaling and gastric microbiota drive precancerous lesions in the stomach. HFD
40  2019 Identification of Leptin Receptor-Expressing Cells in the Nodose Ganglion of Male Mice. At1ar
41  2019 Influence of pre-pregnancy body mass index (p-BMI) and gestational weight gain (GWG) on DNA methylation and protein expression of obesogenic genes in umbilical vein. GNPDA2, GWG, MS-HRM, pBMI, PGC1alpha
42  2019 Interactions among moderate/severe periodontitis, ADIPOQ-rs1501299, and LEPR-rs1137100 polymorphisms on the risk of type 2 diabetes in a Chinese population. AOR, GMDR, SNPs, T2DM
43  2019 Investigation of leptin receptor rs1137101 G>A polymorphism with cancer risk: evidence from 35936 subjects. ---
44  2019 Leptin -2548 G/A polymorphisms are associated to clinical progression of oral cancer and sensitive to oral tumorization in nonsmoking population. AOR, CI, LEP, SNPs
45  2019 Leptin induces muscle wasting in a zebrafish kras-driven hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) model. HCC
46  2019 Leptin rs7799039 polymorphism is associated with multiple sclerosis risk in Kuwait. LEP, MS
47  2019 Leptin signaling impairs macrophage defenses against Salmonella Typhimurium. ---
48  2019 Long-term consequences of the absence of leptin signaling in early life. ---
49  2019 MAPK Erk5 in Leptin Receptor‒Expressing Neurons Controls Body Weight and Systemic Energy Homeostasis in Female Mice. Erk5
50  2019 Mechanisms for Temperature Modulation of Feeding in Goldfish and Implications on Seasonal Changes in Feeding Behavior and Food Intake. ---
51  2019 Metabolic effects of leptin receptor knockdown or reconstitution in adipose tissues. STZ
52  2019 MicroRNA-153 promotes brain-derived neurotrophic factor and hippocampal neuron proliferation to alleviate autism symptoms through inhibition of JAK-STAT pathway by LEPR. BDNF, JAK-STAT, miRNAs
53  2019 MicroRNA-155 inhibition up-regulates LEPR to inhibit osteoclast activation and bone resorption via activation of AMPK in alendronate-treated osteoporotic mice. AMPK, miR-155
54  2019 Parathyroid Hormone Shifts Cell Fate of a Leptin Receptor-Marked Stromal Population from Adipogenic to Osteoblastic Lineage. BM, iPTH, MSPCs, Osx
55  2019 Programmed conversion of hypertrophic chondrocytes into osteoblasts and marrow adipocytes within zebrafish bones. MMP9
56  2019 Restricted Hematopoietic Progenitors and Erythropoiesis Require SCF from Leptin Receptor+ Niche Cells in the Bone Marrow. CFU-Es, CLPs, CMPs, GMPs, HSCs, MEPs, PreMegEs, SCF
57  2019 Sex-Dependent Gene Expression in Infants with Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome. NOWS, NPY2R, POMC
58  2019 Specific Deletion of the Astrocyte Leptin Receptor Induces Changes in Hippocampus Glutamate Metabolism, Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity. Glu, GLUT, NMDA
59  2019 Tanycyte-Independent Control of Hypothalamic Leptin Signaling. act-Seq, scRNA-Seq, smfISH
60  2019 Targeted Sequencing Analysis of the Leptin Receptor Gene Identifies Variants Associated with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea in Chinese Han Population. AHI, OSA
61  2019 The Effect of the Leptin and Leptin Receptor Expression on the Efficacy of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer. ---
62  2019 The evidence of metabolic-improving effect of metformin in Ay/a mice with genetically-induced melanocortin obesity and the contribution of hypothalamic mechanisms to this effect. AMPK, MF, POMC
63  2019 The influence of the rs1137101 genotypes of leptin receptor gene on the demographic and metabolic profile of normal Saudi females and those suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS, PCR
64  2019 The renin-angiotensin system in the arcuate nucleus controls resting metabolic rate. AgRP, ANG, ARC, RAS, RMR
65  2019 TrkB-expressing neurons in the dorsomedial hypothalamus are necessary and sufficient to suppress homeostatic feeding. BDNF, DMH, DMH
66  2019 Unsilencing of native LepRs in hypothalamic SF1 neurons does not rescue obese phenotype in LepR-deficient mice. HFD, KO, SF-1, VMH
67  2019 Visceral Adipose Tissue Modulates Radiosensitivity in Oesophageal Adenocarcinoma. ACM, AR1, AR2, NACRT, NRP1, OAC
68  2019 Vitexin alleviates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by activating AMPK in high fat diet fed mice. ACC, AMPK, AST, ATGL, CPT-1a, FAS, HFD, IRS-1, NAFLD, PPAR-alpha, PPARgamma, SREBP-1c
69  2019 Whole exome sequencing reveals novel LEPR frameshift mutation in severely obese children from Western India. WES
70  2018 A bone marrow niche-derived molecular switch between osteogenesis and hematopoiesis. CXCL12, HSCs
71  2018 A meta-analysis of associations of LEPR Q223R and K109R polymorphisms with Type 2 diabetes risk. CIs, OR, SNPs, T2D
72  2018 Association between LEPR, FTO, MC4R, and PPARG-2 polymorphisms with obesity traits and metabolic phenotypes in school-aged children. BMI, FTO, MC4R, PPARG, zBMI
73  2018 Association of inflammatory genes in obstructive sleep apnea and non alcoholic fatty liver disease in Asian Indians residing in north India. CRP, IL, NAFLD, OSA
74  2018 Association of polymorphisms in LEPR with type 2 diabetes and related metabolic traits in a Chinese population. DBP, HDL-C, SBP, T2DM
75  2018 Association of polymorphisms of leptin, leptin receptor and apelin receptor genes with susceptibility to coronary artery disease and hypertension. APLNR, CAD, SNPs
76  2018 Associations between obesity candidate gene polymorphisms (fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO), melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R), leptin (LEP) and leptin receptor (LEPR)) and dietary intake in pregnant women. FTO, LEP, MC4R
77  2018 Changes in Body Mass Index, Leptin, and Leptin Receptor Polymorphisms and Breast Cancer Risk. BMI, CI, LEP, OR
78  2018 Combined use of leptin and mechanical stress has osteogenic effects on ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament. ALP, JAK, MAPK, PI3K, PLL, STAT
79  2018 CRISPR-Cas9-mediated generation of obese and diabetic mouse models. KO, LEP
80  2018 Differential contribution of POMC and AgRP neurons to the regulation of regional autonomic nerve activity by leptin. AgRP, PI3K, POMC
81  2018 Expression patterns of candidate genes reflecting the growth performance of goats subjected to heat stress. GH, GHR, IGF-1, LEP, THI
82  2018 Food Intake and Core Body Temperature of Pups and Adults in a db Mouse Line Deficient in the Long Form of the Leptin Receptor without Misty Mutation. BT, BW, FI, WT
83  2018 Gene expression profiling in embryonic chicken ovary during asymmetric development. mRNA
84  2018 Genetic polymorphisms of HTR2C, LEP and LEPR on metabolic syndromes in patients treated with atypical antipsychotic drugs. IDF, LEP, MS
85  2018 Hepatic leptin receptor expression can partiallycompensate for IL-6Ralpha deficiency inDEN-induced hepatocellular carcinoma. DEN, HCC, HFD, IL-6, PI3K, STAT3
86  2018 Identification of novel LEPR mutations in Pakistani families with morbid childhood obesity. LEP, MC4R
87  2018 In silico design of small peptides antagonist against leptin receptor for the treatment of obesity and its associated immune-mediated diseases. CDR
88  2018 Influence of serum leptin levels and Q223R leptin receptor polymorphism on clinical characteristic of patients with rheumatoid arthritis from Western Mexico. CRP, CS, ESR, PCR-RFLP, RA, RF
89  2018 Leptin and Leptin Receptor Genes Are Associated With Obesity-Related Traits Changes in Response to Aerobic Training Program. BMI, FFM, LDL-C, LEP, TBW
90  2018 Leptin and leptin receptor genes in tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis): Molecular cloning, tissue distribution and differential regulation of these genes by sex steroids. ghr1, IGF2, LEP
91  2018 Leptin Gene G2548A Polymorphism among Mongolians with Metabolic Syndrome. aa, BMI, FBG, MetS, PCR-RFLP, T2D
92  2018 Leptin gene polymorphism affects leptin level in childhood asthma. LEP
93  2018 Leptin receptor gene polymorphisms and sex modify the association between acetaminophen use and asthma among young adults: results from two observational studies. aPR, CI, IOW, KUA, LEP
94  2018 Leptin signaling axis specifically associates with clinical prognosis and is multifunctional in regulating cancer progression. ---
95  2018 Melanocortin 4 Receptor Pathway Dysfunction in Obesity: Patient Stratification Aimed at MC4R Agonist Treatment. BMI, LOF, MC4R, MSH, POMC
96  2018 Meningioma transcription factors link cell lineage with systemic metabolic cues. BMI, EYA2, LEP, PDCLs, SIX1, TF
97  2018 Obesity and High-Fat Diet Induce Distinct Changes in Placental Gene Expression and Pregnancy Outcome. HFD, qPCR
98  2018 Potential role of gender specific effect of leptin receptor deficiency in an extended consanguineous family with severe early-onset obesity. BMI
99  2018 Preoptic leptin signaling modulates energy balance independent of body temperature regulation. POA
100  2018 Receptor-mediated dimerization of JAK2 FERM domains is required for JAK2 activation. EpoR, JAKs