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Abbreviation : LHC
Long Form : light-harvesting complex
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Energy transfer dynamics in a red-shifted violaxanthin-chlorophyll a light-harvesting complex. Chl a
2019 Geometry Effects on Light-Harvesting Complex's Light Absorption and Energy Transfer in Purple Bacteria. EET, Rs
2019 Integrating DNA Photonic Wires into Light-Harvesting Supramolecular Polymers. SPs
2019 LHC-like proteins involved in stress responses and biogenesis/repair of the photosynthetic apparatus. TM
2019 Structural analysis and comparison of light-harvesting complexes I and II. PSI, PSII
2019 The unique photosynthetic apparatus of Pinaceae: analysis of photosynthetic complexes in Picea abies. ---
2019 Thylakoid Protein Phosphorylation Dynamics in a Moss Mutant Lacking SERINE/THREONINE PROTEIN KINASE STN8. STN8
2018 A unique supramolecular organization of photosystem I in the moss Physcomitrella patens. PSI
2018 Functional Role of Fibrillin5 in Acclimation to Photooxidative Stress. FBN5, NPQ, PQ-9, qE
10  2018 Structure of the plant photosystem I. PSI
11  2018 Unique organization of photosystem I-light-harvesting supercomplex revealed by cryo-EM from a red alga. PSI
12  2017 A model for the 77K excited state dynamics in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in state 1 and state 2. Cr, PSI, PSII, WT
13  2017 Acclimation strategy of Rhodopseudomonas palustris to high light irradiance. HL, HP
14  2017 Complementation of a mutation in CpSRP43 causing partial truncation of light-harvesting chlorophyll antenna in Chlorella vulgaris. CpSRP43, V102E
15  2017 Contrasting effects of copper limitation on the photosynthetic apparatus in two strains of the open ocean diatom Thalassiosira oceanica. cytb6f, ETC, NPQ, PSII
16  2017 EIN3 and PIF3 Form an Interdependent Module That Represses Chloroplast Development in Buried Seedlings. EIN3, PIF3
17  2017 LHCSR3 affects de-coupling and re-coupling of LHCII to PSII during state transitions in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. NPQ, PSII
18  2017 LIL3, a Light-Harvesting Complex Protein, Links Terpenoid and Tetrapyrrole Biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. POR
19  2017 Photoreceptor-dependent regulation of photoprotection. ---
20  2017 Photosynthetic Properties and Potentials for Improvement of Photosynthesis in Pale Green Leaf Rice under High Light Conditions. ETR, LL, NPQ, pgl, ROS
21  2017 Supercomplexes of plant photosystem I with cytochrome b6f, light-harvesting complex II and NDH. cyt b6f, NDH, PSI
22  2016 Photoprotection and triplet energy transfer in higher plants: the role of electronic and nuclear fluctuations. Cars, TET
23  2016 Reduction of Cr (VI) into Cr (III) by organelles of Chlorella vulgaris in aqueous solution: An organelle-level attempt. Cr, HRA, ITM, PSII, SA
24  2016 The Low Molecular Weight Protein PsaI Stabilizes the Light-Harvesting Complex II Docking Site of Photosystem I. PQ
25  2016 The nature of self-regulation in photosynthetic light-harvesting antenna. ---
26  2016 UV-B photoreceptor-mediated protection of the photosynthetic machinery in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. LHCSR1, NPQ, PSBS
27  2015 A lycopene beta-cyclase/lycopene epsilon-cyclase/light-harvesting complex-fusion protein from the green alga Ostreococcus lucimarinus can be modified to produce alpha-carotene and beta-carotene at different ratios. LCYb, LCYE
28  2015 Altered levels of LIL3 isoforms in Arabidopsis lead to disturbed pigment-protein assembly and chlorophyll synthesis, chlorotic phenotype and impaired photosynthetic performance. Chl, LIL3
29  2015 Antimycin A sensitive pathway independent from PGR5 cyclic electron transfer triggers non-photochemical reduction of PQ pool and state transitions in Arabidopsis thaliana. PS
30  2015 Diversification of the light-harvesting complex gene family via intra- and intergenic duplications in the coral symbiotic alga Symbiodinium. acpPC
31  2015 Heterologous expression of moss light-harvesting complex stress-related 1 (LHCSR1), the chlorophyll a-xanthophyll pigment-protein complex catalyzing non-photochemical quenching, in Nicotiana sp. LHCSR, LHCSR1, PSBS
32  2015 High light induced changes in organization, protein profile and function of photosynthetic machinery in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Chl, PS
33  2015 Light acclimation involves dynamic re-organization of the pigment-protein megacomplexes in non-appressed thylakoid domains. PS, WT
34  2015 Light-harvesting complex Lhcb9 confers a green alga-type photosystem I supercomplex to the moss Physcomitrella patens. PSI
35  2015 Solution structure of the RNA-binding cold-shock domain of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii NAB1 protein and insights into RNA recognition. CSD, CSDCS, CSPs, NAB1, PSII
36  2015 Sulphur responsiveness of the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii LHCBM9 promoter. ---
37  2015 The High Efficiency of Photosystem I in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Is Maintained after the Antenna Size Is Substantially Increased by the Association of Light-harvesting Complexes II. PS
38  2014 Comparison of thylakoid structure and organization in sun and shade Haberlea rhodopensis populations under desiccation and rehydration. PS
39  2014 Functional analysis of light-harvesting-like protein 3 (LIL3) and its light-harvesting chlorophyll-binding motif in Arabidopsis. GGR, LIL, LIL3
40  2014 Heterology expression of the tomato LeLhcb2 gene confers elevated tolerance to chilling stress in transgenic tobacco. APX, GFP, MDA, NPQ, qRT-PCR, REC, ROS, SOD, WT
41  2014 Light-Harvesting Complex Protein LHCBM9 Is Critical for Photosystem II Activity and Hydrogen Production in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. PSII
42  2014 Novel type of red-shifted chlorophyll a antenna complex from Chromera velia: II. Biochemistry and spectroscopy. ---
43  2014 Photoprotective sites in the violaxanthin-chlorophyll a binding Protein (VCP) from Nannochloropsis gaditana. ODMR, TREPR, TTET, VCP
44  2014 Scale-estimation of quantum coherent energy transport in multiple-minima systems. FMO
45  2013 A novel type of light-harvesting antenna protein of red algal origin in algae with secondary plastids. RedCAPs
46  2013 Alteration of photochemistry and protein degradation of photosystem II from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii under high salt grown cells. PS
47  2013 Effect of vulculic acid produced by Nimbya alternantherae on the photosynthetic apparatus of Alternanthera philoxeroides. OEC, PSI, PSII
48  2013 Evolution of flexible non-photochemical quenching mechanisms that regulate light harvesting in oxygenic photosynthesis. NPQ, PB
49  2013 Nucleus-encoded light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b proteins are imported normally into chlorophyll b-free chloroplasts of Arabidopsis. CAO, LHCPs
50  2013 Occurrence of the PsbS and LhcSR products in the green alga Ulva linza and their correlation with excitation pressure. NPQ
51  2013 Post-transcriptional control of light-harvesting genes expression under light stress. ---
52  2013 Synthesis of transparent aminosilane-derived silica based networks for entrapment of sensitive materials. ---
53  2013 The Arabidopsis nox mutant lacking carotene hydroxylase activity reveals a critical role for xanthophylls in photosystem I biogenesis. ---
54  2012 An alternative strategy of dismantling of the chloroplasts during leaf senescence observed in a high-yield variety of barley. ---
55  2012 Differential degradation of photosystem I subunits under iron deficiency in rice. Chl, PSI
56  2012 Hyperdiversity of genes encoding integral light-harvesting proteins in the dinoflagellate Symbiodinium sp. Chl
57  2012 LCAA, a novel factor required for magnesium protoporphyrin monomethylester cyclase accumulation and feedback control of aminolevulinic acid biosynthesis in tobacco. LCAA
58  2011 A red-shifted antenna protein associated with photosystem II in Physcomitrella patens. ---
59  2011 Evolution of light-harvesting complex proteins from Chl c-containing algae. Chl
60  2011 Light stress photodynamics of chlorophyll-binding proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana thylakoid membranes revealed by high-resolution mass spectrometric studies. BN-PAGE
61  2011 Moderate heat stress induces state transitions in Arabidopsis thaliana. WT
62  2011 On photoprotective mechanisms of carotenoids in light harvesting complex. NPQ, qE
63  2011 Physiological and proteomic analysis of salinity tolerance in Puccinellia tenuiflora. ROS
64  2011 Use of engineered unique cysteine residues to facilitate oriented coupling of proteins directly to a gold substrate. Cys
65  2010 Characterization of photosystem I antenna proteins in the prasinophyte Ostreococcus tauri. PSI, PSII
66  2010 Efficient light harvesting by photosystem II requires an optimized protein packing density in Grana thylakoids. PS
67  2010 Spermine delays leaf senescence in Lactuca sativa and prevents the decay of chloroplast photosystems. Chl, PAs, Spm
68  2010 Structural and functional diversification of the light-harvesting complexes in photosynthetic eukaryotes. ---
69  2010 Stt7-dependent phosphorylation during state transitions in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. PS
70  2010 Taxonomic distribution and origins of the extended LHC (light-harvesting complex) antenna protein superfamily. PSBS, RedCAP
71  2010 Triplet-triplet energy transfer in the major intrinsic light-harvesting complex of Amphidinium carterae as revealed by ODMR and EPR spectroscopies. EPR, ODMR, TTET
72  2009 Photosystem II organisation in chloroplasts of Arum italicum leaf depends on tissue location. PS
73  2009 Research of the (E/Z)-isomerization of carotenoids in Pecs since the 1970s. ---
74  2008 In silico and biochemical analysis of Physcomitrella patens photosynthetic antenna: identification of subunits which evolved upon land adaptation. ---
75  2008 Nomenclature for membrane-bound light-harvesting complexes of cyanobacteria. CBP, IsiA, Pcb
76  2007 Spectroscopic and molecular characterization of the oligomeric antenna of the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum. FCPo, FCPs
77  2007 Structural and functional self-organization of Photosystem II in grana thylakoids. PS
78  2007 The Arabidopsis aba4-1 mutant reveals a specific function for neoxanthin in protection against photooxidative stress. PSII
79  2006 Energy transfer in the major intrinsic light-harvesting complex from Amphidinium carterae. ---
80  2006 Evidence for a rebinding of antheraxanthin to the light-harvesting complex during the epoxidation reaction of the violaxanthin cycle. Ax, HL, NPQ, Vx, Zx
81  2006 Translational regulation of light-harvesting complex expression during photoacclimation to high-light in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. HL, LL
82  2005 Differential accumulation of Lhcb gene products in thylakoid membranes of Zea mays plants grown under contrasting light and temperature conditions. LHCII
83  2005 Effects of chlorophyllide a oxygenase overexpression on light acclimation in Arabidopsis thaliana. CAO, Chl, HL, LL
84  2005 Putative novel photosynthetic reaction centre organizations in marine aerobic anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria: insights from metagenomics and environmental genomics. AAnP, RCs
85  2005 The effect of norflurazon on protein composition and chlorophyll organization in pigment-protein complex of photosystem II. ---
86  2005 The light-harvesting antenna of the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum. Evidence for a diadinoxanthin-binding subcomplex. ---
87  2005 Towards an understanding of photosynthetic acclimation. ---
88  2004 Assembly of pigment-protein complexes in carotenoid-deficient membranes of plastids from wheat seedlings treated with norflurazon. ELIP
89  2004 Is each light-harvesting complex protein important for plant fitness? ---
90  2004 Lhca5--an LHC-type protein associated with photosystem I. PS
91  2004 On the 710 nm fluorescence emitted by the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum at room temperature. ---
92  2004 Rectified photocurrent in a protein based molecular photo-diode consisting of a cytochrome b562-green fluorescent protein chimera self-assembled monolayer. AFM, EGFP, LI-STM, SAM
93  2004 Supramolecular photosystem II organization in grana thylakoid membranes: evidence for a structured arrangement. PS
94  2003 Aggregation and fluorescence quenching of chlorophyll a of the light-harvesting complex II from spinach in vitro. ---
95  2003 Ascorbate-mediated LHCII protein phosphorylation--LHCII kinase regulation in light and in darkness. cyt, PS, Qo
96  2003 In the unicellular red alga Rhodella violacea iron deficiency induces an accumulation of uncoupled LHC. ---
97  2002 Changes in the structure of chlorophyll-protein complexes and excitation energy transfer during photoinhibitory treatment of isolated photosystem I submembrane particles. Chl, PS, WL
98  2002 Identification of N- and C-terminal amino acids of Lhca1 and Lhca4 required for formation of the heterodimeric peripheral photosystem I antenna LHCI-730. ---
99  2002 Light-dependent induction of strongly increased microalgal growth by methanol. PCV, PSII
100  2002 Pigment binding of photosystem I light-harvesting proteins. ---