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Abbreviation : LHW
Long Form : liquid hot water
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Combined liquid hot water with sodium carbonate-oxygen pretreatment to improve enzymatic saccharification of reed. ---
2020 Conversion of liquid hot water, acid and alkali pretreated industrial hemp biomasses to bioethanol. ---
2020 Energetic, economic and environmental assessment for the anaerobic digestion of pretreated and codigested press mud. AD, LCA, TA
2020 Hot water pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass: Modeling the effects of temperature, enzyme and biomass loadings on sugar yield. GAM
2020 Liquid hot water treatment of rice straw enhances anaerobic degradation and inhibits methane production during in vitro ruminal fermentation. ---
2020 Structural changes of lignins in natural Populus variants during different pretreatments. DA, OS
2019 Cytotoxicity and biological capacity of sulfur-free lignins obtained in novel biorefining process. ALK, OSL
2019 In situ deep eutectic solvent pretreatment to improve lignin removal from garden wastes and enhance production of bio-methane and microbial lipids. ChCl, DES, LR, MLHW
2019 Integrated process for the coproduction of fermentable sugars and lignin adsorbents from hardwood. AlkSul
10  2019 Liquid hot water pretreatment to enhance the anaerobic digestion of wheat straw-effects of temperature and retention time. AD
11  2019 Novel process for the coproduction of xylo-oligosaccharide and glucose from reed scraps of reed pulp mill. RS, XOS
12  2019 Promoting enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass by inexpensive soy protein. BSA, DSP, EC, semi-SSF, SP
13  2018 Butanol production from sweet sorghum bagasse with high solids content: Part I-comparison of liquid hot water pretreatment with dilute sulfuric acid. ABE, HMF, SSB
14  2018 Comparison of liquid hot water, very dilute acid and alkali treatments for enhancing enzymatic digestibility of hazelnut tree pruning residues. HTPR, VDA
15  2018 Corn stover pretreatment by metal oxides for improving lignin removal and reducing sugar degradation and water usage. ---
16  2018 Distinct polymer extraction and cellulose DP reduction for complete cellulose hydrolysis under mild chemical pretreatments in sugarcane. ---
17  2018 Effects of Liquid Hot Water Pretreatment on Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Physicochemical Changes of Corncobs. ---
18  2018 Exploration and optimization of mixed acid synergistic catalysis pretreatment for maximum C5 sugars. RSM
19  2018 Fermentation of undetoxified sugarcane bagasse hydrolyzates using a two stage hydrothermal and mechanical refining pretreatment. ---
20  2018 High solid fed-batch butanol fermentation with simultaneous product recovery: Part II-process integration. ABE, SSB
21  2018 Lignin from an integrated process consisting of liquid hot water and ethanol organosolv: Physicochemical and antioxidant properties. EO
22  2018 Physico-Chemical Conversion of Lignocellulose: Inhibitor Effects and Detoxification Strategies: A Mini Review. AFEX
23  2018 Variations in Physicochemical Properties and Bioconversion Efficiency of Ulva lactuca Polysaccharides After Different Biomass Pretreatment Techniques. IL, Org
24  2017 Effects of dilute acid and flowthrough pretreatments and BSA supplementation on enzymatic deconstruction of poplar by cellulase and xylanase. BSA, EDA
25  2017 Enhancing biogas plant production using pig manure and corn silage by adding wheat straw processed with liquid hot water and steam explosion. SE
26  2017 Ethanol production by Escherichia coli from Arundo donax biomass under SSF, SHF or CBP process configurations and in situ production of a multifunctional glucanase and xylanase. CBP, SHF, SSF
27  2017 Feedstock selection for polymer and chemical production: feedstock-specific recalcitrance. ---
28  2017 Kinetic studies of the strengthening effect on liquid hot water pretreatments by organic acids. ---
29  2017 Pretreatment of Wheat Bran for Suitable Reinforcement in Biocomposites. CaOH, EtOH, FTIR, MIBK, SEM
30  2017 The effect of liquid hot water pretreatment on the chemical-structural alteration and the reduced recalcitrance in poplar. ---
31  2016 A novel stepwise pretreatment on corn stalk by alkali deacetylation and liquid hot water for enhancing enzymatic hydrolysis and energy utilization efficiency. CS, LHWP, PS
32  2016 Adsorption and mechanism of cellulase enzymes onto lignin isolated from corn stover pretreated with liquid hot water. BGL, CBHs, EGs
33  2016 Biorefinery cascade processing for creating added value on tomato industrial by-products from Tunisia. TP, TS, TSO
34  2016 Changes on structural properties of biomass pretreated by combined deacetylation with liquid hot water and its effect on enzymatic hydrolysis. CrI, DP, PS, SSA
35  2016 Comparison of liquid hot water and alkaline pretreatments of giant reed for improved enzymatic digestibility and biogas energy production. ---
36  2016 Effect of physicochemical pre-treatment of rice straw on its digestibility by Clostridium cellulolyticum. RS
37  2016 Flowthrough pretreatment with very dilute acid provides insights into high lignin contribution to biomass recalcitrance. ---
38  2016 Influence of lignin level on release of hemicellulose-derived sugars in liquid hot water. ESH, SB
39  2016 Liquid hot water pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass for bioethanol production accompanying with high valuable products. ---
40  2016 Liquid hot water pretreatment of multi feedstocks and enzymatic hydrolysis of solids obtained thereof. CCG
41  2016 Maleic acid treatment of biologically detoxified corn stover liquor. ---
42  2016 Microalgae pretreatment with liquid hot water to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency. SEM
43  2016 Prewashing enhances the liquid hot water pretreatment efficiency of waste wheat straw with high free ash content. ABC, CEC, WWS
44  2016 Structural Changes of Lignin after Liquid Hot Water Pretreatment and Its Effect on the Enzymatic Hydrolysis. BET, SEM
45  2015 A Kinetic Study of DDGS Hemicellulose Acid Hydrolysis and NMR Characterization of DDGS Hydrolysate. DDGS, HSQC
46  2015 Acetic acid-assisted hydrothermal fractionation of empty fruit bunches for high hemicellulosic sugar recovery with low byproducts. AAH, EFB, xmg
47  2015 Investigation of the pellets produced from sugarcane bagasse during liquid hot water pretreatment and their impact on the enzymatic hydrolysis. FTIR, PS, SCB
48  2015 Structural characterisation of pretreated solids from flow-through liquid hot water treatment of sugarcane bagasse in a fixed-bed reactor. FEG-SEM, TEM
49  2014 Characteristics of corn stover pretreated with liquid hot water and fed-batch semi-simultaneous saccharification and fermentation for bioethanol production. SSSF
50  2014 Effect of liquid hot water pre-treatment on sugarcane press mud methane yield. COD
51  2014 Elucidating and alleviating impacts of lignocellulose-derived microbial inhibitors on Clostridium beijerinckii during fermentation of Miscanthus giganteus to butanol. HPLC, MG
52  2014 Pretreatment methods for bioethanol production. AFEX, DAP, SAA, SEP
53  2013 Analysis of lignocellulose derived phenolic monomers by headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography. ---
54  2013 Autohydrolysis of tropical agricultural residues by compressed liquid hot water pretreatment. BG, CS, EPFB, RS
55  2013 Comparison of pretreatment methods for rye straw in the second generation biorefinery: effect on cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin recovery. OS, SE
56  2013 Effects of different pretreatment methods on chemical composition of sugarcane bagasse and enzymatic hydrolysis. SCB
57  2013 Fed-batch semi-simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of reed pretreated with liquid hot water for bio-ethanol production using Saccharomyces cerevisiae. SSSF, WIS
58  2013 Liquid hot water pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse and its comparison with chemical pretreatment methods for the sugar recovery and structural changes. HCl, SB
59  2013 Pretreatment of sugarcane bagasse with liquid hot water and aqueous ammonia. ED, LHWAA, LWCO, SB
60  2013 Pretreatment on Miscanthus lutarioriparious by liquid hot water for efficient ethanol production. PS
61  2013 Techno-economic potential of bioethanol from bamboo in China. ---
62  2013 Tween 40 pretreatment of unwashed water-insoluble solids of reed straw and corn stover pretreated with liquid hot water to obtain high concentrations of bioethanol. SSSF, WIS
63  2012 Combination of biological pretreatment with liquid hot water pretreatment to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of Populus tomentosa. ---
64  2012 Enzymatic saccharification and ethanol fermentation of reed pretreated with liquid hot water. WISs
65  2012 High consistency enzymatic saccharification of sweet sorghum bagasse pretreated with liquid hot water. DCBI, PFI, SSB
66  2011 Comparative data on effects of leading pretreatments and enzyme loadings and formulations on sugar yields from different switchgrass sources. AFEX, DA, SAA
67  2011 Comparative material balances around pretreatment technologies for the conversion of switchgrass to soluble sugars. AFEX, CAFI, DA, SAA
68  2011 Comparison of different pretreatment methods for lignocellulosic materials. Part I: conversion of rye straw to valuable products. ---
69  2011 Effect of hot water extraction and liquid hot water pretreatment on the fungal degradation of biomass feedstocks. HWE
70  2011 Investigation of enzyme formulation on pretreated switchgrass. AFEX, DA, SAA
71  2011 Liquid hot water and alkaline pretreatment of soybean straw for improving cellulose digestibility. ---
72  2011 Process and technoeconomic analysis of leading pretreatment technologies for lignocellulosic ethanol production using switchgrass. AFEX, CAFI, DA, MESP, SAA
73  2010 Effect of compositional variability of distillers' grains on cellulosic ethanol production. AFEX, DDGS
74  2010 Investigation of acetic acid-catalyzed hydrothermal pretreatment on corn stover. AA, RCS, WIS
75  2010 Lignin monomer composition affects Arabidopsis cell-wall degradability after liquid hot water pretreatment. ---
76  2009 Liquid hot water pretreatment of cellulosic biomass. ---
77  2008 Enzyme characterization for hydrolysis of AFEX and liquid hot-water pretreated distillers' grains and their conversion to ethanol. AFEX, DDGS, FAE
78  2008 Fermentation of dried distillers' grains and solubles (DDGS) hydrolysates to solvents and value-added products by solventogenic clostridia. AFEX, DDGS
79  2008 Process simulation of modified dry grind ethanol plant with recycle of pretreated and enzymatically hydrolyzed distillers' grains. DG
80  2002 A comparison of liquid hot water and steam pretreatments of sugar cane bagasse for bioconversion to ethanol. SSF
81  2001 Lactic acid production by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of alfalfa fiber. SSF