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Abbreviation : LIA
Long Form : line immunoassay
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Anti-NT5c1A Autoantibodies as Biomarkers in Inclusion Body Myositis. ALBIA, ANA, CIA, ELISA, IIF, sIBM
2019 Autoantibodies to Mi-2 alpha and Mi-2 beta in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathy. PMAT
2019 Low hepatitis C prevalence in Belgium: implications for treatment reimbursement and scale up. DAAs, HCV
2019 Thrombotic Risk of Non-Criteria Anti-Phospholipid Antibodies Measured by Line Immunoassay: Superiority of Anti-Phosphatidylserine and Anti-Phosphatidic Acid Antibodies. aPLs, CL, gpI, LA, OR
2018 Analysis of anti-ganglioside antibodies by a line immunoassay in patients with chronic-inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathies (CIDP). aGAAb, aSF, CIDP, HC, IN, MMN, MS, OND, SF
2018 Anti-phospholipid IgG antibodies detected by line immunoassay differentiate patients with anti-phospholipid syndrome and other autoimmune diseases. abeta2GPI, aCL, aD1, aD4-5, aPG, aPL, APS, AUC, beta2GPI, HS, SARD
2018 Clinical and serological associations of anti-ribosomal P0 protein antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus. pSS, SLE
2018 Evaluating the diagnostic and prognostic value of lone anti-Sm for autoimmune diseases using Euroimmun line immunoassays. AIDs, ANA, NAIDs, RF, SLE
2018 Evaluation of an Automated Screening Assay, Compared to Indirect Immunofluorescence, an Extractable Nuclear Antigen Assay, and a Line Immunoassay in a Large Cohort of Asian Patients with Antinuclear Antibody-Associated Rheumatoid Diseases: A Multicenter Retrospective Study. CTD, ENA, IIF, MCTD, ROC-AUCs, SLE, SS, SSc
10  2018 Evaluation of classical and novel autoantibodies for the diagnosis of Primary Biliary Cholangitis-Autoimmune Hepatitis Overlap Syndrome (PBC-AIH OS). AIH, ALBIA, anti-dsDNA, AUROC, CLIFT, HK-1, KLHL-12, PBC, PBC-AIH OS, PBC-AIH OS
11  2018 Evaluation of the LIA-ANA-Profile-17S for the detection of autoantibodies to nuclear antigens. ANA, ENA
12  2018 Improvement of reverse sequence algorithm for syphilis diagnosis using optimal treponemal screening assay signal-to-cutoff ratio. EIA/CIA, RPR, RSA, RSA, S/CO, TPPA
13  2018 Investigation of syphilis coinfection and performance of the Architect Syphilis Tp ELISA screening test in HIV positive patients ELFA, FTA-ABS, HIV
14  2018 Line Immunoassay: A Rapid Test for Screening TORCH Complex in Antenatal Patients with Bad Obstetric History. BOH, CMV, HSV
15  2018 Problems encountered in conventional HIV 1/2 Algorithms: lack of necessity for immunoblot assays to confirm repeated ELISA reactive results. EIA
16  2018 Recognition and Relevance of Anti-DFS70 Autoantibodies in Routine Antinuclear Autoantibodies Testing at a Community Hospital. ANA, ENA, SARD
17  2017 Evaluation of Line Immunoassay to Detect HTLV-1 Infection in an Endemic Area, Southwestern Japan; Comparison with Polymerase Chain Reaction and Western Blot. CLEIA, HTLV-1, PCR, PVLs, WB
18  2016 Antiphospholipid antibodies detected by line immunoassay differentiate among patients with antiphospholipid syndrome, with infections and asymptomatic carriers. aPL, APS, beta2GPI, CL, humoAbs, IDC, PL, VDRL
19  2016 Comparison of two extractable nuclear antigen testing algorithms: ALBIA versus ELISA/line immunoassay. ENA
20  2016 Confirmation of anti-DFS70 antibodies is needed in routine clinical samples with DFS staining pattern. DFS, IIF, SLE
21  2016 Serological profile and clinical features of nucleolar antinuclear pattern in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus from southwestern Spain. ANAs, RP, SLE, SSc
23  2016 Use of panel testing for detection of antinuclear antibody in a resource-limited setting: an appraisal. ANA, CTD, IIF-ANA
24  2015 Seroprevalence of Human T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus-1/2 in Blood Donors in Northern Pakistan: Implications for Blood Donor Screening. CMIA, MSP
25  2014 Detection of antibodies to human T-cell leukemia virus types 1 and 2 in breast milk from East Asian women. ELISA, PA
26  2014 Evaluation of a rapid von Willebrand factor activity latex immuno assay for monitoring of patients with von Willebrand disease (VWD) receiving DDAVP or VWF replacement therapy. BA, VWD, vWF, VWF, VWF
27  2014 Health effects and arsenic species in urine of copper smelter workers. AsA, AsB, beta 2m, EEG, ENeG, ICP-MS, PbB, RBP, VEP
28  2014 Prevalence and clinical profiles of 'autoantibody-negative' systemic sclerosis subjects. ALBIA, ANA, IIF, IP, SSc
29  2014 Relevance of indirect immunofluorescence patterns and autoantibodies identified via line immunoassay in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. anti-CCP, CRP, DFS, ESR, IIF, RA, RF
30  2013 Comparison of indirect immunofluorescence and line immunoassay for autoantibody detection. autoAb, DM/PM, IIF, RA, SLE, SSc
31  2013 Specificity of anti-SSB as a diagnostic marker for the classification of systemic lupus erythematosus. Ig, SLE, SSA, SSB, sSS
32  2013 [Role of line immunoassay in the diagnosis of early HIV infection: a diagnostic case]. ---
33  2012 Autoantibodies by line immunoassay in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis. ACA, AIH, AMA, PBC
34  2012 Comparative study of immunofluorescent antinuclear antibody test and line immunoassay detecting 15 specific autoantibodies in patients with systemic rheumatic disease. FANA, SRD
35  2012 Diagnostic and clinical utility of antibodies against the nuclear body promyelocytic leukaemia and Sp100 antigens in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis. AMA, MND, PBC, PML
36  2012 Evaluation of a new multi-parallel line immunoassay for systemic sclerosis-associated antibodies in an Asian population. OR
37  2012 International cohort study of 73 anti-Ku-positive patients: association of p70/p80 anti-Ku antibodies with joint/bone features and differentiation of disease populations by using principal-components analysis. CIE, PCA, SLE, SSc, UCTD
38  2012 Screening for antibodies to human T-cell leukemia virus type I in Japanese breast milk. PA, PCR
39  2011 Differences in capabilities of different enzyme immunoassays to detect anti-hepatitis E virus immunoglobulin G in pigs infected experimentally with hepatitis E virus genotype 3 or 4 and in pigs with unknown exposure. dpi, ELISA, HEV
40  2011 Rapid detection of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis by granulocyte elastase latex immunoassay and reagent strip. CV, GE, PMN, ROC, SBP
41  2011 Specific anti-nuclear antibodies in systemic sclerosis patients with and without skin involvement: an extended methodological approach. ---
42  2010 Efficiency of different strategies to detect autoantibodies to extractable nuclear antigens. ANA, anti-ENA, CU, FI, IIF, Screening FI
43  2010 Novel diagnostic and clinical aspects of anti-PCNA antibodies detected by novel detection methods. ELISA, IB
44  2010 Validation of a rapid test (VWF-LIA) for the quantitative determination of von Willebrand factor antigen in type 1 von Willebrand disease diagnosis within the European multicenter study MCMDM-1VWD. ROC, VWD, vWF, VWF
45  2010 [Serum antibody profiles against gangliosides and sulfatide in peripheral neuropathies: evaluation of a new immunoassay]. ---
46  2008 A comparison of the frequency of antibodies to cyclic citrullinated peptides using a third generation anti-CCP assay (CCP3) in systemic sclerosis, primary biliary cirrhosis and rheumatoid arthritis. CCP, CI, IIF, LR, PBC, SSc
47  2008 [Detection of anti-ENA and anti-dsDNA antibodies using line immunoassay in systemic autoimmune diseases]. ELISA, ENAs, FANA
48  2007 Evaluation of a quantitative D-dimer latex immunoassay for acute pulmonary embolism diagnosed by computed tomographic angiography. CI, CT
49  2006 Analysis of human sera that are polyreactive in an addressable laser bead immunoassay. ALBIA, IB, IIF
50  2005 Comparison of different test systems for simultaneous autoantibody detection in connective tissue diseases. CTDs, ENAs, IIF
51  2004 Laboratory diagnosis of von Willebrand's disorder: quality and diagnostic improvements driven by peer review in a multilaboratory test process. CV, EID, VWD, vWF
52  2003 A comparative evaluation of prevalence of HTLV-1 antibodies in blood donors in Delhi India by PAT and LIA method. PAT, ZBTC
53  2003 Low Specificity of the Third Generation Elisa for HCV Detection in Voluntary Blood Donors in India. CLD, OCR, RT-PCR, VBDs
54  2002 Detection of specific antinuclear reactivities in patients with negative anti-nuclear antibody immunofluorescence screening tests. ANAs, ENAs, IIF
55  2002 Evaluation of INNO-LIA syphilis assay as a confirmatory test for syphilis. IgM-EIA, TPHA, VDRL
56  2002 Identification of citrullinated rheumatoid arthritis-specific epitopes in natural filaggrin relevant for antifilaggrin autoantibody detection by line immunoassay. AFA, RA, RF
57  2002 Induction of anti-RA33 hnRNP autoantibodies and transient spread to U1-A snRNP complex of spliceosome by idiotypic manipulation with anti-RA33 antibody preparation in mice. AP, hnRNP, MCTD, RA, scFv, SLE
58  2002 [Comparison between line immunoassay (LIA) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the determination of antibodies to extractable nuclear antigenes (ENA) with reference to other laboratory results and clinical features]. ELISA, ENA, RNP, SLE
59  2001 Hepatitis C prevalence and risk factors in hemodialysis patients in Central Brazil: a survey by polymerase chain reaction and serological methods. ELISA, HCV, PCR
60  2001 High-quality, cost-effective strategy for detection of autoantibodies to extractable nuclear antigens. CIEP, ELISA, ENAs, SPD
61  2001 Possibility of potential VWD misdiagnosis or misclassification using LIA technology and due to presence of rheumatoid factor. VWD, vWF
62  2000 Introduction of human immunodeficiency virus 2 infection into South Korea. EIA, PA, RT-PCR
63  2000 Sensitivity of the HEp-2000 substrate for the detection of anti-SSA/Ro60 antibodies. ANA, DID, Ro52
64  1999 Laboratory testing for von Willebrand's disease: an assessment of current diagnostic practice and efficacy by means of a multi-laboratory survey. RCPA Quality Assurance Program (QAP) in Haematology Haemostasis Scientific Advisory Panel. EID, QAP, VWD, vWF
65  1999 Lack of protection against HIV-1 infection among women with HIV-2 infection. CI, EIA
66  1999 Multicenter validation of recombinant, natural and synthetic antigens used in a single multiparameter assay for the detection of specific anti-nuclear autoantibodies in connective tissue disorders. CCT, SLE
67  1998 Assessment of a new immunoassay for serological confirmation and discrimination of human T-cell lymphotropic virus infections. WB
68  1998 Determinants of Clara cell protein (CC16) concentration in serum: a reassessment with two different immunoassays. BMI, FEIA, GFR, sCC16
69  1998 Evaluation of epidemiological and serological predictors of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) infection among high risk professional blood donors with western blot indeterminate results. HIV-1, OD, STD
70  1998 Evaluation of third generation anti-HCV enzyme immunoassays. HCV
71  1998 Screening for human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and 2 in a Turkish blood donor population. EIA, ELISA, PCR, WHO
72  1997 Detection of anti-hepatitis C-virus antibodies and hepatitis C-virus RNA in Lebanese hemodialysis patients. 5'NCR
73  1996 Epidemiological and molecular characteristics of HIV infection in Gabon, 1986-1994. ELISA
74  1996 Profile of antigen-specific antibody response detectable by western blot in relation to diagnostic criteria for human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) infection. ARC, CRSS, HIV, HIV-1, HIV-1, WHO
75  1994 Hepatitis B and C prevalences among blood donors in the south region of Brazil. ---
76  1994 Prevalence of hepatitis C in health care workers investigated by 2nd generation enzyme-linked and line immunoassays. anti-HCV, ELISA, HCW
77  1994 [The significance of determination of Lp(a) in health examinations]. ---
78  1991 Evaluation of a line immunoassay for simultaneous confirmation of antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2. ---
79  1989 Line immunoassay and enzyme-linked line immunofiltration assay for simultaneous detection of antibody to two treponemal antigens. ELLIFA, TPHA
80  1982 Comparison of turbidimetry with particle counting for the determination of human beta 2-microglobulin by latex immunoassay (LIA). ---