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Abbreviation : LL
Long Form : lymphoid leukosis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Cancer risk in oil refinery workers: a pooled mortality study in Italy. AML, CI, SMR
2019 Endogenous Avian Leukosis Virus in Combination with Serotype 2 Marek's Disease Virus Significantly Boosted the Incidence of Lymphoid Leukosis-Like Bursal Lymphomas in Susceptible Chickens. ALV, ALV-E, MDV, RFS
2018 Cytological and immunocytological detection and differentiation of Marek's disease and lymphoid leucosis in poultry. MD
2017 Time and spatial trends in lymphoid leukemia and lymphoma incidence and survival among children and adolescents in Manitoba, Canada: 1984-2013. CI, HL, NHL
2015 Further observations on serotype 2 Marek's disease virus-induced enhancement of spontaneous avian leukosis virus-like bursal lymphomas in ALVA6 transgenic chickens. ALV, MD, MDV
2014 Cross-space-time clustering of childhood cancer in Great Britain: evidence for a common aetiology. HL, IIET, STS
2014 Development and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to subgroup A avian leukosis virus. ALV-A, IFA, mAbs, ML
2014 Disparities in pediatric leukemia early survival in Argentina: a population-based study. 12-ms, ML, RP
2012 Case-control study of paternal occupation and childhood leukaemia in Great Britain, 1962-2006. ---
10  2012 Pathology of spontaneous tumour lesions in pullets and adult chickens in commercial farms - Short communication. MD, ML
11  2011 Prdm14 initiates lymphoblastic leukemia after expanding a population of cells resembling common lymphoid progenitors. CLPs
12  2010 Tumors associated with avian leukosis virus subgroup J in layer hens during 2007 to 2009 in China. ALV-J, IHC, MD, PCR
13  2007 Clinical, immunophenotypic and functional characterisation of T-cell leukaemia in six horses. mAbs, PBMC
14  2006 Leukaemia incidence and survival in children and adolescents in Europe during 1978-1997. Report from the Automated Childhood Cancer Information System project. ANLL, CML
15  2006 Susceptibility of various parental lines of commercial white leghorn layers to infection with a naturally occurring recombinant avian leukosis virus containing subgroup B envelope and subgroup J long terminal repeat. ALV, LTR, ML
16  2003 [Quantitative magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of bone marrow in leukemia]. ML, MR, SIR
17  2002 The viral envelope is a major determinant for the induction of lymphoid and myeloid tumours by avian leukosis virus subgroups A and J, respectively. ALV, Eb, ML
18  2000 A review of the development of chicken lines to resolve genes determining resistance to diseases. ADOL, ALV, EV, MD, RCS
19  1999 Dynamics of protein 27 of avian leukosis virus and transforming growth factor beta2 in lymphoid leukosis susceptible and resistant broiler chicken breeding stock. TGF-beta2
20  1999 Evidence for Marek's disease in turkeys in Germany: detection of MDV-1 using the polymerase chain reaction. CEF, CEK, HVT, LPD, MD, PCR, RE
21  1998 Chicken industry strategies for control of tumor virus infections. MD
22  1998 Isolation of serotype 2 Marek's disease virus from a cell line of avian lymphoid leukosis. ALV, BK3A, MDV
23  1998 Rapid induction of lymphoid leukosis and ascites by avian leukosis virus from a lymphoid leukosis cell line. ALV, dpi, GM, MDV
24  1998 Rearrangement of c-myc gene in rapidly induced avian lymphoid leukosis tumors. kb
25  1995 Attenuation of lymphoid leukosis enhancement by serotype 2 Marek's disease virus. MDV
26  1994 Gene rearrangements in malignant lymphomas. JH, NHL
27  1994 Phenotypic and functional characterization of T-BAM (CD40 ligand)+ T-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. ---
28  1989 Augmentation of retrovirus-induced lymphoid leukosis by Marek's disease herpesviruses in White Leghorn chickens. ALV
29  1988 Myocardial cytoplasmic inclusions in chickens with haemangioma and lymphoid leukosis. ---
30  1986 Genetic and epigenetic factors that influence the occurrence of spontaneous lymphoid tumors in crosses of mice of high- and low-incidence strains. E-MuLV, MCA, RCS
31  1986 Tests of association of immunoglobulin allotype genes and viral oncogenesis in chickens. MD, RPRL, RSV
32  1985 Evaluation of neutrophil alkaline phosphatase (NAP) activity: untreated myeloid leukaemia, lymphoid leukaemia and normal humans. AML, CML, NAP
33  1985 Tests of association of lymphocyte alloantigen genotypes with resistance to viral oncogenesis in chickens. 2. Rous sarcoma and lymphoid leukosis in progeny derived from 6(3) X 15(1) and 100 X 6(3) crosses. MD
34  1984 Genetic resistance to Leukosis virus infection: effects on mortality and egg production in Leghorn hens. gs, MD
35  1983 A monoclonal antibody reactive with Marek's disease tumor-associated surface antigen. FA, MATSA, MDV, REV
36  1983 Propagation and infectivity titration of the Gifu-1 strain of chicken anemia agent in a cell line (MDCC-MSB1) derived from Marek's disease lymphoma. CAA, MD
37  1983 [2 field trials for the study of the possible effects of avian leukosis control measures on production characteristics]. ---
38  1982 Age related resistance to avian leukosis virus. II. Influence of age at inoculation on mortality and congenital transmission. LV
39  1981 Tumor latency in avian lymphoid leukosis. ---
40  1980 Comparison of complement fixation and phenotypic mixing tests for the detection of lymphoid leukosis virus in egg albumen and embryos of individual eggs. CFT, gs, LLV, PMT
41  1980 Lymphoid leukosis virus infection: effects on production and mortality and consequences in selection for high egg production. LL-S, LLV
42  1979 Effects of storage and heat treatment of eggs on stability and congenital transmission of avian lymphoid leukosis viruses. gs
43  1979 Genetic nature of regression of Rous sarcoma virus-induced tumors in crosses of Regional Poultry Research Laboratory lines 6 and 7(2). RPRL, RSV
44  1979 The control of lymphoid leukosis in a flock White Plymouth Rock chickens. ---
45  1979 The control of lymphoid leukosis in a flock White Plymouth Rock chickens. ---
46  1977 Avian lymphoid leukosis prophylaxis with mibolerone. RAV-1
47  1977 Oncogenicity of avian leukosis viruses of different subgroups and of mutants of sarcoma viruses. ---
48  1976 A method for the control of lymphoid leukosis in chickens. ---
49  1975 Effects of strain of chickens and vaccination with turkey herpesvirus on Marek's disease and lymphoid leukosis in breeding stocks. MD
50  1975 Infectious bursal agent of chickens reduces the incidence of lymphoid leukosis. IBA
51  1975 Low oncogenic potential of avian endogenous RNA tumor virus infection or expression. RAV-O
52  1975 Lymphoid leukosis in chickens chemically bursectomized and subsequently inoculated with bursa cells. CY
53  1965 [The pleuropulmonary manifestations of lymphoid leukemia (LL)]. ---