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Long Form : laminin
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 CRISPR-Cas9-mediated labelling of the C-terminus of human laminin beta1 leads to secretion inhibition. ---
2019 Biological activity of laminin/polylaminin-coated poly-ℇ-caprolactone filaments on the regeneration and tissue replacement of the rat sciatic nerve. DRGs, PCL
2019 Biomimetic sponges for regeneration of skeletal muscle following trauma. EDC, VML
2019 Invertebrate Retinal Progenitors as Regenerative Models in a Microfluidic System. Con A, FGF, PLL, RPCs
2019 Laminin alpha4 overexpression in the anterior lens capsule may contribute to the senescence of human lens epithelial cells in age-related cataract. ALCs, ARC, MMP-9, TGF-beta1
2019 Regulation of Myogenic Activity by Substrate and Electrical Stimulation In Vitro. Col, EStim
2019 The laminin binding alpha3 and alpha6 integrins cooperate to promote epithelial cell adhesion and growth. CD, ECM, FGF10, GDNF
2018 Caspase-10, matrix metalloproteinase-9 and total laminin are correlated with the tumor malignancy of clear cell renal cell carcinoma. ccRCC, MMP-9
2018 Differential regulations of fibronectin and laminin in Smad2 activation in vascular endothelial cells in response to disturbed flow. CAD, ECMs, ECs, FN, NF-kappaB, OSS, TGF
10  2018 Laminin-111 functionalized polyethylene glycol hydrogels support myogenic activity in vitro. IL-6, PEGDA
11  2018 Segregation of motor and sensory axons regenerating through bicompartmental tubes by combining extracellular matrix components with neurotrophic factors. BDNF, FN, MP, NGF, NT-3
12  2017 Interactions of human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiovascular progenitor cells with immobilized extracellular matrix proteins. AApp, CI, CIII, CIV, ECM, FN, hESC-CVPCs
13  2017 Laminin-111 enriched fibrin hydrogels for skeletal muscle regeneration. ---
14  2016 67 kDa laminin receptor (67LR) in normal and neoplastic hematopoietic cells: is its targeting a feasible approach? ---
15  2016 Biophysical analysis of a lethal laminin alpha-1 mutation reveals altered self-interaction. ---
16  2016 Isolation and trans-differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells into smooth muscle cells: Utility and applicability for cell-sheet engineering. BM, Col IV, ECM, FN, MSCs, SMCs
17  2016 The extracellular matrix protein laminin-10 promotes blood-brain barrier repair after hypoxia and inflammation in vitro. BBB, CNS, Col, ECM, FN, IL-1beta, OGD, TEER, ZO-1
18  2016 The Glycolytic Enzyme Triosephosphate Isomerase of Trichomonas vaginalis Is a Surface-Associated Protein Induced by Glucose That Functions as a Laminin- and Fibronectin-Binding Protein. FN, GR, HG, RT-PCR
19  2015 A laminin 511 matrix is regulated by TAZ and functions as the ligand for the alpha6Bbeta1 integrin to sustain breast cancer stem cells. CSCs
20  2015 Adipose-derived stem cell adhesion on laminin-coated microcarriers improves commitment toward the cardiomyogenic lineage. ADSCs, FN, PAMs
21  2015 Discovery of new small molecules inhibiting 67 kDa laminin receptor interaction with laminin and cancer cell invasion. SBVS
22  2015 Effect of Wujia Shenghua capsule on uterine bleeding following medically-induced incomplete abortion in rats during early pregnancy. ER, FN, PR, WSC
23  2015 Enhancing neural stem cell response to SDF-1alpha gradients through hyaluronic acid-laminin hydrogels. HA, NPSCs, SDF-1alpha, TBI
24  2015 Integrin alpha3beta1 regulates kidney collecting duct development via TRAF6-dependent K63-linked polyubiquitination of Akt. UB
25  2015 Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Sphincter Regeneration: Role of Laminin Isoforms upon Myogenic Differentiation. MSCs
26  2014 Attachment of human endothelial cells to polyester vascular grafts: pre-coating with adhesive protein assemblies and resistance to short-term shear stress. Fb, PET
27  2014 Improved adhesion and differentiation of endothelial cells on surface-attached fibrin structures containing extracellular matrix proteins. EC, ECM, Fb, FN
28  2014 Laminin-database v.2.0: an update on laminins in health and neuromuscular disorders. ---
29  2014 Stat3-Efemp2a modulates the fibrillar matrix for cohesive movement of prechordal plate progenitors. ECM, FN
30  2014 The gene expression of human endothelial cells is modulated by subendothelial extracellular matrix proteins: short-term response to laminar shear stress. Co, EC, FN, SS
31  2013 Fibronectin modulates thymocyte-thymic epithelial cell interactions following Trypanosoma cruzi infection. ECM, FN, TECs
32  2013 In vitro evaluation of the interactions between human corneal endothelial cells and extracellular matrix proteins. Col I, Col IV, ECM, FN, FNC, HCECs
33  2013 Integrin-mediated interactions with extracellular matrix proteins for nucleus pulposus cells of the human intervertebral disc. ECM, NP
34  2013 Laminin production and basement membrane deposition by mesenchymal stem cells upon adipogenic differentiation. BM, IF, Int, MSCs, qRT-PCR, TEM
35  2013 Local radiotherapy increases the level of autoantibodies to ribosomal P0 protein but not to heat shock proteins, extracellular matrix molecules and EGFR/ErbB2 receptors in prostate cancer patients. ECM, FN, HSP, PSA, RT
36  2013 The follicular thyroid cell line PCCL3 responds differently to laminin and to polylaminin, a polymer of laminin assembled in acidic pH. polyLM
37  2012 Dystroglycan promotes filopodial formation and process branching in differentiating oligodendroglia. CNS, ECM, FAK, siRNA
38  2012 Expression of multisubunit proteins in Leishmania tarentolae. ---
39  2012 Integrin-dependent response to laminin-511 regulates breast tumor cell invasion and metastasis. ---
40  2012 Laminin 511 partners with laminin 332 to mediate directional migration of Madin-Darby canine kidney epithelial cells. ---
41  2012 Role of the podocyte (and glomerular endothelium) in building the GBM. GBM
42  2012 Standardization of a fluorescent-based quantitative adhesion assay to study attachment of Taenia solium oncosphere to epithelial cells in vitro. IFA
43  2011 Laminin database: a tool to retrieve high-throughput and curated data for studies on laminins. ---
44  2011 Laminin isoform profiles in salivary glands in Sjogren's syndrome. BM, DHEA, DHT, Int, LSG, SS
45  2010 Autocrine transforming growth factor-{beta}1 activation mediated by integrin {alpha}V{beta}3 regulates transcriptional expression of laminin-332 in Madin-Darby canine kidney epithelial cells. MDCK, TbetaRI, TGF
46  2010 Effects of extracellular matrix on differentiation of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells into smooth muscle cell lineage: utility for cardiovascular tissue engineering. Col IV, ECM, hMSCs, MSCs, SMC
47  2010 Influence of the extracellular matrix and integrins on volume-sensitive osmolyte anion channels in C2C12 myoblasts. ECM, FN, VSOACs
48  2009 Laminin isoforms in human embryonic stem cells: synthesis, receptor usage and growth support. B-CAM, BM, hESC, Int, Lu
49  2009 The production of recombinant human laminin-332 in a Leishmania tarentolae expression system. rLM-332
50  2008 Activation of focal adhesion kinase and JNK contributes to the extracellular matrix and cAMP-GEF mediated survival from bile acid induced apoptosis in rat hepatocytes. cAMP-GEF, DCA, ECM, FAK, GCDC, JNK, PL
51  2008 Blood vessels of human islets of Langerhans are surrounded by a double basement membrane. BM
52  2008 Clara cell adhesion and migration to extracellular matrix. FN
53  2008 Co-activation of synovial fibroblasts by laminin-111 and transforming growth factor-beta induces expression of matrix metalloproteinases 3 and 10 independently of nuclear factor-kappaB. MMP, TIMPs
54  2008 Extracellular matrix, Rac1 signaling, and estrogen-induced proliferation in MCF-7 breast cancer cells. CA-Rac1, Col I, ECM, JNK
55  2008 Fibronectin binding and proteolytic degradation by Leishmania and effects on macrophage activation. FN
56  2008 Integrin-mediated expression of bone formation-related genes in osteoblast-like cells in response to fluid shear stress: roles of extracellular matrix, Shc, and mitogen-activated protein kinase. COX-2, ECM, Egr-1, ERK, FN, OPN
57  2008 Neural crest motility on fibronectin is regulated by integrin activation. FN, NCCs
58  2008 Transcriptional regulation of the human alpha6 integrin gene by the transcription factor NFI during corneal wound healing. ECM, EMSAs, NFI, TF
59  2008 [Cordyceps mycelia extract decreases portal hypertension in rats with dimethylnitrosamine-induced liver cirrhosis: a study on its histological basis]. alpha-SMA, CME, Cpv, DMN, HA, Ppv, vWF
60  2008 [Effect of Compound Qidan Liquid on early ventricular remodeling after acute myocardial infarction in Chinese mini-pigs]. AMI, Ang II, BP, CIV, CQD, HyA, LAD, LVP, MCR, PCIII, TC, VR
61  2007 Alpha2beta1 integrin affects metastatic potential of ovarian carcinoma spheroids by supporting disaggregation and proteolysis. ECM, FN
62  2007 Alpha4 chain laminins are widely expressed in renal cell carcinomas and have a de-adhesive function. FN, RCCs
63  2007 Control of integrin genes expression in the eye. ECM, TF
64  2007 Effect of excess synthesis of extracellular matrix components by trabecular meshwork cells: possible consequence on aqueous outflow. AS-oligos, COL, ECM, HG, POAG, TM
65  2007 Effects of fibronectin and laminin on structural, mechanical and transport properties of 3D collageneous network. CLSM, ESEM, FN, FRAP, semi-IPNs, TEM
66  2007 Laminin reduces expression of the human alpha6 integrin subunit gene by altering the level of the transcription factors Sp1 and Sp3. ChIP, EMSAs, FN, RCECs
67  2007 Laminin-332 (Laminin-5) is the major motility ligand for B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. B-CLL
68  2007 Lutheran blood group antigen as a receptor for alpha5 laminins in gingival epithelia. BMs, Lu, mAbs, sol-Lu
69  2007 Physiological and pathological implications of laminins: from the gene to the protein. AIDs, BL, ECM, SS
70  2006 Clinical significance of serum matrix metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases in chronic liver disease. CAH, HAI, IV-C, LC, PH, TIMPs
71  2006 Cooperation of isoforms of laminin-332 and tenascin-CL during early adhesion and spreading of immortalized human corneal epithelial cells. CLSM, FESEM, HCE, Int
72  2006 Extraocular muscle is spared upon complete laminin alpha2 chain deficiency: comparative expression of laminin and integrin isoforms. EOM
73  2006 Immunity to extracellular matrix antigens is associated with ultrastructural alterations of the stroma and stratified epithelium basement membrane in the skin of Hashimotos thyroiditis patients. BMZ, ECM, FN, HT, Ig
74  2006 Integrin beta4 regulates migratory behavior of keratinocytes by determining laminin-332 organization. ---
75  2005 Laminin alpha1 globular domains 4-5 induce fetal development but are not vital for embryonic basement membrane assembly. BM, LG, Lm-1
76  2005 Role of integrin receptors for fibronectin, collagen and laminin in the regulation of ovarian carcinoma functions in response to a matrix microenvironment. ECM, FN
77  2005 Role of the extracellular matrix proteins in the resistance of SP6.5 uveal melanoma cells toward cisplatin. CIV, ECM, FN
78  2005 Selective down-regulation of the alpha6-integrin subunit in melanocytes by UVB light. BM, UV
79  2005 SiRNA strategy against overexpression of extracellular matrix in diabetic retinopathy. Coll IV, ECM, FN, RMECs, RNAi, siRNAs
80  2005 The effect of matrix composition of 3D constructs on embryonic stem cell differentiation. EBs, ES, FN, SIPNs
81  2004 Increased erythrocyte adhesion in mice and humans with hereditary spherocytosis and hereditary elliptocytosis. RBC, TSP
82  2004 [Relationship between epithelial-immunologic cells transdifferentiation and pseudoepitheliomatous granuloma lesion]. beta-Cat, CD14, CKp, E-cad, FAK, MCT, PCNA, PEG, SCF
83  2003 Extracellular matrix production by human osteoblasts cultured on biodegradable polymers applicable for tissue engineering. CO, ECM, FN, ON, OP, PLA, TCPS, VN
84  2003 Laminin-8/9 is synthesized by rat glomerular mesangial cells and is required for PDGF-induced mesangial cell migration. MC, PDGF, RT-PCR
85  2001 Composition of the extracellular matrix of the peritoneum. Col, ECM
86  2001 Down-regulation of alpha6 integrin, an anti-oncogene product, by functional cooperation of H-Ras and c-Myc. VCAM-1
87  2000 Control of smooth muscle cell proliferation and phenotype by integrin signaling through focal adhesion kinase. FAK, FN, PCASMCs, VSMCs
88  2000 Regulatory role of extracellular matrix proteins in neutrophil respiratory burst during aging. FN, GM-CSF, PMA, TNF
89  1999 Analysis of protein kinase C isoforms involved in the activation of laminin receptor in Raw264.7 macrophages. PKC
90  1999 Autoantibodies reactive with extracellular matrix proteins in patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy. CNBr, ECM, ELISA, FN, GD, HT, IgG, TAO
91  1999 Bronchial smooth muscle hypoplasia in mouse embryonic lungs exposed to a laminin beta1 chain antisense oligonucleotide. BM, FITC, ODN, SM
92  1999 Cell elongation induces laminin alpha2 chain expression in mouse embryonic mesenchymal cells: role in visceral myogenesis. SM
93  1999 Differential modes of regulation of interleukin-1beta expression by extracellular matrices. AP-1, Coll, ECMs, Fb, FN, IL-1beta, mAbs, MAPKs, PKC
94  1999 Effect of cell plating density and extracellular matrix protein on cell growth of epithelial rests of Malassez in vitro. ERM, FN, Non
95  1999 Laminin mediates tethering and spreading of colon cancer cells in physiological shear flow. mAbs
96  1999 Migration of mesothelioma cells correlates with histotype-specific synthesis of extracellular matrix. CIV, ECM, FN, MM
97  1999 Trichomonas vaginalis interactions with fibronectin and laminin. FN
98  1999 Unique changes in interstitial extracellular matrix composition are associated with rejection and cyclosporine toxicity in human renal allograft biopsies. ECM, FN, TBM, TSP
99  1999 [Analysis of fibronectin and laminin in the extracellular matrixes of acute myeloid leukemia and its implications]. AML, AMLnsm, AMLsm, FN, LTBMC
100  1998 Activation of neutrophil respiratory burst by cytokines and chemoattractants. Regulatory role of extracellular matrix glycoproteins. FN