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Abbreviation : LQT3
Long Form : long QT syndrome type 3
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 Antiarrhythmic Hit to Lead Refinement in a Dish Using Patient-Derived iPSC Cardiomyocytes. AP, hiPSC-CMs, SAR, VA
2021 Effects of Allicin on Late Sodium Current Caused by ΔKPQ-SCN5A Mutation in HEK293 Cells. ISI, SSA, SSI
2021 Establishment of human embryonic stem cell WAe009-A-48 carrying a long QT syndrome mutation in SCN5A. ---
2021 Hypernatremia and intercalated disc edema synergistically exacerbate long-QT syndrome type 3 phenotype. APD
2021 Peripartum management of patient with long QT3 after successful implantable cardioverter defibrillator device discharge resulting in device failure: a case report. ---
2020 A distinct molecular mechanism by which phenytoin rescues a novel long QT 3 variant. ---
2020 E1784K, the most common Brugada syndrome and long-QT syndrome type 3 mutant, disrupts sodium channel inactivation through two separate mechanisms. BrS1
2020 Functional modulation of atrio-ventricular conduction by enhanced late sodium current and calcium-dependent mechanisms in Scn5a1798insD/+ mice. AV, HV, RAN, TAC, WT
2020 High Prevalence of Late-Appearing T-Wave in Patients With Long QT Syndrome Type 8. biT, ECG, EoT, LaT, LQT8, TWM
10  2020 Mechanisms underlying age-associated manifestation of cardiac sodium channel gain-of-function. APD, EAD, GJ, GOF, ID
11  2020 Outcome by Sex in Patients With Long QT Syndrome With an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator. ICD, LQT1, LQT2
12  2020 Propranolol Attenuates Late Sodium Current in a Long QT Syndrome Type 3-Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Model. APDs, CMs, GDPbetas, hiPSCs, TdPs
13  2020 Subcutaneous and transvenous implantable cardioverter defibrillator in high-risk long-QT syndrome type 3 associated with Val411Met mutation in SCN5A. ICD, LQTS, SCD
14  2019 Experimental analysis of the onset mechanism of TdP reported in an LQT3 patient during pharmacological treatment with serotonin-dopamine antagonists against insomnia and nocturnal delirium. TdP
15  2019 Functional Consequences of the SCN5A-p.Y1977N Mutation within the PY Ubiquitylation Motif: Discrepancy between HEK293 Cells and Transgenic Mice. AP
16  2019 The citrus flavanone hesperetin preferentially inhibits slow-inactivating currents of a long QT syndrome type 3 syndrome Na+ channel mutation. ---
17  2018 Complex interactions in a novel SCN5A compound mutation associated with long QT and Brugada syndrome: Implications for Na+ channel blocking pharmacotherapy for de novo conduction disease. INa, WT
18  2018 Predicting Patient Response to the Antiarrhythmic Mexiletine Based on Genetic Variation. VSD
19  2018 The efficacy of Ranolazine on E1784K is altered by temperature and calcium. AP, BrS1, ORd
20  2017 Eleclazine exhibits enhanced selectivity for long QT syndrome type 3-associated late Na+ current. INa
21  2017 Lidocaine attenuation testing: An invivo investigation of putative LQT3-associated variants in the SCN5A-encoded sodium channel. LAT, VUS
22  2017 Phenotypic variability in LQT3 human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes and their response to antiarrhythmic pharmacologic therapy: An in silico approach. APD90, APs, hiPSC-CMs
23  2017 The congenital long QT syndrome Type 3: An update. LQTS
24  2016 A Novel SCN5A Mutation Found in a Familial Case of Long QT Syndrome Complicated by Severe Left Ventricular Dysfunction. DCM
25  2016 Gene-Specific Therapy With Mexiletine Reduces Arrhythmic Events in Patients With Long QT Syndrome Type 3. ---
26  2015 Intracellular calcium attenuates late current conducted by mutant human cardiac sodium channels. INaL
27  2014 Light phase-restricted feeding slows basal heart rate to exaggerate the type-3 long QT syndrome phenotype in mice. WT
28  2014 Voltage-gated sodium channels in the mammalian heart. BrS, CCD, TTX
29  2013 Cardiac sodium channelopathy associated with SCN5A mutations: electrophysiological, molecular and genetic aspects. SIDS
30  2013 Propranolol prevents life-threatening arrhythmias in LQT3 transgenic mice: implications for the clinical management of LQT3 patients. LQTS, Tg, VF, VT, WT
31  2013 The SCN5A mutation A1180V is associated with electrocardiographic features of LQT3. ECG
32  2013 Three-dimensional filamentous human diseased cardiac tissue model. iPS-CMs, WT
33  2011 Alternative splicing of the cardiac sodium channel creates multiple variants of mutant T1620K channels. CCD
34  2010 Knock-in gain-of-function sodium channel mutation prolongs atrial action potentials and alters atrial vulnerability. AF, LQTS, WT
35  2010 Y1767C, a novel SCN5A mutation, induces a persistent Na+ current and potentiates ranolazine inhibition of Nav1.5 channels. ---
36  2009 Antiarrhythmic effect of IKr activation in a cellular model of LQT3. MTX, TdP
37  2009 Biophysical characterization of a new SCN5A mutation S1333Y in a SIDS infant linked to long QT syndrome. SIDS
38  2009 Neonatal long QT syndrome type 3 predicted by positive lidocaine challenge. ---
39  2008 Cardiac sodium channel overlap syndromes: different faces of SCN5A mutations. ---
40  2008 Genetic Na+ channelopathies and sinus node dysfunction. BrS, CCD, SIDS, SSS
41  2008 SCN5A channelopathies--an update on mutations and mechanisms. BS, CCD
42  2008 The cardiac sodium channel mutation delQKP 1507-1509 is associated with the expanding phenotypic spectrum of LQT3, conduction disorder, dilated cardiomyopathy, and high incidence of youth sudden death. AV, DCM, ECG, IRBBB, LAFB
43  2007 Action potential alternans in LQT3 syndrome: a simulation study. AP, APD, EADs, WT
44  2007 Criteria for arrhythmogenicity in genetically-modified Langendorff-perfused murine hearts modelling the congenital long QT syndrome type 3 and the Brugada syndrome. APDs, APs, BrS, DI, WT
45  2007 Functional interaction between DPI 201-106, a drug that mimics congenital long QT syndrome, and sevoflurane on the guinea-pig cardiac action potential. ---
46  2007 Gating properties of SCN5A mutations and the response to mexiletine in long-QT syndrome type 3 patients. MEX, WT
47  2006 Diurnal variation of ventricular repolarization in a large family with LQT3-Brugada syndrome characterized by nocturnal sudden death. ---
48  2006 Functional expression of "cardiac-type" Nav1.5 sodium channel in canine intracardiac ganglia. APs, TTX-R, TTX-S
49  2006 In silico assessment of Y1795C and Y1795H SCN5A mutations: implication for inherited arrhythmogenic syndromes. AP, BrS, EADs
50  2005 Developmental aspects of long QT syndrome type 3 and Brugada syndrome on the basis of a single SCN5A mutation in childhood. BS, ECG, HR, QT
51  2005 Reduced voltage dependence of inactivation in the SCN5A sodium channel mutation delF1617. delF1617, S4-DIV
52  2005 Substitution of a conserved alanine in the domain IIIS4-S5 linker of the cardiac sodium channel causes long QT syndrome. AP
53  2004 A trafficking defective, Brugada syndrome-causing SCN5A mutation rescued by drugs. BrS, DFTs, INa
54  2004 Phenotypic characterization of a large European family with Brugada syndrome displaying a sudden unexpected death syndrome mutation in SCN5A:. ---
55  2003 A novel mutation L619F in the cardiac Na+ channel SCN5A associated with long-QT syndrome (LQT3): a role for the I-II linker in inactivation gating. WT