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Abbreviation : MA
Long Form : motor activity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Evaluation of polydentate picolinic acid chelating ligands and an alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone derivative for targeted alpha therapy using ISOL-produced 225Ac. DOTA-CycMSH, ISOL, pa, TAT
2019 Impact of leptin deficiency compared with neuronal-specific leptin receptor deletion on cardiometabolic regulation. BP, DGTA2, HR, LR, WT
2018 Early intervention of N-acetylcysteine better improves insulin resistance in diet-induced obesity mice. BW, CD, IPGTT, IR, NAC, ROS
2018 Increased sleep time and reduced energy expenditure contribute to obesity after ovariectomy and a high fat diet. EE, HFD
2018 [Changes in characteristics of sleep-wake cycle and motor activity at the preclinical stage of Parkinson's disease in old rats]. PD, SWS
2017 Changes in ambient temperature elicit divergent control of metabolic and cardiovascular actions by leptin. BP, BT, HR, MAP, Ta
2016 Subchronic and genetic safety evaluation of a calcium fructoborate in rats. FOB, FrxB, NOAEL
2015 [Medical, educational and neurophysiological prerequisites to the formation of the motivation to exercises in students]. ---
2014 Episodic ozone exposure in adult and senescent Brown Norway rats: acute and delayed effect on heart rate, core temperature and motor activity. HR
10  2014 Health assessment of gasoline and fuel oxygenate vapors: neurotoxicity evaluation. FOB, G/MTBE, GFAP
11  2014 The role of actigraphy in the assessment of primary insomnia: a retrospective study. FI, NWAK, SE, SOL, TIB, TST, TWAK, WASO
12  2014 Zebrafish embryotoxicity test for developmental (neuro)toxicity: Demo case of an integrated screening approach system using anti-epileptic drugs. AEDs, CBZ, ETH, LEV, VPA, ZET
13  2014 [A home exercise training program after acute coronary syndrome and/or endovascular coronary intervention: efficiency and a patient motivation problem]. ACS, CHD, ECI, ET, PS, RP
14  2013 Characterization of osteoarthritis in cats and meloxicam efficacy using objective chronic pain evaluation tools. OA, PVF
15  2013 Effect of a diet enriched with green-lipped mussel on pain behavior and functioning in dogs with clinical osteoarthritis. CSOM, GLM, OA, PVF
16  2013 Tamarind seed polysaccharide: a 28-day dietary study in Sprague-Dawley rats. FOB, NOAEL
17  2013 Thermoregulatory deficits in adult Long Evans rat exposed perinatally to the antithyroidal drug, propylthiouracil. GD, HPT, PND, PTU
18  2013 Thermoregulatory, cardiovascular, and metabolic responses to mild caloric restriction in the Brown Norway rat. AL, CR, HR, MR, RER, Tc
19  2013 [Iodine-containing thyroid hormones increases the motor activity of rats under stress]. ITH
20  2012 Clinical validity of outcome pain measures in naturally occurring canine osteoarthritis. CSOM, EDA, GLM, MFQ, OA
21  2012 [Cardiac, respiratory, and motor activity in norm and after activation of catecholaminergic systems in newborn rat pups]. HR, RR
22  2010 Aging and susceptibility to toluene in rats: a pharmacokinetic, biomarker, and physiological approach. BN, HR, PK, Tc
23  2009 Actigraphy in the assessment of insomnia: a quantitative approach. LDF, QAC, ROC, SOL, TIB, TST, WASO
24  2009 Short-term erythrosine B-induced inhibition of the brain regional serotonergic activity suppresses motor activity (exploratory behavior) of young adult mammals. ---
25  2008 Cardiac and thermal homeostasis in the aging Brown Norway rat. ECG, HR, IBI, Tc
26  2008 Effects of music composed by Mozart and Ligeti on blood pressure and heart rate circadian rhythms in normotensive and hypertensive rats. HR, NE
27  2007 Cardiovascular effects of oral toluene exposure in the rat monitored by radiotelemetry. BP, HR, Tc
28  2007 Differential sensitivity to anticholinesterase insecticides in the juvenile rat: effects on thermoregulation. CAR, CB, ChE, CHP, OP, PND
29  2006 Circadian rhythms in heart rate, motility, and body temperature of wild-type C57 and eNOS knock-out mice under light-dark, free-run, and after time zone transition. BT, eNOS, HR, LD, NO
30  2006 Method for studying behavioural activity patterns during long-term recordings using a force-plate actometer. ---
31  2004 Biotelemetry transmitter implantation in rodents: impact on growth and circadian rhythms. FI, LAP, TM, WI
32  2004 Effect of cage bedding on temperature regulation and metabolism of group-housed female mice. BC, DWS, MR, Ta, Tc, TWS
33  2004 p38 MAPK mediates cardiovascular and behavioral responses induced by central IL-1 beta and footshock in conscious rats. HR, i.c.v, IL-1beta, MABP, p38 MAPK
34  2004 Physiological and behavioral effects of methamphetamine in a mouse model of endotoxemia: a preliminary study. LPS, METH, METH, Tb
35  2003 Effects of exercise conditioning on thermoregulatory responses to repeated administration of chlorpyrifos. CHP, OP
36  2003 Influence of gender on thermoregulation and cholinesterase inhibition in the long-evans rat exposed to diazinon. ChE, CNS, DFP, OP, Tc
37  2002 4-week inhalation toxicity study with a mixture of dichloroethylene and perfluorobutylethylene in rats. FOB, NOEL
38  2002 Dietary exposure to chlorpyrifos alters core temperature in the rat. CHP
39  2002 Participation of the cholinergic system in the excessive grooming behavior induced by neuropeptide (N) glutamic acid (E) isoleucine (I) amide (NEI). EGB, i.c.v, VTA
40  2001 Actigraph analysis of diurnal motor fluctuations during dopamine agonist therapy. CBG, PD
41  2001 Acute and delayed thermoregulatory response of mice exposed to brevetoxin. SFT, Tc
42  2001 Circadian pacemaker function and entrainment during maturation of transgenic hypertensive TGR(mREN2)27 and Sprague-Dawley rats. BP, HR, SD
43  2001 Diurnal variation in thermoregulatory response to chlorpyrifos and carbaryl in the rat. anti-ChE, CAR, CHP, CTR, TI
44  2001 Effect of short light-dark cycles on young and adult TGR(mREN2)27 rats. BP, HR, LD
45  2000 Subchronic toxicity of cyclohexane in rats and mice by inhalation exposure. FOB, NOEL
46  2000 Toxicity evaluation of petroleum blending streams: inhalation subchronic toxicity/neurotoxicity study of a light catalytic reformed naphtha distillate in rats. FOB, NOAEL, NOEL
47  2000 Valpromide increases amplitude of heart rate circadian rhythm in remitted bipolar and unipolar disorders. A placebo-controlled study. HR
48  1999 Blood pressure, heart rate and motor activity in 6 inbred rat strains and wild rats (Rattus norvegicus): a comparative study. DBP, HR
49  1999 Effect of central and peripheral cholinergic antagonists on chlorpyrifos-induced changes in body temperature in the rat. CHP, CO, MS, OP, Tc
50  1999 Inhalation toxicity of cyclododecatriene in rats. FOB, NOAEL
51  1998 Delayed febrile effects of chlorpyrifos: is there cross-tolerance to bacterial lipopolysaccharide? CHP, CO, LPS, Tc
52  1998 Effects of SCN lesions on circadian blood pressure rhythm in normotensive and transgenic hypertensive rats. HR, LD, SCN, SPRD
53  1998 Thermoregulation in rats exposed perinatally to dioxin: core temperature stability to altered ambient temperature, behavioral thermoregulation, and febrile response to lipopolysaccharide. GD, LPS, Ta, Tc
54  1998 Toxicity evaluation of petroleum blending streams: inhalation subchronic toxicity/neurotoxicity study of a light alkylate naphtha distillate in rats. FOB, NOEL
55  1997 Behavioral and autonomic thermoregulation in the rat following propylthiouracil-induced hypothyroidism. HR, PTU, Ta, Tc
56  1997 Behavioral thermoregulatory response to chlorpyrifos in the rat. CHP, Ta, Tc
57  1997 Circadian variations in blood pressure and heart rate in diabetes prone and resistant rat strains compared with spontaneously hypertensive rats. BP, HR, ND, SHR
58  1997 Effects of bilateral olfactory bulbectomy on circadian rhythms of ACTH, corticosterone, motor activity and body temperature in male rats. BT, CORT
59  1997 Hypothermia and delayed fever in the male and female rat exposed to chlorpyrifos. CHL, OP, SS
60  1997 Neurotoxicological evaluation of methyl tertiary-butyl ether in rats. CNS, FOB, MTBE
61  1997 Regulated hypothermia in the hypothyroid rat induced by administration of propylthiouracil. PTU, Ta
62  1997 Social interaction: responses to chlordiazepoxide and the loss of isolation-reared effects with paired-housing. CDP, SI
63  1997 Tolerance to the hypothermic and hyperthermic effects of chlorpyrifos. OP
64  1996 Effects of acute tilt from orthostatic to head-down antiorthostatic restraint and of sustained restraint on the intra-cerebroventricular pressure in rats. AOR, OR, Picv
65  1996 [Morphophysiological analysis of the formation of mechanisms of the activity-rest cycle in human ontogenesis]. HR
66  1995 Factors influencing diisopropyl fluorophosphate-induced hypothermia and hyperthermia in the rat. anti-ChE, DFP, HR, Tc
67  1995 Modulation of motor activity patterns and sleep states in low-risk prematurely born infants reaching normal term: a comparison with full-term newborns. ---
68  1994 24-hour control of body temperature in rats. I. Integration of behavioral and autonomic effectors. HR, STa, Tc
69  1994 24-hour control of body temperature in the rat: II. Diisopropyl fluorophosphate-induced hypothermia and hyperthermia. anti-ChE, DFP, HR, Ta, Tc
70  1994 Effects of Crocus sativus L. on the ethanol-induced impairment of passive avoidance performances in mice. SD, ST
71  1994 Thermoregulatory effects of chlorpyrifos in the rat: long-term changes in cholinergic and noradrenergic sensitivity. ChE, CHLP, HR, OP, Tc
72  1993 Neurotoxicity screening methods are sensitive to experimental history. ABRs, FEPs, GFAP IHC, SEPs
73  1993 Twenty-four hour rhythms of selected ambient temperature in rat and hamster. LE, STa
74  1992 Erythromycin stimulates ileal motility by activation of dihydropyridine-sensitive calcium channels. ---
75  1991 A neurotoxicity screening battery for use in safety evaluation: effects of acrylamide and 3',3'-iminodipropionitrile. ACR, FOB, IDPN, NP
76  1991 Acute effects of diisopropyl fluorophosphate (DFP) on autonomic and behavioral thermoregulatory responses in the Long-Evans rat. DFP, EWL, MR, s.c, Ta
77  1991 Comparison of rats of the Fischer 344 and Long-Evans strains in their autonomic thermoregulatory response to trimethyltin administration. Cd, EWL, LE, MR, Ta, Tc, TMT
78  1991 Dynamics of behavioral thermoregulation in the rat. LCT, LE, SD, STa
79  1991 Effects of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine on autonomic thermoregulatory responses of the rat. EWL, MDMA, MR, Ta, Tc
80  1987 [Circadian rhythms and temperature homeostasis in monkeys during a flight on the Kosmos 1514 biosatellite]. Ts
81  1981 Effects of raphe lesions on circadian ACTH, corticosterone and motor activity rhythms in free-running blinded rats. ---