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Abbreviation : MACE
Long Form : metal-assisted chemical etching
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Application of Doehlert Matrix for an Optimized Preparation of a Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) Substrate Based on Silicon Nanowires for Ultrasensitive Detection of Rhodamine 6G. R6G, SERS, SiNWs
2020 Chemical carving lithography with scanning catalytic probes. ---
2020 CMOS-Compatible and Low-Cost Thin Film MACE Approach for Light-Emitting Si NWs Fabrication. CMOS, SiNWs
2020 Curved Structure of Si by Improving Etching Direction Controllability in Magnetically Guided Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching. ---
2020 Efficient photon capture on germanium surfaces using industrially feasible nanostructure formation. Ge
2020 Engineering the Microstructure of Silicon Nanowires by Controlling the Shape of the Metal Catalyst and Composition of the Etchant in a Two-Step MACE Process: An In-Depth Analysis of the Growth Mechanism. SiNWs
2020 Heterogeneous optoelectronic characteristics of Si micropillar arrays fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching. PL
2020 High-Efficiency Silicon Inverted Pyramid-Based Passivated Emitter and Rear Cells. IP, PERC, PV, Si
2020 High-Speed and Direction-Controlled Formation of Silicon Nanowire Arrays Assisted by Electric Field. SiNWs
10  2020 Influence of buried oxide layers of nanostructured SOI surfaces on matrix-free LDI-MS performances. BOX
11  2020 Mesopore Formation and Silicon Surface Nanostructuration by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching With Silver Nanoparticles. ---
12  2020 Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching and Electroless Deposition for Fabrication of Hard X-ray Pd/Si Zone Plates. ELD
13  2020 Nanoporous Silicon Thin Film-Based Hydrogen Sensor Using Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching with Annealed Palladium Nanoparticles. Si
14  2020 Nanostructured Silicon as Potential Anode Material for Li-Ion Batteries. Li-ion, Si, XRD
15  2020 Porous Silicon-Zinc Oxide Nanocomposites Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition for Biophotonic Applications. ALD, PL, SEM/TEM, XPS, XRD
16  2020 Silicon Conical Structures by Metal Assisted Chemical Etching. ---
17  2020 Thermoelectrical properties of silicon substrates with nanopores synthesized by metal-assisted chemical etching. ---
18  2020 Wafer-level integration of self-aligned high aspect ratio silicon 3D structures using the MACE method with Au, Pd, Pt, Cu, and Ir. ---
19  2019 Enhanced Surface Properties of Light-Trapping Si Nanowires Using Synergetic Effects of Metal-Assisted and Anisotropic Chemical Etchings. ACE, PL, Si
20  2019 Hybrid Anodic and Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching Method Enabling Fabrication of Silicon Carbide Nanowires. SiC
21  2019 Low Reflection and Low Surface Recombination Rate Nano-Needle Texture Formed by Two-Step Etching for Solar Cells. ICP-CVD
22  2019 Reduced Graphene Oxide-Coated Si Nanowires for Highly Sensitive and Selective Detection of Indoor Formaldehyde. GO, rGO, SiNWs
23  2019 The importance of design in nanoarchitectonics: multifractality in MACE silicon nanowires. ---
24  2018 Fabrication of 20.19% Efficient Single-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell with Inverted Pyramid Microstructure. sc-Si
25  2018 Fabrication of arrays of tapered silicon micro-/nano-pillars by metal-assisted chemical etching and anisotropic wet etching. ---
26  2018 Impact of pore anisotropy on the thermal conductivity of porous Si nanowires. NWs
27  2018 Interfacial Contact is Required for Metal-Assisted Plasma Etching of Silicon. MAPE
28  2018 Lithiation Behavior of Silicon Nanowire Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Impact of Functionalization and Porosity. SiNW
29  2018 Maskless Spatioselective Functionalization of Silicon Nanowires. HR-SEM
30  2018 One-Dimensional Porous Silicon Nanowires with Large Surface Area for Fast Charge⁻Discharge Lithium-Ion Batteries. LIBs
31  2018 Ordered Topographically Patterned Silicon by Insect-Inspired Capillary Submicron Stamping. tpSi
32  2018 Porous silicon based photoluminescence immunosensor for rapid and highly-sensitive detection of Ochratoxin A. anti-OTA, LOD, OTA, PL, PSi, SEM, XRD
33  2018 Rapid Biochemical Mixture Screening by Three-Dimensional Patterned Multifunctional Substrate with Ultra-Thin Layer Chromatography (UTLC) and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS). 3DP-SiNWA, SERS, UTLC
34  2017 A Low-cost, Highly-stable Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrate by Si Nanowire Arrays Decorated with Au Nanoparticles and Au Backplate. CV, EF, FDTD, MG, OAD, SERS, SiNWA
35  2017 Characterization of peptide attachment on silicon nanowires by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. LDI-MS, SiNWs, XPS
36  2017 Enhancing formation rate of highly-oriented silicon nanowire arrays with the assistance of back substrates. Si
37  2017 High-Performance Ultrathin Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Silicon Solar Cells via Solution-Processed Interface Modification. ---
38  2017 Hybrid black silicon solar cells textured with the interplay of copper-induced galvanic displacement. Si
39  2017 Insight on the silver catalyst distribution during silicon nanowire array formation: an X-ray reflectivity study. SiNW
40  2017 Precise regulation of tilt angle of Si nanostructures via metal-assisted chemical etching. ---
41  2017 Ultrasensitive Silicon Nanowire Sensor Developed by a Special Ag Modification Process for Rapid NH3 Detection. NP, RNWs, SiNW
42  2016 Catalyst Self-Assembly for Scalable Patterning of Sub 10 nm Ultrahigh Aspect Ratio Nanopores in Silicon. NPSi
43  2016 Formation of GaP nanocones and micro-mesas by metal-assisted chemical etching. ---
44  2016 Fully Tunable Silicon Nanowire Arrays Fabricated by Soft Nanoparticle Templating. VA-SiNWs
45  2016 KOH post-etching-induced rough silicon nanowirearray for H2 gas sensing application. SiNWs
46  2016 Nanostructured silicon via metal assisted catalyzed etch (MACE): chemistry fundamentals and pattern engineering. NWs, Si
47  2016 Non-Lithographic Silicon Micromachining Using Inkjet and Chemical Etching. ---
48  2016 Optical Properties of Silicon Nanowires Fabricated by Environment-Friendly Chemistry. c-Si, HF, PL, SiNWs
49  2016 Schottky Barrier Catalysis Mechanism in Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon. ---
50  2016 The Development of High-Density Vertical Silicon Nanowires and Their Application in a Heterojunction Diode. FESEM, SiNW, XRD
51  2016 Tunable Surface Structuration of Silicon by Metal Assisted Chemical Etching with Pt Nanoparticles under Electrochemical Bias. ---
52  2015 Bubble-Regulated Silicon Nanowire Synthesis on Micro-Structured Surfaces by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching. ---
53  2015 Direct Visualization of Etching Trajectories in Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching of Si by the Chemical Oxidation of Porous Sidewalls. ---
54  2015 Fabrication of periodic silicon nanopillars in a two-dimensional hexagonal array with enhanced control on structural dimension and period. RIE, Si-NPs, SNS
55  2015 In Situ PL and SPV Monitored Charge Carrier Injection During Metal Assisted Etching of Intrinsic a-Si Layers on c-Si. PL, SPV
56  2015 In-Situ Fabrication of a Self-Aligned Selective Emitter Silicon Solar Cell Using the Gold Top Contacts To Facilitate the Synthesis of a Nanostructured Black Silicon Antireflective Layer Instead of an External Metal Nanoparticle Catalyst. AR, b-Si, CACE, NP, SE
57  2015 Influence of inhomogeneous porosity on silicon nanowire Raman enhancement and leaky mode modulated photoluminescence. PL, SiNWs
58  2015 Influence of the doping level on the porosity of silicon nanowires prepared by metal-assisted chemical etching. PSi
59  2015 Large-scale micro- and nanopatterns of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film solar cells by mold-assisted chemical-etching process. ---
60  2015 Metal assisted anodic etching of silicon. MAAE
61  2015 Reducing the porosity and reflection loss of silicon nanowires by a sticky tape. mp-SiNWs, SiNWs
62  2015 Silver-assisted chemical etching on silicon with polyvinylpyrrolidone-mediated formation of silver dendrites. PVP, Si
63  2015 Unveiling the shape-diversified silicon nanowires made by HF/HNO3 isotropic etching with the assistance of silver. HF, Si
64  2014 A 12%-efficient upgraded metallurgical grade silicon-organic heterojunction solar cell achieved by a self-purifying process. PEDOT, UMG
65  2014 Bulk micromachining of Si by metal-assisted chemical etching. MEMS
66  2014 Controllable light-induced conic structures in silicon nanowire arrays by metal-assisted chemical etching. SiNWs
67  2014 Decoration of silicon nanostructures with copper particles for simultaneous selective capture and mass spectrometry detection of His-tagged model peptide. SALDI-MS
68  2014 Effect of wettability on the agglomeration of silicon nanowire arrays fabricated by metal-assisted chemical etching. SiNW
69  2014 Evolution of etching kinetics and directional transition of nanowires formed on pyramidal microtextures. Si
70  2014 Fabrication of porous silicon nanowires by MACE method in HF/H2O2/AgNO3 system at room temperature. PSiNWs, SiNWs
71  2014 Surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry using ordered silicon nanopillar arrays. SALDI-MS, SiNP
72  2014 Uniform vertical trench etching on silicon with high aspect ratio by metal-assisted chemical etching using nanoporous catalysts. HF
73  2013 Antireflective silicon nanostructures with hydrophobicity by metal-assisted chemical etching for solar cell applications. Si, SWR
74  2013 Au nanocrystal array/silicon nanoantennas as wavelength-selective photoswitches. CL, LSPR
75  2013 Composite structure of SiO2@AgNPs@p-SiNWs for enhanced broadband optical antireflection. SiNWs
76  2013 Facile and clean release of vertical Si nanowires by wet chemical etching based on alkali hydroxides. SiNWs
77  2013 Polymer-free Vertical Transfer of Silicon Nanowires and their Application to Energy Storage. LIB, SiNWs
78  2013 Strain-induced generation of silicon nanopillars. ---
79  2013 Structure, morphology, and photoluminescence of porous Si nanowires: effect of different chemical treatments. HF, PL, SiNWs
80  2013 Upgraded silicon nanowires by metal-assisted etching of metallurgical silicon: a new route to nanostructured solar-grade silicon. SiNW
81  2013 Vertical arrays of SiO2 micro/nanotubes templated from Si pillars by chemical oxidation for high loading capacity buoyant aquatic devices. ---
82  2012 3D spirals with controlled chirality fabricated using metal-assisted chemical etching of silicon. ---
83  2012 Porosification-reduced optical trapping of silicon nanostructures. mp-SiNWs, s-SiNWs
84  2012 Vertical etching with isolated catalysts in metal-assisted chemical etching of silicon. ---
85  2011 Fabrication of n-type mesoporous silicon nanowires by one-step etching. mp-SiNWs
86  2011 Guided three-dimensional catalyst folding during metal-assisted chemical etching of silicon. ---
87  2010 Maskless and resist-free rapid prototyping of three-dimensional structures through electron beam induced deposition (EBID) of carbon in combination with metal-assisted chemical etching (MaCE) of silicon. a-C, DRIE, EBID
88  2009 Effect of catalyst shape and etchant composition on etching direction in metal-assisted chemical etching of silicon to fabricate 3D nanostructures. EBL