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Abbreviation : MBF
Long Form : medullary blood flow
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Altered renal medullary blood flow: A key factor or a parallel event in control of sodium excretion and blood pressure? BP, RPP
2019 Analysis of the critical determinants of renal medullary oxygenation. Hb
2019 Diuretic, Natriuretic, and Vasodepressor Activity of a Lipid Fraction Enhanced in Medium of Cultured Mouse Medullary Interstitial Cells by a Selective Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase Inhibitor. HPLC, MAP, MMICs, PIP
2019 Evidence against a crucial role of renal medullary perfusion in blood pressure control of hypertensive rats. BK, SHR
2019 TRPV1 protects renal ischemia-reperfusion injury in diet-induced obese mice by enhancing CGRP release and increasing renal blood flow. CBF, CGRP, I/R, WD, WT
2017 Endothelial colony-forming cells ameliorate endothelial dysfunction via secreted factors following ischemia-reperfusion injury. AKI, CM, ECFC, I/R, PAEC, PMVEC
2016 Nitric oxide, prostaglandins and angiotensin II in the regulation of renal medullary blood flow during volume expansion. Ang II, ECV, L-NAME, NO, OMBF, PBF, PGs
2015 Null mutation of the nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-oxidase subunit p67phox protects the Dahl-S rat from salt-induced reductions in medullary blood flow and glomerular filtration rate. GFR, HS
2013 Effects of fenofibrate, a PPAR-alpha ligand, on the haemodynamics of glycerol-induced renal failure in rats. ACh, AII, CBF, ET-1, ISO, MAP, PE, SNP
10  2013 Pressor and renal regional hemodynamic effects of urotensin II in neonatal pigs. CBF, MAP, PLC, RBF, RVR, UII
11  2013 Renal pericytes: regulators of medullary blood flow. DVR
12  2013 Role of GLUT4 on angiotensin 2-induced systemic and renal hemodynamics. GLUT4, MABP
13  2013 Sympathetic nerve-derived ATP regulates renal medullary vasa recta diameter via pericyte cells: a role for regulating medullary blood flow? DVR
14  2013 The evolving role of renal pericytes. ---
15  2012 Experimental selective elevation of renal medullary blood flow in hypertensive rats: evidence against short-term hypotensive effect. Ang II, BK, BP, NA, SHR
16  2012 Role of medullary blood flow in the pathogenesis of renal ischemia-reperfusion injury. AKI, IRI
17  2012 Role of specific T-type calcium channel blocker R(-) efonidipine in the regulation of renal medullary circulation. Ang II, CBF, i.v, MTAL, NO, RI, TCC
18  2010 Angiotensin II and neurohumoral control of the renal medullary circulation. Ang, NO, RAS
19  2010 Augmented cyclooxygenase-2 effects on renal function during varying states of angiotensin II. ACE, cACEi, COX, NMSLD
20  2009 Regulation of renal medullary circulation by the renin-angiotensin system in genetically hypertensive rats. Ang, LH, RAS, SHR
21  2009 Renal medullary effects of transient prehypertensive treatment in young spontaneously hypertensive rats. ARB, BP, GSK, SHR
22  2008 Effect of perindopril on renal medullary blood flow: comparison with other antihypertensive treatments. ACE, Ang II, LH, NO
23  2006 Contribution of prostanoid tp receptors to the pressor and intrarenal haemodynamic response to endothelin. CBF, ET, MAP, TX
24  2006 Effect of perindopril on renal medullary hemodynamics in genetically hypertensive rats. ACE, Ang II, LH
25  2005 Adverse effects of COX-2 inhibitors. COXIBs, NSAIDs, PG, PGH2, TXA2
26  2005 Differential effects of 20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid on intrarenal blood flow in the rat. 20-HETE, CBF, NO, PU
27  2005 Mechanisms mediating pressure natriuresis: what we know and what we need to find out. RIHP
28  2005 Nitric oxide and superoxide in the renal medulla: a delicate balancing act. eNOS, NO
29  2004 Alteration in endothelin receptor sub-type responsiveness and in the endothelin-TXA(2) mimetic U46619 interaction, in type-2 hypertensive diabetic Zucker rats. MAP
30  2004 Effect of endothelin-1 on regional kidney blood flow and renal arteriole calibre in rabbits. EA, ET
31  2004 Mechanisms underlying the differential control of blood flow in the renal medulla and cortex. CBF
32  2004 Neural control of renal medullary perfusion. CBF
33  2004 Sex hormone regulation of systemic endothelial and renal microvascular reactivity in type-2 diabetes: studies in gonadectomized and sham-operated Zucker diabetic rats. L-NAME, MAP, RCF
34  2004 Superoxide dismustase mimetic tempol decreases blood pressure by increasing renal medullary blood flow in hyperinsulinemic-hypertensive rats. CBF, MAP, NO, RBF, ROS, SOD
35  2003 Angiotensin II and renal medullary blood flow in Lyon rats. LH, LL, PE
36  2003 Autoregulation of renal medullary blood flow in rabbits. MLDF, RAP
37  2003 Contributions of nitric oxide and prostanoids and their signaling pathways to the renal medullary vasodilator effect of U46619 (9-11-dideoxy-11 alpha,9a-epoxymethano-prostaglandin F(2a)) in the rat. ATP, NO
38  2003 Endothelin-like action of Pausinystalia yohimbe aqueous extract on vascular and renal regional hemodynamics in Sprague Dawley rats. ET-1, ETA, ETB, L-NAME, NO
39  2003 Functional role of ETB receptors in the renal medulla. RPP
40  2003 Increased H(2)O(2) counteracts the vasodilator and natriuretic effects of superoxide dismutation by tempol in renal medulla. ---
41  2003 Influence of acute selective endothelin-receptor-A blockade on renal hemodynamics in a rat model of chronic allograft rejection. ALLOs, CBF, ET, ISOs, MAP, RBF
42  2003 Nitric oxide in responses of regional kidney perfusion to renal nerve stimulation and renal ischaemia. CBF, RBF, RNS
43  2003 The renal medullary interstitium: focus on osmotic hypertonicity. ---
44  2002 Changes in mean arterial pressure predict degranulation of renomedullary interstitial cells. MAP, NO, RMIC
45  2002 Effects of two dimeric iodinated contrast media on renal medullary blood perfusion and oxygenation in dogs. ---
46  2002 Renal medullary blood flow and salt load in Lyon hypertensive rats. BP, LH
47  2001 Abnormal renal medullary response to angiotensin II in SHR is corrected by long-term enalapril treatment. Ang, L-NAME, SHR, WKY
48  2001 Differential control of intrarenal blood flow during reflex increases in sympathetic nerve activity. CBF, RSNA
49  2001 Differential effects of U46619 on renal regional hemodynamics in the rat: involvement of endothelin. CBF, ET-1, PGH2, PU, TXA2
50  2001 Endothelial nitric oxide synthase protein is reduced in the renal medulla of two-kidney, one-clip hypertensive rats. Ang II, eNOS, MAP, NO
51  2001 Intrarenal expression and distribution of cyclooxygenase isoforms in rats with experimental heart failure. CHF, COX
52  2001 Nitric oxide buffers renal medullary vasoconstriction induced by prostaglandins synthesis blockade. CBF, COX, MAP, NO, PG
53  2001 Production and actions of superoxide in the renal medulla. OM, RI
54  2001 Selective effect of tempol on renal medullary hemodynamics in spontaneously hypertensive rats. RBF, SHR
55  2001 [Renal hemodynamic effect of angiotensin II type 2 receptor]. CBF, MAP, SHR
56  2000 Effects of renal arterial endothelin-1 and endogenous endothelins on regional kidney blood flow and renal antihypertensive mechanisms in anesthetized rabbits. MAP, RAP, RBF
57  2000 ET-receptor subtypes: roles in regional renal vascular actions of exogenous and endogenous endothelins in anesthetized rabbits. Ala1,3,11,15, CBF, ET, MAP, RBF
58  2000 Expression and actions of heme oxygenase in the renal medulla of rats. CO, HO, ZnDPBG
59  2000 Impairment of pressure-natriuresis and renal autoregulation in ANG II-infused hypertensive rats. Ang II, RBF
60  2000 Modelling the neural control of intrarenal blood flow. CBF, RBF
61  2000 Preferential COX-2 inhibitor, meloxicam, compromises renal perfusion in euvolemic and hypovolemic rats. CBF, COX, INDO, MAP, MELO
62  2000 Role of NO and cytochrome P-450-derived eicosanoids in ET-1-induced changes in intrarenal hemodynamics in rats. 20-HETE, CBF, CYP450, DBDD, ET-1, L-NAME, MBP, NO, RBF, RVR
63  2000 Roles of ANG II and bradykinin in the renal regional blood flow responses to ACE inhibition in sodium-depleted dogs. ACE, BK
64  1999 Differing effects of enalapril and losartan on renal medullary blood flow and renal interstitial hydrostatic pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats. i.v, MAP, RAP, RIHP, SHR
65  1999 Kinin influences on renal regional blood flow responses to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition in dogs. ACE, BK, CBF
66  1999 Roles of AT1 and AT2 receptors in the hypertensive Ren-2 gene transgenic rat kidney. Ang II, HR, MAP, RMICs, SD
67  1999 Short- and long-term enalapril affect renal medullary hemodynamics in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. ACE, RAP, RIHP, SHR
68  1998 Acute effects of bezafibrate on blood pressure and renal haemodynamics in SHR and WKY rats. CBF, MAP, PRA, RBF, SHR, WKY
69  1998 Improvement of postischemic acute renal failure with the novel orally active endothelin-A receptor antagonist LU 135252 in the rat. ARF, CBF, cr, ET
70  1998 Protective effect of angiotensin II-induced increase in nitric oxide in the renal medullary circulation. Ang II, L-NAME, NO, NOS
71  1998 Renoprotective effects of nitric oxide in angiotensin II-induced hypertension in the rat. CBF, NLA, NO, RBF
72  1997 Simultaneous recording of tissue ion content and blood flow in rat renal medulla: evidence on interdependence. ---
73  1996 Medullary blood flow responses to changes in arterial pressure in canine kidney. CBF, RAP, RBF
74  1996 Renal responses to intra-arterial administration of adrenomedullin in dogs. ADM, NO, RBF
75  1996 Respiration and medullary blood flow during sinusoidal hypoxia in the peripherally chemodenervated cat. PNA
76  1993 Assessment of changes in intrarenal blood flow in conscious rats using laser-Doppler flowmetry. CBF, LDF