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Abbreviation : MBF
Long Form : muscle blood flow
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Biexponential analysis of intravoxel incoherent motion in calf muscle before and after exercise: Comparisons with arterial spin labeling perfusion and T2. ASL, DWI, IVIM
2020 Effect of exercise training on cardiovascular autonomic and muscular function in subclinical Chagas cardiomyopathy: a randomized controlled trial. ET, LFnuHR
2019 Effects of Citrulline Malate and Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Energy Metabolism and Blood Flow During Submaximal Resistance Exercise. BEET, BP, CitMal, CSA, EE, EI, RER
2019 Somatosensory regulation of resting muscle blood flow and physical therapy. ---
2019 The effects of 4 weeks normobaric hypoxia training on microvascular responses in the forearm flexor. ---
2019 The influence of muscle length on gastrocnemius and vastus lateralis muscle oxygen saturation and endurance. NIRS
2018 Reliability of muscle blood flow and oxygen consumption response from exercise using near-infrared spectroscopy. MVC, NIRS
2017 Contribution of adenosine to the increase in skeletal muscle blood flow caused by manual acupuncture in rats. MA, TA
2017 Vascular conductance and muscle blood flow during exercise are altered by inspired oxygen fraction and arterial perfusion pressure. HDT, HOR, HUT, VC
10  2016 Contributions of ADP and ATP to the increase in skeletal muscle blood flow after manual acupuncture stimulation in rats. ADP, AMP, ATP, MA, TA
11  2015 Concomitant administration of nitrous oxide and remifentanil reduces oral tissue blood flow without decreasing blood pressure during sevoflurane anesthesia in rabbits. CCBF, DBP, HR, LBF, MAP, SBP, TMBF, UBF
12  2015 Contributions of nitric oxide and prostaglandins to the local increase in muscle blood flow following manual acupuncture in rats. MA, NO, PGs
13  2015 Effects of Volatile Anesthetics on Oral Tissue Blood Flow in Rabbits: A Comparison Among Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, and Desflurane. LBF, MACs
14  2015 Lack of independent effect of type 2 diabetes beyond characteristic comorbidities and medications on small muscle mass exercising muscle blood flow and exercise tolerance. FBF, MAP, T2D
15  2014 [Impairment of muscle vasodilation during mental stress in women with subclinical hypothyroidism]. FVC, SH
16  2013 Effect of altered arterial perfusion pressure on vascular conductance and muscle blood flow dynamic response during exercise in humans. HDT, HOR, HPO, HUT, LPO, MPP, VC
17  2013 Participation of calcitonin gene related peptide released via axon reflex in the local increase in muscle blood flow following manual acupuncture. CGRP, MA, TA
18  2012 Cardiovascular responses to arm static exercise in men with thoracic spinal cord lesions. AB, CO, HR, MBP, MVC, SBF, TPR, TSCI
19  2012 Dexmedetomidine dose dependently decreases oral tissue blood flow during sevoflurane and propofol anesthesia in rabbits. DEX, LBF, TBF, UBF
20  2012 Large-dose epinephrine reduces skeletal muscle blood flow under general anesthesia in rabbits. CCBF, QBF
21  2011 Dose-dependent remifentanil decreases oral tissue blood flow during sevoflurane and propofol anesthesia in rabbits. HR, LBF, MAP, SBP, TBF, UBF
22  2011 Effects of static contraction and cold stimulation on cardiovascular autonomic indices, trapezius blood flow and muscle activity in chronic neck-shoulder pain. ANS, BP, CPT, DBT, EMG, HGT, HRV, LF
23  2010 Near-infrared spectroscopy and indocyanine green derived blood flow index for noninvasive measurement of muscle perfusion during exercise. BFI, ICG, NIRS
24  2010 Preamputation evaluation of lower-limb skeletal muscle perfusion with H(2) (15)O positron emission tomography. ---
25  2009 Microneurography and venous occlusion plethysmography in heart failure: correlation with prognosis. HF, MSNA
26  2009 Neural mechanism of localized changes in skeletal muscle blood flow caused by moxibustion-like thermal stimulation of anesthetized rats. MTS
27  2009 Redistribution of tissue blood flow after stellate ganglion block in the rabbit. SGB
28  2009 Refining resuscitation strategies using tissue oxygen and perfusion monitoring in critical organ beds. CBF
29  2009 Relationship between oral tissue blood flow and oxygen tension in rabbit. SGB
30  2008 Blood flow and metabolic regulation in seal muscle during apnea. LDF, Mb
31  2008 Effects of manual acupuncture with sparrow pecking on muscle blood flow of normal and denervated hindlimb in rats. MA, MAP, SP
32  2007 Cyclic adenosine monophosphate-phosphodiesterase inhibitors reduce skeletal muscle protein catabolism in septic rats. cAMP, IBMX
33  2007 In vivo imaging shows abnormal function of vascular endothelial growth factor-induced vasculature. Ang-1, VEGF
34  2005 Acute changes in muscle blood flow and concomitant muscle damage after an intramuscular administration. IM, PG
35  2005 Muscle contraction-blood flow interactions during upright knee extension exercise in humans. MAP
36  2004 Abnormally elevated intramuscular pressure impairs muscle blood flow at rest after exercise. IMP, PPG
37  2004 Muscle blood flow in response to concentric muscular activity vs passive venous compression. PPG
38  2004 Spatial distribution of vastus lateralis blood flow and oxyhemoglobin saturation measured at the end of isometric quadriceps contraction by multichannel near-infrared spectroscopy. ---
39  2003 Arterial baroreflex control of muscle blood flow at the onset of voluntary locomotion in mice. CSD, EMGs, MAP
40  2003 Blood flow in the tibialis anterior muscle by photoplethysmography during foot-transmitted vibration. PPG, rms
41  2003 Impaired arterial pressure regulation during exercise due to enhanced muscular vasodilatation in calponin knockout mice. EMG, KO, MAP
42  2002 Vasodilatation of muscle microvessels induced by somatic afferent stimulation is mediated by calcitonin gene-related peptide release in the rat. ES
43  2001 A non-invasive measure of changes in blood flow in the human anterior tibial muscle. LDF, PPG
44  2001 Effects of limb elevation and increased intramuscular pressure on human tibialis anterior muscle blood flow. IMP
45  2000 Angiogenic therapy for the chronically ischemic lower limb in a rabbit model. bFGF, PRU
46  2000 Calcitonin gene-related peptide produces skeletal muscle vasodilation following antidromic stimulation of unmyelinated afferents in the dorsal root in rats. CGRP
47  2000 Plasma lactate concentration and muscle blood flow during dynamic exercise with negative-pressure breathing. CFP, CNPB, MAP
48  2000 Rates of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue glycerol release in nonobese and obese subjects. ATBF
49  2000 Reduced muscle vascular resistance in intrauterine growth restricted newborn piglets. IUGR, MVR, NW
50  1999 Early changes in performance, blood flow and capillary fine structure in rat fast muscles induced by electrical stimulation. EDL, EHP, TA
51  1998 Functional electrical stimulation effect on skeletal muscle blood flow measured with H2(15)O positron emission tomography. FES, PET, SCI
52  1998 Prostaglandin E1 in peripheral vascular disease: a PET study of muscular blood flow. PET, PGE1, PVD
53  1997 Altered action of angiotensin II in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus of recent onset. Ang II, deltaM, deltaMBF
54  1997 Dose-related effect of intravenous L-arginine on muscular blood flow of the calf in patients with peripheral vascular disease: a H215O positron emission tomography study. cGMP, NO, PVD
55  1997 Relationship between arterial pressure and blood flow in the generation of slow-wave flowmotion in rat skeletal muscle. MAP, SWFM
56  1997 Sympathetic control of hemodynamics during moderate head-up tilt in human subjects. ---
57  1996 Potential role of bradykinin in forearm muscle metabolism in humans. ACE, BK, MGU
58  1996 The effect of metformin on adipose tissue metabolism and peripheral blood flow in subjects with NIDDM. ATBF
59  1995 [Influence of hypotensive anesthesia on the organ blood flow--comparison of trinitroglycerine and nicardipine]. LBF, RCBF, RMBF
60  1994 Cardiopulmonary bypass and forearm blood flow. CO, CPB, FBF, FVR, MAP, SVR
61  1994 Influence of cardiac output distribution on cardiac filling pressure during rest and dynamic exercise in dogs. CO, RAP
62  1992 Muscle blood flow in diabetes mellitus. Evidence of abnormality after exercise. IDDM
63  1992 Primary effects of carotid chemoreceptor stimulation on gracilis muscle and renal blood flow and renal function in dogs. AoP, GFR, PO2, RBF
64  1991 Cardiovascular responses to graded reductions in leg perfusion in exercising humans. HR, LBPP, MAP, NE
65  1991 Oxygen transport and peripheral microcirculation in long-term diabetes. TA, VL
66  1991 Regional blood flow in skeletal muscle measured by the heated thermocouple method during electrical nerve stimulation of the canine gracilis muscle. HTC, IMP
67  1991 Skeletal muscle blood flow and O2 uptake during intravenous nicotine with and without hypertension. EPI, i.v, MVR, NE
68  1988 Muscle blood flow in humans: how high can it go? ---
69  1988 The effect of allopurinol and catalase on cardiovascular hemodynamics during hemorrhagic shock. AAP, ALLO, CAT, CVP, HR, MVC, TBC
70  1987 Skeletal muscle blood flow capacity: role of muscle pump in exercise hyperemia. ---
71  1986 Abnormal cardiovascular response to exercise in young asymptomatic diabetic patients with retinopathy. IDD, LVEF
72  1986 Comparison of the effects of atenolol, sotalol and labetalol on muscle blood flow in man. beta-blockers
73  1984 Local muscle blood flow and temperature responses to 915MHz diathermy as simultaneously measured and numerically predicted. BF, MWD, Xe133
74  1984 Muscular blood flow distribution patterns in the hindlimb of swimming rats. ---
75  1983 Reduced blood flow in fibromyotic muscles during ultrasound therapy. ---
76  1982 Blood flow in fibromyotic muscles. ---
77  1982 Capillary permeability in skeletal muscle of normal subjects. CDC
78  1982 [The influence of the body weight on the 133 xenon clearance of the brachial muscles (author's transl)]. ---
79  1981 Vascular adrenergic receptor responses in skeletal muscle in myotonic dystrophy. ---
80  1980 Peripheral blood flow in chronic ergotism. ---
81  1979 Capillary circulation and morphology in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. CDC
82  1979 Direct measurement of arteriovenous anastomotic blood flow in the septic canine hindlimb. AV, AVA
83  1977 Effect of chemical sympathectomy on muscle blood flow. TBF
84  1977 Muscle blood flow after amputation with special reference to the influence of the amputation level. Assessed by 133 xenon and histamine. An animal experiment. ---
85  1977 Sequential circulatory changes in the circumferentially burned limb. ---
86  1977 Xenon-133 determination of muscle blood flow in electrical injury. ---
87  1976 Muscle blood flow after amputation with special reference to the influence of osseous plugging of the medullary cavity. Assessed by 133 xenon and histamine. An animal experiment. ---
88  1975 Blood flow in muscle groups and drug absorption. ---
89  1975 Blood flow in thigh muscle during bicycling exercise at varying work rates. ---
90  1975 Effects of microembolization on the skeletal muscle blood flow. A critique of the microvascular occlusion model of Duchenne dystrophy. ---
91  1975 Local muscle blood flow and sustained contractions of human arm and back muscles. IS
92  1975 [Muscular blood flow in human highlanders and in lowlanders living at altitude (3 800 m) (author's transl)]. ---
93  1974 Muscle blood flow in Duchenne type muscular dystrophy, limb-girdle dystrophy, polymyositis, and in normal controls. ---