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Long Form : magnetic beads
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A signal-on magnetic electrochemical immunosensor for ultra-sensitive detection of saxitoxin using palladium-doped graphitic carbon nitride-based non-competitive strategy. STX, TMB
2019 Combination of Magnetic-Beads-Based Multiple Metal Nanoparticles Labeling with Hybridization Chain Reaction Amplification for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Cancer Cells with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry. ICP-MS
2019 Detection of p53 DNA using commercially available personal glucose meters based on rolling circle amplification coupled with nicking enzyme signal amplification. HP, NESA, PGM, RCA
2019 Electrochemical determination of the activity of DNA methyltransferase based on the methyl binding domain protein and a customized modular detector. GST, GST-MeCP2, MeCP2, MTase, ssDNA
2019 Magnetic beads assay based on Zip nucleic acid for electrochemical detection of Factor V Leiden mutation. CNF, DL, SNPs, SPE, ZNA
2019 Ultrasensitive SERS detection of specific oligonucleotides based on Au@AgAg bimetallic nanorods. 2-Mpy, AuNR
2018 A fluorometric aptamer-based assay for ochratoxin A using magnetic separation and a cationic conjugated fluorescent polymer. Apt, FRET, OTA
2018 A label-free, versatile and low-background chemiluminescence aptasensing strategy based on gold nanocluster catalysis combined with the separation of magnetic beads. CL
2018 A magnetic beads-based portable flow cytometry immunosensor for in-situ detection of marine biotoxin. FCM, LOD, OA, OA-MAb, R-PE
10  2018 A sensitive and low background fluorescent sensing strategy based on g-C3N4-MnO2 sandwich nanocomposite and liposome amplification for ricin detection. FRET, GOD, LOD
11  2018 An ultrasensitive flow cytometric immunoassay based on bead surface-initiated template-free DNA extension. FCI, ODN, PSA, TdT, TdT-FCI
12  2018 Aptamer-Modified Magnetic Beads in Biosensing. ---
13  2018 Click Chemical Ligation-Initiated On-Bead DNA Polymerization for the Sensitive Flow Cytometric Detection of 3'-Terminal 2'-O-Methylated Plant MicroRNA. Aza-DBCO, CCNAL, CNAL, miRNA, ssDNA, TdT, TEP
14  2018 Comparison of Different Strategies for the Development of Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Nucleic Acid Biosensors Using Neither Nanomaterials nor Nucleic Acid Amplification. PCR, SPCEs
15  2018 Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis purified ESAT-6 (Rv3875) by magnetic bead-coupled gold nanoparticle-based immuno-PCR assay. ESAT-6, GNPs, I-PCR, MB-GNP-I-PCR
16  2018 Electrochemical Enzyme-Linked Sandwich Assay with a Cellulase Label for Ultrasensitive Analysis of Synthetic DNA and Cell-Isolated RNA. ---
17  2018 Evaluation of Multidrug Resistance of Leukemia Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Method for Clinical Applications. MDR, P-gp, SERS
18  2018 Fluorometric determination of zinc(II) by using DNAzyme-modified magnetic microbeads. Zn-Enz
19  2018 Highly sensitive colorimetric aptasensor for ochratoxin A detection based on enzyme-encapsulated liposome. dsDNA, OTA, TMB
20  2018 Magnetic-assisted biotinylated single-chain variable fragment antibody-based immunoassay for amantadine detection in chicken. AMD, HRP-SA-BIO-scFv, scFv
21  2018 Rapid capture and detection of ostreid herpesvirus-1 from Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas and seawater using magnetic beads. OsHV-1, qPCR, RT-qPCR
22  2018 Rapid Electrochemical Assessment of Tumor Suppressor Gene Methylations in Raw Human Serum and Tumor Cells and Tissues Using Immunomagnetic Beads and Selective DNA Hybridization. 5mC, MGMT, SPCEs, ss
23  2018 Sensitive determination of Hg(II) based on a hybridization chain recycling amplification reaction and surface-enhanced Raman scattering on gold nanoparticles. HCR, SERS
24  2018 Ultrasensitive and Facile Detection of MicroRNA via a Portable Pressure Meter. miR-21, miRNA, POCT, PtNPs, SDR
25  2018 Ultrasensitive and portable assay of mercury (II) ions via gas pressure as readout. DNA2, PtNPs
26  2018 Use of aTurn Coil and Channel Above a GMR-SV Device to Observe and Measure the Properties of Deoxidized Red Blood Cells Coupled to Magnetic Beads. GMR-SV, HEM, IrMn, RBCs
27  2017 A graphene oxide-based strand displacement amplification platform for ricin detection using aptamer as recognition element. GO, ISDPR, RBA
28  2017 An enzyme-free flow cytometric bead assay for the sensitive detection of microRNAs based on click nucleic acid ligation-mediated signal amplification. CLCR, DBCO, FCBA, fM, HCR, miRNAs, ssDNA
29  2017 An ultra-sensitive colorimetric assay for reliable visual detection of telomerase activity. cDNA, dNTPs, ETS, S/N, TS
30  2017 Antibiotic-affinity strategy for bioluminescent detection of viable Gram-positive bacteria using daptomycin as recognition agent. ---
31  2017 Fabrication of Flexible Arrayed Lactate Biosensor Based on Immobilizing LDH-NAD⁺ on NiO Film Modified by GO and MBs. EIS, GO, LDH, NiO
32  2017 Fluorescent aptasensor for antibiotic detection using magnetic bead composites coated with gold nanoparticles and a nicking enzyme. cDNA, NEASA, PEI
33  2017 Highly Chemiluminescent Magnetic Beads for Label-Free Sensing of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene. ABEI, CL, TNT
34  2017 Highly Sensitive Detection of Bisphenol A by NanoAptamer Assay with Truncated Aptamer. BPA, QD
35  2017 Magnetic beads-based DNA hybridization chain reaction amplification and DNAzyme recognition for colorimetric detection of uranyl ion in seafood. ---
36  2017 Magnetic Beads-Based Sensor with Tailored Sensitivity for Rapid and Single-Step Amperometric Determination of miRNAs. HQ, HRP, miRNAs, ProtA, SPCEs
37  2017 Point-of-Care Assay of Telomerase Activity at Single-Cell Level via Gas Pressure Readout. POCT, TS
38  2017 Programmable strand displacement-based magnetic separation for simultaneous amplified detection of multiplex microRNAs by chemiluminescence imaging array. CLIA, TMSD
39  2017 Quantitative determination of VEGF165 in cell culture medium by aptamer sandwich based chemiluminescence assay. ALP, AMPPD, Apt, CL
40  2017 Sensitive Detection of Staphylococcus aureus with Vancomycin-Conjugated Magnetic Beads as Enrichment Carriers Combined with Flow Cytometry. BSA, CFU, FCM, FITC, VAN
41  2017 Sensitive SERS detection of lead ions via DNAzyme based quadratic signal amplification. HCR
42  2017 Terahertz spectroscopy for the isothermal detection of bacterial DNA by magnetic bead-based rolling circle amplification. CP, PLP, RCA, THz
43  2017 Ultrasensitive SERS detection of Bacillus thuringiensis special gene based on Au@Ag NRs and magnetic beads. Bt, SA, SERS
44  2016 A label-free colorimetric aptasensor for simple, sensitive and selective detection of Pt (II) based on platinum (II)-oligonucleotide coordination induced gold nanoparticles aggregation. MSAA
45  2016 An electrochemical biosensor for rapid detection of E. coli O157:H7 with highly efficient bi-functional glucose oxidase-polydopamine nanocomposites and Prussian blue modified screen-printed interdigitated electrodes. Abs, DA, GOx, PB, PMNCs, SP-IDMEs
46  2016 An immobilization-free electrochemical impedance biosensor based on duplex-specific nuclease assisted target recycling for amplified detection of microRNA. Cps, DSN, DSNATR, MGCE
47  2016 Analysis of serum transthyretin by on-line immunoaffinity solid-phase extraction capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry using magnetic beads. Ab, DyPA, FAP-I, IA-SPE-CE-MS, ProA, SiPA, TTR, UAPA
48  2016 Bioconjugation of Antibodies and Enzyme Labels onto Magnetic Beads. ---
49  2016 Comparison of capillary electrophoresis and capillary liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry for the analysis of transthyretin in human serum. FAP-I, IP, LODs, Mr, TTR, UAPA
50  2016 Development and evaluation of an ELIME assay to reveal the presence of Salmonella in irrigation water: Comparison with Real-Time PCR and the Standard Culture Method. ELIME, IAC, LNA, RTi-PCR
51  2016 Dual-recognition detection of Staphylococcus aureus using vancomycin-functionalized magnetic beads as concentration carriers. ALP, S. aureus
52  2016 Electrochemical magnetic beads-based immunosensing platform for the determination of alpha-lactalbumin in milk. alpha-LA, HQ
53  2016 Enhanced chemiluminescence detection of glutathione based on isoluminol-PSM nanoparticles probe. CL, PSMs, SPDP
54  2016 Exonuclease III-assisted graphene oxide amplified fluorescence anisotropy strategy for ricin detection. Exo III, FA, GO, LOD
55  2016 Gold nanoparticles labeling with hybridization chain reaction amplification strategy for the sensitive detection of HepG2 cells by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. CTCs, HCR, ICP-MS
56  2016 Highly Sensitive Colorimetric Cancer Cell Detection Based on Dual Signal Amplification. mDNAs, ssDNA
57  2016 Highly sensitive enzyme-free immunosorbent assay for porcine circovirus type 2 antibody using Au-Pt/SiO2 nanocomposites as labels. EFISA, ELISA, PCV2
58  2016 Magnetic Bead/Gold Nanoparticle Double-Labeled Primers for Electrochemical Detection of Isothermal Amplified Leishmania DNA. PCR
59  2016 Magnetic beads-based DNAzyme recognition and AuNPs-based enzymatic catalysis amplification for visual detection of trace uranyl ion in aqueous environment. EPA
60  2016 Mass Barcode Signal Amplification for Multiplex Allergy Diagnosis by MALDI-MS. Abs
61  2016 Rapid and sensitive detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen by immunomagnetic separation coupled with catalytic fluorescent immunoassay. HRP, OPD, RSD
62  2016 Rapid detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella Typhimurium in foods using an electrochemical immunosensor based on screen-printed interdigitated microelectrode and immunomagnetic separation. Ab, GOx, LODs, SP-IDME
63  2016 Rapid Immobilization of Oligonucleotides at High Density on Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Gold Nanoparticles. NPs
64  2016 Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering and Fluorescence-Based Dual Nanoprobes for Multiplexed Detection of Bacterial Pathogens. EHD, FL, mAbs, MNPCs, SERS
65  2016 Voltammetric Aptasensor Based on Magnetic Beads Assay for Detection of Human Activated Protein C. APC, DNA APT, PGEs
66  2015 A simple and highly sensitive fluorescence assay for microRNAs. DSN, miRNAs
67  2015 Amperometric magnetoimmunosensor for ErbB2 breast cancer biomarker determination in human serum, cell lysates and intact breast cancer cells. SPCE
68  2015 An automated microfluidic system for single-stranded DNA preparation and magnetic bead-based microarray analysis. ssDNA
69  2015 An electrochemical immunoassay for the screening of celiac disease in saliva samples. AP, CD, RIA, ROC, tTG
70  2015 An immune sandwich assay of carcinoembryonic antigen based on the joint use of upconversion phosphors and magnetic beads. CEA, PAA, UCPs
71  2015 Aptamer-based microchip electrophoresis assays for amplification detection of carcinoembryonic antigen. CEA, FAM, LIF
72  2015 Biometallization-Based Electrochemical Magnetoimmunosensing Strategy for Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus Particle Detection. ---
73  2015 Development of magnetic separation and quantum dots labeled immunoassay for the detection of mercury in biological samples. Hg-mAb, mAb, QDs
74  2015 Dual chronoamperometric detection of enzymatic biomarkers using magnetic beads and a low-cost flow cell. Iss, MPO
75  2015 Enzyme-free and isothermal detection of microRNA based on click-chemical ligation-assisted hybridization coupled with hybridization chain reaction signal amplification. HCR, miRNA
76  2015 Graphene oxide quantum dots@silver core-shell nanocrystals as turn-on fluorescent nanoprobe for ultrasensitive detection of prostate specific antigen. PSA
77  2015 Highly specific detection of thrombin using an aptamer-based suspension array and the interaction analysis via microscale thermophoresis. MST, TBA
78  2015 Label-free microRNA detection based on terbium and duplex-specific nuclease assisted target recycling. Cps, DSN, miR-21
79  2015 Magnetic bead and gold nanoparticle probes based immunoassay for beta-casein detection in bovine milk samples. HRP, LOD, McAb, pAb, TMB
80  2015 Magnetic zirconium hexacyanoferrate(II) nanoparticle as tracing tag for electrochemical DNA assay. SCE, ZrHCF, ZrHCF MNPs
81  2015 Magnetic-fluorescent-targeting multifunctional aptasensorfor highly sensitive and one-step rapid detection of ochratoxin A. cDNA, HFNPs, OTA, QDs
82  2015 Magnetophoretic Transport Line System for Rapid On-Chip Attomole Protein Detection. ---
83  2015 Nanocrystal-based electrochemiluminescence sensor for cell detection with Au nanoparticles and isothermal circular double-assisted signal amplification. ECL, NCs
84  2015 Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots@SiO2 Nanoparticles as Electrochemiluminescence and Fluorescence Signal Indicators for Magnetically Controlled Aptasensor with Dual Detection Channels. cDNA, ECL, FL, N-GQDs, NPs, OTA
85  2015 Paper-based scanometric assay for lead ion detection using DNAzyme. ---
86  2015 Rolling-circle amplification detection of thrombin using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy with core-shell nanoparticle probe. RCA, SERS, ssDNA
87  2015 Screening of inhibitors of glycogen synthase kinase-3beta from traditional Chinese medicines using enzyme-immobilized magnetic beads combined with high-performance liquid chromatography. GSK-3beta, HPLC-UV, TCMs
88  2015 Sensitive and selective magnetoimmunosensing platform for determination of the food allergen Ara h 1. HQ, SPCE
89  2015 Versatile microfluidic droplets array for bioanalysis. CEA
90  2014 A fluorescent aptasensor based on DNA-scaffolded silver-nanocluster for ochratoxin A detection. Ap, OTA
91  2014 A label-free and PCR-free electrochemical assay for multiplexed microRNA profiles by ligase chain reaction coupling with quantum dots barcodes. LCR, LODs, miRNAs, QDs
92  2014 A one-tube multiplexed colorimetric strategy based on plasmonic nanoparticles combined with non-negative matrix factorization. HVB, LOD, NMF
93  2014 Component-resolved diagnostic of cow's milk allergy by immunoaffinity capillary electrophoresis-matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry. Abs, CRD, IACE, MALDI-MS
94  2014 Development of a specific immunomagnetic capture-PCR for rapid detection of viable Mycoplasma agalactiae in sheep milk samples. IMC
95  2014 Development of nanobody-based flow injection chemiluminescence immunoassay for sensitive detection of human prealbumin. PA
96  2014 Disposable amperometric magnetoimmunosensors using nanobodies as biorecognition element. Determination of fibrinogen in plasma. FIB, HQ, Nb, SPCEs
97  2014 Early diagnosis of blast fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae, in rice plant by using an ultra-sensitive electrically magnetic-controllable electrochemical biosensor. M. oryzae, PdNPs
98  2014 Magnetic bead-based colorimetric immunoassay for aflatoxin B1 using gold nanoparticles. AFB-BSA, GNPs
99  2014 Magnetic beads-based chemiluminescent assay for ultrasensitive detection of pseudorabies virus. ALP-SA, AMPPD, LOD, PCR, PRV
100  2014 Magnetic particles as liquid carriers in the microfluidic lab-in-tube approach to detect phase change. ---