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Abbreviation : MD
Long Form : Marek's disease
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A hypothetical proposal for association between migraine and Meniere's disease. ---
2020 Change of VOR gain and pure-tone threshold after single low-dose intratympanic gentamicin injection in Meniere's disease. ITG, VOR
2020 Food-induced stimulation of the antisecretory factor to improve symptoms in Meniere's disease: our results. AF, EI, SPC
2020 Genome-wide analysis of circular RNAs involved in Marek's disease tumourigenesis in chickens. ceRNA, circRNA, CR1F, DECs, lncRNA, MDV, miRNA, ncRNAs, NS, RCMs, SS, TS
2020 Marek's disease viruses circulating in commercial poultry in Italy in the years 2015-2018 are closely related by their meq gene phylogeny. aa, GaHV-2
2020 MicroRNA gga-miR-10a-mediated transcriptional regulation of the immune genes in necrotic enteritis afflicted chickens. 3'UTR, NE
2020 Natural co-infection with two virulent wild strains of Marek's disease virus in a commercial layer flock. 132-bpr, MDV
2020 The Physiologic Role of Corticosteroids in Meniere's Disease: An Update on Glucocorticoid-mediated Pathophysiology and Corticosteroid Inner Ear Distribution. ---
2019 "Reversed polarization" of Na/K-ATPase-a sign of inverted transport in the human endolymphatic sac: a super-resolution structured illumination microscopy (SR-SIM) study. ES, SR-SIM
10  2019 3D-real IR MRI of Meniere's disease with partial endolymphatic hydrops. ELH
11  2019 A comparison of endolymphatic shunt surgery and intratympanic gentamicin for meniere's disease. ELS, ITG, PTA, WRS
12  2019 A high frequency of Gallid herpesvirus-2 co-infection with Reticuloendotheliosis virusis associated with high tumor rates in Chinese chicken farms. GaHV-2, REV
13  2019 A Nationwide, Population-based Cohort Study on Potential Autoimmune Association of Meniere Disease to Atopy and Vitiligo. AD
14  2019 A possible mechanism of the formation of endolymphatic hydrops and its associated inner ear disorders. ---
15  2019 A severe case of Menkes disease with repeated bone fracture during the neonatal period, followed by multiple arterial occlusion. ---
16  2019 Allele-Specific Expression of CD4+ T Cells in Response to Marek's Disease Virus Infection. ASE, BCR, DEGs, FDR, MDV, RNA-seq, SNPs, TCR
17  2019 Approach to Meniere disease management. ---
18  2019 Are Meniere's disease patients with otolith organ impairment more likely to have balance dysfunction? SOT, VEMP
19  2019 Are viral-infections associated with Meniere's Disease? A systematic review and meta-analysis of molecular-markers of viral-infection in case-controlled observational studies of MD. CMV
20  2019 Association between Meniere's disease and vestibular migraine. VM
21  2019 Association between Syncope and Tumarkin Attacks in Meniere's Disease. VDAs
22  2019 Autoinflammatory characteristics and short-term effects of delivering high-dose steroids to the surface of the intact endolymphatic sac and incus in refractory Meniere's disease. ES
23  2019 Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in Meniere's disease: systematic review and meta-analysis of frequency and clinical characteristics. BPPV
24  2019 Capturing acute vertigo: A vestibular event monitor. BPPV, CI, SPV, VM
25  2019 CASP9 genotype confers gentamicin susceptibility in intratympanic treatment of intractable vertigo caused by Meniere's disease. CASP9, ITG, SNPs
26  2019 Cervical VEMP tuning changes by Meniere's disease stages. AUC, CI, cVEMP, ROC
27  2019 Cervical Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials in Meniere's Disease: A Comparison of Response Metrics. AUCs, cVEMP, IAR, ROC, VEMPid
28  2019 Change in endolymphatic hydrops 2 years after endolymphatic sac surgery evaluated by MRI. ECochG, Gd-MRI
29  2019 Clinical Characteristics of Bilateral Meniere's Disease in a Single Asian Ethnic Group. BMD, uMD
30  2019 Clinical Features and Endolymphatic Hydrops in Patients With MRI Evidence of Hydrops. ELH, MRI
31  2019 Clinical features and management of Meniere's disease patients with drop attacks. DAs, EH, ITG, MRI, VEMPs
32  2019 Comparative effects of in ovo versus subcutaneous administration of the Marek's disease vaccine and pre-placement holding time on the intestinal villus to crypt ratios of Ross 708 broilers during early post-hatch development1,2,3. MoA, pht, poh, VCAR, VCLR, VCR
33  2019 Comparing the sensitivity and specificity of cervical vestibular-evoked myogenic potentials and electrocochleography in the diagnosis of Meniere's disease. cVEMP, ECochG
34  2019 Comparison of exosomes purified via ultracentrifugation (UC) and Total Exosome Isolation (TEI) reagent from the serum of Marek's disease virus (MDV)-vaccinated and tumor-bearing chickens. EVs, MDV, NTA, TEI, TEM, UC
35  2019 Comparison of the Transcriptomes and Proteomes of Serum Exosomes from Marek's Disease Virus-Vaccinated and Protected and Lymphoma-Bearing Chickens. MDV, miRNAs
36  2019 Correlation between auditory-vestibular functions and estrogen levels in postmenopausal patients with Meniere's disease. ABR, PTA, UW
37  2019 Correlation between Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials and Disease Progression in Meniere's Disease. IAD
38  2019 Cross-Sectional Analysis of Cognitive Dysfunction in Patients With Vestibular Disorders. CFQ, DHI, PPPD
39  2019 Current Understanding and Clinical Management of Meniere's Disease: A Systematic Review. ---
40  2019 Diagnostic Value of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Intratympanic Gadolinium Administration (IT-Gd MRI) Versus Audio-Vestibular Tests in Meniere's Disease: IT-Gd MRI Makes the Difference. 3T MRI, cVEMP, EH, IT-Gd, IT-Gd MRI, PTA, vHIT
41  2019 Differential expression of type I interferon mRNA and protein levels induced by virulent Marek's disease virus infection in chickens. dpi, IFN, IFN, MDV
42  2019 Differential Proinflammatory Signature in Vestibular Migraine and Meniere Disease. PBMC, VM
43  2019 Direction-Changing and Direction-Fixed Positional Nystagmus in Patients With Vestibular Neuritis and Meniere Disease. PN, VN
44  2019 Dissociation of caloric and head impulse tests: a marker of Meniere's disease. CP, SPV, vHIT, VM, VN, VS
45  2019 Driving Habits and Risk of Traffic Accidents among People with Meniere's Disease in Finland. FMF
46  2019 Effects of Glycerol Test on Resonance Frequency in Patients with Meniere's Disease. RF
47  2019 Endolymphatic hydrops and ionic transporters: genetic and biohumoral aspects. AQPs, EO, SIK1
48  2019 Endolymphatic hydrops severity in magnetic resonance imaging evidences disparate vestibular test results. HSC
49  2019 Endolymphatic volume in patients with meniere's disease and healthy controls: Three-dimensional analysis with magnetic resonance imaging. ANOVA, BMD, EH, ELS, MRI, TFS, uMD
50  2019 Endotype-Phenotype Patterns in Meniere's Disease Based on Gadolinium-Enhanced MRI of the Vestibular Aqueduct. ES
51  2019 Enrichment of damaging missense variants in genes related with axonal guidance signalling in sporadic Meniere's disease. ---
52  2019 Evaluation of Factors That Influence Dose Variability of Marek's Disease Vaccines. CV, IR, PFUs
53  2019 Evolution of Meniere's Disease from MD 1.0, via MD 1.5, to MD 2.0. cVEMP
54  2019 Excess of Rare Missense Variants in Hearing Loss Genes in Sporadic Meniere Disease. SNHL
55  2019 Fatal Exsanguination Following Rupture of an Iliac Artery Aneurysm in an Infant With Menkes Disease. ---
56  2019 Forgotten Fibrocytes: A Neglected, Supporting Cell Type of the Cochlea With the Potential to be an Alternative Therapeutic Target in Hearing Loss. MHL, SNHL
57  2019 Genetic architecture of Meniere's disease. SNHL
58  2019 Head-Shaking Nystagmus in the Early Stage of Unilateral Meniere's Disease. HSNy, HST
59  2019 Hearing Preservation and Speech Outcomes After Cochlear Implantation in Meniere's Disease. CNC, LFPTA, SD
60  2019 Histamine H4 receptor gene polymorphisms: a potential contributor to Meniere disease. ---
61  2019 Hypothyroidism is an independent risk factor for Meniere's disease: A population-based cohort study. aHR, CI, LHID2000
62  2019 Identification of Marek's disease virus genes associated with virulence of US strains. MDV
63  2019 Incidence of Developing Contralateral Meniere's Disease in Patients Undergoing Transmastoid Labyrinthectomy for Unilateral Meniere's Disease. ---
64  2019 Inhibition of DNA-Sensing Pathway by Marek's Disease Virus VP23 Protein through Suppression of Interferon Regulatory Factor 7 Activation. cGAS, IFN, IRF7, MDV, NF-kappaB, STING, TBK1
65  2019 Inner ear pathologies impair sodium-regulated ion transport in Meniere's disease. iEH
66  2019 Integrated analysis of lncRNA and mRNA repertoires in Marek's disease infected spleens identifies genes relevant to resistance. DE, lncRNA, MDV, NS, SS, TS
67  2019 Inter-frequency amplitude ratio of oVEMP for differentiating Meniere's disease from BPPV: clinical validation using a double-blind approach. BPPV, IFAR, oVEMP
68  2019 Intralabyrinthine Schwannoma: Distinct Features for Differential Diagnosis. ILS
69  2019 Intraoperative Electrocochleography in Patients With Meniere's Disease Undergoing Endolymphatic Sac Decompression and Shunt Surgery. AP, CM, ECOG, ELS, SP
70  2019 Intratympanic Therapies in Meniere Disease: Evaluation of Outcomes and Early Vertigo Control. IT
71  2019 Investigations of the Microvasculature of the Human Macula Utricle in Meniere's Disease. alpha-SMA, BLB, GLUT1, IF, TEM, VECs, VS
72  2019 Linc-GALMD1 Regulates Viral Gene Expression in the Chicken. DEGs, lincRNA, MDV
73  2019 Long surviving classical Menkes disease treated with weekly intravenous copper therapy. ---
74  2019 Long-term outcomes of triple semicircular canal plugging for the treatment of intractable Meniere's disease: A single center experience of 361 cases. SCP, TSCP, VEMP
75  2019 Long-term Vertigo Control and Vestibular Function After Low-dose On-demand Transtympanic Gentamicin for Refractory Meniere's Disease. CalT, TTI
76  2019 Low-dose intratympanic gentamicin administration for unilateral Meniere's disease using a method based on clinical symptomatology: Preliminary results. IT
77  2019 Macrophages from Susceptible and Resistant Chicken Lines have Different Transcriptomes following Marek's Disease Virus Infection. MDV
78  2019 Management of Meniere's Disease: How Does the Coexistence of Vestibular Migraine Affect Outcomes? VM
79  2019 Marek's disease alphaherpesvirus (MDV) RLORF4 is not required for expression of glycoprotein C and interindividual spread. gC, MDV, MDV
80  2019 Marek's disease herpesvirus serotype 1 in broiler breeder and layer chickens in Malaysia. PCR
81  2019 Marek's Disease Virus Infection Induced Mitochondria Changes in Chickens. MDV, mtDNA
82  2019 Marek's Disease Virus Regulates the Ubiquitylome of Chicken CD4+ T Cells to Promote Tumorigenesis. DUB, MDV
83  2019 Marek's Disease Virus-Encoded MicroRNA 155 Ortholog Critical for the Induction of Lymphomas Is Not Essential for the Proliferation of Transformed Cell Lines. KSHV, MDV, miR-155, miRNAs, qRT-PCR
84  2019 Measurement of horizontal ocular deviation on magnetic resonance imaging in various disease with acute vertigo. BPPV, OD, PICA, VM, VN
85  2019 Meniere's Disease and Caloric Stimulation: Some News from an Old Test. CP, CVT, SPV
86  2019 Meniere's disease treated by grommet insertion. ---
87  2019 Meniere's Disease. ---
88  2019 Molecular characterization of a Marek's disease virus strain detected in tumour-bearing turkeys. GaHV-2
89  2019 Molecular characterization of the meq gene of Marek's disease viruses detected in unvaccinated backyard chickens reveals the circulation of low- and high-virulence strains. aa, GaHV-2
90  2019 MRI diagnosis of saccular hydrops: comparison of heavily-T2 FIESTA-C and 3D-FLAIR sequences with delayed acquisition. SH
91  2019 Novel Use of Portable Audiometry to Track Hearing Fluctuations in Meniere's Disease: A Pilot Study. PTA
92  2019 Nutritional Mushroom Treatment in Meniere's Disease with Coriolus versicolor: A Rationale for Therapeutic Intervention in Neuroinflammation and Antineurodegeneration. HNE, HO-1, SNHL, Trx
93  2019 Objective methods to measure vestibular evoked myogenic potential response saccular tuning curves. cVEMP, HT2
94  2019 Otopetrin-2 Immunolocalization in the Human Macula Utricle. VDA
95  2019 Parent-of-origin has no detectable effect on survival days of Marek's disease virus infected White Leghorns. MDV, PCA
96  2019 Pharmacologic and surgical therapies for patients with Meniere's disease: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis. NMAs, SNHL
97  2019 Predicting cochlear dead regions in patients with hearing loss through a machine learning-based approach: A preliminary study. ARHL, DRs, ML, NIHL, SNHL, SSNHL, TEN, VS, WRS
98  2019 Predicting Development of Bilateral Meniere's Disease Based on cVEMP Threshold and Tuning. cVEMP, NPV, PPV
99  2019 Prediction of Unilateral Meniere's Disease Attack Using Inner Ear Test Battery. cVEMP, oVEMP
100  2019 Quality-of-Life Outcomes following Surgical Treatment of Meniere's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. MDOQ, MINORS, PROMs