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Long Form : mean diffusivity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Alterations of Whiter Matter Microstructure in Subcortical Vascular Mild Cognitive Impairment with and without Depressive Symptoms. FA, HAM-D, NC, svMCI, svMCI-D
2020 Breast MRI during lactation: effects on tumor conspicuity using dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) in comparison with diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) parametric maps. BPE, CNR, DCE, DTI, FA, PABC
2020 Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging-derived free water detects neurodegenerative pattern induced by interferon-gamma. FA, FW, IFN-gamma
2020 Diffusion tensor imaging combined with T2 mapping to quantify changes in the skeletal muscle associated with training and endurance exercise in competitive triathletes. DTI, FA, MRI
2020 Large-scale network dysfunction in vascular cognitive disorder supports connectional diaschisis in advanced arteriosclerosis. ACE-R, CEN, DMN, FC
2020 Low plasma neurofilament light levels associated with raised cortical microglial activation suggest inflammation acts to protect prodromal Alzheimer's disease. AD, MCI, NFL, PET
2020 Macro- and microstructural gray matter alterations in sexually assaulted women. ACC, FA, NEC, PTSD
2020 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Pilot Study of Intravenous Glyburide in Traumatic Brain Injury. AEs, ANOVA, ASEs, FW, GCS, MRI, TBI
2020 Microstructural disruption of the right inferior fronto-occipital and inferior longitudinal fasciculus contributes to WMH-related cognitive impairment. ATR, DTI, HC, IFOF, ILF, SLF, WMH, WMH-MCI, WMH-NC
10  2020 Motion-compensated b-tensor encoding for in vivo cardiac diffusion-weighted imaging. DWI
11  2020 Neural and dopaminergic correlates of fatigue in Parkinson's disease. CH, FA, FDR, FWE, PD, RD
12  2020 Role of Diffusional Kurtosis Imaging in Differentiating Neuromyelitis Optica-Related and Multiple Sclerosis-Related Acute Optic Neuritis: Comparison With Diffusion-Weighted Imaging. ADC, AK, DKI, MK, MS, NMO, ON, RK
13  2020 Schizophrenia polygenic risk score influence on white matter microstructure. BD, FA, PRS, SZ
14  2020 Systemic Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation Protein Levels Correlate with Neuroimaging Measures in Chronically HIV-Infected Individuals. CC, FA, HIV
15  2020 Voxel-based analysis and multivariate pattern analysis of diffusion tensor imaging study in anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis. anti-NMDA, FA, MoCA, MVPA, WM
16  2019 A comparative study of diffusion kurtosis imaging and T2* mapping in quantitative detection of lumbar intervertebral disk degeneration. AAF, DKI, FA, IDD, MK, NP, PAF
17  2019 A diffusion-weighted imaging tract-based spatial statistics study of autism spectrum disorder in preschool-aged children. AD, ASD, DWI, FA, RD, TBSS, TD, WM
18  2019 A multiparametric analysis of white matter maturation during late childhood and adolescence. DTI, FA, ihMT, NDI, NODDI, ODI, qihMT, VFM
19  2019 Abnormal anisotropic diffusion properties in pediatric myelomeningocele patients treated with fetal surgery: an initial DTI study. DTI, FA, FOHR, GCC, MMC, PLIC
20  2019 Abnormal brain white matter in patients with hemifacial spasm: a diffusion tensor imaging study. AD, DTI, FA, HFS, IFOF, ILF, RD, TBSS, WM
21  2019 Accelerating cardiac diffusion tensor imaging combining local low-rank and 3D TV constraint. CS, DW, FA, HA, LLR, TA, TV
22  2019 Acute MR-Guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lesion Assessment Using Diffusion-Weighted Imaging and Histological Analysis. AD, ADC, DWI, FA, MDWI, MRgFUS, RD
23  2019 Affective temperaments are associated with the white matter microstructure in healthy participants. FA, TBSS
24  2019 Age specificity in fornix-to-hippocampus association. DWI, FA, MRI, SRT
25  2019 Age-dependent association of white matter abnormality with cognition after TIA or minor stroke. FA, WMH
26  2019 Alterations in diffusion measures of white matter integrity associated with healthy aging. AD, FA, RD, WMH
27  2019 Alterations in the hippocampal-thalamic pathway underlying secondarily generalized tonic-clonic seizures in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: A diffusion tensor imaging study. FA, HS, MTLE, pHTP, SGTCS, TSCH
28  2019 Altered brain diffusion tensor imaging indices in adolescents with the Fontan palliation. AD, FA, RD, SVHD
29  2019 Altered Gray Matter Volume and White Matter Integrity in Sensorineural Hearing Loss Patients: A VBM and TBSS Study. AD, FA, GM, RD, SNHL, TBSS, VBM, WM
30  2019 Altered neonatal white and gray matter microstructure is associated with neurodevelopmental impairments in very preterm infants with high-grade brain injury. BI, FA, PHH, PLIC, VPT
31  2019 Altered structural brain connectivity involving the dorsal and ventral language pathways in 16p11.2 deletion syndrome. AF, IFOF, ILF, RD, TD, UF
32  2019 Altered volume and microstructural integrity of hippocampus in NMOSD. EDSS, FA, NMOSD
33  2019 Altered White Matter Connectivity Associated with Intergyral Brain Disorganization in Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy. AD, CST, FA, HCP, RD, ROI, STh, THC
34  2019 Ambulatory pulse pressure, brain neuronal fiber integrity, and cerebral blood flow in older adults. ABP, CBF, FA, PP, RD, WM
35  2019 Anomalies in uncinate fasciculus development and social defects in preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder. AD, ADI-R, ASD, DD, DTI, FA, RD, UF
36  2019 Apparent thinning of human visual cortex during childhood is associated with myelination. dMRI, fMRI, qMRI, VTC
37  2019 Application of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Forecasting Neurological Injury and Recovery after Human Cervical Spinal Cord Injury. AD, AUC, DTI, FA, ISNCSCI, MRI, RD, ROC, SCI
38  2019 Application of magnetic resonance diffusion kurtosis imaging for distinguishing histopathologic subtypes and grades of rectal carcinoma. AC, ADC, DKI, DWI, MC, MK, MR, ROC
39  2019 Assessment of optic nerve and optic tract alterations in patients with orbital space-occupying lesions using probabilistic diffusion tractography. AD, AI, DTI, FA, PDT, RD
40  2019 Assessment of renal fibrosis in a rat model of unilateral ureteral obstruction with diffusion kurtosis imaging: Comparison with alpha-SMA expression and 18F-FDG PET. alpha-SMA, DKI, FA, Ka, MK, UUO
41  2019 Assessment of the Corticospinal Tract Profile in Pure Lower Motor Neuron Disease: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study. AD, ALS, CMCT, CST, DTI, FA, pLMND, RD, RF, UMN
42  2019 Association between APOE e4 and white matter hyperintensity volume, but not total brain volume or white matter integrity. APOE, FA, GM, MRI, WM
43  2019 Association between Diffusion Tensor Imaging Findings and Cognitive Outcomes Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A PRISMA-Compliant Meta-Analysis. ACR, ADC, CP, DTI, EC, FA, FM, GCC, IC, LF, mTBI, SS, UF
44  2019 Association of copper levels in the hair with gray matter volume, mean diffusivity, and cognitive functions. rGMV
45  2019 Association of iron levels in hair with brain structures and functions in young adults. FA, rCBF, rGMV
46  2019 Association of longitudinal white matter degeneration and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers of neurodegeneration, inflammation and Alzheimer's disease in late-middle-aged adults. AD, CSF, DTI
47  2019 Association of Whole-Genome and NETRIN1 Signaling Pathway-Derived Polygenic Risk Scores for Major Depressive Disorder and White Matter Microstructure in the UK Biobank. FA
48  2019 Associations between home literacy environment, brain white matter integrity and cognitive abilities in preschool-age children. AD, DTI, FA, HLE, RD
49  2019 Blood Perfusion and Cellular Microstructural Changes Associated With Iron Deposition in Multiple Sclerosis Lesions. CBF, CBV, DSC, DTI, FA, MIP, MS, peri-NAWM, SWI
50  2019 Body Composition Is Not Related to Structural or Vascular Brain Changes. BMI, CSVD, DXA, FA, FFMI, FMI, MRI
51  2019 Brain abnormalities in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome: Evaluation by diffusional kurtosis imaging and neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging. CFS, DKI, DTI, FA, ME, MK, NDI, NODDI, ODI, SLF
52  2019 Brain microstructural alterations in type 2 diabetes: diffusion kurtosis imaging provides added value to diffusion tensor imaging. FA, MK, T2DM
53  2019 Brain microstructural development in neonates with critical congenital heart disease: An atlas-based diffusion tensor imaging study. CHD, DTI, FA, RVOTO, SVP-AO, TGA, WM
54  2019 Brain structure and internalizing and externalizing behavior in typically developing children and adolescents. FA, PFC
55  2019 Brain white matter abnormalities and correlation with severity in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: An atlas-based diffusion tensor imaging study. ALS, ATR, CST, DTI, FA, LCH, LDH, LIFOF, RCST, ROC, ROI, RSLF, RUF, WM
56  2019 Brain white matter microstructure in end-stage kidney disease, cognitive impairment, and circulatory stress. FA, HD
57  2019 Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers of neurofibrillary tangles and synaptic dysfunction are associated with longitudinal decline in white matter connectivity: A multi-resolution graph analysis. AD, DTI, FA, ROIs, WaCS
58  2019 Characterisation of brain volume and microstructure at term-equivalent age in infants born across the gestational age spectrum. AD, CSF, FA, FT, GA, LP, MP, RD, TEA, VP
59  2019 Characterization of breast lesions using diffusion kurtosis model-based imaging: An initial experience. ADC, AUC, DCIS, DWI, IDC, MK, ROC
60  2019 Characterization of prostate cancer using diffusion tensor imaging: A new perspective. DTI, FA, ROC, TRUS
61  2019 Characterization of white matter changes along fibers by automated fiber quantification in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. AD, FA, MCI, NC
62  2019 Characterizing cardiac involvement in amyloidosis using cardiovascular magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging. CA, CMR, DTI, ECV, FA
63  2019 Characterizing Thalamo-Cortical Structural Connectivity in Essential Tremor with Diffusional Kurtosis Imaging Tractography. CTC, DKI, ET, SMA
64  2019 Characterizing the Penumbras of White Matter Hyperintensities and Their Associations With Cognitive Function in Patients With Subcortical Vascular Mild Cognitive Impairment. ASL, CBF, DTI, DWMHs, FA, NAWM, PVWMHs, svMCI, WMHs
65  2019 Childhood sleep disturbances and white matter microstructure in preadolescence. FA, WM
66  2019 Classification of First-Episode Schizophrenia Using Multimodal Brain Features: A Combined Structural and Diffusion Imaging Study. FA, FES, GM, HCs
67  2019 Clinical and neuroimaging correlates of cognition in HIV. cART, DTI, FA
68  2019 Cognitive phenotypes in temporal lobe epilepsy are associated with distinct patterns of white matter network abnormalities. FA, HC, SWM, TLE, WM
69  2019 Cognitive Training in Young Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Fixel-Based Analysis. DWI, FA, FC, HC, SLF, TBI
70  2019 Combined Assessment of Diffusion Parameters and Cerebral Blood Flow Within Basal Ganglia in Early Parkinson's Disease. AD, ASL, CBF, DTI, FA, FDR, PD, RD
71  2019 Comparing the value of DKI and DTI in detecting isocitrate dehydrogenase genotype of astrocytomas. AUC, DKI, DTI, FA, HGA, IDH, IDH-M, IDH-W, Ka, Kr, LGA, MK, ROC
72  2019 Comparison of quality control methods for automated diffusion tensor imaging analysis pipelines. AD, DTI, FA, GM, ONDRI, QC, RD, VCI, WM
73  2019 Comparisons between multi-component myelin water fraction, T1w/T2w ratio, and diffusion tensor imaging measures in healthy human brain structures. AD, FA, MWF, RD, ROIs
74  2019 Compression of the middle cerebellar tract by posterior fossa tumors before and after Gamma Knife radiosurgery studied with diffusion tensor imaging. AD, DTI, FA, GKRS, RD
75  2019 Computer-assisted cognitive remediation therapy for patients with schizophrenia induces microstructural changes in cerebellar regions involved in cognitive functions. CRT, FA, RD, TAU
76  2019 Continuous positive airway pressure alters brain microstructure and perfusion patterns in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. CBF, CBV, CPAP, FA, MRI, OSA
77  2019 Converging evidence points towards a role of insulin signaling in regulating compulsive behavior. DTI, FA, MRS, OCD, TH
78  2019 Correction for fast pseudo-diffusive fluid motion contaminations in diffusion tensor imaging. CSF, DTI, FA, IVIM, Mono
79  2019 Corticospinal tract structure and excitability in patients with anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A DTI and TMS study. ACLR, AD, FA, MEP, RD
80  2019 CSF oligoclonal bands and normal appearing white matter periventricular damage in patients with clinically isolated syndrome suggestive of MS. CIS, CSF-OCB, MS, NAWM
81  2019 Decreased Mean Kurtosis in the Putamen is a Diagnostic Feature of Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy in Patients with Cirrhosis. DKI, DTI, FA, MHE, MK, MR
82  2019 Detecting normal pediatric brain development with diffusional kurtosis imaging. DA, DKI, DR, FA, Ka, Kr, MK, ROIs
83  2019 Detection of occult neoplastic infiltration in the corpus callosum and prediction of overall survival in patients with glioblastoma using diffusion tensor imaging. AUC, CC, DTI, FA, GBM, ROC
84  2019 Developmental trajectories of white matter structure in children with and without reading impairments. FA
85  2019 Diagnosis of Conversion Disorder Using Diffusion Tensor Tractography and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in a Patient with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. CST, dPMC, DTT, FA, SMA-CFT, TBI, TMS, TV
86  2019 Diagnostic accuracy of diffusion tensor imaging in differentiating malignant from benign compressed vertebrae. AUC, DTI, FA
87  2019 Diagnostic Approach to Traumatic Axonal Injury of the Spinothalamic Tract in Individual Patients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. DTT, FA, FN, mTBI, STT, TAI
88  2019 Diagnostic Performance of Diffusion Tensor Imaging for Characterizing Breast Tumors: A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis. AUC, DCIS, DTI, FA, IBC
89  2019 Diagnostic performance of quantitative diffusion tensor imaging for the differentiation of breast lesions at 3 T MRI. ADC, DTI, FA, MRI
90  2019 Different patterns of cortical maturation before and after 38 weeks gestational age demonstrated by diffusion MRI in vivo. dMRI, FA, NDI, NODDI, ODI, PMA
91  2019 Differential sensitivity of structural, diffusion, and resting-state functional MRI for detecting brain alterations and verbal memory impairment in temporal lobe epilepsy. DTI, FA, LMT/PC, rs-fMRI, SWM, TLE, vMRI
92  2019 Differentiating between malignant and benign renal tumors: do IVIM and diffusion kurtosis imaging perform better than DWI? ADC, ccRCC, DKI, DWI, IVIM, MK
93  2019 Differentiating Glioblastomas from Solitary Brain Metastases Using Arterial Spin Labeling Perfusion- and Diffusion Tensor Imaging-Derived Metrics. ASL, AUC, DTI, FA, TBF
94  2019 Differentiation of brain infection from necrotic glioblastoma using combined analysis of diffusion and perfusion MRI. CBV, CL, DSC-PWI, DTI, FA, GBMs, rCBV
95  2019 Differentiation of Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma From Glioblastoma: Quantitative Analysis Using Arterial Spin Labeling and Diffusion Tensor Imaging. AUC, DTI, FA, PCNSL, TBF
96  2019 Diffuse Tract Damage in CADASIL Is Correlated with Global Cognitive Impairment. AD, DTI, FA, RD, WM
97  2019 Diffusion and perfusion MR parameters to assess preoperative short-course radiotherapy response in locally advanced rectal cancer: a comparative explorative study among Standardized Index of Shape by DCE-MRI, intravoxel incoherent motion- and diffusion kurtosis imaging-derived parameters. ADC, DCE-MRI, DKI, Dp, Dt, DW-MRI, fp, IVIM, LARC, MK, NPV, PPV, ROC, SCR, SIS, TRG, VARPRO
98  2019 Diffusion Kurtosis at 3.0T as an in vivo Imaging Marker for Breast Cancer Characterization: Correlation With Prognostic Factors. ADC, AUCs, DCE, DKI, DWI, MK, ROC
99  2019 Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging for Detection of Early Brain Changes in Parkinson's Disease. DKI, FA, GE, MK, PD, UPDRS
100  2019 Diffusion kurtosis imaging histogram parameter metrics predicting survival in integrated molecular subtypes of diffuse glioma: An observational cohort study. ATRX, DKI, IDH, MK, ROC