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Abbreviation : MD
Long Form : meningococcal disease
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Evaluation of the national meningococcal disease surveillance system: Brazil, 2007-2017. SINAN
2018 A protocol for a systematic review of the diagnostic accuracy of Loop-mediated-isothermal AMPlification (LAMP) in diagnosis of invasive meningococcal disease in children. LAMP
2018 Global epidemiology of serogroup B meningococcal disease and opportunities for prevention with novel recombinant protein vaccines. ---
2018 The decline of the incidence of meningococcal disease in Barcelona between 1988 and 2015: the influence of the vaccine against serogroup C. ---
2017 Meningococcal Disease in Children in Argentina A 3-year Active Sentinel Hospital Surveillance Study. CI
2017 Meningococcal disease in the Middle East and Africa: Findings and updates from the Global Meningococcal Initiative. GMI
2017 Seroprevalence of bactericidal antibodies against serogroup B and C Meningococci in a University Hospital. cc 32, MenB, MenC, SBA
2017 The Global Meningococcal Initiative: global epidemiology, the impact of vaccines on meningococcal disease and the importance of herd protection. GMI, Men
2016 Economic evaluation of pediatric influenza immunization program compared with other pediatric immunization programs: A systematic review. CE, HepB, HPV, PD, QALY, RV, US
10  2016 Meningococcal disease in the Asia-Pacific region: Findings and recommendations from the Global Meningococcal Initiative. GMI
11  2016 Natural resistance to Meningococcal Disease related to CFH loci: Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies. CI, GWAS, OR
12  2016 Prevention of meningococcal disease during the Hajj and Umrah mass gatherings: past and current measures and future prospects. KSA
13  2015 Cost-effectiveness analysis of a multicomponent meningococcal serogroup B vaccine in hypothetic epidemic situation in a middle-income country. ---
14  2015 The current situation of meningococcal disease in Latin America and updated Global Meningococcal Initiative (GMI) recommendations. GMI
15  2015 Trends and variations in the epidemiology of meningococcal disease in Kuwait 1987-2013. Hib
16  2015 [Clinical features and prognostic factors of meningococcal disease: a case series study in Chile during the 2012-2013 outbreak]. ---
17  2014 Complications of serogroup B meningococcal disease in survivors: a review. ---
18  2014 Influence of antibiotic therapy prior to admission on the efficacy of classical methods for the diagnosis of meningococcal disease. ---
19  2014 [Meningococcal disease in the Metropolitan Region of Chile and its correlation with environmental factors]. MR, RH
20  2013 Outbreak of Neisseria meningitidis C in a Brazilian oil refinery involving an adjacent community. CIE, MLST, N. meningitidis, PFGE, RT-PCR
21  2013 The burden and impact of severe and long-term sequelae of meningococcal disease. ---
22  2013 The current situation of meningococcal disease in Latin America and recommendations for a new case definition from the Global Meningococcal Initiative. GMI
23  2012 A critical appraisal of the recommendations for the use of meningococcal conjugate vaccines. MCC
24  2012 Complement component C5 and C6 mutation screening indicated in meningococcal disease in South Africa. ---
25  2012 Complete deficiency of the sixth complement component (C6Q0), susceptibility to Neisseria meningitidis infections and analysis of the frequencies of C6Q0 gene defects in South Africans. SI
26  2012 Outbreak of Neisseria meningitidis C in workers at a large food-processing plant in Brazil: challenges of controlling disease spread to the larger community. CI, mOR
27  2012 Phenotypic and molecular characterization of serogroup C Neisseria meningitidis associated with an outbreak in Bahia, Brazil. ---
28  2012 [Meningococcal disease: always present. Serogroup changes in the Southern Cone]. ---
29  2012 [Meningococcal disease: frequently asked questions]. ---
30  2011 Molecular testing of respiratory swabs aids early recognition of meningococcal disease in children. NPV, NSs, PPV
31  2010 Long-term mortality in patients diagnosed with meningococcal disease: a Danish nationwide cohort study. CI, MRR
32  2009 Investigating the role of mitochondrial haplogroups in genetic predisposition to meningococcal disease. AIMs, hg, mtSNPs
33  2009 State-based surveillance to determine trends in meningococcal disease. CI, RR
34  2008 Epidemiology of meningococcal disease in southern Brazil from 1995 to 2003, and molecular characterization of Neisseria meningitidis using multilocus sequence typing. RS, STs
35  2008 Invasive pneumococcal and meningococcal disease: association with influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus activity? IPD, RSV
36  2007 Australia's century of meningococcal disease: development and the changing ecology of an accidental pathogen. ---
37  2007 Meningococcal disease and meningitis. ---
38  2007 The product of platelet and neutrophil counts (PN product) at presentation as a predictor of outcome in children with meningococcal disease. PN product
39  2006 Factor H, a regulator of complement activity, is a major determinant of meningococcal disease susceptibility in UK Caucasian patients. FH, NF-kB, SNP, TDT
40  2006 Is it exposure to cigarette smoke or to smokers which increases the risk of meningococcal disease in teenagers? ---
41  2005 Drotrecogin alfa (activated) in patients with severe sepsis presenting with purpura fulminans, meningitis, or meningococcal disease: a retrospective analysis of patients enrolled in recent clinical studies. ICH, MEN, PF, SBE
42  2005 High mortality of invasive pneumococcal disease compared with meningococcal disease in critically ill children. IPD, PICU, PIM
43  2004 A 20-year ecological study of the temporal association between influenza and meningococcal disease. ---
44  2004 Audit of the detection and notification of meningococcal disease at a North London university district hospital. EDTA
45  2004 Crowding as a risk factor of meningococcal disease in Danish preschool children: a nationwide population-based case-control study. CI
46  2004 The case-fatality rate of meningococcal disease in Catalonia, 1990-1997. CFR
47  2004 The incidence and mortality for meningococcal disease associated with area deprivation: an ecological study of hospital episode statistics. ---
48  2003 An outbreak of serogroup C meningococcal disease in the province of Antwerp (Belgium) in 2001-2002. ---
49  2003 Nucleotide sequence-based typing of meningococci directly from clinical samples. MLST
50  2003 Seasonal variation in meningococcal disease in Denmark: relation to age and meningococcal phenotype. PTR
51  2003 Severe meningococcal disease is characterized by early neutrophil but not platelet activation and increased formation and consumption of platelet-neutrophil complexes. PMNL, PNC
52  2003 Sibling familial risk ratio of meningococcal disease in UK Caucasians. ---
53  2003 Ultrasound-enhanced latex immunoagglutination test (USELAT) for detection of capsular polysaccharide antigen of Neisseria meningitidis from CSF and plasma. USELAT
54  2003 [Meningococcal disease: clinicopathological correlation]. MD-M, MD-MS, MD-S
55  2002 National enhanced surveillance of meningococcal disease in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, January 1999-June 2001. CDSC, CFR, CsCDC, ESMD, PHLS
56  2001 Carriers of Neisseria meningitidis in household contacts of meningococcal disease cases in Catalonia (Spain). ---
57  2001 Early severe neutropenia and thrombocytopenia identifies the highest risk cases of severe meningococcal disease. PPV
58  2001 Epidemiology of meningococcal disease in Australia. ---
59  2001 Reduction in case fatality rate from meningococcal disease associated with improved healthcare delivery. PICU, PRISM
60  2001 Relevance of Fcgamma receptor and interleukin-10 polymorphisms for meningococcal disease. FcgammaR
61  2000 Increased excretion of urinary glycosaminoglycans in meningococcal septicemia and their relationship to proteinuria. GAGs
62  2000 Mathematical modelling of infection and disease due to Neisseria meningitidis and Neisseria lactamica. LC, MC
63  2000 Use of a theoretical framework in paediatric intensive care to provide support for parents of children with severe meningococcal disease. PICU
64  2000 [Acute meningococcemia in a 4-month-old infant]. LP
65  2000 [Results of a study on the under-detection of meningococcus in vaccinated subjects in Galicia]. SMD
66  1999 [Clinical features of meningococcal infection in subjects with deficient terminal components of complement]. TCCD
67  1999 [Haemophilus influenzae type b invasive disease and meningococcal disease: incidence and characteristics in Barcelona, 1994-1995. Work Group IMS-IUSPC for Surveillance and Control of Meningitis]. HibID
68  1998 A cluster of meningococcal disease in western Sydney, Australia initially associated with a nightclub. PFGE
69  1998 Meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B serotype 4 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1990 to 1996. OMP, RFLPs
70  1996 Clinical manifestations and course of meningococcal disease in 562 patients. ---
71  1996 Endemic meningococcal disease in Cerdanyola, Spain, 1987--93: molecular epidemiology of the isolates of Neisseria meningitidis. ETs, MEE, PFGE, PTs
72  1996 Variation in the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene promoter region may be associated with death from meningococcal disease. CI, RR, TNF-alpha
73  1995 Genetic structure of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup C epidemic strains in south Brazil. MEE, RS, SC
74  1994 Patient and strain characteristics in relation to the outcome of meningococcal disease: a multivariate analysis. ORs
75  1994 Smoking, the environment and meningococcal disease: a case control study. CI, OR
76  1992 An outbreak of serogroup B:15:P1.16 meningococcal disease, Frederiksborg County, Denmark, 1987-9. ---
77  1991 Epidemiology of meningococcal disease in Denmark 1980-1988. ---
78  1991 [Occurrence of complement defects in meningococcal disease: who should be examined?]. ---
79  1990 [An epidemiological study of meningococcal disease in the province of Cordova (1983-1987)]. ID
80  1990 [Meningococcal disease in the Faroe Islands during the period 1978-1985]. ---
81  1983 Meningococcal disease in South Australia: incidence and serogroup distribution 1971-1980. ---