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Long Form : mesiodistal
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Assessing peculiarity of molar root trunk dimensions in a sample of Saudi population - A radiographic analysis. IRA, RTL
2019 Deciduous dental variation in Chalcolithic India: methods, metrics and meaning. BL
2019 Implant-Supported Rehabilitation Using GBR Combined with Bone Graft on a Reconstructed Maxilla with the Fibula Free Flap. BP, CT, GBR
2019 Root Canal Anatomy of Maxillary First Premolar by Microscopic Computed Tomography in a Chinese Adolescent Subpopulation. 2R2C, BP, micro-CT, SR1C, SR2C
2019 Safe zones of the maxillary alveolar bone in Down syndrome for orthodontic miniscrew placement assessed with cone-beam computed tomography. DS, VP
2019 Three-dimensional evaluations of the digital casts of morphologic maxillary teeth symmetry in patients with unilateral palatally displaced canines. BL, CG, PDCs, SG
2018 A comparative evaluation of intraoral and extraoral digital impressions: An in vivo study. BL
2018 A preliminary assessment of a new dedicated endodontic software for use with CBCT images to evaluate the canal complexity of mandibular molars. BL
2018 Development of a dental handpiece angle correction device. ---
10  2018 Employing Dimensional Disparity of Teeth to Establish the Gender in Odisha Population: A Dimorphic Study. BL
11  2018 Human deciduous teeth from the Middle Stone Age layers of Sibudu Cave (South Africa). BL, MSA, PGS
12  2018 Mesiodistal and Buccolingual Dimensions in Croatian Orthodontic Hypodontia Patients' Teeth. BL
13  2018 Multidimensional Analysis of Curved Root Canal Preparation Using Continuous or Reciprocating Nickel-titanium Instruments. BL, CA
14  2018 Palatoscopy and odontometrics for sex identification and hereditary pattern analysis in a Navi Mumbai population: A cross-sectional study. ---
15  2018 Preservation of Dental Sockets Filled with Composite Bovine Bone. A Single-Blind Randomized Clinical Trial. BL/P
16  2018 Radiographic and micro-computed tomography classification of root canal morphology and dentin thickness of mandibular incisors. BL, CT, DR, DT
17  2018 Resonance Frequency Analysis: Agreement and Correlation of Implant Stability Quotients Between Three Commercially Available Instruments. BL, ICC, ISQ, OIDX, OISQ, PG, RFA
18  2017 A Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Study of Apical Surgery-related Morphological Characteristics of the Distolingual Root in 3-rooted Mandibular First Molars in a Chinese Population. BL, DB, DL, MB
19  2017 Applicability of odontometric dimensions and indices in sexual dimorphism among Nalgonda population. ---
20  2017 Comparative assessment of maxillary canine index and maxillary first molar dimensions for sex determination in forensic odontology. BL
21  2017 Dental occlusion analysis in the Mesolithic-Neolithic Age, Bronze Age, and Roman to Medieval times in Serbia: Tooth size comparison in skeletal samples. BL
22  2017 Gender determination by odontometric method. BL
23  2017 Mandibular canine index: A study for gender determination in Gandhinagar population. MCI
24  2017 Subjective Differences between Dentists and Patients about Relative Quality of Metal Ceramic Restorations placed in the Esthetic Zone. BL, MCcs
25  2017 The Influence of Low Insertion Torque on Primary Stability, Implant Survival, and Maintenance of Marginal Bone Levels: A Closed-Cohort Prospective Study. BL, ISQ
26  2016 Canines mesiodistal measures as the key to sex prediction: a systematic review and meta-analysis. SMD
27  2016 Characterization of third molar morphometric variables. COP, COV, LM, LS, OA, RS, UM, VP
28  2016 Evaluation of diagnostic accuracy and dimensional measurements by using CBCT in mandibular first molars. BL, CBCT, CEJ, ICC, MB, ML
29  2016 Evaluation of sexual dimorphism in maxillary and mandibular canine using mesiodistal, labiolingual dimensions, and crown height. LL
30  2016 Identification of gender using radiomorphometric measurements of canine by discriminant function analysis. ICD
31  2016 Linear Odontometric Analysis of Permanent Dentition as A Forensic Aid: A Retrospective Study. BL
32  2016 Mesiodistal odontometrics as a distinguishing trait: A comparative preliminary study. ---
33  2016 Odontometric analysis of permanent maxillary first molar in gender determination. BL
34  2016 Radiological, stereological, and microscopic evaluation of the quality of canal fillings in oval-shaped root canals prepared with self-adjusting file. BL, CBCT, CLC, SAF
35  2016 Sexual dimorphism using odontometric indexes: Analysis of three statistical techniques. BL
36  2015 A Cone-Beam Computed Tomographic Study on Mandibular First Molars in a Chinese Subpopulation. BL, CBCT, DB-DL-ML, DL
37  2015 Assessment of Ethnicity in Indian Population using Tooth Crown Metric Dental Traits. ---
38  2015 Comparison of Direct and Indirect Techniques to Develop Customized Implant Impression Copings: A Pilot Study. BL, ISFIRs
39  2015 Comparison of Measurements on Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Periodontal Intrabony Defect with Intra-surgical Measurements. B-L, CBCT
40  2015 Comparison of Primary Molar Crown Dimensions with Stainless Steel Crowns in a Sample of Iranian Children. BL, SSCs
41  2015 Comparison of sexual dimorphism of permanent mandibular canine with mandibular first molar by odontometrics. BL
42  2015 Dentoskeletal features in individuals with ectopic eruption of the permanent maxillary first molar. EEM
43  2015 Depth and lateral deviations in guided implant surgery: an RCT comparing guided surgery with mental navigation or the use of a pilot-drill template. BL
44  2015 Effect of Extension and Type of Composite-Restored Class II Cavities on Biomechanical Properties of Teeth: A Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis. FEA, FEM
45  2015 Multidetector computed tomography dentascan analysis of root canal morphology of maxillary canine. BL, MDCT
46  2015 Reliability of mandibular canine and mandibular canine index in sex determination: A study using Uyghur population. MCI
47  2015 Sex assessment by molar odontometrics in North Indian population. BL
48  2014 Age estimation from fetus and infant tooth and head measurements. HC, TH
49  2014 Critical instrumentation area: influence of root canal anatomy on the endodontic preparation. BL, CT
50  2014 Measurement and comparison of bracket transfer accuracy of five indirect bonding techniques. double-PVS, double-VF, FL, IDB, M-D, O-G, OG, PVS-putty, PVS-VF, single-VF
51  2014 Odontometric sex variation in Malaysians with application to sex prediction. BL
52  2014 Study of variations of the Bolton index in the Moroccan population depending on angle malocclusion class. ---
53  2014 Three-dimensional tooth crown size symmetry in cleft lip and cleft palate. CLP, LL, OG
54  2013 An odontometric study of tooth size in normal, crowded and spaced dentitions. ---
55  2013 Evaluation of the accuracy of different molar teeth measurements in assessing sex. BL
56  2013 Identifying sexual dimorphism in a paediatric South Indian population using stepwise discriminant function analysis. BL
57  2013 Mixed dentition analysis in Libyan schoolchildren. ---
58  2012 Odontometric evaluation of mandibular premolars with tooth shape deviation: a case-control study. FL, MnP-TSD
59  2012 Tooth size reduction and agenesis associated with palatally displaced canines. PDCs
60  2012 Variability in permanent tooth size of three ancient populations in Xi'an, northern China. BL, LR
61  2011 A suggested technique for the application of the cone beam computed tomography periapical index. BL, C-A, CBCT, PAI
62  2011 Anatomical evaluation of the root canal diameter and root thickness on the apical third of mesial roots of molars. BL
63  2011 Comparison of two techniques for assessing the shaping efficacy of repeatedly used nickel-titanium rotary instruments. BL, micro-CT, NiTi
64  2011 Efficacy of "Dimodent" sex predictive equation assessed in an Indian population. BL
65  2011 Sexual dimorphism in the permanent maxillary first molar: a study of the Haryana population (India). BL
66  2011 Validity of the mandibular canine index (MCI) in sex prediction: Reassessment in an Indian sample. MCI
67  2011 Variations of crown dimensions of permanent dentitions in a selected population of Nigerian children. BL, CV
68  2010 Accuracy of a new ring-opening metathesis elastomeric dental impression material with spray and immersion disinfection. AP, BL, CA, OGB, OGL
69  2010 Does the center of resistance depend on the direction of tooth movement? BL, CRes
70  2010 Predicting the anatomical position of the palatal root apex in maxillary first premolars during surgical endodontic treatment. AC, BP
71  2010 Root canal morphology of the mandibular first premolars in an Iranian population using cross-sections and radiography. ---
72  2010 Taper of full-veneer crown preparations by dental students at the University of the West Indies. BL
73  2010 [An in vitro study on taper of single root canal of mandibular second premolars of 13-23 year-old people]. BL
74  2009 Accuracy of a reformulated fast-set vinyl polysiloxane impression material using dual-arch trays. BL, OG, VPS
75  2009 Age determination from central incisors of fetuses and infants. BL, CH, CT, RH
76  2009 Buccal ectopia of maxillary canines with no crowding. BDC, BDC-c, BDC-nc
77  2009 Defining new dental phenotypes using 3-D image analysis to enhance discrimination and insights into biological processes. IG, LL
78  2009 Dental and occlusal features in patients with palatally displaced maxillary canines. BL, PDCs
79  2009 Limitations of the mandibular canine index in sex assessment. MCI
80  2009 Odontometric sex assessment in Indians. BL
81  2009 The metric features of teeth in female-to-male transsexuals. BL, FtM
82  2009 Tooth size discrepancy in orthodontic patients among different malocclusion groups. ---
83  2008 A quantitative evaluation of the spatial displacement of the gingival zenith in the maxillary anterior dentition. AC, CI, GZ, LI
84  2008 Are dental indexes useful in sex assessment? BL
85  2008 Evaluation of 3-dimensional tooth crown size in cleft lip and palate patients. ANOVA, CLP, LL, OG
86  2008 Micro-computerized tomographic analysis of radicular and canal morphology of premolars with long oval canals. BL
87  2008 Sex discrimination potential of buccolingual and mesiodistal tooth dimensions. BL
88  2008 Tooth size variability and relevance of numerical variation in the Japanese serow. BL, CV
89  2006 Dental morphology and crowding. A multivariate approach. BL
90  2006 Extreme variations in the shape of mandibular premolars. FL, MnP, MnP-TSD
91  2006 Intercusp relationships of the permanent maxillary first and second molars in American whites. BL
92  2006 Microleakage in conventional and bonded amalgam restorations: influence of cavity volume. IC
93  2006 Sexual differences in Turkish dentition. BL
94  2005 Accuracy of newly formulated fast-setting elastomeric impression materials. AP, BL, CA, OG
95  2005 The nano-hardness and elastic modulus of sound deciduous canine dentin and young premolar dentin--preliminary study. BL, PH
96  2002 Deciduous tooth crown size and asymmetry in strabismic children. LL
97  2002 Maxillary tooth size variation in dentitions with palatal canine displacement. BL, PDC
98  2001 Do condensable composites help to achieve better proximal contacts? Su
99  2001 Genetic and environmental contributions to variation in human tooth size. BL
100  2000 Residual dentin thickness in mandibular premolars prepared with gates glidden and ParaPost drills. CEJ, FL, RDT