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Long Form : microdialysis
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Progress toward the development of a microchip electrophoresis separation-based sensor with electrochemical detection for on-line in vivo monitoring of catecholamines. EC, ME
2019 Acute Inflammatory Biomarker Responses to Diffuse Traumatic Brain Injury in the Rat Monitored by a Novel Microdialysis Technique. CSF, EGF, GM-CSF, IFN, IL, MCP, MIP, TBI, TNF, VEGF
2019 Age-related differences in the cutaneous vascular response to exogenous angiotensin II. Ang II, CVC, VC
2019 Cerebral metabolism is not affected by moderate hyperventilation in patients with traumatic brain injury. GCS, HV, ICP, ICU, TBI, TCCD
2019 Cerebral Multimodal Monitoring in Sepsis: An Experimental Study. ---
2019 Comparison of cerebral Open Flow Microperfusion and Microdialysis when sampling small lipophilic and small hydrophilic substances. AMI, ANO, BBB, cOFM, HYA, ISF, NOR, RRvt, RRvv,D2O
2019 Dynamic protein changes in the perihaemorrhagic zone of Surgically Treated Intracerebral Haemorrhage Patients. ICH, PHZ, SNX
2019 Feasibility of lung microdialysis to assess metabolism during clinical ex vivo lung perfusion. EVLP, L/P
2019 In Vivo Solid-Phase Microextraction for Sampling of Oxylipins in Brain of Awake, Moving Rats. SPME
10  2019 Microdialysis combined with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for the quantitation of gemifloxacin and its application to a muscle penetration study in healthy and MRSA-infected rats. AUCs, MRSA
11  2019 Microdialysis in postoperative monitoring of microvascular free flaps: Experiences with a decision algorithm. CM
12  2019 Monitoring of Protein Biomarkers of Inflammation in Human Traumatic Brain Injury Using Microdialysis and Proximity Extension Assay Technology in Neurointensive Care. PEA, TBI
13  2019 Online profiling of living rat brain extracellular pH using a pH-Dependent solid phase extraction scheme coupled with microdialysis sampling and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. ICP-MS, SPE
14  2019 Persistent Metabolic Disturbance in the Perihemorrhagic Zone Despite a Normalized Cerebral Blood Flow Following Surgery for Intracerebral Hemorrhage. CBF, ICH, LPR, PHZ, SNX
15  2019 Proteomic analysis and ATP assay reveal a positive effect of artificial cerebral spinal fluid perfusion following microdialysis sampling on repair of probe-induced brain damage. ---
16  2019 [Establishment of skin and joint micro-dialysis sampling method of triptolide in vivo by HPLC-MS/MS]. ESI, MRM
17  2018 A protocol for studying the interaction between small-molecular drug and DNA using microdialysis sampling integrated with chemiluminescent detection. CL, CT-DNA, FI
18  2018 Chemiluminescent detection integrated with microdialysis sampling for label-free measuring the affinity of ractopamine monoclonal antibody. McAb
19  2018 Continuous monitoring of adenosine and its metabolites using microdialysis coupled to microchip electrophoresis with amperometric detection. DMSO, EC, ME, SDS
20  2018 Investigation of biomarkers alterations after an acute tissue trauma in human trapezius muscle, using microdialysis. CMP, PPTs
21  2018 Metal-organic frameworks as affinity agents to enhance the microdialysis sampling efficiency of fatty acids. FAs, LPS, MOFs, RR
22  2018 Microdialysis as a tool to determine the local tissue concentration of dicloxacillin in man. HPLC, MIC
23  2018 Microdialysis-Assessed Adipose Tissue Metabolism, Circulating Cytokines and Outcome in Critical Illness. ICU
24  2018 PDMS/glass hybrid device with a reusable carbon electrode for on-line monitoring of catecholamines using microdialysis sampling coupled to microchip electrophoresis with electrochemical detection. EC, ME
25  2017 A label-free strategy for measuring the affinity between monoclonal antibody and hapten using microdialysis sampling combined with chemiluminescent detection. McAb
26  2017 A microdialysis-based analytical system for dynamic monitoring of arsenic transformation under microbial activity. HPLC-ICP-MS, LOD, MDA
27  2017 Alteration in plasma and striatal levels of d-serine after d-serine administration with or without nicergoline: An in vivo microdialysis study. AUC, CNS, d-Ser, HPLC, NIC, NMDAR, PBS, SD
28  2017 Bedside Monitoring of Cerebral Energy State During Cardiac Surgery-A Novel Approach Utilizing Intravenous Microdialysis. CPB, LP, MAP, NIRS
29  2017 Components of Goutengsan in Rat Plasma by Microdialysis Sampling and Its Protection on Abeta1-42-Induced PC12 Cells Injury. AD
30  2017 Detection of metabolic pattern following decompressive craniectomy in severe traumatic brain injury: A microdialysis study. CPP, GCS, GOS, ICP, LP ratio, MTP, NCCT, TAI, TBI
31  2017 Dynamic measures of skeletal muscle dialysate and plasma amino acid concentration in response to exercise and nutrient ingestion in healthy adult males. EAA, MPS, RE
32  2017 Evaluation of dynamic changes in interstitial fluid proteome following microdialysis probe insertion trauma in trapezius muscle of healthy women. ---
33  2017 Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry with triazole-bonded stationary phase for N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-related amino acids: development and application in microdialysis studies. ISs, LC-MS, NMDA
34  2017 Lung microdialysis study of florfenicol in pigs after single intramuscular administration. AUC0-18.25, FF, HPLC, MRT, tmax
35  2017 Microdialysis Monitoring in Clinical Traumatic Brain Injury and Its Role in Neuroprotective Drug Development. TBI
36  2017 Online monitoring of astragaloside II metabolism using a homemade cultural device coupled with microdialysis and ultra-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. AII, HP-beta-CD, UPLC-MS
37  2017 Pharmacokinetic applications of cutaneous microdialysis: Continuous+intermittent vs continuous-only sampling. CPLX, IMD
38  2017 Sequential enzymatic derivatization coupled with online microdialysis sampling for simultaneous profiling of mouse tumor extracellular hydrogen peroxide, lactate, and glucose. ---
39  2017 The Correlation between Cerebral Blood Flow Measured by Bedside Xenon-CT and Brain Chemistry Monitored by Microdialysis in the Acute Phase following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. CBF, CBF-MD, SAH
40  2017 Tissue Distribution of a Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Determined by Large Pore Microdialysis. mAbs
41  2017 Using on-line solid phase extraction for invivo speciation of diffusible ferrous and ferric iron in living rat brain extracellular fluid. ICP-MS
42  2016 Enzyme-Immobilized 3D-Printed Reactors for Online Monitoring of Rat Brain Extracellular Glucose and Lactate. ---
43  2016 Equivalency challenge: Evaluation of Lipodox as the generic equivalent for Doxil in a human ovarian cancer orthotropic mouse model. ---
44  2016 Increased Interstitial Concentrations of Glutamate and Pyruvate in Vastus Lateralis of Women with Fibromyalgia Syndrome Are Normalized after an Exercise Intervention - A Case-Control Study. FMS, PPTs
45  2016 Investigation of signaling molecules and metabolites found in crustacean hemolymph via in vivo microdialysis using a multifaceted mass spectrometric platform. MALDI-MSI, MS, NTs
46  2016 Microdialysis as a Part of Invasive Cerebral Monitoring During Porcine Septic Shock. ---
47  2016 Microdialysis as Clinical Evaluation of Therapeutic Hypothermia in Rat Subdural Hematoma Model. ASDH, GFAP, TBI, UCH-L1
48  2016 Neuron-Specific Enolase Is Correlated to Compromised Cerebral Metabolism in Patients Suffering from Acute Bacterial Meningitis; An Observational Cohort Study. ABM, ICP, LPR, NSE
49  2016 Oxidative stress during bacterial growth characterized through microdialysis sampling coupled with HPLC/fluorescence detection of malondialdehyde. HPLC-FL, MDA
50  2015 Angiotensin II type I receptor blockade attenuates reflex cutaneous vasoconstriction in aged but not young skin. CVC, LDF, VC
51  2015 Evidence of Subcutaneous Tissue Lipolysis Enhancement by Endogenous Cortisol in Critically Ill Patients Without Shock. ANCOVA
52  2015 Influence of surface modification and static pressure on microdialysis protein extraction efficiency. EE, FR, MS, MWCO
53  2015 Intraperitoneal microdialysis in the postoperative surveillance of infants undergoing surgery for congenital abdominal wall defect: A pilot study. ---
54  2015 Is microdialysis useful for early detection of acute rejection after kidney transplantation? ---
55  2015 Perihemorrhagic ischemia occurs in a volume-dependent manner as assessed by multimodal cerebral monitoring in a porcine model of intracerebral hemorrhage. 1.5ml, 3.0ml, ICH, ICP, PHZ, td-CBF
56  2015 Pharmacokinetics of aconitine-type alkaloids after oral administration of Fuzi (Aconiti Lateralis Radix Praeparata) in rats with chronic heart failure by microdialysis and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. AUC, CHF
57  2015 Tourniquet induced ischemia and changes in metabolism during TKA: a randomized study using microdialysis. TKA
58  2015 Using copper ions to amplify ROS-mediated fluorescence for continuous online monitoring of extracellular glucose in living rat brain. DCFH
59  2014 Adipose tissue lipolysis and circulating lipids in acute and subacute critical illness: effects of shock and treatment. FFAs, GLYC, ICU
60  2014 Brain tissue oxygenation and cerebral metabolic patterns in focal and diffuse traumatic brain injury. CPP, ICP, TBI
61  2014 Cerebral microdialysis for protein biomarker monitoring in the neurointensive care setting - a technical approach. NIC
62  2014 Coronary flow reserve is associated with tissue ischemia and is an additive predictor of intensive care unit mortality to traditional risk scores in septic shock. CFR, ICU, TDI
63  2014 Determination of atypical nonlinear plasma−protein-binding behavior of tigecycline using an in vitro microdialysis technique. ---
64  2014 Effect of realgar on extracellular amino acid neurotransmitters in hippocampal CA1 region determined by online microdialysis–dansyl chloride derivatization–high-performance liquid chromatography and fluorescence detection. EI, FD
65  2014 Fluorescence imaging of macromolecule transport in high molecular weight cut-off microdialysis. FITC, MWCO
66  2014 Impact of hyperthermia on pharmacokinetics of intraperitoneal mitomycin C in rats investigated by microdialysis. AUC, HG, IPEC, MMC, PPF
67  2014 Impact of static pressure on transmembrane fluid exchange in high molecular weight cut off microdialysis. FR, TM
68  2014 Microdialysis as a tool for drug quantification in the bronchioles of anaesthetized pigs. PELF
69  2014 Microdialysis Monitoring of CSF Parameters in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: A Novel Approach. CSF, LPR, TBI
70  2014 Monitoring of beta-amyloid dynamics after human traumatic brain injury. AD, APP, TBI
71  2014 Monitoring of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism Bedside in Patients with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage - A Xenon-CT and Microdialysis Study. CBF, DCI, L/P, SAH, Xenon CT
72  2014 Pharmacokinetics of cefuroxime in porcine cortical and cancellous bone determined by microdialysis. AUC
73  2014 Refined microdialysis method for protein biomarker sampling in acute brain injury in the neurointensive care setting. ICP, NIC
74  2014 The neurological wake-up test does not alter cerebral energy metabolism and oxygenation in patients with severe traumatic brain injury. AVd, CPP, ICP, NWT, TBI
75  2013 Cerebral glucose and spreading depolarization in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. aSAH, DCI, ECoG, LOWESS, SD, WFNS
76  2013 Depletion of myocardial glucose is observed during endotoxemic but not hemorrhagic shock in a porcine model. ---
77  2013 Elevated adipose tissue lactate to pyruvate (L/P) ratio predicts poor outcome in critically ill patients with septic shock: a microdialysis study. L/P
78  2013 Evaluating the effects of extended cold ischemia on interstitial metabolite in grafts in kidney transplantation using microdialysis. CIT, WIT
79  2013 Function-driven discovery of neuropeptides with mass spectrometry-based tools. IMS, MS, MS, NPs
80  2013 Interstitial cortisol obtained by microdialysis in mechanically ventilated septic patients: correlations with total and free serum cortisol. APACHE II, CORT, F-CORT
81  2013 Mass spectrometric detection of neuropeptides using affinity-enhanced microdialysis with antibody-coated magnetic nanoparticles. AA, AbMnP, AE-MD, MS, NPs, NTs, RR
82  2013 Microdialysis in the neurocritical care unit. ---
83  2013 Regional relation between skin blood flow and sweating to passive heating and local administration of acetylcholine in young, healthy humans. RSR, SkBF
84  2012 'Long' pressure reactivity index (L-PRx) as a measure of autoregulation correlates with outcome in traumatic brain injury patients. CPP, ICP, L-PRx, MAP, PRx, TBI
85  2012 Ambient nanoelectrospray ionization with in-line microdialysis for spatially resolved transient biochemical monitoring within cell culture environments. MS, nanoESI
86  2012 Brain tissue oxygenation and cerebral perfusion pressure thresholds of ischemia in a standardized pig brain death model. CPP, ICP, NV, TBI
87  2012 Dermal microdialysis technique to evaluate the trafficking of surface-modified lipid nanoparticles upon topical application. ACD, CPP, CXB, CXBS, IL-6, NLC
88  2012 Direct pharmacokinetic analysis of puqietinone by in vivo microdialysis sampling and turbulent-flow chromatography coupled with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. HP-beta-CD, LC-MS, TFC
89  2012 Identification of proteins from interstitium of trapezius muscle in women with chronic myalgia using microdialysis in combination with proteomics. CON, CWP, TM
90  2012 Implementation of cerebral microdialysis at a community-based hospital: A 5-year retrospective analysis. FDA, GCS, LEMC, TBI
91  2012 In vivo microdialysis in pharmacological studies of antibacterial agents in the brain. BBB, ECF, PK, PK/PD
92  2012 In vivo microdialysis with LC-MS for analysis of spinosin and its interaction with cyclosporin A in rat brain, blood and bile. AUC, CsA, HPLC-MS, P-gp
93  2012 Interstitial F(2)-isoprostane 8-iso-PGF(2alpha) as a biomarker of oxidative stress after severe human traumatic brain injury. DAI, TBI, vCSF
94  2012 Ischaemic preconditioning reduces myocardial calcium overload in coronary-occluded pig hearts shown by continuous in vivo assessment using microdialysis. IP
95  2012 Microdialysis in early detection of temporary pancreatic ischemia in a porcine model. ---
96  2012 Multiplexed quantification of proteins adsorbed to surface-modified and non-modified microdialysis membranes. oSED, vCSF
97  2012 Optimization of perfusate pH to improve microdialysis recovery of lipophilic compounds. BSA, CLT, KTC, TTN
98  2012 Probe depth matters in dermal microdialysis sampling of benzoic acid after topical application: an ex vivo study in human skin. AUC, BA, DMD
99  2012 Skin microdialysis-based estimation of systemic bioavailability fraction. ---
100  2012 Surface microdialysis sampling: a new approach described in a liver ischaemia model. ---