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Abbreviation : MEP
Long Form : monoethyl phthalate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Association between exposure to a mixture of phenols, pesticides, and phthalates and obesity: Comparison of three statistical models. BKMR, BPA, BPS, NHANES, WQS
2019 Association between urinary concentration of phthalate metabolites and impaired renal function in Shanghai adults. ACR, B2M, BBzP, MBzP, MCMHP, MECPP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, NAG, PIRF, SHFCS
2019 Association of phthalates, parabens and phenols found in personal care products with pubertal timing in girls and boys. ---
2019 Association of urinary concentrations of phthalate metabolites and bisphenol A with early pregnancy endpoints. BPA, MBzP, MCPP, MiBP
2019 Fate of four phthalate esters with presence of Karenia brevis: Uptake and biodegradation. BCFs, DAP, DEP, DMP, DPrP, EDCs, MMP, PA, PAEs, PrA
2019 Maternal urinary phthalate metabolites in relation to gestational diabetes and glucose intolerance during pregnancy. IGT, IQR, ln, SG
2019 Personal care product use as a predictor of urinary concentrations of certain phthalates, parabens, and phenols in the HERMOSA study. BP-3, MBP, MP, PP
2019 Personal care products use and phthalate exposure levels among pregnant women. PCPs, TMICS
2019 Phthalate metabolite exposures among immigrants living in the United States: findings from NHANES, 1999-2014. MBzP, MCPP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP, MnBP
10  2019 Placental weight in relation to maternal and paternal preconception and prenatal urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations among subfertile couples. BW
11  2019 Positive association of low-level environmental phthalate exposure with sperm motility was mediated by DNA methylation: A pilot study. CASA, HRM, LINE-1, MBP, MBzP, MEHP, MMP
12  2019 Predictors of urinary phthalate biomarker concentrations in postmenopausal women. MBzP, MCNP, MCOP, MCPP, WHI
13  2019 Pregnancy phthalate metabolite concentrations and infant birth weight by gradations of maternal glucose tolerance. MCPP
14  2019 Prenatal and childhood exposure to phthalates and motor skills at age 11 years. MBzP, MCOP, MiBP, MnBP
15  2019 The relationships between urinary phthalate metabolites, reproductive hormones and semen parameters in men attending in vitro fertilization clinic. FSH, LH, MiBP, PROL, TEST
16  2019 The role of exposure to phthalates in variations of anogenital distance: A systematic review and meta-analysis. AGD, beta, MBP, MBzP, MiBP
17  2019 Urinary phthalate metabolites among children in Saudi Arabia: Occurrences, risks, and their association with oxidative stress markers. DEHP, HQs, MCHP, MCMHP, MDA, MEHP, MiBP, MiDP, MnBP
18  2019 Urinary phthalate metabolites and metabolic syndrome in U.S. adolescents: Cross-sectional results from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2003-2014) data. MBzP, MCPP, MetS, MiBP, MnBP, NHANES, OR
19  2019 Variations in repeated serum concentrations of UV filters, phthalates, phenols and parabens during pregnancy. EDCs, ICC, MiDP, MiNP, nPrP
20  2018 Association between maternal exposure to major phthalates, heavy metals, and persistent organic pollutants, and the neurodevelopmental performances of their children at 1 to 2years of age- CHECK cohort study. BSID-II, CBCL, DEHP, PCBs, SMS
21  2018 Association of Early Life Exposure to Phthalates With Obesity and Cardiometabolic Traits in Childhood: Sex Specific Associations. BP, MBzP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP, MnBP
22  2018 Association of phthalate exposure with anthropometric indices and blood pressure in first-grade children. BMI, CI, MBzP, MECPP, WC
23  2018 Austrian reference values for phthalate metabolite exposure in children/adolescents and adults. 5cx-MEPP, 5oxo-MEHP, DEHP, MBzP, MCHP, MEHP, MiBP, MnBP
24  2018 Breast cancer is associated with methylation and expression of the a disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain33 (ADAM33) gene affected by endocrine‑disrupting chemicals. ADAM33, BPA, EDCs, GEO, HPLC, MBP, MIBP, PBMCs
25  2018 Childhood exposure to phthalates and pulmonary function. FEV1, FVC, PEF, TBPS
26  2018 Dose-response relationships between urinary phthalate metabolites and serum thyroid hormones among waste plastic recycling workers in China. MMP
27  2018 Effects of the phthalate exposure during three gestation periods on birth weight and their gender differences: A birth cohort study in China. BW, MBP, MBzP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MMP
28  2018 Excellent Degradation Performance of a Versatile Phthalic Acid Esters-Degrading Bacterium and Catalytic Mechanism of Monoalkyl Phthalate Hydrolase. DEHP, MAPs, MBP, MEHP, MHP, PA, PAEs
29  2018 Influence of race on prenatal phthalate exposure and anogenital measurements among boys and girls. AGD, MEHP
30  2018 Longitudinal assessment of prenatal phthalate exposure on serum and cord thyroid hormones homeostasis during pregnancy - Tainan birth cohort study (TBCS). CI, MECPP, MEOHP, MiBP, TBCS, TSH
31  2018 Maternal urinary phthalate metabolites during pregnancy and thyroid hormone concentrations in maternal and cord sera: The HOME Study. MBzP, TSH, WQS
32  2018 Phthalate exposure and odds of bacterial vaginosis among U.S. reproductive-aged women, NHANES 2001-2004. BV, DEHP, MnBP
33  2018 Predictors and correlations of phthalate metabolite concentrations in urine and seminal plasma among reproductive-aged men. MBP, MBzP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MMP, MOP
34  2018 Prenatal exposure to phthalates and autism spectrum disorder in the MARBLES study. ASD, CI, RRR
35  2018 Prenatal exposure to phthalates and phenols and infant endocrine-sensitive outcomes: The MIREC study. ACD, AGD, APD, BPA, MBzP, MnBP, SigmaLMW, TCS
36  2018 Prevalence and predictors of phthalate exposure in pregnant women in Charleston, SC. BMI, MBP, MBzP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP, MMP
37  2018 Simultaneous determination of primary and secondary phthalate monoesters in the Taihu Lake: Exploration of sources. MEHP, MiBP, MMP, MnBP
38  2018 Temporal Trends of Urinary Phthalate Concentrations in Two Populations: Effects of REACH Authorization after Five Years. BBP, DBzP, DEHP, DEP, DnBP, MBzP, MEHHP, MEHP, MnBP
39  2018 Thyroid function, phthalate exposure and semen quality: Exploring associations and mediation effects in reproductive-aged men. TSH
40  2018 Trimester-specific phthalate concentrations and glucose levels among women from a fertility clinic. MiBP
41  2018 Urinary concentrations of phthalate metabolites associated with changes in clinical hemostatic and hematologic parameters in pregnant women. APTT, Fg, Hb, MBP, MECPP, MEHP, MEOHP, ORs, PLT, PT, RBC, TT, WBC
42  2018 [Association between the internal exposure levels of phthalates and executive function of preschool children]. BRIEF-P, EF, ISCI, MBP, MBzP, MEHP, MEOHP, MMP, PAEs
43  2017 Associations between Urinary Phthalate Metabolites and Serum Anti-Muller Hormone Levels in U.S. Men Based on National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2004. AMH, NHANES
44  2017 Biodegradation of di-n-butyl phthalate by bacterial consortium LV-1 enriched from river sludge. DBP, MBP, PA
45  2017 Biodegradation of phthalic acid esters (PAEs) and in silico structural characterization of mono-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (MEHP) hydrolase on the basis of close structural homolog. MBP, MEHP, MHP, PA, PAEs, PMEs
46  2017 Bisphenol A and phthalates in utero and in childhood: association with child BMI z-score and adiposity. BPA, MBzP, MECPP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP
47  2017 Early-Life Phthalate Exposure and Adiposity at 8 Years of Age. BMI, CI, MBzP
48  2017 Effects of Prenatal Phthalate Exposure on Thyroid Hormone Concentrations Beginning at The Embryonic Stage. ln, MBP, MEHP, THs, TSH
49  2017 Environmental estrogen-like endocrine disrupting chemicals and breast cancer. BMI, BPA, CI, EEDs, GM, MCPP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP, MnBP, MZP, NHANES, ORs, PCBs
50  2017 Exposure of children to phthalates and the impact of consumer practices in Slovakia. 2-ethyl-5-oxohexyl, 5oxo-MEHP, MBzP
51  2017 Exposure to phthalates is associated with lipid profile in peripubertal Mexican youth. BPA, DBP, EDCs, MCPP
52  2017 Female exposure to phthalates and time to pregnancy: a first pregnancy planner study. DEP, FRs, ln, MBP, MBzP, MEHP, TTP
53  2017 Higher phthalate concentrations are associated with precocious puberty in normal weight Thai girls. BA, CNS, EDCs, FSH, GnRH, HPLC, LH, MMP
54  2017 Maternal prenatal urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations and visual recognition memory among infants at 27 weeks. DEHP, FTII, MBzP, MCPP, MiBP, MnBP
55  2017 Occupational phthalate exposure and health outcomes among hairdressing apprentices. FEV1, FFMI, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP, MnBP, PV, WHtR
56  2017 Oxidative Stress-Related Genetic Variants May Modify Associations of Phthalate Exposures with Asthma. CAT, GSTM1, GSTP1, MBP, MBzP, MEHHP, MPO, SOD2
57  2017 Personal Care Product Use in Men and Urinary Concentrations of Select Phthalate Metabolites and Parabens: Results from the Environment And Reproductive Health (EARTH) Study. EARTH, PCPs
58  2017 Phthalate and bisphenol A exposure during in utero windows of susceptibility in relation to reproductive hormones and pubertal development in girls. DHEAS, ELEMENT, IQR, MEHP, SHBG
59  2017 Phthalate metabolites in Norwegian mothers and children: Levels, diurnal variation and use of personal care products. DEHP, ICCs, PCPs
60  2017 Phthalate-induced oxidative stress and association with asthma-related airway inflammation in adolescents. DBP, MBzP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP, MnBP
61  2017 Potential influence of the phthalates on normal liver function and cardiometabolic risk in males. HDL, LAP, MEHP, TG, VAI
62  2017 Pre-pubertal exposure with phthalates and bisphenol A and pubertal development. BPA, DEHP, PD scales
63  2017 Prenatal and Childhood Exposure to Phthalate Diesters and Thyroid Function in a 9-Year Follow-up Birth Cohort Study: Taiwan Maternal and Infant Cohort Study. CI, DEHP, MBP, MBzP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MMP
64  2017 Racial and ethnic variations in phthalate metabolite concentration changes across full-term pregnancies. DEHP, MCPP
65  2017 Season-dependent concentrations of urinary phthalate metabolites among Chinese pregnant women: Repeated measures analysis. ICCs, MBP, MBzP, MEHP, MMP
66  2017 Semen quality and insulin-like factor 3: Associations with urinary and seminal levels of phthalate metabolites in adult males. DEHP, INSL3, MBzP, MEHP
67  2017 Urinary concentrations of phthalate metabolites in early pregnancy associated with clinical pregnancy loss in Chinese women. MBP, MBzP, MMP
68  2017 Urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations and maternal weight during early pregnancy. MCPP
69  2017 Urinary phthalate metabolites over the first 15months of life and risk assessment - CHECK cohort study. DEHP, DEP, DiBP, DnBP, HI, HQ, ICCs
70  2017 Variation in urinary spot sample, 24 h samples, and longer-term average urinary concentrations of short-lived environmental chemicals: implications for exposure assessment and reverse dosimetry. BPA, CHMS, MEHHP, NHANES
71  2017 [A cohort study on association between the first trimester phthalates exposure and fasting blood glucose level in the third trimester]. GDM, MBP, MBzP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MMP
72  2017 [Cumulative risk assessment of phthalates exposure among infants and their mothers in Shanghai]. EDI, GMs, HI, MECPP, MEHP, MiBP, MMP, MnBP
73  2016 Are nails a valuable non-invasive alternative for estimating human exposure to phthalate esters? 5-oxo-MEHP, MBzP, MEHP, MiBP, MnBP, PEs
74  2016 Associations between bone mineral density and urinary phthalate metabolites among post-menopausal women: a cross-sectional study of NHANES data 2005-2010. BMD, MBzP, MIBP, MnBP
75  2016 Early Phthalates Exposure in Pregnant Women Is Associated with Alteration of Thyroid Hormones. MECPP, MEHP, MnBP, TBG
76  2016 Effect of environmental phthalate exposure on pregnancy duration and birth outcomes. MBzP, MEHHP, MEOHP, MHiNP, MiBP, MnBP, MOiNP, MOP
77  2016 Free and total urinary phthalate metabolite concentrations among pregnant women from the Healthy Baby Cohort (HBC), China. GM, HBC, MBP, MECPP, MEOHP
78  2016 Gestational exposure to phthalates and gender-related play behaviors in 8-year-old children: an observational study. GIQ, MiBP, PPPSI
79  2016 Long-term exposure assessment to phthalates: How do nail analyses compare to commonly used measurements in urine. BBzP, DEHP, PEs
80  2016 Low dose monoethyl phthalate (MEP) exposure triggers proliferation by activating PDX-1 at 1.1B4 human pancreatic beta cells. ---
81  2016 Phthalate exposure and semen quality in fertile US men. ln, MBP, MBzP, MiBP
82  2016 Phthalate Metabolites, Consumer Habits and Health Effects. 3cx-MPP, 5cx-MEPP, 5oxo-MEHP, DEP, MBzP, MEHP, MiBP, MnBP, PET
83  2016 Phthalate monoesters as markers of phthalate contamination in wild marine organisms. DBP, DEHP, DEP, DMP, DnOP, MBP, MEHP, MMP, MnOP, MPEs, PAEs
84  2016 Phthalate pregnancy exposure and male offspring growth from the intra-uterine period to five years of age. MCNP
85  2016 Prenatal phthalate exposure and infant size at birth and gestational duration. MCPP
86  2016 Reducing Phthalate, Paraben, and Phenol Exposure from Personal Care Products in Adolescent Girls: Findings from the HERMOSA Intervention Study. BP-3, MiBP, MnBP
87  2016 Ultrasound assisted extraction combined with dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (US-DLLME)-a fast new approach to measure phthalate metabolites in nails. 5-oxo-MEHP, LOQm, MBzP, MEHP, MiBP, MnBP, US-DLLME
88  2016 Urinary levels of phthalate metabolites and cardiovascular disease mortality (NHANES, 1999-2008). MEHHP, NHANES
89  2016 Urinary Phthalate Metabolite Concentrations and Reproductive Outcomes among Women Undergoing in Vitro Fertilization: Results from the EARTH Study. ART, EARTH, IVF, MBP, MBzP, MCNP, MCOP, MCPP, MECPP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP
90  2016 Urinary Phthalates and Leukocyte Telomere Length: An Analysis of NHANES 1999-2002. DEHP, LTL, MBP, MBzP, MEHP, NHANES, TERT
91  2015 Age and Gender Differences in Urinary Levels of Eleven Phthalate Metabolites in General Taiwanese Population after a DEHP Episode. DBP, DBP, DEHP, MECPP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP, MnBP
92  2015 Association of PAEs with Precocious Puberty in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. CI, DBP, DEHP, MBP, MBzP, MECPP, MEHP, MMP, OR, PAEs, PP, SMD
93  2015 Case study: Possible differences in phthalates exposure among the Czech, Hungarian, and Slovak populations identified based on the DEMOCOPHES pilot study results. 5-oxo-MEHP, CZ, HU, MBzP, MCHP, MEHP, MMP, SK
94  2015 Characterization of Urinary Phthalate Metabolites Among Custodians. EPP, GM, MBzP, MMP
95  2015 Concentrations of phthalate metabolites in breast milk in Korea: estimating exposure to phthalates and potential risks among breast-fed infants. BW, DEHP, DnBP, MEHHP, MEHP, MEOHP, MiBP, MnBP, RfD AA, TDI
96  2015 Developing an intervention strategy to reduce phthalate exposure in Taiwanese girls. DEHP, MBP, MECPP, MEHHP, MMP
97  2015 Do diethyl phthalate (DEP) and di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) influence the metabolic syndrome parameters? Pilot study. DEHP, DEP, MEHP
98  2015 Elevated phthalates' exposure in children with constitutional delay of growth and puberty. CDGP, MBP
99  2015 Human biomonitoring of phthalate exposure in Austrian children and adults and cumulative risk assessment. 3 cx-MPP, 5cx-MEPP, 5oxo-MEHP, MBzP, MCHP, MEHP, MiBP, MiDP, MiNP, MnBP, MnOP, MnPeP, n.d, TDI
100  2015 Levels of Phthalate Metabolites in Urine of Pregnant Women and Risk of Clinical Pregnancy Loss. MEHP, MiBP, MMP, MnBP, PAEs