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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Age- and sex-specific effects in paravertebral surface electromyographic back extensor muscle fatigue in chronic low back pain. CLBP, sEMG
2020 In vivo effects of Rauvolfia vomitoria (Apocynaceae) ethanolic extract on sexual performance and reproductive activity in male rats. EL, IF, IL, ML, PEI
2019 An EMG Patch for the Real-Time Monitoring of Muscle-Fatigue Conditions During Exercise. EMG, MCU
2019 Analysis of wheeze sounds during tidal breathing according to severity levels in asthma patients. AP, LLB
2019 Aphrodisiac properties of hydro-alcoholic extract of Cassia auriculata flower in male rats. EF, EL, IF, IL, ML, PEI, PEjI
2019 Assessment of sexual behaviour and fertility indices in male rabbits following chronic codeine use. EL, IF, IL, ML, PEI
2019 Effect of knee joint angle on the neuromuscular activation of the quadriceps femoris during repetitive fatiguing contractions. EMG, MVCs, RF, RMS, VL, VM
2019 Electromyography activities in patients with lower lumbar disc herniation. LDH, LG, MPF, RMS, sEMG, TA
2019 In Utero Exposure to Benzo[a]pyrene Induces Ovarian Mutations at Doses That Deplete Ovarian Follicles in Mice. BaP
10  2019 Integration of micronucleus tests with a gene mutation assay in F344 gpt delta transgenic rats using benzo[a]pyrene. MN, Tg
11  2019 Longitudinal study of t-cell somatic mutations conferring glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchor deficiency in gulf war I veterans exposed to depleted uranium. DU, GPI-A, Vfs
12  2019 Reduced meal frequency alleviates high-fat diet-induced lipid accumulation and inflammation in adipose tissue of pigs under the circumstance of fixed feed allowance. CON, HFD, LPS, MyD88, SCFAs
13  2019 Sexual stimulant effects of the mixture of Mondia whitei, Dracaena arborea, and Bridelia ferruginea in normal and prediabetic male Wistar rats. IF, NR, PR
14  2019 The development and prevalidation of an in vitro mutagenicity assay based on MutaMouse primary hepatocytes, Part II: Assay performance for the identification of mutagenic chemicals. 3-NBA, AFB1, BaP, ENU, PHs, tBHQ
15  2019 [Correlation analysis between the surface electromyography and muscle fiber types of the core muscle group in the patients with myofascial pain syndromes]. MPS
16  2018 Acute Neuromuscular Adaptations in Response to Low-Intensity Blood-Flow Restricted Exercise and High-Intensity Resistance Exercise: Are There Any Differences? BFR, BFRE, HI, LI, MVCs, RF, RMS, VM
17  2018 Assessment of the mutagenic potential of para-chloroaniline and aniline in the liver, spleen, and bone marrow of Big Blue rats with micronuclei analysis in peripheral blood. ABRET, MetHb, MOA, PCA, TGR
18  2018 Benchmark dose analyses of multiple genetic toxicity endpoints permit robust, cross-tissue comparisons of MutaMouse responses to orally delivered benzo[a]pyrene. BMD, CIs, MN, RBCs
19  2018 Broadband longwave radio remote sensing instrumentation. ---
20  2018 Changes in electromyographic signals and skin temperature during standardised effort in volleyball players. EMG, MDF, RMS
21  2018 Comparison Between Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Stabilization Exercises in Fatigue and Transversus Abdominis Activation in Patients With Lumbar Disk Herniation: A Randomized Study. TENS, TrA
22  2018 Diagnosis of Compressed Nerve Root in Lumbar Disc Herniation Patients by Surface Electromyography. AUC, LDH, MPF, RMS, ROC, sEMG
23  2018 Does vibration superimposed on low-level isometric contraction alter motor unit recruitment strategy? mCV, MU, RMS, TVR, VE
24  2018 Evaluation of U. S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) mouse lymphoma assay data using International Workshop on Genotoxicity Tests (IWGT) and the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) criteria. CE, IWGT, MLA, NTP, OECD, SAR
25  2018 Folate deficiency increases chromosomal damage and mutations in hematopoietic cells in the transgenic mutamouse model. ENU, FA, MN
26  2018 Genotoxic and mutagenic potential of camphorquinone in L5178/TK+/- mouse lymphoma cells. CQ, DCFH-DA, hOGG1, MLA, ROS/RNS
27  2018 High levels of incidental physical activity are positively associated with cognition and EEG activity in aging. AP, EEG, IPA, RP, YPAS
28  2018 Is the timed loaded standing test a valid measure of back muscle endurance in people with vertebral osteoporosis? ES, QS, sEMG, TLS
29  2018 l-Arginine supplementation does not improve muscle function during recovery from resistance exercise. CK, RE, RMS
30  2018 Leaf-Methanolic Extract of Pseudopanax arboreus (Araliaceae) (L. F. Phillipson) Reverses Amitriptyline-Induced Sexual Dysfunction in Male Rats. EL, IF, IL, MII, ML, PEI, PL
31  2018 Properties of Paraspinal Muscles in Japanese High School Baseball Players With Terminal-Stage Lumbar Spondylolysis. EMG
32  2018 Repeatability of electromyography normalization of the neck and shoulder muscles in symptomatic office workers. EMG, ICC, MVIC, RMS
33  2018 Time Response of Photobiomodulation Therapy on Muscular Fatigue in Humans. MIVC, PBMT, PT, RMS
34  2018 Timescales of Intrinsic BOLD Signal Dynamics and Functional Connectivity in Pharmacologic and Neuropathologic States of Unconsciousness. AC, BOLD, DOC, Topo, TRWs
35  2018 Towards Enhancement of Patients' Engagement: Online Modification of Rehabilitation Training Modes Using Facial Expression and Muscle Fatigue. ---
36  2018 [Qiaoshao Prescription improves premature ejaculation in male rats by increasing the content of 5-hydroxytryptamine]. 5-HT, EF, EL, IF, IL, ML, PE, QSP
37  2017 Age and time trends in eating frequency and duration of nightly fasting of German children and adolescents. DNF, EOF, EOF, SF
38  2017 Assessment of elbow spasticity with surface electromyography and mechanomyography based on support vector machine. ACC-MMG, MAS, MMG, MPF, RMS, sEMG, SVM
39  2017 Assessment of the mutagenic potential of hexavalent chromium in the duodenum of big blue rats. TGR
40  2017 Changes in Sexual Behavior of Orchidectomized Rats Under Influence of Allotransplantation of Testicular Interstitial Cell Suspension. CE, EL, ICS, IF, IL, ML, OE
41  2017 Characteristics of Paraspinal Muscle Spindle Response to Mechanically Assisted Spinal Manipulation: A Preliminary Report. MAM, MIF
42  2017 Citrulline Malate Does Not Improve Muscle Recovery after Resistance Exercise in Untrained Young Adult Men. CK, CM, PL, RE, RMS
43  2017 Computerised analysis of antepartum foetal heart parameters: New reference ranges. ApEn, FHR, HF, LF, LTI, STV
44  2017 Detoxification of benzo[a]pyrene primarily depends on cytochrome P450, while bioactivation involves additional oxidoreductases including 5-lipoxygenase, cyclooxygenase, and aldo-keto reductase in the liver. BaP, BPDE
45  2017 Dose and temporal evaluation of ethylene oxide-induced mutagenicity in the lungs of male big blue mice following inhalation exposure to carcinogenic concentrations. BB, EO, MOA
46  2017 Electromechanical delays during a fatiguing exercise and recovery in patients with myotonic dystrophy type 1. DelayTOT, DM1, EMG, HC, MMG, MVC, RMS
47  2017 G-LOC Warning Algorithms Based on EMG Features of the Gastrocnemius Muscle. EMG, G-LOC, IAV, MAV, RMS, SSC, WL, ZC
48  2017 Improved spectrum analysis in EEG for measure of depth of anesthesia based on phase-rectified signal averaging. AUC, BIS, DOA, EACL, EEG, MEMD, PRSA, SEF95
49  2017 In vitro and in vivo aphrodisiac properties of the seed extract from Allium tuberosum on corpus cavernosum smooth muscle relaxation and sexual behavior parameters in male Wistar rats. ATB, CCSM, EF, EL, FSH, IF, IL, ML, PEI
50  2017 Influence of gender on muscle fatigue during dynamic knee contractions. FI, sEMG
51  2017 Kudiezi injection mitigates myocardial injury induced by acute cerebral ischemia in rats. CK, CK-MB, COX, HF, KDZ, KDZ, LDH, MDA, SOD, TTC
52  2017 Lung sound analysis helps localize airway inflammation in patients with bronchial asthma. ESPL, FeNO, ISPL, LF, LSA
53  2017 Muscle fatigue in participants of indoor cycling. HR, IC, RMS, sEMG
54  2017 Optical coherence tomography angiography-based capillary velocimetry. ED, OCT, OCTA
55  2017 Oxygenation and neuromuscular activation of the quadriceps femoris including the vastus intermedius during a fatiguing contraction. RF, VM
56  2017 Potent Phosphodiesterase Inhibition and Nitric Oxide Release Stimulation of Anti-Impotence Thai Medicinal Plants from "MANOSROI III" Database. EF, IF, NC
57  2017 Quantitative relationships between lacZ mutant frequency and DNA adduct frequency in Muta™Mouse tissues and cultured cells exposed to 3-nitrobenzanthrone. 3-NBA, MI
58  2016 Acute effects of exercise under different levels of blood-flow restriction on muscle activation and fatigue. 1RM, BFR, RF, RMS, VM
59  2016 Associations between meal and snack frequency and diet quality and adiposity measures in British adults: findings from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey. HDI, MDS, SF
60  2016 Associations between meal and snack frequency and overweight and abdominal obesity in US children and adolescents from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003-2012. EF, EI, NHANES, SF
61  2016 Benzo(a)pyrene Is Mutagenic in Mouse Spermatogonial Stem Cells and Dividing Spermatogonia. BaP
62  2016 Characterization of EEG patterns in brain-injured subjects and controls after a Snoezelen() intervention. CP, EEG, IAF, LZC, SampEn, TBI
63  2016 Decreasing the number of small eating occasions (<15 % of total energy intake) regardless of the time of day may be important to improve diet quality but not adiposity: a cross-sectional study in British children and adolescents. SF
64  2016 Detection of Pig-a gene mutants in rat peripheral blood following a single urethane treatment: A comparison of the RBC Pig-a and PIGRET assays. PIGRET assay, RBC
65  2016 Effects of aqueous root extract of Carpolobia alba G. Don on sexual behaviour in adult male rats. AIC, EF, EL, IF, IL, ML, NE, PEI
66  2016 Electroencephalographic changes associated with non-invasive nociceptive stimulus in minimally anaesthetised dogs. EEG, mAs
67  2016 Empirical analysis of BMD metrics in genetic toxicology part II: in vivo potency comparisons to promote reductions in the use of experimental animals for genetic toxicity assessment. BaP, BMD, MOEs, POD
68  2016 Evaluation of a single-dose PIGRET assay for acetaminophen in rats compared with the RBC Pig-a assay. RBC
69  2016 Evaluation of a single-dose PIGRET assay for cisplatin in rats compared with the RBC Pig-a assay. RBC
70  2016 Evaluation of cII gene mutation in the brains of Big Blue mice exposed to acrylamide and glycidamide in drinking water. AA, GA
71  2016 Evaluation of surgeon's muscle fatigue during thoracoscopic pulmonary lobectomy using interoperative surface electromyography. ECR, EMG, FCR, LES, MD, RF, SC, TA, UT
72  2016 Evaluation of the PIGRET assay as a short-term test using a single dose of diethylnitrosamine. DEN, ENU, RBC
73  2016 Evaluation of the RBC Pig-a assay and the PIGRET assay using benzo[a]pyrene in rats. BP, RBC, RET
74  2016 Identification of HIV-1-Based Virus-like Particles by Multifrequency Atomic Force Microscopy. AFM, AM-FM, VLPs
75  2016 Lumbar multifidus and erector spinae electromyograms during back bridge exercise in time and frequency domains. EMG, ES, LM, RMS
76  2016 Meal and snack frequency in relation to diet quality in US children and adolescents: the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2012. HEI, SF
77  2016 Monitoring genotoxicity in patients receiving chemotherapy for cancer: application of the PIG-A assay. GPI
78  2016 Pyrene did not induce gene mutation in red blood cell Pig-a assay and PIGRET assay in rats. ENU, PYR
79  2016 Report on the rat Pig-a assay using an anti-rat erythroid marker HIS49 antibody in a single dose study of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine. DMH, JEMS, MMS
80  2016 Results of rat Pig-a/PIGRET assay with a single dose regimen of 1,3-propane sultone and 2-acetyl aminofluorene. 1,3-PS, 2-AAF
81  2016 Shoulder girdle muscle activity and fatigue in traditional and improved design carpet weaving workstations. EMG, RMS
82  2016 Simulation and Measurement of Medium-Frequency Signals Coupling From a Line to a Loop Antenna. NIOSH, TL
83  2016 Synergistic and Antagonistic Mutation Responses of Human MCL-5 Cells to Mixtures of Benzo[a]pyrene and 2-Amino-1-Methyl-6-Phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine: Dose-Related Variation in the Joint Effects of Common Dietary Carcinogens. BaP, EROD, PhIP, TK
84  2016 The influence of confounding factors on the relationship between muscle contraction level and MF and MPF values of EMG signal: a review. MPF
85  2016 The PIGRET assay, a method for measuring Pig-a gene mutation in reticulocytes, is reliable as a short-term in vivo genotoxicity test: Summary of the MMS/JEMS-collaborative study across 16 laboratories using 24 chemicals. MMS/JEMS, RBCs, RETs
86  2016 The rat Pig-a assay using an erythroid HIS49 antibody in a single dose study of isopropyl p-toluenesulfonate. IPTS, RBCs, RETs
87  2016 Ventricular fibrillation waveform measures and the etiology of cardiac arrest. ACS, AMSA, CF, MS, STEMI
88  2016 [Establishment of an animal model of primary premature ejaculation]. EF, EL, IF, IL, IR, ML, PEI
89  2015 A Hybrid Approach for Efficient Modeling of Medium-Frequency Propagation in Coal Mines. ---
90  2015 A robust method for assessing chemically induced mutagenic effects in the oral cavity of transgenic Big Blue rats. 4NQO, BB
91  2015 Acrylamide-induced carcinogenicity in mouse lung involves mutagenicity: cII gene mutations in the lung of big blue mice exposed to acrylamide and glycidamide for up to 4 weeks. AA, BB, GA
92  2015 Activation time analysis and electromyographic fatigue in patients with temporomandibular disorders during clenching. sEMG, TMD
93  2015 Altered functional connectivity within the central reward network in overweight and obese women. ACC, BMI, GMV, NAcc, RS, vmPFC
94  2015 Analysis of linear electrode array EMG for assessment of hemiparetic biceps brachii muscles. EMG, MFCV, MPF, MVC
95  2015 Chemical structure-related mechanisms underlying in vivo genotoxicity induced by nitrofurantoin and its constituent moieties in gpt delta rats. AHD, NFA, NFT
96  2015 Comparison of multi- and single-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for assessment of body composition in post-menopausal women: effects of body mass index and accelerometer-determined physical activity. BIA, BMI, DXA, FFM, FM, PA, SF
97  2015 Decreased entropy modulation of EEG response to novelty and relevance in schizophrenia during a P300 task. EEG, SCH, SE
98  2015 Different body fluid volumes measured by single- and multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analyzers in overweight/obese renal patients. BCM, BIA, ECW, ICW, SF, TBW
99  2015 Dose-dependent effects of ethanol extract of Salvia haematodes Wall roots on reproductive function and copulatory behaviour in male rats. DSP, EL, IF, IL, ML, PE, PEI, SHW
100  2015 Eating Frequency Is Positively Associated with Overweight and Central Obesity in U.S. Adults. EF, EI, SF