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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Acoustic Radiation or Cavitation Forces From Therapeutic Ultrasound Generate Prostaglandins and Increase Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Homing to Murine Muscle. ARF, CAM, LIPUS, MB, MSC, pFUS, PG, US
2020 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound at high mechanical index: a new method for transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt follow-up. AUC, CDFI, CEUS, TIPS
2020 Correction for Hydrophone Spatial Averaging Artifacts for Circular Sources. pc, PII, pr, SAF, TI
2020 Safety Indices of Ultrasound: Adherence to Recommendations and Awareness During Routine Obstetric Ultrasound Scanning. TIb, TIs
2020 Safety of ultrasonic examinations; thermal and mechanical indices. ODS, TI
2020 Study on phase transition and contrast-enhanced imaging of ultrasound-responsive nanodroplets with polymer shells. PFP
2020 [Safety aspects of ultrasound diagnostics]. PW, TI
2019 Acoustic Fountains and Atomization at Liquid Surfaces Excited by Diagnostic Ultrasound. DUS, PCH
2019 Comparison Between Low Mechanical Index and High Mechanical Index Contrast Modes of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography: Evaluation of Perfusion Defects of Hypervascular Hepatocellular Carcinomas During the Post-Vascular Phase. PVP
10  2019 Effect of Ultrasound on the Vasculature and Extravasation of Nanoscale Particles Imaged in Real Time. ---
11  2019 High Frame Rate Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging for Slow Lymphatic Flow: Influence of Ultrasound Pressure and Flow Rate on Bubble Disruption and Image Persistence. CEUS, HFR, LN, SLNs, SVD
12  2019 Histological and blood chemistry examination of the rodent kidney after exposure to flash-replenishment ultrasound contrast imaging. BUN, CEUS, non-imaged
13  2019 Sonothrombolysis in ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction TreatedWith Primary PercutaneousCoronary Intervention. PCI, STEMI
14  2019 The biological response of rodent kidneys to low frequency, full volume diagnostic contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging: Pilot data. CEUS
15  2019 Ultrasonic quantification of cerebral perfusion in acute anterior circulation occlusive stroke-A comparative challenge of the refill- and the bolus-kinetics approach. CT, LowMiR, MCA, MRI, ROIs
16  2018 3-D Velocity and Volume Flow Measurement In Vivo Using Speckle Decorrelation and 2-D High-Frame-Rate Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound. SDC, UIV
17  2018 Blood-brain barrier disruption induced by diagnostic ultrasound combined with microbubbles in mice. BBB, EB, MB, TJ
18  2018 Carboxyl of Poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) Nanoparticles of Perfluorooctyl Bromide for Ultrasonic Imaging of Tumor. NPs, PFOB, TEM
19  2018 Clinical study of ultrasound and microbubbles for enhancing chemotherapeutic sensitivity of malignant tumors in digestive system. CTCAE V4.03, PR, SD
20  2018 Image-Guided Focused-Ultrasound CNS Molecular Delivery: An Implementation via Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic-Resonance Imaging. BBB, DCE-MRI, FUS
21  2018 Improved Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging With Multiplane-Wave Imaging. CEUS, MW, SNR
22  2018 Improvement of Detection Sensitivity of Microbubbles as Sensors to Detect Ambient Pressure. ---
23  2018 In Vivo Assessment of the Potential for Renal Bio-Effects from the Vaporization of Perfluorocarbon Phase-Change Contrast Agents. PCCAs, RBC
24  2018 In vivo study of enhanced chemotherapy combined with ultrasound image-guided focused ultrasound (USgFUS) treatment for pancreatic cancer in a xenograft mouse model. FUS, GEM, USgFUS
25  2018 Lag-One Coherence as a Metric for Ultrasonic Image Quality. CNR, LOC
26  2018 Pulmonary Capillary Hemorrhage Induced by Diagnostic Ultrasound in Ventilated Rats. IPPV, PCH
27  2018 SPIO labeling of endothelial cells using ultrasound and targeted microbubbles at diagnostic pressures. SPIO
28  2017 An automated microemboli detection and classification system using backscatter RF signals and differential evolution. RF
29  2017 Characterization of Different Microbubbles in Assisting Focused Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Opening. BBB, DCE, FUS, MBs, PCD
30  2017 Characterizing the Acoustic Output of an Ultrasonic Propulsion Device for Urinary Stones. US
31  2017 Combination of microbubbles and diagnostic ultrasound at a high mechanical index for the synergistic microwave ablation of tumours. MBs, MW, US
32  2017 Contrast-enhanced endobronchial ultrasound: Potential value of a new method. EBUS
33  2017 Contrast-Enhanced Tissue Harmonic Imaging versus Phase Inversion Harmonic Sonographic Imaging for the Delineation of Hepatocellular Carcinomas. CHI, HCC, RFA, THI
34  2017 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound of small cell carcinoma in urinary bladder: a case report and review of literature. CDFI, CEUS, SCCB, SI, TICs, TTP, US
35  2017 Opacification patterns of cardiac masses using low-mechanical index contrast echocardiography: comparison with histopathological findings. ---
36  2017 Optimizing Acoustic Activation of Phase Change Contrast Agents With the Activation Pressure Matching Method: A Review. APM, PCCAs, PFC
37  2017 The Thrombolytic Effect of Diagnostic Ultrasound-Induced Microbubble Cavitation in Acute Carotid Thromboembolism. CA, IC, SC, TICI, TMP
38  2016 3D/4D sonography - any safety problem. SPTA, TI
39  2016 A Two-Criterion Model for Microvascular Bio-Effects Induced InVivo by Contrast Microbubbles Exposed to Medical Ultrasound. ---
40  2016 An Experimental Study of the Potential Biological Effects Associated with 2-D Shear Wave Elastography on the Neonatal Brain. MWM, SWE, TI
41  2016 Examination of Effects of Low-Frequency Ultrasound on Scleral Permeability and Collagen Network. US
42  2016 Focused Ultrasound-Induced Blood-Brain Barrier Opening: Association with Mechanical Index and Cavitation Index Analyzed by Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic-Resonance Imaging. BBB, CE-MRI, CI, DCE, FUS, PCD
43  2016 In Situ Transfection by Controlled Release of Lipoplexes Using Acoustic Droplet Vaporization. ADV
44  2016 Low mechanical index contrast mode versus high mechanical index contrast mode: which is a more sensitive method for detecting Sonazoid microbubbles in the liver of normal subjects? ---
45  2016 Safety Assessment of Advanced Imaging Sequences I: Measurements. SARUS
46  2016 Safety Assessment of Advanced Imaging Sequences II: Simulations. ---
47  2016 Targeted Transthoracic Acoustic Activation of Systemically Administered Nanodroplets to Detect Myocardial Perfusion Abnormalities. C3C4
48  2016 The effect of ultrasound with acoustic radiation force on rabbit lung tissue: a preliminary study. ARF
49  2016 Ultrasound exposure (mechanical index 1.8) with acoustic radiation force impulse evokes extrasystolic waves in rabbit heart under concomitant administration of an ultrasound contrast agent. ARFI, UCA
50  2015 A theoretical study of inertial cavitation from acoustic radiation force impulse imaging and implications for the mechanical index. ARFI
51  2015 Acoustic output measured by thermal and mechanical indices during fetal echocardiography at the time of the first trimester scan. TI
52  2015 Acoustic output of multi-line transmit beamforming for fast cardiac imaging: a simulation study. MLT, SLT
53  2015 Analyzing the Impact of Increasing Mechanical Index and Energy Deposition on Shear Wave Speed Reconstruction in Human Liver. SWEI, SWS
54  2015 Anesthetic techniques influence the induction of pulmonary capillary hemorrhage during diagnostic ultrasound scanning in rats. US
55  2015 Combined effect of ultrasound/SonoVue microbubble on CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells viability and optimized parameters for its transfection. ---
56  2015 Conditionally Increased Acoustic Pressures in Nonfetal Diagnostic Ultrasound Examinations Without Contrast Agents: A Preliminary Assessment. CIP, FDA, IRB
57  2015 Contrast echocardiography: latest developments and clinical utility. UEAs
58  2015 Mechanical index. ---
59  2015 Neuromodulation accompanying focused ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier opening. BBB, BOLD, FUS, SSEPs
60  2015 Real-time contrast ultrasound muscle perfusion imaging with intermediate-power imaging coupled with acoustically durable microbubbles. CEU
61  2015 Removal of residual nuclei following a cavitation event: a parametric study. ---
62  2015 Safety Indices during Fetal Echocardiography at the Time of First-Trimester Scan Are Machine Dependent. DV, PW, TI
63  2015 The arrhythmogenic effect of ultrasonic exposure with acoustic radiation force (ARF) impulse on the rabbit heart with ultrasound contrast agent perfluorobutane. ARF, UCA
64  2015 Utilization of modified diagnostic ultrasound and microbubbles to reduce myocardial infarct size. WT
65  2015 Variation of safety indices during in the learning curve for color Doppler assessment of the fetal heart at 11+0 to 13+6 weeks' gestation. HD
66  2014 Characterization of ultrasound-induced pulmonary capillary hemorrhage in rats. BAL, PCH
67  2014 Impact of microbubble contrast on 2D strain quantification. LIQ, MBC
68  2014 Preparation of nanobubbles carrying androgen receptor siRNA and their inhibitory effects on androgen-independent prostate cancer when combined with ultrasonic irradiation. AIPC, AR
69  2014 Prevention of arteriovenous shunt occlusion using microbubble and ultrasound mediated thromboprophylaxis. MB, US
70  2014 Toric focusing for radiation force applications using a toric lens coupled to a spherically focused transducer. ---
71  2013 Gauging the likelihood of stable cavitation from ultrasound contrast agents. UCAs
72  2013 Intracavitary applications of ultrasound contrast agents in hepatogastroenterology. CEUS
73  2013 Quantitative low mechanical index contrast-enhanced endoscopic ultrasound for the differential diagnosis of chronic pseudotumoral pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. EUS, TIC
74  2013 Use of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography with a perflubutane-based contrast agent performed one day after transarterial chemoembolization for the early assessment of residual viable hepatocellular carcinoma. CT, DSA, HCC, TACE, US
75  2013 Visualization of multimodal polymer-shelled contrast agents using ultrasound contrast sequences: an experimental study in a tissue mimicking flow phantom. CA, CTR
76  2012 Bio-effects and safety of low-intensity, low-frequency ultrasonic exposure. LF, TI
77  2012 Effect of ultrasound parameters on the release of liposomal calcein. DEPC
78  2012 Induction of pulmonary hemorrhage in rats during diagnostic ultrasound. ---
79  2012 Microbubble mediated thrombus dissolution with diagnostic ultrasound for the treatment of chronic venous thrombi. CVC, MB
80  2012 Numerical prediction of frequency dependent 3D maps of mechanical index thresholds in ultrasonic brain therapy. HIFU
81  2012 Short interference RNA introduced into cultured cells with diagnostic ultrasound. Fz, si, US
82  2012 Should the mechanical index be revised for ARFI imaging? ---
83  2012 Two-dimensional longitudinal strain assessment in the presence of myocardial contrast agents is only feasible with speckle-tracking after microbubbledestruction. CAs, LS, STLS
84  2012 [What do doctors understand regarding ultrasound safety during pregnancy?]. TI
85  2011 A simple method for quantifying ultrasound-triggered microbubble destruction. PSI, TIC, UTMD
86  2011 Comparison of pulse subtraction Doppler and pulse inversion Doppler. CTR, PID
87  2011 In vitro microemboli classification using neural network models and RF signals. MLP, RBFN, RF, US
88  2011 Protein expression of mesenchymal stem cells after transfection of pcDNA3.1⁻-hVEGF₁₆₅ by ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction. MSCs, UTMD
89  2011 The feasibility of low mechanical index contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) in distinguishing malignant from benign thoracic lesions. BAT, CEUS, MTT, ROC, ROI, SI, TTP
90  2011 Ultrasound molecular imaging of tumor angiogenesis with an integrin targeted microbubble contrast agent. cRGD, MB, PDP
91  2011 ["Is it safe for my baby?" acoustic exposure of diagnostic ultrasound]. DUS, TI
92  2010 Contrast enhanced ultrasound of hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, US
93  2010 First experience using intraoperative contrast-enhanced ultrasound during endovascular aneurysm repair for infrarenal aortic aneurysms. CEUS, CT, EVAR, iCEUS, MR
94  2010 Flash-phase images to detect coronary artery stenosis: a novel finding during contrast-echocardiography. ---
95  2010 Utility of contrast-enhanced ultrasound for evaluation of thyroid nodules. i.v, US
96  2010 [Ultrasound-mediated microbubble cavitation enhances gene transduction in rat pulmonary endothelial cells partially by affecting membrane fluidity and cytoskeleton structure]. ---
97  2009 Acoustic output as measured by thermal and mechanical indices during fetal nuchal translucency ultrasound examinations. NT, TI
98  2009 Blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption using a diagnostic ultrasound scanner and Definity in Mice. BBB, CNR, MR, MRI, PW, US
99  2009 Diagnostic ultrasound combined with glycoprotein IIb/IIIa-targeted microbubbles improves microvascular recovery after acute coronary thrombotic occlusions. ---
100  2009 Effects of diagnostic contrast-enhanced ultrasound on permeability of placental barrier: a primary study. CEU, EB, MB, SD