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Abbreviation : MI
Long Form : metabolic intermediate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2016 Analysis of Mechanism-Based Inhibition of CYP 3A4 by a Series of Fluoroquinolone Antibacterial Agents. MBI
2015 Influence of sesamin on CYP2C-mediated diclofenac metabolism: invitro and invivo analysis. MBI
2013 How is a metabolic intermediate formed in the mechanism-based inactivation of cytochrome P450 by using 1,1-dimethylhydrazine: hydrogen abstraction or nitrogen oxidation? DFT, P450s
2013 Importance of H-abstraction in the final step of nitrosoalkane formation in the mechanism-based inactivation of cytochrome P450 by amine-containing drugs. DFT, MBI, MIC, NMH, P450s
2013 Metabolism-dependent inhibition of CYP3A4 by lapatinib: evidence for formation of a metabolic intermediate complex with a nitroso/oxime metabolite formed via a nitrone intermediate. MDI
2013 Time-dependent inhibition of CYP3A4 by sertraline, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. SSRIs
2010 Sequential metabolism of secondary alkyl amines to metabolic-intermediate complexes: opposing roles for the secondary hydroxylamine and primary amine metabolites of desipramine, (s)-fluoxetine, and N-desmethyldiltiazem. DES
2008 2-Diethylaminoethyl-2,2-diphenylvalerate-HCl (SKF525A) revisited: comparative cytochrome P450 inhibition in human liver microsomes by SKF525A, its metabolites, and SKF-acid and SKF-alcohol. ---
2008 Assessing and minimizing time-dependent inhibition of cytochrome P450 3A in drug discovery: a case study with melanocortin-4 receptor agonists. AUC, NADPH
10  2003 Human cytochrome p450 inhibition and metabolic-intermediate complex formation by goldenseal extract and its methylenedioxyphenyl components. ---
11  2003 In vitro formation of metabolic-intermediate cytochrome P450 complexes in rabbit liver microsomes by tiamulin and various macrolides. ---
12  2003 Mechanism-based inhibition of CYP activities in rat liver by fluoxetine and structurally similar alkylamines. DES, FLU, NIS, NOR
13  2001 In-vivo kinetics of the interaction between midazolam and erythromycin in rats, taking account of metabolic intermediate complex formation. AUC
14  2000 Metabolite-intermediate complexation and inhibition of microsomal CYP3A in rat liver by diltiazem. DES, DTZ
15  2000 Studies on the cytochrome P450 (CYP)-mediated metabolic properties of miocamycin: evaluation of the possibility of a metabolic intermediate complex formation with CYP, and identification of the human CYP isoforms. MOM
16  1999 In vitro complex formation and inhibition of hepatic cytochrome P450 activity by different macrolides and tiamulin in goats and cattle. CYP3A, TAO
17  1997 [Inhibitory effect of 2-(N-acetyl-methyl amino)-3',4'-methylenedioxyacetyl-aminophene(SY-640) on covalent binding of carcinogenic benzo(a)pyrene with mouse hepatocyte nuclear DNA]. ---
18  1996 Formation of a metabolic intermediate complex of cytochrome P4502B1 by clorgyline. ---
19  1996 Inhibition of microsomal cytochromes P450 in rat liver by the tricyclic antidepressant drug desipramine and its primary oxidized metabolites. DES
20  1995 Effect of cimetidine on hepatic cytochrome P450: evidence for formation of a metabolite-intermediate complex. ---
21  1995 Enhanced rates of cytochrome P450 metabolic-intermediate complex formation from nonmacrolide amines in rifampicin-treated rabbit liver microsomes. ---
22  1995 Inhibition and induction of cytochrome P450 isozymes after repetitive administration of imipramine in rats. ---
23  1995 Isozyme-selective metabolic intermediate complex formation of guinea pig hepatic cytochrome P450 by N-aralkylated derivatives of 1-aminobenzotriazole. BBT
24  1992 Cytochrome P-455 nm complex formation in the metabolism of phenylalkylamines. XII. Enantioselectivity and temperature dependence in microsomes and reconstituted cytochrome P-450 systems from rat liver. ---
25  1992 Cytochrome P-455 nm complex formation in the metabolism of phenylalkylamines. XIII. Enzyme interactions with a series of beta-alkyl-substituted 2-phenylethanamines and corresponding N-hydroxylamines. ---
26  1992 Hepatic microsomes from beer fed rats contain a cytochrome P-450 metabolic intermediate complex. CYP450
27  1992 Inhibition and metabolite complexation of rat hepatic microsomal cytochrome P450 by tricyclic antidepressants. AMIT, DES, IMIP, NOR
28  1992 Metabolite intermediate complexation of microsomal cytochrome P450 2C11 in male rat liver by nortriptyline. NOR
29  1990 Cytochrome P-450 metabolic-intermediate complex formation with a series of diphenhydramine analogues. ---
30  1989 Dependence of hydrogen peroxide formation in rat liver microsomes on the molecular structure of cytochrome P-450 substrates: a study with barbiturates and beta-adrenoceptor antagonists. ---
31  1989 In vitro formation of an inhibitory complex between an isosafrole metabolite and rat hepatic cytochrome P-450 PB-B. PB
32  1989 In vitro inhibition of hepatic steroid hydroxylation by tamoxifen, a series of tamoxifen analogues and related compounds. ---
33  1989 Inhibition of oxidative drug metabolism by orphenadrine: in vitro and in vivo evidence for isozyme-specific complexation of cytochrome P-450 and inhibition kinetics. PB
34  1988 Reversible inhibition of aromatic hydroxylation of methamphetamine in rat liver microsomal preparations pretreated with methamphetamine. MP
35  1987 Cytochrome P450 metabolic intermediate complex of nefopam. ---
36  1984 Cytochrome P-455 nm complex formation in the metabolism of phenylalkylamines. 8. Stereoselectivity in metabolic intermediary complex formation with a series of chiral 2-substituted 1-phenyl-2-aminoethanes. NADPH
37  1984 Inhibition of mono-oxygenase and oxidase activity of rat-hepatic cytochrome P-450 by H2-receptor blockers. 3-MC, PB
38  1983 Product inhibition in orphenadrine metabolism as a result of a stable cytochrome P-450-metabolic intermediate complex formed during the disposition of mono-N-desmethylorphenadrine (tofenacine) in the rat. ---
39  1982 Cytochrome P-455-nm complex formation in the metabolism of phenylalkylamines. VI. Structure--activity relationships in metabolic intermediary complex formation with a series of alpha-substituted 2-phenylethylamines and corresponding N-hydroxylamines. ---
40  1982 Metabolic-intermediate complex formation reveals major changes in rat hepatic cytochrome P-450 subpopulations in addition to those forms previously purified after phenobarbital, beta-naphthoflavone, and isosafrole induction. ---