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Abbreviation : MIN
Long Form : medial interlaminar nucleus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2015 Dorsal raphe nucleus projecting retinal ganglion cells: Why Y cells? DRN, LGN, SC
2010 The superior colliculus of the ferret: cortical afferents and efferent connections to dorsal thalamus. LP
2001 Synaptic targets of thalamic reticular nucleus terminals in the visual thalamus of the cat. GABA, LGN, LP, Pul, TRN
2000 Postnatal development of thalamocortical projections upon striate and extrastriate visual cortical areas in the cat. AEV, CPD, dLGN, PLLS, PMLS
1999 Anatomical characteristics and three-dimensional model of the dog dorsal lateral geniculate body. LGN
1999 Cell types and response timings in the medial interlaminar nucleus and C-layers of the cat lateral geniculate nucleus. ---
1998 Thalamic control of cat lateral suprasylvian visual area: relation to patchy association projections from area 18. LS
1992 Acuity-sensitivity trade-offs of X and Y cells in the cat lateral geniculate complex: role of the medial interlaminar nucleus in scotopic vision. ---
1991 Visuotopic organization of the lateral suprasylvian area and of an adjacent area of the ectosylvian gyrus of cat cortex: a physiological and connectional study. AEV, LPl, LS, MSS, PEV, SC
10  1988 Corticotectal circuit in the cat: a functional analysis of the lateral geniculate nucleus layers of origin. LGN, SC
11  1988 Experimental induction of an abnormal ipsilateral visual field representation in the geniculocortical pathway of normally pigmented cats. ---
12  1987 Projection from the pretectal nuclei to the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus in the cat: a wheat germ agglutinin-horseradish peroxidase study. NPP, NTO
13  1987 The innervation density of serotonergic (5-HT) fibers varies in different subdivisions of the cat lateral geniculate nucleus complex. LGN
14  1986 Cat area 17. IV. Two types of corticotectal cells defined by controlling geniculate inputs. CT, LGN
15  1986 Single thalamic neurons project to both lateral suprasylvian visual cortex and area 17: a retrograde fluorescent double-labeling study. LPl, PMLS
16  1985 An analysis of the cellular localization of cytochrome oxidase in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the adult cat. CO, LGN, PG, RL, RS
17  1985 Morphology and physiology of single neurons in the medial interlaminar nucleus of the cat's lateral geniculate nucleus. HRP
18  1985 Termination patterns of individual X- and Y-cell axons in the visual cortex of the cat: projections to area 18, to the 17/18 border region, and to both areas 17 and 18. LGN
19  1985 The structure of the terminal arborizations of physiologically identified retinal ganglion cell Y axons in the kitten. HRP, LGN, r.g.c
20  1985 Transient tectogeniculate projections in neonatal kittens: an autoradiographic study. ---
21  1984 Bifurcation of subcortical afferents to visual areas 17, 18, and 19 in the cat cortex. ILN, LGN, LP, PN, RRZ-Pul
22  1984 Cat medial interlaminar nucleus: retinotopy, relation to tapetum and implications for scotopic vision. ---
23  1984 Glutamic acid decarboxylase-immunoreactive neurons and terminals in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat. GAD
24  1984 Retinal synapses of the cat medial interlaminar nucleus and ventral lateral geniculate nucleus differ in size and synaptic organization. VLG
25  1984 Some neural connections subserving binocular vision in ungulates. LGN
26  1984 Terminal patterns of single, physiologically characterized optic tract fibers in the cat's lateral geniculate nucleus. ---
27  1982 An electron microscopic comparison of the medial interlaminar nucleus and the A laminae in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the cat. ---
28  1982 Development of the electrophysiological properties of Y-cells in the kitten's medial interlaminar nucleus. ---
29  1982 Monocular deprivation affects X- and Y-cell retinogeniculate terminations in cats. HRP, LGN
30  1982 Retinal W-cell projections to the medial interlaminar nucleus in the cat: implications for ganglion cell classification. HRP
31  1982 Thalamocortical neurons projecting to the areas surrounding the anterior and middle suprasylvian sulci in the cat. A horseradish peroxidase study. CL, PN, Pul-LP
32  1981 Different distribution of large and small retinal ganglion cells in the cat after HRP injections of single layers of the lateral geniculate body and the superior colliculus. SGS
33  1980 A quantitative study of the occurrence and distribution of cytoplasmic laminated bodies in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the normal adult cat. CLB, dLGN, MS, PN
34  1980 Projection patterns of single physiologically characterized optic tract fibres in cat. HRP, SC, SC
35  1979 Properties of neurons in cat's dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus: a comparison between medial interlaminar and laminated parts of the nucleus. ---
36  1979 Visual thalamocortical connections in sheep studied by means of the retrograde transport of horseradish-peroxidase. PUL
37  1978 Effects of early monocular lid suture upon neurons in the cat's medial interlaminar nucleus. ---
38  1977 The projection from the lateral geniculate nucleus onto the visual cortex in the cat. A quantitative study with horseradish-peroxidase. HRP