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Abbreviation : MIN
Long Form : microsatellite instability
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2017 Frequently mutated genes/pathways and genomic instability as prevention targets in liver cancer. CIN, HCC
2015 Nuclear accumulation of annexin A2 contributes to chromosomal instability by coilin-mediated centromere damage. CIN
2014 Lamin B2 prevents chromosome instability by ensuring proper mitotic chromosome segregation. CIN, HNPCC
2014 Proteomics of differential extraction fractions enriched for chromatin-binding proteins from colon adenoma and carcinoma tissues. CB, CIN, CRC
2013 Colorectal cancer: molecular mutations and polymorphisms. CIN, CRC
2013 Colorectal carcinoma and folate. CIMP, CIN, CRC
2013 Role of genomic instability in arsenic-induced carcinogenicity. A review. CIN
2011 EAPP modulates the activity of p21 and Chk2. CIN
2011 Genetics, cytogenetics, and epigenetics of colorectal cancer. CIMP, CIN, CRC
10  2010 Clinical relevance of microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer. CRCs, IHC, MSI
11  2009 Checkpoint with forkhead-associated and ring finger promoter hypermethylation correlates with microsatellite instability in gastric cancer. CHFR
12  2009 Enhanced genomic instabilities caused by deregulated microtubule dynamics and chromosome segregation: a perspective from genetic studies in mice. CIN, SAC
13  2007 Alcohol consumption and distinct molecular pathways to colorectal cancer. CI, CIN, CRC, RR
14  2007 c-MYC delays prometaphase by direct transactivation of MAD2 and BubR1: identification of mechanisms underlying c-MYC-induced DNA damage and chromosomal instability. ---
15  2007 Inactivation of human mutL homolog 1 and mutS homolog 2 genes in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma tumors and leukoplakia samples by promoter hypermethylation and its relation with microsatellite instability phenotype. hMLH1, hMSH2, HNSCC
16  2006 Chromosomal instability in MYH- and APC-mutant adenomatous polyps. CIN, FAP, MAP
17  2006 Genetic instability and the quasispecies model. CIN
18  2006 Genomic instabilities in squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck from the Indian population. AP-PCR, CIN, HNSCC, LOH
19  2005 A novel logistic model based on clinicopathological features predicts microsatellite instability in colorectal carcinomas. ---
20  2004 Allelic imbalance of APAF-1 locus at 12q23 is related to progression of colorectal carcinoma. AI, CRC
21  2004 Chromosome segregation and genomic stability. CIN
22  2004 Colorectal cancer without high microsatellite instability and chromosomal instability--an alternative genetic pathway to human colorectal cancer. CIN, CRCs
23  2004 Molecular genetic pathways in various types of endometrial carcinoma: from a phenotypical to a molecular-based classification. ---
24  2003 11q23-24 loss is associated with chromosomal instability in endometrial cancer. CGH, CIN, FISH, LSC
25  2003 A double missense variation of the BUB1 gene and a defective mitotic spindle checkpoint in the pancreatic cancer cell line Hs766T. CIN
26  2003 Fractional allele loss is a valuable marker for human lung cancer detection in sputum. CI, FAL, LOH, MA, NSCLC, SCLC
27  2003 Genomic instability and cancer. BER, CIN, HNPCC, MMR, NER
28  2002 Analysis of microsatellite instability in acquired drug-resistance human tumor cell lines. MMR
29  2002 Dynamics of genetic instability in sporadic and familial colorectal cancer. CIN
30  2002 Frequent loss of heterozygosity in chromosomal region 9pter-p13 in tumor biopsies and cytological material of uterine cervical cancer. LOH
31  2002 Gene expression differences between the microsatellite instability (MIN) and chromosomal instability (CIN) phenotypes in colorectal cancer revealed by high-density cDNA array hybridization. CIN
32  2002 Genomic instability on hMSH2, hMLH1, CD48 and IRF4 loci in pulmonary sarcoidosis. LOH, MMR
33  2002 Human colon cancer cells surviving high doses of cisplatin or oxaliplatin in vitro are not defective in DNA mismatch repair proteins. DACH, MMR
34  2002 Molecular alteration of gastric carcinoma. CIN, MMP, MMR
35  2002 [Dualistic model of molecular pathogenesis in endometrial carcinoma]. EIC, ER, PR
36  2001 Aneuploid colon cancer cells have a robust spindle checkpoint. APC, CIN
37  2001 Carcinogen-specific induction of genetic instability. CIN, MNNG, PhIP
38  2001 Different mechanisms in the tumorigenesis of proximal and distal colon cancers. CIN
39  2001 DNA amplification and chromosomal translocations are accompanied by chromosomal instability: analysis of seven human colon cancer cell lines by comparative genomic hybridization and spectral karyotyping. CGH, CIN, SKY
40  2001 Oestrogen receptors and microsatellite instability in colorectal carcinoma patients. ---
41  2001 Sensitive detection of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder by microsatellite analysis of cells exfoliated in urine. LOH, TCC
42  2001 [Advanced gastric adenocarcinoma with RER+ phenotype presents a good prognosis after 5 years of curative resection]. ---
43  2000 Assessing microsatellite instability with semiautomated fluorescent technology: application to the analysis of primary brain tumors. PCR, STRs
44  2000 Evidence for a recessive inheritance of Turcot's syndrome caused by compound heterozygous mutations within the PMS2 gene. ---
45  2000 Low frequency of replication errors in primary nervous system tumours. PCR
46  2000 Microsatellite alterations in urinary sediments from patients with cystitis and bladder cancer. BPH, LOH, TCC
47  2000 Microsatellite instability in sacral chordoma. LOH, PCR
48  2000 Mutation analysis of mitotic checkpoint genes (hBUB1 and hBUBR1) and microsatellite instability in adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma. ATLL, HTLV-I
49  2000 [Application of microsatellite alteration of urine sediment in the early diagnosis of bladder cancer]. LOH, MS, PCR
50  1999 Detection of microsatellite instability in sporadic cardiac myxomas. ---
51  1999 High resolution mapping of chromosome 6 deletions in cervical cancer. CC, LOH
52  1999 Microsatellite analysis in serous tumors of the ovary. LMP, LOH
53  1999 Microsatellite instability and p53 mutations in pediatric secondary malignant neoplasms. ---
54  1999 Microsatellite instability in human cancer: a prognostic marker for chemotherapy? RER+
55  1998 Clear cell sarcoma or malignant melanoma of soft parts: molecular analysis of microsatellite instability with clinical correlation. CCS
56  1998 Concurrent cytogenetic and molecular investigations in uterine and ovarian neoplasms. LOH
57  1998 Expression of hMSH2 and hMLH1 in colorectal carcinomas with microsatellite instability. HNPCC, MMR
58  1998 Microsatellite instability in human solid tumors. HNPCC
59  1998 Microsatellite instability in malignant melanoma. PCR
60  1998 Microsatellite instability in sarcomas. ---
61  1998 Microsatellite instability in sporadic carcinomas of the proximal colon: association with diploid DNA content, negative protein expression of p53, and distinct histomorphologic features. ---
62  1998 Morphology of sporadic colorectal cancer with DNA replication errors. CRC, RERs
63  1998 Novel mutations in the polyadenine tract of the transforming growth factor beta type II receptor gene are found in a subpopulation of human pancreatic adenocarcinomas. ---
64  1998 Relation between microsatellite instability and N-ras mutation and duration of disease free survival in patients with acute leukemia. hMSH3
65  1998 [Damage to the transforming growth factor TGF-beta type II receptor gene and microsatellite instability in carcinoma cells of the gastrointestinal tract]. CC, FGC, GC, GIT, HNPCC, RII gene
66  1998 [Microsatellite instability of genome in cells of sporadic and hereditary carcinoma of the gastrointestinal tract]. CC, HNPCC, MMR
67  1997 Different genetic pathways to proximal and distal colorectal cancer influenced by sex-related factors. ---
68  1997 Frequent breakpoints in the region surrounding FRA3B in sporadic renal cell carcinomas. RER+
69  1997 Reduced expression of mismatch repair genes measured by multiplex reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction in human gliomas. MMR
70  1997 Relationship between microsatellite instability and histologic types of colorectal carcinoma. EBER, LELC, NPC
71  1997 [Study on microsatellite instability in gastric cancer]. GC
72  1997 [What's new about microsatellite instability significance in human carcinogenesis?]. ---
73  1996 Absence of mutations in DNA mismatch repair genes in sporadic endometrial tumors with microsatellite instability. EC, HNPCC
74  1996 Altered expression of hMSH2 and hMLH1 in tumors with microsatellite instability and genetic alterations in mismatch repair genes. MMR
75  1996 Genetic alterations on chromosomes 3 and 9 of esophageal cancer tissues from China. EC, LOH
76  1996 Microsatellite instability and mutation analysis of hMSH2 and hMLH1 in patients with sporadic, familial and hereditary colorectal cancer. HNPCC
77  1996 Microsatellite instability differences between familial and sporadic ovarian cancers. HNPCC, OC
78  1996 Microsatellite instability in nonneoplastic mucosa from patients with chronic ulcerative colitis. UC
79  1995 Comparative genomic in situ hybridization of colon carcinomas with replication error. ---
80  1995 Detection of microsatellite instability in human colorectal carcinomas using a non-radioactive PCR-based screening technique. HNPCC
81  1995 Microsatellite instability and K-ras mutations associated with pancreatic adenocarcinoma and pancreatitis. ---
82  1995 Microsatellite instability in keratoacanthoma. HNPCC, KA, MTS
83  1994 Microsatellite instability in Muir-Torre syndrome. HNPCC, MTS