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Abbreviation : ML
Long Form : mechanoluminescence
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A ZnS/CaZnOS Heterojunction for Efficient Mechanical-to-Optical Energy Conversion by Conduction Band Offset. ---
2020 Activating Versatile Mechanoluminescence in Organic Host-Guest Crystals by Controlling Exciton Transfer. ---
2020 Determining the Fracture Process Zone Length and Mode I Stress Intensity Factor in Concrete Structures via Mechanoluminescent Technology. FPZ, SENB, SHMS, SIF
2020 Selective Expression of Chromophores in a Single Molecule: Soft Organic Crystals Exhibiting Full-Colour Tunability and Dynamic Triplet-Exciton Behaviours. MRL, RTP, TADF, VOCs
2020 Short-Term Non-Decaying Mechanoluminescence in Li2MgGeO4:Mn2. ---
2020 Water-Resistant Mechanoluminescent Electrospun Fabrics with Protected Sensitivity in Wet Condition via Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Process. PAN, PVDF
2019 A G-Fresnel Optical Device and Image Processing Based Miniature Spectrometer for Mechanoluminescence Sensor Applications. CMOS
2019 A Simple Organic Molecule Realizing Simultaneous TADF, RTP, AIE, and Mechanoluminescence: Understanding the Mechanism Behind the Multifunctional Emitter. AIE, RTP, TADF
2019 Adding memory to pressure-sensitive phosphors. OSL, TL
10  2019 Dual Optical Signal-based Intraocular Pressure-sensing Principle Using Pressure-sensitive Mechanoluminescent ZnS:Cu/PDMS Soft Composite. FSI, i.e., strain, IOP, PDMS
11  2019 Low Detection Limit and High Sensitivity Wind Speed Sensor Based on Triboelectrification-Induced Electroluminescence. IoT, PD, TENGs, TIEL
12  2019 Mechanically Excited Multicolor Luminescence in Lanthanide Ions. ---
13  2019 Mechanoluminescence or Room-Temperature Phosphorescence: Molecular Packing-Dependent Emission Response. RTP
14  2019 Multiple Luminescence Responses towards Mechanical Stimulus and Photo-Induction: The Key Role of the Stuck Packing Mode and Tunable Intermolecular Interactions. RTP
15  2019 Renaissance of Organic Triboluminescent Materials. TL
16  2019 Spiro-Structure: A Good Approach to Achieve Mechanoluminescence Property. SFX
17  2019 Stress-rate effect on time response of mechanoluminescent-sensor luminescent intensity. ---
18  2019 Stretchable Hybrid Bilayered Luminescent Composite Based on the Combination of Strain-Induced and Triboelectrification-Induced Electroluminescence. HLC
19  2018 A Review of Mechanoluminescence in Inorganic Solids: Compounds, Mechanisms, Models and Applications. ---
20  2018 A simple and versatile strategy for realizing bright multicolor mechanoluminescence. ---
21  2018 Alkyl Chain Introduction: In Situ Solar-Renewable Colorful Organic Mechanoluminescence Materials. ---
22  2018 CaZnOS:Nd3+ Emits Tissue-Penetrating near-Infrared Light upon Force Loading. NIR, PL, RE
23  2018 Mechano-induced persistent room-temperature phosphorescence from purely organic molecules. IEC, RTP
24  2018 Multifunctional luminescent magnetic cryocooler in a Gd5Mn2 pyramidal complex. MCE, PL
25  2018 Optimization of strontium aluminate-based mechanoluminescence materials for occlusal examination of artificial tooth. DBR
26  2018 Organic Mechanoluminescence with Aggregation-Induced Emission. AIE
27  2018 Printable Skin-Driven Mechanoluminescence Devices via Nanodoped Matrix Modification. PDMS
28  2018 Quantitative stress measurement of elastic deformation using mechanoluminescent sensor: An intensity ratio model. ---
29  2018 Stimuli-Responsive Mechanoluminescence in Different Matrices. ---
30  2018 Weak interactions but potent effect: tunable mechanoluminescence by adjusting intermolecular C-Hpi interactions. LE, TICT
31  2017 AIEgen with Fluorescence-Phosphorescence Dual Mechanoluminescence at Room Temperature. ---
32  2017 Differentiation between sources of mechanoluminescence and acoustic emission in impact-loaded ZnSe and ZnS ceramics. AE
33  2017 Laser shock wave-induced visible mechanoluminescence from semi-transparent organic crystals. ---
34  2017 Mechanoluminescence from pure hydrocarbon AIEgen. AIE, TPE
35  2017 Mechanoluminescence of SrAl2 O4 :Eu,Dy nanophosphors induced by low impact velocity. HRTEM, PL, XRD
36  2017 Orange-red emitting europium doped strontium ortho-silicate phosphor prepared by a solid state reaction method. CIE, EDS, TL
37  2017 Phenothiazinyl Boranes: A New Class of AIE Luminogens with Mega Stokes Shift, Mechanochromism, and Mechanoluminescence. AIE, MC
38  2017 Synthesis and Luminescence Characterization of LaBO3:Dy3+ Phosphor for Stress Sensing Application. CIE
39  2016 A Mechanoluminescent ZnS:Cu/Rhodamine/SiO2/PDMS and Piezoresistive CNT/PDMS Hybrid Sensor: Red-Light Emission and a Standardized Strain Quantification. ---
40  2016 Achieving very bright mechanoluminescence from purely organic luminophores with aggregation-induced emission by crystal design. AIE, DFT, TPE
41  2016 Ca2 Al2 SiO7 :Ce3+ phosphors for mechanoluminescence dosimetry. EDX, PL, SEM, TEM, TL, UV, XRD
42  2016 Effect of UV irradiation on different types of luminescence of SrAl2 O4 :Eu,Dy phosphors. AG, TL
43  2016 Investigations on luminescence behaviour of Ce-activated BaMgAl10 O17 phosphor. ---
44  2016 Laser power dependence of mechanoluminescence in metals. ---
45  2016 Mechanoluminescence properties of SrAl2O4:Eu(2+) phosphor by combustion synthesis. EDX, FTIR, PL, TEM, XRD
46  2016 Mechanoluminescence Study of Europium Doped CaZrO3 Phosphor. ---
47  2016 Origin of Mechanoluminescence from Cu-Doped ZnS Particles Embedded in an Elastomer Film and Its Application in Flexible Electro-mechanoluminescent Lighting Devices. EML, TEM
48  2015 A smart load-sensing system using standardized mechano-luminescence measurement. ---
49  2015 An organic molecule with asymmetric structure exhibiting aggregation-induced emission, delayed fluorescence, and mechanoluminescence. AIE, DF
50  2015 Characterization and luminescence properties of CaMgSi2O6:Eu2+ blue phosphor. PL, TEM, TL, XRD
51  2015 Enhancement of the photoluminescence and long afterglow properties of Sr2MgSi2O7:Eu(2+) phosphor by Dy(3+) co-doping. EDX, PL, XRD
52  2015 Fracto-mechanoluminescence induced by impulsive deformation of II-VI semiconductors. FML
53  2015 Luminescence properties of green-emitting Ca2MgSi2O7:Eu2+ phosphor by a solid-state reaction method. EDX, Eu, FESEM, FTIR, PL, TEM, XRD
54  2015 Mechanoluminescence of Ba2 MgSi2 O7 doped with Eu(2+) and Dy(3+) phosphor by impulsive deformation. PL
55  2015 Mechanoluminescence, thermoluminescence, photoluminescence studies on Ca3Y2Si3O12:RE(3+) (RE(3+) = Dy(3+) and Eu(3+)) phosphors. PL, TL, XRD
56  2015 Recent Advances in Doped Mechanoluminescent Phosphors. ---
57  2015 Structural characterization and optical properties of Ca2MgSi2O7:Eu(2+),Dy(3+) phosphor by solid-state reaction method. EDX, FESEM, FTIR, PL, TEM, XRD
58  2015 Very bright mechanoluminescence and remarkable mechanochromism using a tetraphenylethene derivative with aggregation-induced emission. ACQ, AIE
59  2015 ZnAl2O4:Eu novel phosphor: SEM and mechanoluminescence characterization synthesized by solution combustion technique. ---
60  2014 Experimental and theoretical study of mechanoluminescence and lyoluminescence of Li3 PO4 : RE (RE = Dy and Tb) phosphors. LL
61  2014 Lifetime-based measurement of stress during cyclic elastic deformation using mechanoluminescence of SrAl₂O₄:Eu⁺. ---
62  2014 Mechanoluminescence of SrAl2O4:Eu(+), Dy(3+) under cyclic loading. ---
63  2014 Performance of single mechanoluminescent particle as ubiquitous light source. ---
64  2014 Survey of the literature on mechanoluminescence from 1605 to 2013. EML, FML, PML
65  2013 Effects of persistent luminescence decay on mechanoluminescence phenomena of SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ materials. PL
66  2013 Lifetime-based measurement of stress using mechanoluminescence of SrAl2O4:Eu2+. ---
67  2012 Lyoluminescence, thermoluminescence and mechanoluminescence studies in gamma-ray irradiated Dy3+ activated potassium chloride phosphor for accidental radiation dosimetry. LL, TL
68  2011 Direct visualization of ultrasonic power distribution using mechanoluminescent film. ---
69  2011 Mechanoluminescence properties of gamma-ray-irradiated BaSO4:Eu phosphors. TL
70  2011 Mechanoluminescent light source for a fluorescent probe molecule. ---
71  2009 Rate-equation model for the loading-rate-dependent mechanoluminescence of SrAl2O4:Eu2+,Dy3+. ---
72  2007 Plasma characteristics of the discharge produced during mechanoluminescence. ---
73  2006 Comparative study on mechanoluminescence of irradiated and non-irradiated ionic crystals. ---
74  2006 Correlation between thermoluminescence and mechanoluminescence of gamma-irradiated Dy activated potassium and magnesium mixed sulphate. TL
75  2002 Mechano and thermoluminescence of gamma-irradiated CaSO4:Dy phosphor. TL
76  2000 Mechanoluminescence: lymphocyte analysis after exposure to ionizing radiation. mt, PBL