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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Cellular and molecular mechanisms of convergence and extension in zebrafish. AP, MIB, PCP
2020 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients increase medio-lateral stability and limit changes in antero-posterior stability to curb energy expenditure. AP, COPD, MoS, SSWS
2020 Postural control processes during standing and step initiation in autism spectrum disorder. ADI-R, AP, APAs, ASD, COP, MI, SD, TD
2020 Setting boundaries: Utilization of time to boundary for objective evaluation of the balance error scoring system. AP, COP, mBESS, TTB
2020 Tumor motion tracking based on a four-dimensional computed tomography respiratory motion model driven by an ultrasound tracking technique. CBCT, RMSS, SI, UITA
2019 A biomechanical study of gait initiation in Down syndrome. AP, APAs, COM, COP, DS, GI, LOC
2019 A case-control study of gait balance control in veterans with chronic symptoms following mTBI. COM, DT, mTBI
2019 A Novel and Reproducible Classification of the Vertebral Artery in the Subaxial Cervical Spine. AP, CTA, VA
2019 A post-processing method based on interphase motion correction and averaging to improve image quality of 4D magnetic resonance imaging: a clinical feasibility study. AP, aSNR, KB, SI, SOS
10  2019 Anteromedial minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis (MIPO) for distal third humeral shaft fractures - Is it possible?: A cadaveric study. BA, LCP, MCN, MIPO, MN, RN
11  2019 Association of fear of falling with acceleration-derived gait indices in older adults with knee osteoarthritis. AP, FOF, OA, RMS, STV
12  2019 Associations among falls, gait variability, and balance function in idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus. 10MWT, BBS, FGA, iNPH, QS, VT
13  2019 Associations between Subtalar Muscle Strength and Balance Performance in Healthy Young and Old Adults. AP, LOS, ROM
14  2019 Attentional cost in additional visual feedback protocols in healthy young subjects. AP, CGv, CP, VFB
15  2019 Bilateral spatiotemporal postural control impairments are present in participants with chronic ankle instability. AP, CAI, COP, TTB
16  2019 Body configuration as a predictor of centre of mass displacement in a forward reactive step. AP, COM
17  2019 Center of mass in analysis of dynamic stability during gait following stroke: A systematic review. AP, COM, MoS
18  2019 Center of pressure metrics derived from spatially registered typically developing data. CV, PV
19  2019 Choice of immobilization of stereotactic body radiotherapy in lung tumor patient by BMI. AP, BMI, CBCT, CC, TMP, VCS
20  2019 Comparison of cross-sectional geometrical properties and bone density of the proximal radius between Saint Bernard and other giant breed dogs. BMD, CrCd, CT, mCT, MOI
21  2019 Comparison of simultaneous static standing balance data on a pressure mat and force plate in typical children and in children with cerebral palsy. COP, CP, TD
22  2019 Complexity based measures of postural stability provide novel evidence of functional decline in fragile X premutation carriers. AP, Ci, FMR1, FXTAS, MSE, SART
23  2019 Concussion history associated with increased postural control deficits after subsequent injury. AP, CON, EC, MEV, RMS
24  2019 Correlation between the mid-substance cross-sectional anterior cruciate ligament size and the knee osseous morphology. ACL, AP
25  2019 Correlation of Anthropometric Measurements of Proximal Tibia in Iranian Knees with Size of Current Tibial Implants. AP, TKA
26  2019 Correlational study of the center of pressure measures of postural steadiness on five different standing tasks in overweight adults. AP, BBS, COP, SK
27  2019 Cross-limb dynamics of postural tremor due to limb loading to fatigue: neural overflow but not coupling. AP, VT
28  2019 Demographics and Distal Tibial Dimensions of Suitable Distal Tibial Allografts for Glenoid Reconstruction. AP, CI, ROC
29  2019 Development of the fall prevention index onthe movable scaffold for construction workers. AP, COP, FPI
30  2019 Do intentionality constraints shape the relationship between motor variability and performance? AP, DFA, RD
31  2019 Dynamic stability and stepping strategies of young healthy adults walking on an oscillating treadmill. AP, MoS
32  2019 Dynamics of postural control during bilateral stance - Effect of support area, visual input and age. CoD, COP, ENT, LyE, SaEn
33  2019 Effect of Flywheel Resistance Training on Balance Performance in Older Adults. A Randomized Controlled Trial. AP, CON, COP, ETG, MPV, TUG
34  2019 Effect of sound on standing postural stability in the elderly with and without knee osteoarthritis. AP, knee-OA
35  2019 Effect of tibial component alignment on knee kinematics and ligament tension in medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. ACL, UKA
36  2019 Effects of age-related changes in step length and step width on the required coefficient of friction during straight walking. AP, RCOF, RCOF
37  2019 Effects of Heat Exposure from Live-Burn Fire Training on Postural Stability of Firefighters. ACSP, AP, AV, CBT, LIN ACC, PRE
38  2019 Effects of heel height and high-heel experience on foot stability during quiet standing. AP, COP, HHS
39  2019 Evolution of vertebrate spinal cord patterning. AP, DV, RA
40  2019 Fingertip-Coupled Spindle Signaling Does Not Contribute to Reduce Postural Sway Under Light Touch. AP, LT, PMA
41  2019 Gait adaptations during overground walking and multidirectional oscillations of the visual field in a virtual reality headset. AP, SL, ST, SW, VE, VR
42  2019 Gait initiation and partial body weight unloading for functional improvement in post-stroke individuals. AP, BWS, COP
43  2019 High Postural Sway Is an Independent Risk Factor for Osteoporotic Fractures but Not for Mortality in Elderly Women. AP
44  2019 How accuracy of foot-placement is affected by the size of the base of support and crutch support in stroke survivors and healthy adults. AP
45  2019 Identify the Alteration of Balance Control and Risk of Falling in Stroke Survivors During Obstacle Crossing Based on Kinematic Analysis. COM, COP
46  2019 Impact of body-mass factors on setup displacement during pelvic irradiation in patients with lower abdominal cancer. AP, BMF, IGRT, RE, SE, SI
47  2019 Kinematic Analysis of Postural Stability During Ballet Turns (pirouettes) in Experienced and Novice Dancers. AP, COM, COP
48  2019 Lack of Growth of Small (≤2 mm Feeding Artery) Untreated Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformations in Patients with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. AP, PAVM
49  2019 Linear and nonlinear measures of gait variability after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACLR, CG, LDS, MoS, SEn, VAR
50  2019 Minimal effects of age and prolonged physical and mental exercise on healthy adults' gait. AP, COP, DFA, MSE, RSTS
51  2019 Morphometric Study of Lower End Femur by Using Helical Computed Tomography. ALCH, AP, CT, TKA
52  2019 Postural control in girls with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis while wearing a Cheneau brace or performing active self-correction: a pilot study. AIS, AP, ASC, BRA, COP, QST
53  2019 Postural instability and position of the center of pressure into the base of support in postmenopausal osteoporotic and nonosteoporotic women with and without hyperkyphosis. AP, BMD, BOS, COP
54  2019 Postural sway changes during static standing with concurrent task in children with traumatic brain injury. AP, TBI, TD
55  2019 Postural sway during single-legged standing is dependent on the preceding and subsequent action and supports the stability and mobility trade-off hypothesis in classical dancers. AP, COP
56  2019 Postural Threat Modulates Perceptions of Balance-Related Movement During Support Surface Rotations. EDA
57  2019 Potential Markers of Progression in Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease Derived From Assessment of Circular Gait With a Single Body-Fixed-Sensor: A 5 Year Longitudinal Study. AP, GEE, HC, PD, VT
58  2019 Pre-operative factors correlated with arthroscopic reparability of large-to-massive rotator cuff tears. AP, ROC
59  2019 Relations between the Crowe classification and the 3D femoral head displacement in patients with developmental dysplasia of the hip. AP, DDH, SI
60  2019 Relative fibular strength and locomotor behavior in KNM-WT 15000 and OH 35. AP, SD
61  2019 Reliability and feasibility of gait initiation centre-of-pressure excursions using a Wii Balance Board in older adults at risk of falling. AP, COP, GI, OARF, SBI, WBB
62  2019 Rotational position of the tibial component can decrease bony coverage of the tibial component in Oxford mobile-bearing unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. AP, CT, UKA
63  2019 Rotator cuff tears reparability index based on pre-operative MRI: our experience. AHD, AP, FI, GVA, IGHD, OG, PS, RCT, TS
64  2019 Sexual and ethnic polymorphism render prosthetic overhang and under-coverage inevitable using off-the shelf TKA implants. AP, CT, TKA
65  2019 Small, movement dependent perturbations substantially alter postural control strategy in healthy young adults. AP, MPF, RMS, SD
66  2019 Smartphone technology can measure postural stability and discriminate fall risk in older adults. AP, AUC, COP, RMS, ROC
67  2019 Strengthening of the Efferent Olivocochlear System Leads to Synaptic Dysfunction and Tonotopy Disruption of a Central Auditory Nucleus. MNTB, WT
68  2019 Textured Foot Orthotics on Dynamic Stability and Turning Performance in Parkinson's Disease. BOS, COM, FO, FOT
69  2019 The effect of external lateral stabilization on the use of foot placement to control mediolateral stability in walking and running. ---
70  2019 The effects of both jump/land phases and direction on Achilles tendon loading. AP, AT, jump, vGRF
71  2019 The influence of increased passive stiffness of the trunk and hips on balance control during reactive stepping. AP, COM
72  2019 The Relationship Between Foot Feature Parameters and Postural Stability in Healthy Subjects. AP, COP, LLA, MLA, NWB, SLS, WB
73  2019 The role of chick Ebf genes in the mediolateral patterning of the somites. Ebf
74  2019 Three-dimensional geometry of human tibial anterior curvature in chronologically distinct population samples of Central Europeans (2900 BC - 21st century AD). AP
75  2019 Two-year changes in gait variability in community-living older adults. AP
76  2019 Validating a low-cost, consumer force-measuring platform as an accessible alternative for measuring postural sway. AP, COP, LFP, MAE
77  2019 Visual feedback is not necessary for recalibrating the vestibular contribution to the dynamic phase of a perturbation recovery response. GVS
78  2019 What Is the Possible Impact of High Variability of Distal Femoral Geometry on TKA? A CT Data Analysis of 24,042 Knees. DCO, PCO, PFO, sTKA
79  2018 A New Technique for Distalization of the Tibial Tubercle That Allows Preservation of the Proximal Buttress. AP, TTO
80  2018 Acute effects of core stability exercises on balance control. AP, COP, ENT, FRA, FRE, VAR, VEL
81  2018 Age-related alterations in reactive stepping following unexpected mediolateral perturbations during gait initiation. BOS, COM, OA, YA
82  2018 Altered postural control variability in older-aged individuals with a history of lateral ankle sprain. AP, ApEn, COP, COPv, LAS, SampEn
83  2018 An entropy approach for evaluating adaptive motor learning processes while walking with unstable footwear. AP, FS, SEn, US, vCOM, VT
84  2018 An Evaluation of the Effect of Vision on Standing Stability in the Early Stage of Parkinson's Disease. AP, COP, PD
85  2018 Anthropometric Measurements of Knee Joints in the Hispanic Population. AP, TKA
86  2018 Are Hypometric Anticipatory Postural Adjustments Contributing to Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease? APA, DT, FOG, HC, PD, PD-FOG, TFL
87  2018 Attentional demands associated with augmented visual feedback during quiet standing. AP, COP, MPF, RT, SD, SE, VFB
88  2018 Balance and Lower Limb Muscle Activation between In-Line and Traditional Lunge Exercises. ---
89  2018 Bayesian modeling predicts age and sex are not required for accurate stature estimation from femoral length. AP, PMCT
90  2018 Biomechanical Effects of Ball Position on Address Position Variables of Elite Golfers. AP
91  2018 Cardiac-gated intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for the investigation of intracranial cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in the lateral ventricle: a feasibility study. AP, CC, CSF, DW-MRI, IVIM
92  2018 Carrying asymmetric loads while walking on an uneven surface. BW, COP, CV
93  2018 Characterization of Balance Control After Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: A Longitudinal Recovery Study. AP, COP, TBI
94  2018 Comparison of jump-landing protocols with Biodex Balance System as measures of dynamic postural stability in athletes. AP, BBS, TTS
95  2018 Decrease in required coefficient of friction due to smaller lean angle during turning in older adults. RCOF
96  2018 Detraining effects of regular Tai Chi exercise on postural control ability in older women: A randomized controlled trial. AP, area, BW, COP, Lng, SLS, TC
97  2018 Deviation of femoral intramedullary alignment rod influences coronal and sagittal alignment during total knee arthroplasty. AP, IM, TKA
98  2018 Different indicators for postprocedural mitral stenosis caused by single- or multiple-clip implantation after percutaneous mitral valve repair. AP, CW, LV, MR, MS, MVOA, TEE, TMPG
99  2018 Does postural stability differ between adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis and typically developed? A systematic literature review and meta-analysis. AIS, AP, APP1, APP2, APR, COP, ES, MLP1, MLP2, MLR
100  2018 Effect of ankle taping on postural control measures during grasp and release task in patients with chronic ankle instability. AP, CAI, COP, rangeCOP