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Abbreviation : MMI
Long Form : multimode interference
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Fiber Reshaping-Based Refractive Index Sensor Interrogated through Both Intensity and Wavelength Detection. RI
2019 Habitat quality, configuration and context effects on roe deer fecundity across a forested landscape mosaic. ---
2019 Laser-Induced Deposition of Carbon Nanotubes in Fiber Optic Tips of MMI Devices. CNTs, NCF, PVP, SMF
2019 Numerical simulations of tunable ultrashort power splitters based on slotted multimode interference couplers. ---
2019 Odd excitation of symmetric multimode interference structures. ---
2019 Radio-biologically motivated modeling of radiation risks of mortality from ischemic heart diseases in the Canadian fluoroscopy cohort study. IHD, LNT
2019 Refractive index sensing with temperature compensation by a multimode-interference fiber-based optical frequency comb sensing cavity. OFC, RI
2019 Silicon Optical Modulator Using a Low-Loss Phase Shifter Based on a Multimode Interference Waveguide. MZIs
2019 Ultra-compact low-loss 1  4 optical power splitter with splitting ratio of 1∶2∶4∶8 based on two-stage cascaded MMI couplers. SOI
10  2018 1 8 MMI based multi-channel interference laser integrated with SOA through a 2-port multimode interference reflector. MCI, MIR, SOA
11  2018 Buried Rib SiO2 Multimode Interference Waveguides for Optofluidic Multiplexing. ---
12  2018 Demonstration of a 120 hybrid based simplified coherent receiver on SOI for high speed PON applications. BER, DSP, HD-FEC, LO, PSR, SMF, SOI
13  2018 Dielectric-loaded graphene-based plasmonic multilogic gate using a multimode interference splitter. DLGPW, ER, MLG
14  2018 Dose-responses for mortality from cerebrovascular and heart diseases in atomic bomb survivors: 1950-2003. CeVD, LNT
15  2018 Electromagnetically Induced Transparency (EIT) Like Transmission Based on 3 3 Cascaded Multimode Interference Resonators. CMOS, EIT, FRU
16  2018 High performance all-fiber temperature sensor based on coreless side-polished fiber wrapped with polydimethylsiloxane. CSPF, PDMS, RSD, RT
17  2018 Highly sensitive strain sensor based on composite interference established within S-tapered multimode fiber structure. MMF, MZI, SMS, STM
18  2018 Interferometric imaging using Si3N4 photonic integrated circuits for a SPIDER imager. AWG, OPD, PIC
19  2018 Multi-channel velocity multiplexing of single virus detection on an optofluidic chip. ---
20  2018 Optical lattice generation using vertically embedded multimode-interference square-core polymer waveguides on a silicon chip. ---
21  2018 Optimized ARROW-Based MMI Waveguides for High Fidelity Excitation Patterns for Optofluidic Multiplexing. ARROW
22  2018 Optofluidic detection of Zika nucleic acid and protein biomarkers using multimode interference multiplexing. ZIKV
23  2018 Polarization-insensitive 2  2 thermo-optic Mach-Zehnder switch on silicon. MZS, SOI
24  2018 Polarization-insensitive silicon waveguide crossing based on multimode interference couplers. SOI
25  2018 Reconfigurable and tunable compact comb filter and (de)interleaver on silicon platform. FP, MZI, SLMs, WDM
26  2018 Tolerable performance of silicon photonic optical-serial-to-parallel converter with variable power splitter. MZDIs, MZI, OSPC, Si, VSOC
27  2017 All-fiber multimode interferometer for the generation of a switchable multi-wavelength thulium-doped fiber laser. TDFL
28  2017 Coreless side-polished fiber: a novel fiber structure for multimode interference and highly sensitive refractive index sensors. CSPF, RI
29  2017 Disorder effects in subwavelength grating metamaterial waveguides. SWG
30  2017 Passive athermalization of multimode interference devices for wavelength-locking applications. ---
31  2017 Passive photonic integrated ratiometric wavelength monitor with resolution better than 15 pm. SOI
32  2017 Realization of an ultra-compact polarization beam splitter using asymmetric MMI based on silicon nitride / silicon-on-insulator platform. ALIG, PBS
33  2017 Relative Humidity Sensor Based on No-Core Fiber Coated by Agarose-Gel Film. NCF, RH, SNCS
34  2017 Scalable Spatial-Spectral Multiplexing of Single-Virus Detection Using Multimode Interference Waveguides. ---
35  2017 Sensitive refractive index sensor based on an assembly-free fiber multi-mode interferometer fabricated by femtosecond laser. RI
36  2017 Thermo-optic characteristic of DNA thin solid film and its application as a biocompatible optical fiber temperature sensor. DNA-CTMA, SMF, SMF
37  2017 Widely tunable semiconductor lasers with three interferometric arms. SMSRs
38  2016 A Photonic 1 4 Power Splitter Based on Multimode Interference in Silicon-Gallium-Nitride Slot Waveguide Structures. FV-BPM, GaN, Si
39  2016 A stochastic dynamic model to assess land use change scenarios on the ecological status of fluvial water bodies under the Water Framework Directive. LU, StDM, WFD
40  2016 An 8-Channel Wavelength MMI Demultiplexer in Slot Waveguide Structures. DWDM, FV-BPM, GaN, Si
41  2016 Analysis of multimode interferometers. ---
42  2016 Compact and broadband polarization beam splitter based on a silicon nitride augmented low-index guiding structure. ALIG, PBS
43  2016 Compact InGaAsP/InP 3 3  multimode-interference coupler-based electro-optic switch. ---
44  2016 Cylindrical Talbot effect for ultra-compact multimode interference couplers. ---
45  2016 Design of a compact waveguide optical isolator based on multimode interferometers using magneto-optical oxide thin films grown on silicon-on-insulator substrates. MO, NRPS, SOI
46  2016 Dual-mode waveguide crossing utilizing taper-assisted multimode-interference couplers. ---
47  2016 Fully integrated multi-optoelectronic synthesizer for THz pumping source in wireless communications with rich backup redundancy and wide tuning range. PIC, SOA
48  2016 High performace silicon 2x2 optical switch based on a thermo-optically tunable multimode interference coupler and efficient electrodes. ---
49  2016 Integrated-optic current sensors with a multimode interference waveguide device. ---
50  2016 Plasmonic-multimode-interference-based logic circuit with simple phase adjustment. MOS
51  2016 Realization of a compact polarization splitter-rotator on silicon. ADC, PSR
52  2016 Robust polarization-insensitive strip-slot waveguide mode converter based on symmetric multimode interference. ---
53  2016 Three-coherent-output narrow-linewidth and tunable single frequency 1x2 multi-mode-interferometer laser diode. SMSR
54  2015 Dielectric-loaded surface plasmon polariton crossing waveguides using multimode interference. DLSPPWs, SPP
55  2015 Ground-state lasing in high-power InAs/GaAs quantum dots-in-a-well laser using active multimode interference structure. ES
56  2015 Laser oscillation in Yb:YAG waveguide beam-splitters with variable splitting ratio. ---
57  2015 OAM states generation/detection based on the multimode interference effect in a ring core fiber. OAM
58  2015 Optofluidic wavelength division multiplexing for single-virus detection. WDM
59  2015 Power splitting and switching in a multi-core fiber based on the multimode interference effect. MCF
60  2015 Silicon hybrid (de)multiplexer enabling simultaneous mode and wavelength-division multiplexing. MWDM
61  2015 Spectrally reconfigurable integrated multi-spot particle trap. ---
62  2015 Tunable multiwavelength Tm-doped fiber laser based on the multimode interference effect. SMS
63  2015 Tunable self-imaging effect using hybrid optofluidic waveguides. ---
64  2015 Two-mode de/multiplexer based on multimode interference couplers with a tilted joint as phase shifter. DE/MUX, PS
65  2014 Arbitrary-ratio 1 2 power splitter based on asymmetric multimode interference. ---
66  2014 Biosensing using microring resonator interferograms. MRR, OLCI, RIU
67  2014 Compact two-mode (de)multiplexer based on symmetric Y-junction and multimode interference waveguides. BPM
68  2014 Extremely small polarization beam splitter based on a multimode interference coupler with a silicon hybrid plasmonic waveguide. PBS
69  2014 Gasohol quality control for real time applications by means of a multimode interference fiber sensor. RI
70  2014 Integrated photonic reservoir computing based on hierarchical time-multiplexing structure. MRA, RC
71  2014 Monolithic polarization diversity coherent receiver based on 120-degree optical hybrids on silicon. PIC
72  2014 Multi-model inference using mixed effects from a linear regression based genetic algorithm. GA, GA-OLS, LASSO, MM, RAL
73  2014 Proposal for fabrication-tolerant SOI polarization splitter-rotator based on cascaded MMI couplers and an assisted bi-level taper. PS, PSR, SOI
74  2014 Reconfigurable optical interleaver modules with tunable wavelength transfer matrix function using polymer photonics lightwave circuits. MZI, TM, TO, VOAs, WTM
75  2014 Strip-slot waveguide mode converter based on symmetric multimode interference. ---
76  2014 UV exposure on a single-mode fiber within a multimode interference structure. RI, SMF, SMSMS
77  2013 A compact thermo-optical multimode-interference silicon-based 1 4 nano-photonic switch. ---
78  2013 GaInAsP/InP MZI waveguide optical isolator integrated with spot size converter. MZI, SSCs
79  2013 Independent analysis of the radiation risk for leukaemia in children and adults with mortality data (1950-2003) of Japanese A-bomb survivors. CI, EAR, ERR
80  2013 Integrated photonic threshold comparator based on square-wave synthesis. E/O
81  2013 Multi-mode interferometer-based twist sensor with low temperature sensitivity employing square coreless fibers. NCF
82  2013 Optimal design of an ultrasmall SOI-based 1 8 flat-top AWG by using an MMI. AWG
83  2013 Silicon-on-insulator multimode-interference waveguide-based arrayed optical tweezers (SMART) for two-dimensional microparticle trapping and manipulation. SMART
84  2013 Two-photon quantum interference in integrated multi-mode interference devices. SiON
85  2013 Ultra-compact low loss polarization insensitive silicon waveguide splitter. ---
86  2013 Wavelength independent multimode interference coupler. F-EEM, FDTD
87  2012 Dose-responses from multi-model inference for the non-cancer disease mortality of atomic bomb survivors. CVD, LNT
88  2012 Fabrication and experimental demonstration of the first 160 Gb/s hybrid silicon-on-insulator integrated all-optical wavelength converter. DIs, FSR
89  2012 High-speed photodiodes for InP-based photonic integrated circuits. MQW, UTC-PDs
90  2012 Mayaro virus infection in amazonia: a multimodel inference approach to risk factor assessment. MAYV, NHT, SWR
91  2012 Methods to array photonic crystal microcavities for high throughput high sensitivity biosensing on a silicon-chip based platform. PBS
92  2012 Polymer optical fiber for large strain measurement based on multimode interference. POF
93  2011 All-optical OFDM transmission of 7 x 5-Gb/s data over 84-km standard single-mode fiber without dispersion compensation and time gating using a photonic-integrated optical DFT device. DFT
94  2011 Fiber-optic sensor for liquid level measurement. MMF
95  2011 Long-wave infrared 1 2 MMI based on air-gap beneath silicon rib waveguides. LWIR
96  2011 Modeling and experimental observation of an on-chip two-dimensional far-field interference pattern. ---
97  2011 Multimode interference demultiplexers and splitters in metal-insulator-metal waveguides. FEM, MIM
98  2011 Multimode quantum interference of photons in multiport integrated devices. ---
99  2011 Nonunity permeability in metamaterial-based GaInAsP/InP multimode interferometers. SRRs
100  2011 Relaxed fabrication tolerance for self-imaging photonic crystal waveguide splitters using a tapered multimode interference region. PhCW, PIC