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Abbreviation : MRE
Long Form : MR elastography
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 3D MR elastography of the pancreas in children. ARP, CP
2019 Can MR elastography be used to measure liver stiffness in patients with iron overload? GRE, SE-EPI, TE
2019 Collagen networks determine viscoelastic properties of connective tissues yet do not hinder diffusion of the aqueous solvent. ECM, MR
2019 Longitudinal correlations between MRE, MRI-PDFF, and liver histology in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: Analysis of data from a phase II trial of selonsertib. AUROC, MR, MRI-PDFF, NAS, NASH
2019 Magnetic resonance elastography SE-EPI vs GRE sequences at 3T in a pediatric population with liver disease. GRE, kPa, ROI, SE-EPI
2019 MR elastography of liver at 3 Tesla: comparison of gradient-recalled echo (GRE) and spin-echo (SE) echo-planar imaging (EPI) sequences and agreement across stiffness measurements. EPI, GRE, LS, SE
2019 Novel MRI assessment of treatment response in HIV-associated NAFLD: a randomized trial of an SCD1 inhibitor (ARRIVE Trial). NAFLD, PDFF, SCD1, VCTE
2019 Predicting Patients With Insufficient Liver Enhancement in the Hepatobiliary Phase Before the Injection of Gadoxetic Acid: A Practical Approach Using the Bayesian Method. HBP, OR
2019 Prediction of esophageal varices by liver and spleen MR elastography. CI, EVs, SSM
10  2019 Prediction of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) activity score (NAS) with multiparametric hepatic magnetic resonance imaging and elastography. FF, GLM, NAFLD, NAS, OLM, vNAS
11  2019 The development and validation of magnetic resonance elastography for fibrosis staging in primary sclerosing cholangitis. CI, LS, MRS, PSC, ROI, VCTE
12  2018 Acute pressure changes in the brain are correlated with MR elastography stiffness measurements: initial feasibility in an in vivo large animal model. Hz, ICP, kPa
13  2018 Artificial neural networks for stiffness estimation in magnetic resonance elastography. DI, NNIs
14  2018 Cardiac MR elastography using reduced-FOV, single-shot, spin-echo EPI. CI, full-FOV, OSS-SNR, rFOV
15  2018 Clinical Feasibility of MR Elastography in Patients With Biliary Obstruction. ---
16  2018 Comparison of Standard Breath-Held, Free-Breathing, and Compressed Sensing 2D Gradient-Recalled Echo MR Elastography Techniques for Evaluating Liver Stiffness. CS, GRE, ICCs
17  2018 Correlating liver stiffness with disease severity scoring system (DS3) values in Gaucher disease type 1 (GD1) patients. GD, GD1
18  2018 Detection of liver fibrosis using qualitative and quantitative MR elastography compared to liver surface nodularity measurement, gadoxetic acid uptake, and serum markers. AUCs, LSN, mpMRI, ROC
19  2018 Differentiation of benign and malignant solid pancreatic masses using magnetic resonance elastography with spin-echo echo planar imaging and three-dimensional inversion reconstruction: a prospective study. AUROC, MFP, PDAC
20  2018 Feasibility and agreement of stiffness measurements using gradient-echo and spin-echo MR elastography sequences in unselected patients undergoing liver MRI. GRE, SE
21  2018 Imaging of Hepatic Fibrosis. DWI, HCE, LF, VCTE
22  2018 In vivo characterization of 3D skull and brain motion during dynamic head vibration using magnetic resonance elastography. SII
23  2018 Increased severity of liver fat content and liver fibrosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease correlate with epicardial fat volume in type 2 diabetes: A prospective study. CHD, CT, DM, EAT, MR, NAFLD, PDFF
24  2018 Link between gut-microbiome derived metabolite and shared gene-effects with hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in NAFLD. MRI-PDFF, NAFLD
25  2018 Liver intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted imaging for the assessment of hepatic steatosis and fibrosis in children. ADC, DWI, FAT, FIB, IVIM, PDFF
26  2018 Liver MR Elastography at 3 T: Agreement Across Pulse Sequences and Effect of Liver R2* on Image Quality. GRE, LS, RF, SE-EPI
27  2018 Magnetic resonance elastography and T1 mapping for early diagnosis and classification of chronic pancreatitis. AUC, CP, MPD
28  2018 Magnetic resonance elastography is as accurate as liver biopsy for liver fibrosis staging. ---
29  2018 MR elastography in primary sclerosing cholangitis: correlating liver stiffness with bile duct strictures and parenchymal changes. LS, MRCP, PSC
30  2018 MR-ARFI-based method for the quantitative measurement of tissue elasticity: application for monitoring HIFU therapy. MR-ARFI, MRgHIFU
31  2018 Noninvasive prediction of portal pressure with MR elastography and DCE-MRI of the liver and spleen: Preliminary results. DCE-MRI, HVPG, PH, ROC
32  2018 Rheological determinants for simultaneous staging of hepatic fibrosis and inflammation in patients with chronic liver disease. ---
33  2018 Serum metabolites detect the presence of advanced fibrosis in derivation and validation cohorts of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. AUROC, NAFLD, NFS
34  2018 The Utility of MR Elastography to Differentiate Nodular Regenerative Hyperplasia from Cirrhosis. NRH
35  2017 A MRI-Compatible Combined Mechanical Loading and MR Elastography Setup to Study Deformation-Induced Skeletal Muscle Damage in Rats. MR
36  2017 Comparison of diagnostic accuracies of two- and three-dimensional MR elastography of the liver. AUCs, EPI, GRE
37  2017 Comparison of spin-echo echoplanar imaging and gradient recalled echo-based MR elastography at 3 Tesla with and without gadoxetic acid administration. AUC, GRE, LS, SE-EPI
38  2017 Early diagnosis and severity assessment of acute pancreatitis (AP) using MR elastography (MRE) with spin-echo echo-planar imaging. AP, APACHE, AUC, BISAP, CECT, CTSI
39  2017 Evaluation of wave delivery methodology for brain MRE: Insights from computational simulations. ---
40  2017 Hepatic stiffness measurement by using MR elastography: prognostic values after hepatic resection for hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, HR, HS, OS, PHLF, ROC
41  2017 In vivo quantification of aortic stiffness using MR elastography in hypertensive porcine model. MAP, SAH
42  2017 In vivo quantification of myocardial stiffness in hypertensive porcine hearts using MR elastography. ED, ES, HTN, LV, MS
43  2017 In vivo, high-frequency three-dimensional cardiac MR elastography: Feasibility in normal volunteers. DMA
44  2017 Magnetic resonance imaging and transient elastography in the management of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). CAP, MRI, NAFLD, TE
45  2017 Measuring shear-wave speed with point shear-wave elastography and MR elastography: a phantom study. pSWE, SWS
46  2017 MR Elastography Demonstrates Unique Regional Brain Stiffness Patterns in Dementias. ---
47  2017 MR elastography of hepatocellular carcinoma: Correlation of tumor stiffness with histopathology features-Preliminary findings. HCC, ROI
48  2017 Preliminary Comparison of Multi-scale and Multi-model Direct Inversion Algorithms for 3T MR Elastography. MMDI, MSDI
49  2017 Quantification of breast stiffness using MR elastography at 3 Tesla with a soft sternal driver: A reproducibility study. ---
50  2017 Value of tumor stiffness measured with MR elastography for assessment of response of hepatocellular carcinoma to locoregional therapy. CE-T1WI, ER, HCC, LS, RE, TACE/RFA, TS
51  2016 Automated liver elasticity calculation for MR elastography. ALEC, ICC, ROI
52  2016 Cardiac MR elastography of the mouse: Initial results. ---
53  2016 Interventional MR elastography for MRI-guided percutaneous procedures. ---
54  2016 Measuring age-dependent myocardial stiffness across the cardiac cycle using MR elastography: A reproducibility study. CMRE, ED, ES, LV
55  2016 MR elastography for evaluating regeneration of tissue-engineered cartilage in an ectopic mouse model. ---
56  2016 MR elastography of the liver at 3.0 T in diagnosing liver fibrosis grades; preliminary clinical experience. ---
57  2016 Predicting Meningioma Consistency on Preoperative Neuroimaging Studies. ---
58  2016 Quantification of aortic stiffness using magnetic resonance elastography: Measurement reproducibility, pulse wave velocity comparison, changes over cardiac cycle, and relationship with age. ---
59  2016 Quantification of regional aortic stiffness using MR elastography: A phantom and ex-vivo porcine aorta study. ---
60  2016 Three-parameter shear wave inversion in MR elastography of incompressible transverse isotropic media: Application to in vivo lower leg muscles. TI
61  2015 A simple method for MR elastography: a gradient-echo type multi-echo sequence. TEs
62  2015 Cross-vendor validation of liver magnetic resonance elastography. ICC
63  2015 Feasibility of using 3D MR elastography to determine pancreatic stiffness in healthy volunteers. CV, EPI
64  2015 Hepatitis activity should be considered a confounder of liver stiffness measured with MR elastography. ---
65  2015 Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) in assessing hepatic fibrosis: performance in a cohort of patients with histological data. ---
66  2015 Non-invasive detection of liver fibrosis: MR imaging features vs. MR elastography. AUROC, ICC
67  2015 Simultaneous measurement of hepatic and splenic stiffness using MR elastography: preliminary experience. HS and SS
68  2015 State-of-the-art imaging of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis: A comprehensive review of current applications and future perspectives. ---
69  2015 Tabletop magnetic resonance elastography for the measurement of viscoelastic parameters of small tissue samples. ---
70  2015 Whole-organ and segmental stiffness measured with liver magnetic resonance elastography in healthy adults: significance of the region of interest. ---
71  2014 3D multislab, multishot acquisition for fast, whole-brain MR elastography with high signal-to-noise efficiency. NLI, SNR
72  2014 Assessment of in vivo laser ablation using MR elastography with an inertial driver. ---
73  2014 Comparison of interobserver agreement of magnetic resonance elastography with histopathological staging of liver fibrosis. ICC, ROI
74  2014 Correlation of MR elastography with morphometric quantification of liver fibrosis (Fibro-C-Index) in chronic hepatitis B. CHB, CI, LS, ROC
75  2014 Estimation of the absolute shear stiffness of human lung parenchyma using (1) H spin echo, echo planar MR elastography. IPF, MID, RV, SE-MRE, TLC
76  2014 Evaluation of liver fibrosis and hepatic venous pressure gradient with MR elastography in a novel swine model of cirrhosis. HVPG, LS
77  2014 MR elastography for noninvasive assessment of hepatic fibrosis: reproducibility of the examination and reproducibility and repeatability of the liver stiffness value measurement. HF, ICCs
78  2014 Prostate MR elastography with transperineal electromagnetic actuation and a fast fractionally encoded steady-state gradient echo sequence. ---
79  2014 Quantitative liver MRI combining phase contrast imaging, elastography, and DWI: assessment of reproducibility and postprandial effect at 3.0 T. ADC, CV, DWI, LS, PC, PF, PV
80  2014 Relationship of MR elastography determined liver stiffness with cardiac function after Fontan palliation. ---
81  2014 Simultaneous MR elastography and diffusion acquisitions: diffusion-MRE (dMRE). ADC, dMRE, SE
82  2014 Ultra wideband (0.5-16 kHz) MR elastography for robust shear viscoelasticity model identification. ---
83  2013 Cerebral magnetic resonance elastography in supranuclear palsy and idiopathic Parkinson's disease. MMRE, MR, PD, PSP
84  2013 Combining MR elastography and diffusion tensor imaging for the assessment of anisotropic mechanical properties: a phantom study. DTI
85  2013 Magnetic resonance elastography of liver: technique, analysis, and clinical applications. ---
86  2013 Magnetic resonance elastography using an air ball-actuator. ---
87  2013 Measurement consistency of MR elastography at 3.0 T: comparison among three different region-of-interest placement methods. ROI
88  2013 Measuring anisotropic muscle stiffness properties using elastography. DTI
89  2013 MR elastography in a murine stroke model reveals correlation of macroscopic viscoelastic properties of the brain with neuronal density. MCAO, NeuN
90  2013 MR elastography of healthy liver parenchyma: Normal value and reliability of the liver stiffness value measurement. 1cm-S, 2cm-per-slice, ICCs, ROIs
91  2013 MR elastography of the human abdominal aorta: a preliminary study. ---
92  2013 MR-based measurements of portal vein flow and liver stiffness for predicting gastroesophageal varices. AST, CLD, GEV, MR
93  2013 Novel technique for MR elastography of the prostate using a modified standard endorectal coil as actuator. ---
94  2013 Rapid acquisition of multifrequency, multislice and multidirectional MR elastography data with a fractionally encoded gradient echo sequence. EPI, GRE
95  2012 A comparison of MR elastography and 31P MR spectroscopy with histological staging of liver fibrosis. PDE, PME
96  2012 Cross-validation of MR elastography and ultrasound transient elastography in liver stiffness measurement: discrepancy in the results of cirrhotic liver. UTE
97  2012 MR elastography monitoring of tissue-engineered constructs. MSCs, TE
98  2012 MR elastography of the in vivo abdominal aorta: a feasibility study for comparing aortic stiffness between hypertensives and normotensives. ---
99  2012 Pediatric liver MR elastography. ---
100  2012 Review of MR elastography applications and recent developments. ---