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Abbreviation : MRE
Long Form : metal response element
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Circular RNA PVT1 promotes metastasis via miR-145 sponging in CRC. circPVT1, circRNAs, CRC
2019 Structural identification of conserved RNA binding sites in herpesvirus ORF57 homologs: implications for PAN RNA recognition. HVS, KSHV, PAN
2018 circRNA_0046366 inhibits hepatocellular steatosis by normalization of PPAR signaling. circ, CPT1A, mi, PPAR, SLC27A, TG
2018 Long non-coding RNA NEAT1 promoted ovarian cancer cells' metastasis through regulation of miR-382-3p/ROCK1 axial. lncRNA, miR-382-3p, NEAT1, OC, ROCK1
2018 miR-29b negatively regulates MMP2 to impact gastric cancer development by suppress gastric cancer cell migration and tumor growth. miRNAs
2018 Molecular characterization and metal induced gene expression of the novel glutathione peroxidase 7 from the chordate invertebrate Ciona robusta. GPx7, XRE
2017 Essential role of ICAM-1 in aldosterone-induced atherosclerosis. APOE, ICAM-1, MR
2017 Interrogation of Functional miRNA-Target Interactions by CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Engineering. miRISC, miRNAs
2016 Induction of metallothionein isoforms by copper diethyldithiocarbamate in cultured vascular endothelial cells. MT
10  2016 MiR-185 attenuates androgen receptor function in prostate cancer indirectly by targeting bromodomain containing 8 isoform 2, an androgen receptor co-activator. 3'-UTR, AR, BRD8 ISO2, PCa
11  2016 MiR-193a-5p Targets the Coding Region of AP-2alpha mRNA and Induces Cisplatin Resistance in Bladder Cancers. SNP
12  2016 Post-transcriptional Regulation of BRCA2 through Interactions with miR-19a and miR-19b. BRCA2, miRNAs, mRNA
13  2016 Zinc diethyldithiocarbamate as an inducer of metallothionein in cultured vascular endothelial cells. ARE
14  2015 Analysis of cysteine and histidine residues required for zinc response of the transcription factor human MTF-1. hMTF-1, ZF
15  2015 Bean metal-responsive element-binding transcription factor confers cadmium resistance in tobacco. ASA2, Cd, PvMTF-1
16  2015 Cistrome of the aldosterone-activated mineralocorticoid receptor in human renal cells. ChIP, GFP, MBSs, MR
17  2015 Intronic promoter-mediated feedback loop regulates bean PvSR2 gene expression. ---
18  2015 Mipu1 inhibits lipid accumulation through down-regulation of CD36 in RAW264.7 cells. ChIP, PCR
19  2015 miRNA-regulated delivery of lincRNA-p21 suppresses beta-catenin signaling and tumorigenicity of colorectal cancer stem cells. CRC, CSCs, lincRNA-p21, lncRNAs
20  2015 The Core Promoter and Redox-sensitive Cis-elements as Key Targets for Inactivation of the Lysyl Oxidase Gene by Cadmium. ARE, Cd, CdR, LOX
21  2015 The miR-134 attenuates the expression of transcription factor FOXM1 during pluripotent NT2/D1 embryonal carcinoma cell differentiation. ---
22  2015 Transcription factor CgMTF-1 regulates CgZnT1 and CgMT expression in Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) under zinc stress. ---
23  2014 Activity, regulation, copy number and function in the glyoxalase system. ARE, IRE
24  2014 Crude oil exposure results in oxidative stress-mediated dysfunctional development and reproduction in the copepod Tigriopus japonicus and modulates expression of cytochrome P450 (CYP) genes. AhRE, CAT, GR, GST, WAF, XREs
25  2014 lnCeDB: database of human long noncoding RNA acting as competing endogenous RNA. ceRNA, lncRNA, miRNA
26  2013 Characterization and metal-induced gene transcription of two new copper zinc superoxide dismutases in the solitary ascidian Ciona intestinalis. SODs
27  2013 Expression and characterization of SUMO-conjugated metal-responsive transcription factor 1: SIM-dependent cross-interaction and distinct DNA binding activity. MTF-1, S-MTF-1, SIM, SUMO
28  2013 Modulation of BK channel by MicroRNA-9 in neurons after exposure to HIV and methamphetamine. 3'UTR, HIV, MA, miR
29  2012 A conserved cysteine cluster, essential for transcriptional activity, mediates homodimerization of human metal-responsive transcription factor-1 (MTF-1). MTF-1
30  2012 Cannabidiol affects the expression of genes involved in zinc homeostasis in BV-2 microglial cells. CBD, MT2
31  2012 Characterization of the DNA-binding properties of the Mohawk homeobox transcription factor. ---
32  2012 Cyclooxygenase-2 is a target of microRNA-16 in human hepatoma cells. COX-2, HCC, HuR
33  2012 Expression and purification of full length mouse metal response element binding transcription factor-1 using Pichia pastoris. mMTF-1, MTF-1, WT
34  2012 Identification of microRNA-RNA interactions using tethered RNAs and streptavidin aptamers. 3'UTRs, GRN, KLF4, miRNAs
35  2012 Metal dealing at the origin of the Chordata phylum: the metallothionein system and metal overload response in amphioxus. ARE
36  2012 MicroRNA Response Elements-Mediated miRNA-miRNA Interactions in Prostate Cancer. ---
37  2012 Transcription of genes involved in glutathione biosynthesis in the solitary tunicate Ciona intestinalis exposed to metals. ARE, ISH
38  2011 A miR-200b/200c/429-binding site polymorphism in the 3' untranslated region of the AP-2alpha gene is associated with cisplatin resistance. miRNAs, SNP, UTR
39  2011 Breast cancer resistance protein BCRP/ABCG2 regulatory microRNAs (hsa-miR-328, -519c and -520h) and their differential expression in stem-like ABCG2+ cancer cells. 3'UTR
40  2011 Differences in the epigenetic regulation of MT-3 gene expression between parental and Cd+2 or As+3 transformed human urothelial cells. 5-AZC, MT-3, MTF-1
41  2011 Molecular characterization and functions of zebrafish ABCC2 in cellular efflux of heavy metals. EpRE
42  2011 Stability of a long noncoding viral RNA depends on a 9-nt core element at the RNA 5' end to interact with viral ORF57 and cellular PABPC1. CLIP, KSHV
43  2010 Characterization and localization of metal-responsive-element-binding transcription factors from tilapia. EMSA, ti
44  2009 MicroRNAs regulate CYP3A4 expression via direct and indirect targeting. 3'UTR, miR-27b, miRNAs, NR, qPCR
45  2009 Nickel mobilizes intracellular zinc to induce metallothionein in human airway epithelial cells. AA, MT, NAC, Ni, ROS, Zn
46  2008 Cloning and characterization of a tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) metallothionein gene promoter in Hepa-T1 cells following the administration of various heavy metal ions. EMSA, MTs, ti
47  2008 GSTP1 promoter haplotypes affect DNA methylation levels and promoter activity in breast carcinomas. ER
48  2008 Molecular cloning, phylogenetic analysis and developmental expression of a vitellogenin (Vg) gene from the intertidal copepod Tigriopus japonicus. EDCs, ER, ORF, Vg
49  2007 Functional characterization of cell lines for high-throughput screening of human neuromedin U receptor subtype 2 specific agonists using a luciferase reporter gene assay. cAMP, DMSO, HEK, HTS, SRE
50  2007 Human copper transporter 2 is localized in late endosomes and lysosomes and facilitates cellular copper uptake. Ctr
51  2007 MicroRNAs regulate the expression of the alternative splicing factor nPTB during muscle development. LNA, PTB, UTR
52  2007 The miRNA156/157 recognition element in the 3' UTR of the Arabidopsis SBP box gene SPL3 prevents early flowering by translational inhibition in seedlings. ---
53  2006 A novel chimeric promoter that is highly responsive to hypoxia and metals. DFX, E-M-H, HRE
54  2006 Functional analysis of a metal response element in the regulatory region of flounder cytochrome P450 1A and implications for environmental monitoring of pollutants. 3-MC, CYP 1A, EMSA, PAHs
55  2006 Superinduction of metallothionein I by inhibition of protein synthesis: role of a labile repressor in MTF-1 mediated gene transcription. CHX, MTF-1, MTs
56  2006 Zinc blocks gene expression of mitochondrial aconitase in human prostatic carcinoma cells. DTPA, mACON
57  2004 A molecular technique for detecting the liberation of intracellular zinc in cultured neurons. ---
58  2004 C-terminal deletion mutant of MRE-binding transcription factor-1 inhibits MRE-driven gene expression. MT, MTF-1, tBH
59  2004 Identification of putative transcription factor binding sites in rodent selenoprotein W promoter. SeW, Sp1
60  2004 Metal ion affinities of the zinc finger domains of the metal responsive element-binding transcription factor-1 (MTF1). MTF1
61  2002 Analysis of the promoter region of human mimecan gene. EMSA, Inr, IRF, ISRE, SLRP, USF
62  2002 Effect of copper, zinc and cadmium on the promoter of selenoprotein W in glial and myoblast cells. SeW
63  2002 Retrovirally expressed metal response element-binding transcription factor-1 normalizes metallothionein-1 gene expression and protects cells against zinc, but not cadmium, toxicity. MT, MTF1dko7
64  2001 Cloning and characterization of a gene coding for a novel metallothionein in the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas (CgMT2): a case of adaptive response to metal-induced stress? MT
65  2001 Conformational heterogeneity in the C-terminal zinc fingers of human MTF-1: an NMR and zinc-binding study. HSQC
66  2001 Metal response element (MRE)-binding transcription factor-1 (MTF-1): structure, function, and regulation. MTF-1
67  2001 Negative regulatory role of Sp1 in metal responsive element-mediated transcriptional activation. MT
68  2001 Ratiometric pulsed alkylation/mass spectrometry of the cysteine pairs in individual zinc fingers of MRE-binding transcription factor-1 (MTF-1) as a probe of zinc chelate stability. MT, MTF-1
69  2001 The Candida glabrata Amt1 copper-sensing transcription factor requires Swi/Snf and Gcn5 at a critical step in copper detoxification. ---
70  2001 Tyrphostin [correction of Tryphostin] AG879, a tyrosine kinase inhibitor: prevention of transcriptional activation of the electrophile and the aromatic hydrocarbon response elements. AHREs, EpRE, NQO1, tBHQ
71  2000 Characterization of the MTF-1 transcription factor from zebrafish and trout cells. MT
72  2000 Individual metal responsive elements of the human metallothionein-IIA gene independently mediate responses to various heavy metal signals. MTs
73  2000 NF-kappaB and AP-1 are responsible for inducibility of the IL-6 promoter by ionizing radiation in HeLa cells. AP, EMSA, NF-IL6, NF-kappaB
74  2000 Novel responses of ZRF, a variant of human MTF-1, to in vivo treatment with heavy metals. Cd, hMTF-1, MT, MTF-1, ZRF
75  1999 Differential metal response and regulation of human heavy metal-inducible genes. HSE
76  1999 Genomic sequence of human glyoxalase-I: analysis of promoter activity and its regulation. IRE
77  1999 Heavy metal-mediated activation of the rat Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase gene via a metal-responsive element. SODI
78  1999 Heme oxygenase: recent advances in understanding its regulation and role. AP-1, ARE, ERK, HO, IREs, IRP, JNK, MAP, UTR
79  1999 PF1070A, a novel and potent inducer of the synthesis of metallothionein. MT-I
80  1999 Transcriptional activity and regulatory protein binding of metal-responsive elements of the human metallothionein-IIA gene. hMT-IIA
81  1998 Cloning and characterization of a metal responsive element-containing fragment from the Wilson disease gene locus by junction trapping. ---
82  1997 Analysis of bovine selenoprotein P-like protein gene and availability of metal responsive element (MRE) located in its promoter. ---
83  1997 Interleukin 6 is autoregulated by transcriptional mechanisms in cultures of rat osteoblastic cells. CRE, IL-6, NF-IL-6, NF-kappaB
84  1997 Specific binding of inorganic mercury to Na(+)-K(+)-ATPase in rat liver plasma membrane and signal transduction. GST, MT
85  1996 A specialized nucleosome modulates transcription factor access to a C. glabrata metal responsive promoter. ---
86  1996 Insertion of metal-responsive elements increases the inducibility of the mouse mammary tumor virus promoter. GRE, MMTV, WT
87  1995 A mutant strain (LEC) of rat with low degree of zinc-induced hepatic metallothionein gene expression. MT
88  1995 C-Myb acts as transcriptional activator of the quail PAX6 (PAX-QNR) promoter through two different mechanisms. ---
89  1995 Cloning and characterization of the 5'-flanking region of metallothionein-I gene from Chinese hamster ovary cells. GRE, MT-I
90  1995 Functional analyses of the human metallothionein-IG gene. In vitro and in vivo studies. MT
91  1995 Identification of a putative antioxidant response element in the 5'-flanking region of the human gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase heavy subunit gene. ARE, GCSh
92  1995 Interleukin-6 Gene Expression by Prostaglandins and Cyclic AMP Mediated by Multiple Regulatory Elements. cAMP, IL-6
93  1994 Characterization of the mnp2 gene encoding manganese peroxidase isozyme 2 from the basidiomycete Phanerochaete chrysosporium. HSE, MnP-2, nt
94  1994 Multiple regulatory elements in the interleukin-6 gene mediate induction by prostaglandins, cyclic AMP, and lipopolysaccharide. cAMP, IL-6, LPS
95  1994 Nuclear proteins binding to the human metallothionein-IIA gene upstream sequences. bp, ZRF
96  1994 Purification and characterization of a protein that binds to metal responsive elements of the human metallothionein IIA gene. ---
97  1994 Structural organization of the gene encoding the human lipocalin tear prealbumin and synthesis of the recombinant protein in Escherichia coli. CRE
98  1994 Structures of the human and mouse growth inhibitory factor-encoding genes. AD, GIF, hgcs
99  1992 Elevation of metallothionein gene expression associated with hepatic copper accumulation in Long-Evans Cinnamon mutant rat. MT
100  1992 Functional analysis of the promoter of a sea urchin metallothionein gene. MT