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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Physiological and developmental traits associated with the grain yield of winter wheat as affected by phosphorus fertilizer management. ---
2016 Influence of cigarette circumference on smoke chemistry, biological activity, and smoking behaviour. SS
2016 Tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines NNN and NNK levels in cigarette brands between 2000 and 2014. HCI, NNN, PMI, TSNA
2015 Detection of in vivo DNA damage induced by very low doses of mainstream and sidestream smoke extracts using a novel assay. PADDA, SS
2015 Detection of In Vivo DNA Damage Induced by Very Low Doses of Mainstream and Sidestream Smoke Extracts Using a Novel Assay. PADDA, SS
2014 Diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione exposures associated with cigarette smoking: implications for risk assessment of food and flavoring workers. ---
2014 [Characteristics of coronary artery involvement and probability of appropriate discharges of cardioverter-defibrillator implanted for primary prevention of sudden cardiac death]. CB, CD, LCA, MI, RCA, SCD
2013 Impaired transcriptional response of the murine heart to cigarette smoke in the setting of high fat diet and obesity. DIO, SS, WTPM
2013 TSNA levels in machine-generated mainstream cigarette smoke: 35 years of data. NNN, TSNA
10  2012 Circulating microRNAs as potential biomarkers for smoking-related interstitial fibrosis. miRNAs, SRIF
11  2012 Microbiological components in mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke. LPS, SS
12  2011 Pyrolysis of [14C]-chlorantraniliprole in tobacco. SS
13  2010 Comparison of the toxicity of smoke from conventional and harm reduction cigarettes using human embryonic stem cells. hESCs, PE, SS
14  2010 Is the smokers exposure to environmental tobacco smoke negligible? BaP, ETS
15  2009 Comparison of toxicity of smoke from traditional and harm-reduction cigarettes using mouse embryonic stem cells as a novel model for preimplantation development. ESC, mESC, SS
16  2009 Differential sensitivity of male germ cells to mainstream and sidestream tobacco smoke in the mouse. SS
17  2009 Simultaneous determination of nicotine and 3-vinylpyridine in single cigarette tobacco smoke and in indoor air using direct extraction to solid phase. SS
18  2008 The possible role of ammonia toxicity on the exposure, deposition, retention, and the bioavailability of nicotine during smoking. FTC
19  2008 VOC and particulate emissions from commercial cigarettes: analysis of 2,5-DMF as an ETS tracer. DMF, ETS, PM, SS, VOCs
20  2007 Intra-puff CO and CO2 measurements of cigarettes with iron oxide cigarette paper using quantum cascade laser spectroscopy. FTIR, QC, SS, TILDAS
21  2007 Smoke from traditional commercial, harm reduction and research brand cigarettes impairs oviductal functioning in hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) in vitro. SS
22  2006 Experimental and numerical smoke carcinogen deposition in a multi-generation human replica tracheobronchial model. BaP, SS
23  2006 The role of ammonia in the transfer of nicotine from tobacco to mainstream smoke. ---
24  2005 Exposure of active and passive smokers to aromatic amines present in tobacco smoke. SS
25  2005 Impacts of a heavy storm of rain upon dissolved and particulate organic C, N and P in the main river of a vegetation-rich basin area in Japan. DOM, DS, HPSEC, MW, OM, TP and TN, US
26  2005 Sidestream smoking is equally as damaging as mainstream smoking on IVF outcomes. CS, NS, SS
27  2004 On the deposition of volatiles and semivolatiles from cigarette smoke aerosols: relative rates of transfer of nicotine and ammonia from particles to the gas phase. ---
28  2004 Quad quantum cascade laser spectrometer with dual gas cells for the simultaneous analysis of mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke. NDIR, QC, SS
29  2004 What influences physiotherapy use by children with cerebral palsy? CP, PD, SLD
30  2003 Evaluation of relationships between mainstream smoke acetaldehyde and "tar" and carbon monoxide yields in tobacco smoke and reducing sugars in tobacco blends of U.S. commercial cigarettes. AA, CO, RS
31  2003 Pyridines in cigarette smoke inhibit hamster oviductal functioning in picomolar doses. GC-MS, SS
32  2002 Acetaldehyde in mainstream tobacco smoke: formation and occurrence in smoke and bioavailability in the smoker. ---
33  2002 Mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke exposure increases Ca2+-dependent phospholipid binding proteins in guinea pig alveolar type II cells. CSE, PLBP, SS
34  2002 Mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke inhibit growth and angiogenesis in the day 5 chick chorioallantoic membrane. CAM, SS
35  2000 Evaluation of an ambu-bag valve with a self-contained, colorimetric end-tidal CO2 system in the detection of airway mishaps: an animal trial. ET, SS
36  2000 Normal patterns of angiogenesis and extracellular matrix deposition in chick chorioallantoic membranes are disrupted by mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke. CAMs, SS
37  1999 Bacterial endotoxin is an active component of cigarette smoke. IL-6, LAL, LPS, SS, TNF-alpha
38  1999 GC-AED Studies of Nicotine Fate in a Burning Cigarette. AED, GC, SS
39  1998 Cigarette smoke inhibits oocyte cumulus complex pick-up by the oviduct in vitro independent of ciliary beat frequency. SS
40  1998 Utility of monitoring capnography, pulse oximetry, and vital signs in the detection of airway mishaps: a hyperoxemic animal model. BP, ET, HR, SS
41  1998 [Content of volatile in steam phenols in the main stream of cigarette smoke from selected brands of cigarettes]. ---
42  1995 Cigarette smoke inhalation affects the reproductive system of female hamsters. CL, SS
43  1995 Ciliary beat frequency of hamster oviducts is decreased in vitro by exposure to solutions of mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke. CBF, EBSS-H, SS
44  1993 Comparison of total DNA adduct levels induced in mouse tissues and human skin by mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke condensates. CSCs, SS
45  1993 The effect of mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke exposure on oxygen defense mechanisms of guinea pig erythrocytes. GSH-Px, SOD, SS
46  1992 Protective antioxidant mechanisms in rat and guinea pig tissues challenged by acute exposure to cigarette smoke. AA, SS
47  1990 Comparative carcinogenicity of cigarette mainstream and sidestream smoke condensates on the mouse skin. SS
48  1989 Main stem sink manipulation in wheat : effects on nitrogen allocation to tillers. ---
49  1989 [Mechanism of the mutagenic/carcinogenic action of cigarette smoke at the pulmonary level: enzymatic induction, activation and detoxification]. AHH, DMND, GST, SS
50  1988 Comparative bone marrow clastogenicity of cigarette sidestream, mainstream and recombined smoke condensates in mice. PCEs, SS
51  1988 Selenium-mediated reduction in the mutagenicity of cigarette smoke. CSC, Se, SS
52  1988 Site of airway obstruction: effects on the acoustic impedance of excised pig lungs. FD, LL, RL
53  1987 Enzyme induction in rat lung and liver by condensates and fractions from main-stream and side-stream cigarette smoke. AHH, DMND, SS
54  1987 Selenium in mainstream and sidestream smoke of cigarettes containing fly ash-grown tobacco. SS
55  1985 Chronic cigarette sidestream smoke exposure increases rat trachea ornithine decarboxylase activity. AdoMetDC, ODC, SS
56  1985 Simultaneous mainstream-sidestream smoke exposure systems II. The rat exposure system. SS, TPM
57  1985 The effect of smoke generation and manipulation variables on the cytotoxicity of mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke to monolayer cultures of L-929 cells. SS