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Abbreviation : MS
Long Form : marbling score
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Estimation of environmental effects and genetic parameters of carcass traits on Chikso (Korean Brindle Cattle). BF, CW, EMA
2019 Estimation of Genetic Parameters by Single-Trait and Multi-Trait Models for Carcass Traits in Hanwoo Cattle. BFT, CWT, EMA, MTGM, MTPM, SNPs, STGM, STPM
2019 Relationships between temperament, meat quality, and carcass traits in Nellore cattle1. BRU, FS, MOV, PC
2019 Weighted Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction for Carcass Traits in Hanwoo Cattle. BFT, CWT, EMA, GBLUP, SNP, WGBLUP
2018 Estimates of genetic parameters for fatty acid compositions in the longissimus dorsi muscle of Hanwoo cattle. BFT, CWT, DI, EI, EMA, IMF, MUFAs, PUFAs, SFAs, WBSF
2018 Functional Partitioning of Genomic Variance and Genome-Wide Association Study for Carcass Traits in Korean Hanwoo Cattle Using Imputed Sequence Level SNP Data. BFT, CWT, EMA, GRMs, GWAS, MAF, SNP
2018 Superior single nucleotide polymorphisms that contribute to two main routes of the fatty acid synthesis pathway in Korean cattle. MUFA
2017 Economic selection index development for Beefmaster cattle I: Terminal breeding objective. FI, REA, REV
2017 Genetic parameters of carcass and meat quality traits in different muscles (longissimus dorsi and semimembranosus) of Hanwoo (Korean cattle). BFT, CWT, EMA, IMF, LD, SM, WBSF, WHC
10  2017 Predictive performance of genomic selection methods for carcass traits in Hanwoo beef cattle: impacts of the genetic architecture. BayesL, BT, CW, DGV, EMA, GBLUP, SNPs
11  2016 Genetic association of marbling score with intragenic nucleotide variants at selection signals of the bovine genome. ---
12  2016 Prediction of pork fat attributes using NIR Images of frozen and thawed pork. IMF, MLR, ROI
13  2016 Validation of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Associated with Carcass Traits in a Commercial Hanwoo Population. BF, CW, EMA, GWAS, SNPs
14  2015 Comparison of Carcass and Sensory Traits and Free Amino Acid Contents among Quality Grades in Loin and Rump of Korean Cattle Steer. AMP, IMP, QG
15  2015 Estimation of Genetic Associations between Production and Meat Quality Traits in Duroc Pigs. BF, LMA, LP, MC, WHC
16  2015 Genetic association of growth traits with carcass and meat traits in Nellore cattle. BT, HCW, LMA, SF, WW
17  2015 Genetic parameters for sensory traits in longissimus muscle and their associations with tenderness, marbling score, and intramuscular fat in Angus cattle. IMFC, WBSF
18  2015 Genetic parameters for yearling weight, carcass traits, and primal-cut yields of Hanwoo cattle. BFT, CWT, LMA, RND, TLN, TPC, TRND, YWT
19  2015 Seasonal variation in carcass characteristics of korean cattle steers. BT, CT, QG, RH, THI, YG
20  2014 Effect of dietary trace mineral supplementation and a multi-element trace mineral injection on shipping response and growth performance of beef cattle. SAL, TM
21  2014 Effects of protein and fat concentration in coproduct-based growing calf diets on performance and carcass composition. BF, CRN, LMA
22  2014 Estimation of Genetic Parameters for Real-time Ultrasound Measurements for Hanwoo Cows at Different Ages and Pregnancy Status. BFT, LMA
23  2014 Genetic analysis of ultrasound and carcass measurement traits in a regional hanwoo steer population. BF, CW, LMA, UBF
24  2013 Effect of carcass traits on carcass prices of holstein steers in Korea. BF, BWT, CSP, CUP, CWT, DP, EMA, QGI
25  2013 Identification of Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase (SCD) Gene Interactions in Korean Native Cattle Based on the Multifactor-dimensionality Reduction Method. MDR, MUFAs, SCD, SCD1, SNPs
26  2013 National genetic evaluation (system) of hanwoo (korean native cattle). BF, CW, EMA, YW
27  2012 Association of bovine carcass phenotypes with genes in an adaptive thermogenesis pathway. BFT, CW, EMA
28  2012 Estimation of relative economic weights of hanwoo carcass traits based on carcass market price. BF, CW, EMA, KAPE
29  2012 Genetic variants of the FABP4 gene are associated with marbling scores and meat quality grades in Hanwoo (Korean cattle). He, PIC
30  2012 The accuracies of DNA-based estimates of genetic merit derived from Angus or multibreed beef cattle training populations. GPE, ISU/UMC, MBV, RE, USMARC, WW
31  2011 Genetic parameters for intramuscular fat percentage, marbling score, scrotal circumference, and heifer pregnancy in Red Angus cattle. HP, IMF, SC
32  2010 Establishing an appropriate mode of comparison for measuring the performance of marbling score output from video image analysis beef carcass grading systems. ---
33  2010 Mutations of MC4R gene and its association with economic traits in Qinchuan cattle. CW, LW
34  2009 ADFP promoter polymorphism associated with marbling score in Korean cattle. ADFP
35  2008 A single nucleotide polymorphism in CAPN1 associated with marbling score in Korean cattle. ---
36  2007 Effect of direct and indirect selection criteria for efficiency of gain on profitability of Japanese Black cattle selection strategies. IGF, RFI, RFIpt
37  2007 Genetic relationships between growth and carcass traits and profitability in Japanese Brown cattle. CaP, LMA, RT, SFT
38  2007 Titin-cap (TCAP) polymorphisms associated with marbling score of beef. LD, TCAP, TCAP
39  2006 Effect of carcass price fluctuations on genetic and economic evaluation of carcass traits in Japanese Black cattle. BSE
40  2005 Factors affecting carcass value and profitability in early-weaned Simmental steers: I. Five-year average pricing. YG
41  2005 Factors affecting carcass value and profitability in early-weaned Simmental steers: II. Days on feed endpoints and sorting strategies. DOF, YG
42  2005 Genetic analysis of carcass traits of steers adjusted to age, weight, or fat thickness slaughter endpoints. DP, FP, PRP, YG
43  2001 Genetic evaluation of carcass traits in Simmental-sired cattle at different slaughter end points. BV, CW, FT, LMA, PRC, WW
44  1999 Relationship between serum biochemical values and marbling scores in Japanese Black steers. af
45  1996 Genetic parameters for growth and carcass traits in Japanese brown cattle estimated from field records. ADG, CWT, LMA, REML, RT, SFT
46  1996 Prediction of breeding values for tenderness of market animals from measurements on bulls. MFI, SF, TPT
47  1993 Genetic parameters for carcass traits estimated from Angus field records. FT, HCW, LMA
48  1992 Development of a quantitative quality grading system for mature cow carcasses. FC, FPC, JUC, OM, SHR
49  1992 Direct and maternal genetic effects for carcass traits in beef cattle. FT, HCWT, LM, RY, WBS
50  1992 Two-, three-, and four-breed rotational crossbreeding of beef cattle: carcass traits. FT, HCWT, LM, QG, RY, WBS