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Abbreviation : MS
Long Form : maternal separation
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Early life stress and the programming of eating behavior and anxiety: Sex-specific relationships with serotonergic activity and hypothalamic neuropeptides. MD
2020 Impact of Maternal Separation on Dopamine System and its Association with Parkinson's Disease. DA, PD
2020 Progesterone exerts antidepressant-like effect in a mouse model of maternal separation stress through mitigation of neuroinflammatory response and oxidative stress. FST, OFT, qRT-PCR
2020 SiNiSan ameliorates depression-like behavior in rats by enhancing synaptic plasticity via the CaSR-PKC-ERK signaling pathway. CaSR, CUMS, HIP, PFC, PKC, SNS, SYN
2020 The effects of early life stress on the excitatory/inhibitory balance of the medial prefrontal cortex. E/I, mPFC
2020 Vulnerable and Resilient Cognitive Performance Related to Early Life Stress: The Potential Mediating Role of Dopaminergic Receptors in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex of Adult Mice. ELS, PFC
2019 A Synaptically Connected Hypothalamic Magnocellular Vasopressin-Locus Coeruleus Neuronal Circuit and Its Plasticity in Response to Emotional and Physiological Stress. AVP, AVPMNNs, LC, MWM, TEM, TH
2019 Acute neuroinflammation elicited by TLR-3 systemic activation combined with early life stress induces working memory impairments in male adolescent mice. mPFC, PND, TLRs
2019 CGRP in a gene-environment interaction model for depression: effects of antidepressant treatment. CGRP, MDD
10  2019 Distinct effects of early-life experience and trait aggression on cardiovascular reactivity and recovery. ELE, HR, MAP, TA
11  2019 Early Life Maternal Separation and Maternal Behaviour Modulate Acoustic Characteristics of Rat Pup Ultrasonic Vocalizations. PND2-10, USV
12  2019 Early life stress alters the developmental trajectory of corticolimbic endocannabinoid signaling in male rats. 2-AG, AEA, eCB, PFC, PND2
13  2019 Early life stress by repeated maternal separation induces long-term neuroinflammatory response in glial cells of male rats. Cg, DG, GFAP, HC, Iba1, IL, PFC, PL, rt-PCR
14  2019 Early life stress induces type 2 diabetes-like features in ageing mice. ---
15  2019 Early-life stress impairs developmental programming in Cadherin 13 (CDH13)-deficient mice. CDH13
16  2019 Early-life stress impairs postnatal oligodendrogenesis and adult emotional behaviour through activity-dependent mechanisms. DREADDs, mPFC, PFC
17  2019 Early-life stress, microbiota, and brain development: probiotics reverse the effects of maternal separation on neural circuits underpinning fear expression and extinction in infant rats. ---
18  2019 Effect of enriched environment during adolescence on spatial learning and memory, and voluntary consumption of morphine in maternally separated rats in adulthood. EE, EE, TBC
19  2019 Effects of early life stress on cocaine conditioning and AMPA receptor composition are sex-specific and driven by TNF. CPP, NAc, PFC, TNF
20  2019 Effects of Environmental Enrichment in Maternally Separated Rats: Age and Sex-Specific Outcomes. EE, HPA, PND
21  2019 Environmental enrichment effects after early stress on behavior and functional brain networks in adult rats. CcO, EE
22  2019 Exposure to early life adversity alters the future behavioral response to a stressful challenge in BALB/C mice. ELS, RS
23  2019 Fluoxetine ameliorates adult hippocampal injury in rats after early maternal separation. A biochemical, histological and immunohistochemical study. CA3, DG
24  2019 Gene expression signature of antidepressant treatment response/non-response in Flinders Sensitive Line rats subjected to maternal separation. ---
25  2019 Glucocorticoid Receptor Stimulation Resulting from Early Life Stress Affects Expression of DNA Methyltransferases in Rat Prefrontal Cortex. DNMT, GR, PFC, PND15
26  2019 Identification of Cholecystokinin by Genome-Wide Profiling as Potential Mediator of Serotonin-Dependent Behavioral Effects of Maternal Separation in the Amygdala. EPM, TPH2
27  2019 Implications from early life stress on the development of mouse ovarian follicles: Focus on oxidative stress. PF
28  2019 Influence of environmental enrichment on the volume of brain regions sensitive to early life stress by maternal separation in rats. EE, MRI
29  2019 Lactobacillus paracasei PS23 reduced early-life stress abnormalities in maternal separation mouse model. IL-10
30  2019 Limited effects of early life manipulations on sex-specific gene expression and behavior in adulthood. EE, FCM
31  2019 Long-Lasting Sex-Specific Effects Based On Emotion- and Cognition-Related Behavioral Assessment of Adult Rats After Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder From Different Lengths of Maternal Separation. EPMT, FST, OFT, PND, PTSD, SPS, WMT
32  2019 Maternal separation as a risk factor for aggravation of neuropathic pain in later life in mice. CCI
33  2019 Maternal separation disturbs postnatal development of the medial prefrontal cortex and affects the number of neurons and glial cells in adolescent rats. ELS, mPFC, PLC
34  2019 Maternal separation effects on mother rodents' behaviour: A systematic review. ---
35  2019 Maternal separation impairs long term-potentiation in CA3-CA1 synapses in adolescent female rats. fEPSPs, LTP, PND
36  2019 Maternal separation in rodents: a journey from gut to brain and nutritional perspectives. ---
37  2019 Maternal separation stress reduced prenatal-ethanol-induced increase in exploratory behaviour and extracellular signal-regulated kinase activity. DH, EtOH, FASD, GSK3beta, PFC, SACC
38  2019 Moderate maternal separation mitigates the altered synaptic transmission and neuronal activation in amygdala by chronic stress in adult mice. BLA, CSDS, mIPSCs, PNs
39  2019 Music exposure attenuates anxiety- and depression-like behaviors and increases hippocampal spine density in male rats. ELS, PND
40  2019 Neonatal intestinal injury induced by maternal separation: pathogenesis and pharmacological targets 1. ---
41  2019 Neurobehavioural effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG alone and in combination with prebiotics polydextrose and galactooligosaccharide in male rats exposed to early-life stress. GOS, LGG, PDX
42  2019 On the role of corticosterone in behavioral disorders, microbiota composition alteration and neuroimmune response in adult male mice subjected to maternal separation stress. EPM, FST, HPA, OFT, PND
43  2019 Oxidative stress, inflammatory reactions and apoptosis mediated the negative effect of chronic stress induced by maternal separation on the reproductive system in male mice. PND
44  2019 Pharmacological restoration of gut barrier function in stressed neonates partially reverses long-term alterations associated with maternal separation. MLCK, PND
45  2019 Presence of Mother Reduces Early-Life Social Stress: Linking the Alteration in Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis and Serotonergic System. GR, MSP-ST, PND, SSE
46  2019 Probiotic treatment restores normal developmental trajectories of fear memory retention in maternally separated infant rats. BLA, ELS, HPA
47  2019 Region-specific Effects of Maternal Separation on Perineuronal Net and Parvalbumin-expressing Interneuron Formation in Male and Female Rats. BLA, PFC, PNNs, PV
48  2019 Resilience and Vulnerability to Trauma: Early Life Interventions Modulate Aversive Memory Reconsolidation in the Dorsal Hippocampus. BLA, CFC, DHC, NH, PTSD
49  2019 Sex Dimorphic Responses of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis to Maternal Separation and Palatable Diet. HFC, HPT, MBH, NH, PD
50  2019 Sexually dimorphic behavioral effects of maternal separation in anorexic rats. ABA
51  2019 Short and prolonged maternal separation impacts on ethanol-related behaviors in rats: sex and age differences. CPP, PND
52  2019 SiNiSan Ameliorates the Depression-Like Behavior of Rats That Experienced Maternal Separation Through 5-HT1A Receptor/CREB/BDNF Pathway. BDNF, CREB, p-PKA, PNDs, SNS, SSRI
53  2019 Social Behaviour and Epigenetic Status in Adolescent and Adult Rats: The Contribution of Early-Life Stressful Social Experience. Ac, BDNF, CON, MeCP2, MSP, REST, SSE, ST
54  2019 The enduring effects of early-life stress on the microbiota-gut-brain axis are buffered by dietary supplementation with milk fat globule membrane and a prebiotic blend. MFGM
55  2019 The impact of early-life stress on corticosteroid carrier protein levels and 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 expression in adolescent rats. 11beta-HSD, CBG, ELS
56  2019 Transcriptome Analysis on Maternal Separation Rats With Depression-Related Manifestations Ameliorated by Electroacupuncture. ceRNA, EA, PFC
57  2019 Trigonelline through the Attenuation of Oxidative Stress Exerts Antidepressant- and Anxiolytic-Like Effects in a Mouse Model of Maternal Separation Stress. EPM, FST, MDA, NO, OFT, PND, TRG
58  2019 Utilization of a rodent model to examine the neurological effects of early life adversity on adolescent pain sensitivity. ---
59  2019 Variation in early life maternal care predicts later long range frontal cortex synapse development in mice. BLA, DMS, OFC
60  2018 Anhedonic behavior and gamma-amino butyric acid during a sensitive period in female rats exposed to early adversity. ISO, LH, PFC, PV
61  2018 Anxiety-like behaviour assessments of adolescent rats after repeated maternal separation during early life. EH
62  2018 Beneficial effects of environmental enrichment on behavior, stress reactivity and synaptophysin/BDNF expression in hippocampus following early life stress. ELISA
63  2018 Chronic light exposure alters serotonergic and orexinergic systems in the rat brain and reverses maternal separation-induced increase in orexin receptors in the prefrontal cortex. 5-HT, CCL, NAc, OXR1, PFC
64  2018 Daily maternal separations during stress hyporesponsive period decrease the thresholds of panic-like behaviors to electrical stimulation of the dorsal periaqueductal gray of the adult rat. PN
65  2018 Data on the effect of maternal separation coupled with social isolation in a forced swim test and gene expression of glial fibrillary acid protein in the prefrontal cortex of rats. GFAP, qPCR
66  2018 Differential anxiety-related behaviours and brain activation in Tph2-deficient female mice exposed to adverse early environment. DLB, OF, TPH2
67  2018 Early emergence of altered 5-HT2A receptor-evoked behavior, neural activation and gene expression following maternal separation. IEGs
68  2018 Early life stress in mice is a suitable model for Irritable Bowel Syndrome but does not predispose to colitis nor increase susceptibility to enteric infections. IBS
69  2018 Early maternal separation promotes alterations in the thermoregulatory profile of adult Wistar rats. ---
70  2018 Early Postnatal Stress Impairs Cognitive Functions of Male Rats Persisting Until Adulthood. MA, MWM
71  2018 Effect of probiotic Bifidobacterium bifidum G9-1 on the relationship between gut microbiota profile and stress sensitivity in maternally separated rats. BBG9-1, IBS
72  2018 Effects of maternal separation and antidepressant drug on epigenetic regulation of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor exon I promoter in the adult rat hippocampus. BDNF, DNMT, ESC
73  2018 Electroacupuncture Ameliorates Cognitive Deficit and Improves Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity in Adult Rat with Neonatal Maternal Separation. EA, LTP
74  2018 Environment-dependent striatal gene expression in the BACHD rat model for Huntington disease. EE, HD, HTT, mHTT
75  2018 Evidence for intact 5-HT1A receptor-mediated feedback inhibition following sustained antidepressant treatment in a rat model of depression. FLX, WAY
76  2018 How does early maternal separation and chronic stress in adult rats affect the immunoreactivity of serotonergic neurons within the dorsal raphe nucleus? AFR, DR, DRV, PND
77  2018 Immediate effects of maternal separation on the development of interneurons derived from medial ganglionic eminence in the neonatal mouse hippocampus. GAD, MGE, PV
78  2018 Low doses of prenatal ethanol exposure and maternal separation alter HPA axis function and ethanol consumption in adult male rats. ---
79  2018 Maternal behavior of the mouse dam toward pups: implications for maternal separation model of early life stress. AFR
80  2018 Maternal high-fat diet and early life stress differentially modulate spine density and dendritic morphology in the medial prefrontal cortex of juvenile and adult rats. HFD, mPFC, PND
81  2018 Maternal Separation as Early-Life Stress Causes Enhanced Allergic Airway Responses by Inhibiting Respiratory Tolerance in Mice. BLN, IL, OVA, Treg
82  2018 Maternal Separation Induces Different Autophagic Responses in the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex of Adult Rats. CON, HP, NR2B, PFC
83  2018 Maternal separation stress leads to resilience against neuropathic pain in adulthood. CCI, ELS
84  2018 Neonatal maternal separation leads to a dampening of inflammation-related mechanical and thermal hypersensitivity in juvenile rats. CFA, CON, ELS
85  2018 Neonatal Sleep Restriction Increases Nociceptive Sensitivity in Adolescent Mice. CTRL, PAG, PND, SR
86  2018 Neonatal Stress Has a Long-Lasting Sex-Dependent Effect on Anxiety-Like Behavior and Neuronal Morphology in the Prefrontal Cortex and Hippocampus. ---
87  2018 Nesfatin-1 in the dorsal raphe nucleus influences visceral sensitivity via 5-HT neurons in male maternally separated rats. 5-HT, AWR, DRN, EMG, NUCB2
88  2018 Oxytocin inhibited stress induced visceral hypersensitivity, enteric glial cells activation, and release of proinflammatory cytokines in maternal separated rats. CNS, CRD, EGCs, GFAP, GI, IBS, OT, PBS, TLR, VH, VMR, WAS
89  2018 Postnatal separation prevents the development of prenatal stress-induced anxiety in association with changes in oestrogen receptor and oxytocin immunoreactivity in female mandarin vole (Microtus mandarinus) offspring. BNST, ERalpha, MeA, MPOA, OT, PVN, SON
90  2018 Postnatal stress is associated with impaired fear conditioning and extinction, and heightened hippocampal fibroblast growth factor 2, in mother rats. ---
91  2018 Previous Early-life Stress Modifies Acute Corticosterone-induced Synaptic Plasticity in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex of Adolescent Rats. CORT, LTP, mPFC, VEH
92  2018 Sex Specific Alterations in alpha4*Nicotinic Receptor Expression in the Nucleus Accumbens. NAc
93  2018 Sex-dependent impact of different degrees of maternal separation experience on OFT behavioral performances after adult chronic unpredictable mild stress exposure in rats. CUMS, FST, OFT, PND, SD, SPT
94  2018 The combination of postnatal maternal separation and social stress in young adulthood does not lead to enhanced inflammatory pain sensitivity and depression-related behavior in rats. CFA, ELS, SS
95  2018 Vulnerability or resilience of motopsin knockout mice to maternal separation stress depending on adulthood behaviors. KO, WT
96  2018 Why are maternally separated females inflexible? Brain activity pattern of COx and c-Fos. AFR, COX, mPFC, MS21, MWM, PND
97  2017 Acupuncture alters pro-inflammatory cytokines in the plasma of maternally separated rat pups. CORT, GDNF, IL
98  2017 Adolescent escitalopram prevents the effects of maternal separation on depression- and anxiety-like behaviours and regulates the levels of inflammatory cytokines in adult male mice. ES, IL, PFC, TNF
99  2017 Altered corticosterone levels and social play behavior after prolonged maternal separation in adolescent male but not female Wistar rats. ---
100  2017 Altered functionality of the corticotrophin-releasing hormone receptor-2 in the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus of hyperphagic maternally separated rats. CRH, PVN, Ucns