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Abbreviation : MS
Long Form : maxillary sinus
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Anatomical evaluation of the relationship between the maxillary posterior teeth and maxillary sinus. ---
2019 Air spaces neighbouring the infraorbital canal. CBCT, EI, HCs, IOC, NLDs
2019 Analysis of the development of human foetal nasal turbinates using CBCT imaging. CBCT, IT, MT, NC, ST
2019 Anatomical Variation in Maxillary Sinus Ostium Positioning: Implications for Nasal-Sinus Disease. MRIs, MSO, PCA
2019 Assessment of the prelacrimal recess in maxillary sinus in different sex and age groups using cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). CBCT, PLR, PLRA
2019 Evaluation of the relationship between the maxillary sinus floor and the root apices of the maxillary posterior teeth using cone-beam computed tomographic scanning. CBCT
2019 Extent of maxillary sinus surgery and its effect on instrument access, irrigation penetration, and disease clearance. EMMA, Mega-A, MMA, SB
2019 Markers of the pre-metastatic niche "knock on the door" of metastasis-free cervical lymph nodes in patients with oral cancer. cap, FN, LNs, LOX, MMP, PMN, SCS, VEGFR
2019 Morphological variations of the maxillary sinus floor adjacent to periapical chronic injuries. CBCT, MSF
10  2019 Periapical and Endodontic Status Scale for Endodontically Treated Teeth and Their Association with Maxillary Sinus Abnormalities: A Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Study. OR, PESS
11  2019 Predictive Significance of Radiographic Density of Sinus Opacity and Bone Thickness in Unilateral Maxillary Sinus Mycetoma. CRS, HU
12  2019 Single-Cell Survey of Human Lymphatics Unveils Marked Endothelial Cell Heterogeneity and Mechanisms of Homing for Neutrophils. LECs, LNs, SCS
13  2019 The impact of geometrical parameters on acoustically driven drug delivery to maxillary sinuses. CFD, FEA, NC
14  2019 Three-dimensional anatomy of the transantral intraseptal infraorbital canal with the use of cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT, IOC
15  2019 Volumetric analysis of the cranial and nasal cavity from micro-computed tomography scans in the rabbit. CC, CP, CT, DCS, DNM, MNC, MNM, NV, VNC, VNM
16  2018 Imaging and anatomical features of ethmomaxillary sinus and its differentiation from surrounding air cells. EMS, PEs, SNM
17  2018 Variation in bucco-palatal maxillary sinus width does not permit a meaningful sinus classification. PM, SW
18  2017 Maxillary sinus volume: new physiopathological data in fungal ball genesis? A retrospective study. ---
19  2017 Modified transnasal endoscopic medial maxillectomy through prelacrimal duct approach. IP, IT, MTEMMPDA, ND
20  2017 Sexual Dimorphism of Maxillary Sinus: A Morphometric Analysis using Cone Beam Computed Tomography. CBCT
21  2017 Validation study of a new method for sexual prediction based on CBCT analysis of maxillary sinus and mandibular canal. CBCT, MC, SP
22  2016 Evaluation of Periapical Lesions and Their Association with Maxillary Sinus Abnormalities on Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Images. CBCT
23  2016 Transmaxillary Sinus Approach for Le Fort II Osteotomy. TSA
24  2016 Transnasal endoscopic medial maxillary sinus wall transposition with preservation of structures. TEMMT
25  2015 A computational study of functional endoscopic sinus surgery and maxillary sinus drug delivery. FESS
26  2015 Inverted papilloma of the maxillary sinus: Surgical approach and long-term results. CLO, CO, CP, EEA, IP
27  2015 Large Reactional Osteogenesis in Maxillary Sinus Associated with Secondary Root Canal Infection Detected Using Cone-beam Computed Tomography. CBCT
28  2015 Minor contributions of the maxillary sinus to the air-conditioning performance in macaque monkeys. ---
29  2015 [The comparative analysis of the effectiveness of various forms of the surgical treatment of the patients presenting with chronic odontogenic maxillary sinusitis]. COMS
30  2015 [The silent sinus syndrome in the patients presenting with the uncinate process apposed to the orbital wall]. PNS, SSS, UP
31  2014 Aplasia of the maxillary sinus in a Tibetan macaque (Macaca thibetana) with implications for its evolutionary loss and reacquisition. ---
32  2014 Autogenous bone combined with anorganic bovine bone for maxillary sinus augmentation: analysis of the osteogenic potential of cells derived from the donor and the grafted sites. ABB, ALP
33  2014 Human ethmoid sinus mucosa: a promising novel tissue source of mesenchymal progenitor cells. ES, IT, MPCs
34  2014 Validation of anatomical models to study aerosol deposition in human nasal cavities. SD
35  2013 Assessment of the lacrimal recess of the maxillary sinus on computed tomography scans. CT, CT PNS
36  2013 Differences in the morphology of the maxillary sinus and roots of teeth between Macaca fuscata and Macaca fuscata yakui determined using cone beam computed tomography. MFF, MFY
37  2013 Intranasal endoscopic prelacrimal recess approach to maxillary sinus. IP, IT, NLD, PLRA
38  2013 Quantification of airflow into the maxillary sinuses before and after functional endoscopic sinus surgery. CFD, FESS, RSOM-31
39  2012 Distributions of calcitonin gene-related peptide and substance P in the human maxillary sinus of Japanese cadavers. CGRP, SP
40  2012 Occurrence of maxillary sinus abnormalities detected by cone beam CT in asymptomatic patients. CBCT
41  2012 [Symptoms and signs of maxillary cysts]. ---
42  2011 Modified transnasal endoscopic medial maxillectomy with medial shift of preserved inferior turbinate and nasolacrimal duct. IP, IT, ND, TEMM
43  2011 Prospective evaluation of aerosol delivery by a powered nasal nebulizer in the cadaver model. ANC, EC, EML, F-NEO, FESS, FS, MM, NP, OC, SER, SS
44  2011 Three-dimensional volumetric measurements and analysis of the maxillary sinus. CRS, HU
45  2011 [Structure of maxillary sinus mucous membrane under normal conditions and in odontogenic perforative sinusitis]. MM
46  2011 [The treatment of polypous suppurative rhinosinusitis in the patients presenting with the severe andmoderate aspirin triad]. ---
47  2010 A preliminary 3D computed tomography study of the human maxillary sinus and nasal cavity. CT, NC, NCV
48  2010 Bioglass associated with leukocyte-poor platelet-rich plasma in the rabbit maxillary sinus: histomorphometric, densitometric, and fractal analysis. AB, BG, LP-PRP, RD
49  2010 Evaluation of the blood and nerve supply patterns in the molar region of the maxillary sinus in Japanese cadavers. CBCT, PSAA
50  2010 Observing the bony canal structure of the human maxillary sinus in Japanese cadavers using cone beam CT. CBCT, CGRP, PSAA
51  2010 The maxillary sinus in three genera of new world monkeys: factors that constrain secondary pneumatization. dp
52  2010 Understanding the formation of maxillary sinus in Japanese human foetuses using cone beam CT. CRL, NC
53  2008 Paranasal pneumatization in extant and fossil Cercopithecoidea. CT
54  2008 Presence of the maxillary sinus in fossil Colobinae (Cercopithecoides williamsi) from South Africa. ---
55  2007 [Endoscopic nasal lateral wall dissection approach to maxillary sinus]. ENLWD, IP, IT, LD
56  2006 Submucosal glands and goblet cells in maxillary sinus surgery: an experimental study in rabbits. GC, MSM, SD, SG
57  2005 Comparison of delivery of topical medications to the paranasal sinuses via "vertex-to-floor" position and atomizer spray after FESS. EC, FESS, FR, OC, SS, VF
58  2005 Extensive enlargement of the maxillary sinus in Alouatta caraya (mammalia, primates, cebidae): an allometric approach to skull pneumatization in Atelinae. ---
59  2002 [Efficient antibiotic therapy in radical surgery on the maxillary sinus]. ---
60  1999 Clinical course of solitary extramedullary plasmacytoma. EMP, NC, NP, OC, OP
61  1998 Immunocytochemical study of the maxilla and maxillary sinus during human fetal development. PCNA
62  1998 Relatively high F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in paranasal sinus aspergillosis: a PET study. FDG, Ga, PET, SPECT, SUV