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Abbreviation : MS
Long Form : morphine sulfate
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Risk assessment of using off-label morphine sulfate in a population-based retrospective cohort of opioid-dependent patients. CI, OSTs, OUD
2018 Oral Oxycodone Compared With Intravenous Morphine Sulfate for Pain Management of Isolated Limb Trauma; a Randomized Clinical Trial. ---
2016 Morphine sulfate concomitantly decreases neuronal differentiation and opioid receptor expression in mouse embryonic stem cells. DOR, EB, GFAP, KOR, mES, MOR, Mtap2, NP
2015 A review of sufentanil and the sufentanil sublingual tablet system for acute moderate to severe pain. i.v, PCA, SSTS
2013 Assessing the subjective and physiological effects of intranasally administered crushed extended-release morphine formulations with and without a sequestered naltrexone core in recreational opioid users. MSN, PD, VAS
2012 Adult emergency department patients with sickle cell pain crisis: results from a quality improvement learning collaborative model to improve analgesic management. ED, QI, s.c, SCD
2009 Analysis of individual patient data from clinical trials: epidural morphine for postoperative pain. EREM, IVPCA
2008 Morphine attenuates microvascular hyperpermeability via a protein kinase A-dependent pathway. PKA
2008 Morphine induces mesangial cell proliferation and glomerulopathy via kappa-opioid receptors. BrdU, DOR, KO, KOR, MC, MOR, OR, STAT3
10  2007 A new model of neonatal stress which produces lasting neurobehavioral effects in adult rats. NICU
11  2006 Methylnaltrexone inhibits opiate and VEGF-induced angiogenesis: role of receptor transactivation. M3G, M6G, MNTX, siRNA
12  2006 Single-dose extended-release epidural morphine for pain following hip arthroplasty. EREM
13  2005 A comparison of Depodur, a novel, single-dose extended-release epidural morphine, with standard epidural morphine for pain relief after lower abdominal surgery. EREM, PCA
14  2005 Impact of liberalization of protocols for the use of morphine sulfate in an urban emergency medical services system. CI, RR
15  2003 Comparison of pain after uterine artery embolization using tris-acryl gelatin microspheres versus polyvinyl alcohol particles. ES, PCA, PVA, SPS, UAE
16  2003 Intrathecal coadministration of D-APV and morphine is maximally effective in a rat experimental pancreatitis model. aCSF, D-APV
17  2000 Inhibition of morphine tolerance development by a substance P-opioid peptide chimera. SP
18  2000 Long-term safety of MorphiDex. DM
19  2000 MorphiDex (MS:DM) double-blind, multiple-dose studies in chronic pain patients. DM
20  2000 MorphiDex pharmacokinetic studies and single-dose analgesic efficacy studies in patients with postoperative pain. DM
21  1999 Analgesia during extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy using the Medstone STS lithotriptor: a randomized prospective study. ESWL, KT
22  1999 Biochemical changes in prostanoids and cerebral expression of cyclooxygenase (COX)-1 and COX-2 during morphine sulfate infusion in the newborn piglet . COX
23  1999 Effect of ED management on ICU use in acute pulmonary edema. APE, BiPAP, CSL, ED, ETI, ICU, LD, LOS, NPSV, NTG
24  1999 Preoperative intra-articular morphine and bupivacaine for pain control after outpatient arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. ACL, PACU
25  1998 The effect of intestinal transit time on bacterial translocation. DTPA, NB, TPN
26  1997 Analgesia for dying infants whose life support is withdrawn or withheld. ---
27  1997 Pharmacokinetics of oral morphine sulfate in dogs: a comparison of sustained release and conventional formulations. AUC, i.v, MAT, MRT, NSRMS, OSRMS, Tmax, Vdss
28  1996 Analgesic and antipyretic activities of an aqueous extract and of the flavone linarin of Buddleia cordata. ---
29  1996 Intravenous morphine for early pain relief in patients with acute abdominal pain. NS, VAS
30  1996 Nitric oxide synthase inhibition modulates the ventilatory depressant and antinociceptive actions of fourth ventricular infusions of morphine in the awake dog. L-NA, NO, SNAP
31  1996 Opioid stimulation in the ventral tegmental area facilitates the onset of maternal behavior in rats. VTA
32  1996 Oral administration of dextromethorphan prevents the development of morphine tolerance and dependence in rats. DM
33  1996 Perinatal treatment of rats with opiates affects the development of the blood-brain barrier transport system PTS-1. EKC, PTS-1
34  1995 Chronic escapable footshock causes a reduced response to morphine in rats as assessed by local cerebral metabolic rates. 2-DG, LCMRglu
35  1994 Compatibility of oral morphine sulfate solution with enteral feeding products. MS2
36  1994 Electrophysiological effects of selective opioid agonists on spontaneous and evoked neuronal activity in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus in vivo. DGCs, Ints
37  1994 Momentary analgesia produced by copulation in female rats. CA, Ss, STS, VS
38  1994 Perioperative immunomodulation in cancer surgery. IL-2, NKCC, SSS
39  1994 Pharmacokinetics of morphine sulfate in patients with burns. MS-CR, MS-OS
40  1994 Pharmacokinetics of parenteral and oral sustained-release morphine sulphate in dogs. AUC, i.v, IM, OSRMS
41  1994 The local cerebral metabolic effects of morphine in rats exposed to escapable footshock. 2-DG, LCMRglu
42  1993 Effect of morphine or phenobarbital on teicoplanin elimination pharmacokinetics. NS, Pb
43  1993 Effect of total parenteral nutrition plus morphine on bacterial translocation in rats. MLN, TPN
44  1993 Epidural narcotic analgesia after thoracotomy. ENA, IIN
45  1993 High transdermal fentanyl requirements in a patient with chronic cancer pain. PCA
46  1993 Prolonged Activation of c-fos and Optimal Activation of Pro-opiomelanocortin mRNA after Repeated Morphine Exposure in SH-SY5Y Cells. ---
47  1992 Evidence of hyperglycemic hyperalgesia by quinpirole. QUIN
48  1992 Modulation of acute morphine tolerance by corticotropin-releasing factor and dynorphin A in the mouse spinal cord. CRF, i.c.v, i.t
49  1992 Opiate modulation of growth hormone secretion is compromised during the steroid-induced luteinizing hormone surge. EB, GH, LH
50  1992 Opiate stimulation of prolactin secretion is reversed by ovarian hormone treatment. EB, LH, PRL
51  1992 Safety of pre-hospital therapy with morphine sulfate. ED, ICP, PE
52  1991 A comparison of postcesarean epidural morphine analgesia by single injection and by continuous infusion. ---
53  1991 Angiogenesis: modulation with opioids. beta-EP, NX
54  1991 Dopamine and conditioned reinforcement. II. Contrasting effects of amphetamine microinjection into the nucleus accumbens with peptide microinjection into the ventral tegmental area. DALA, NT, SP, VTA
55  1991 Effect of high doses of morphine on Con-A induced lymphokine production in vitro. Con A, IL-2, IL-4, NK
56  1991 Evaluation of patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) versus PCA plus continuous infusion in postoperative cancer patients. PCA
57  1991 [The antinociceptive effect of intrathecal somatostatin in monkeys]. i.t, IM, RIA, SST
58  1990 Acute morphine lowers brain stimulation reward thresholds in rats with depressed or elevated response rates. ---
59  1990 Alternative delivery system for controlled drugs in the surgical intensive care unit. PCA
60  1990 Analysis of base station morphine orders: assessment of supervising physician consistency. NTG
61  1990 Maintenance of morphine dependence by naloxone in acutely dependent mice. NLX
62  1990 Morphine treatment and reproductive condition alter olfactory preferences for pup and adult male odors in female rats. ---
63  1990 Naloxone produces protracted tolerance in mice treated with a single dose of morphine. NLX
64  1990 Naloxone's effect on the inotropic and chronotropic responses of isolated, electrically stimulated or spontaneously beating rat atria. AHR, AT, ES, SB
65  1990 Postoperative analgesia in children: a prospective study in intermittent intramuscular injection versus continuous intravenous infusion of morphine. ANACOVA, IM
66  1989 Analysis of the wheal-and-flare reactions that follow the intradermal injection of histamine and morphine in adults with recurrent, unexplained anaphylaxis and systemic mastocytosis. ---
67  1989 Comparative ventilatory effects of intravenous versus fourth cerebroventricular infusions of morphine sulfate in the unanesthetized dog. VCP, VT
68  1989 Effects of prior saline-morphine discrimination by pigeons on three-way discrimination including two morphine doses. AMP, Gp A, NTX, SAL, Ss, STC
69  1989 Electroencephalographic evidence for a dose-related biphasic effect of morphine on bicuculline-induced seizures in the rat. AT, BIC, EEG
70  1989 The effects of chronic treatment and withdrawal of CNS depressants on aggressive behavior. CDP, MQ, PS, TFP, THC
71  1988 Desensitization of brain opiate receptor mechanisms by gonadal steroid treatments that stimulate luteinizing hormone secretion. ---
72  1988 Parity-associated reductions in behavioral sensitivity to opiates. ---
73  1987 Functional heterogeneity of human mast cells from different anatomic sites: in vitro responses to morphine sulfate. ---
74  1987 Skeletal muscle thermogenesis: its role in the hyperthermia of conscious rats given morphine or beta-endorphin. EMG, TRS
75  1986 Isoflurane, halothane, and regional cerebral blood flow at various levels of PaCO2 in rabbits. CBF, ET, ICP
76  1986 Morphine depression of myocardial function. CO, HR, KHB
77  1986 Opiate agonist depression of myocardial function is dose related and independent of pentobarbital or chloral hydrate anesthesia. CH
78  1985 Identification of multiple opiate receptors through neuroendocrine responses. I. Effects of agonists. EKC, NANMT
79  1985 Identification of multiple opiate receptors through neuroendocrine responses. II. Antagonism of mu, kappa and sigma agonists by naloxone and WIN 44,441-3. EKC, NANMT, NX, WIN
80  1985 Morphine and delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol: two-way cross tolerance for antinociceptive and heart-rate responses in the rat. ---
81  1985 The analgesic efficacy of intrathecal D-Ala2-D-Leu5-enkephalin in cancer patients with chronic pain. DADL, i.t
82  1985 The role of the pituitary-adrenal axis in the hyperthermia induced by acute peripheral or central (preoptic anterior hypothalamus) administration of morphine to unrestrained rats. HYP, SS
83  1984 Analgesic effects of ethylketocyclazocine and morphine in rat and toad. EKC
84  1984 Is acute morphine hyperthermia of unrestrained rats due to selective activation of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis? BAT, Tr
85  1984 Opposite effects of the delta- and mu-opioid receptor agonists on ventilation in conscious adult dogs. DADLE, MA
86  1983 Morphine suppresses the proestrous surge of GnrH in pituitary portal plasma of rats. DE, GnRH, NH, PE
87  1982 Augmentation of central and peripheral morphine analgesia by desipramine. DMI, vlPAG
88  1982 Characterization of opiate-mediated responses of the feline ileum and ileocecal sphincter. ICS, LE, ME
89  1982 Evidence that reduced growth hormone secretion observed in monosodium glutamate-treated rats is the result of a deficiency in growth hormone-releasing factor. AP, ARC, MSG
90  1982 Opioids increase laryngeal resistance and motoneuron activity in the recurrent laryngeal nerve. PN, RLN
91  1982 Use of intrathecal and epidural morphine for pain relief in patients with malignant diseases: a preliminary report. i.t
92  1981 Development of opiate tolerance in the chick embryo. DV
93  1981 Effect of intraventricular beta-endorphin and morphine on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal activity and the release of pituitary beta-endorphin. beta-EP, CS, i.p, ir, IVT
94  1980 Development of tolerance to the prolactin-releasing action of morphine and its modulation by hypothalamic dopamine. DA
95  1979 Morphine as a discriminative stimulus: role of periaqueductal gray neurons. DS, i.c, PAG
96  1978 Analgesia duration and physical dependence in mice after a single injection of three heroin salts and morphine sulphate in various vehicles. H.HCl, SRV
97  1978 The effects of psychological stress and vagal stimulation with morphine on vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation (VF) in the conscious dog. RE, VF
98  1977 Brain serotonin turnover and morphine tolerance-dependence induced by multiple injections in the rat. ---
99  1977 Effect of neurotensin, substance P and morphine sulfate on the secretion of prolactin and growth hormone in the rat. NT, SP
100  1977 Stimulation in vivo of the secretion of prolactin and growth hormone by beta-endorphin. ---