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Abbreviation : MS
Long Form : motion sickness
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Decreasing motion sickness by mixing different techniques. AS, GCS, SSQ
2019 Ameliorative Effect of Hesperidin Against Motion Sickness by Modulating Histamine and Histamine H1 Receptor Expression. HRH1, HSP
2019 Analysis on Mitigation of Visually Induced Motion Sickness by Applying Dynamical Blurring on a User's Retina. VE, VR
2019 Anti-cholinergics mecamylamine and scopolamine alleviate motion sickness-induced gastrointestinal symptoms through both peripheral and central actions. HEX, MEC, MSCP, SCOP
2019 Survey of motion sickness susceptibility in children and adolescents aged 3months to 18years. MSS
2018 Acupuncture relieves motion sickness via the IRbeta-ERK1/2-dependent insulin receptor signalling pathway. DMV, MSI, REST, SA, SCOP
2018 Assessment of Olfactory Perception in Individuals with Motion Sickness. ---
2018 More vection means more velocity storage activity: a factor in visually induced motion sickness? OKAN, OKN, VIMS, VSM
2018 Reduction of Motion Sickness Through Targeting Histamine N-Methyltransferase in the Dorsal Vagal Complex of the Brain. DVC, HNMT
10  2018 Targeting TRPV1 to relieve motion sickness symptoms in mice by electroacupuncture and gene deletion. CON, EA
11  2018 Visual Occlusion Decreases Motion Sickness in a Flight Simulator. ---
12  2017 Effect of exposure to short-wavelength light on susceptibility to motion sickness. ---
13  2017 Low level of swiprosin-1/EFhd2 in vestibular nuclei of spontaneously hypersensitive motion sickness mice. VN
14  2017 Storage of passive motion pattern in hippocampal CA1 region depends on CaMKII/CREB signaling pathway in a motion sickness rodent model. ---
15  2017 Uncoupling VOR and vestibuloautonomic retention to Coriolis acceleration training in student pilots and control subjects. EGG
17  2016 EEG Alpha and Gamma Modulators Mediate Motion Sickness-Related Spectral Responses. EEG, ICA, ICs, IMs
18  2016 Motion Sickness Prediction in Aeromedical Evacuation of Patients with Ebola. ATI
19  2016 Motion Sickness: Current Knowledge and Recent Advance. EGG, HRV, SNPs
20  2015 A Medical Food Formulation of Griffonia simplicifolia/Magnesium for Childhood Periodic Syndrome Therapy: An Open-Label Study on Motion Sickness. ---
21  2015 A Wearable Device Providing a Visual Fixation Point for the Alleviation of Motion Sickness Symptoms. ---
22  2015 AVP modulation of the vestibular nucleus via V1b receptors potentially contributes to the development of motion sickness in rat. AVP, CTA, PVN, V1bRs, VN
23  2015 Differential Gene Expression Profile in the Rat Caudal Vestibular Nucleus is Associated with Individual Differences in Motion Sickness Susceptibility. 5-HT4R, CVN, GABAAR, MSS, NK1R, Olr81, RT-qPCR
24  2015 Relationship between Spectral Characteristics of Spontaneous Postural Sway and Motion Sickness Susceptibility. PSD
25  2015 Visual blur and motion sickness in an optokinetic drum. SSQ
26  2014 Combined effects of auditory and visual cues on the perception of vection. ---
27  2014 The comparison of sensitivity of motion sickness between retinal degeneration fast mice and normal mice. rdf
28  2014 [A randomized controlled trial: acclimatization training on the prevention of motion sickness in hot-humid environment]. ---
29  2013 Motion sickness adaptation to Coriolis-inducing head movements in a sustained G flight simulator. SSQ
30  2013 Motion sickness in rally car co-drivers. ---
31  2013 Self-adjustments may account for the contradictory correlations between HRV and motion-sickness severity. HRV
32  2013 Space motion sickness and motion sickness: symptoms and etiology. SMS
33  2012 Effects of motion sickness on thermoregulatory responses in a thermoneutral air environment. CN, re
34  2012 Effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on motion sickness induced by rotary chair: a crossover study. ANS, BP, HR, HRV, TENS
35  2012 Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials and motion sickness susceptibility. HAS, MSSQ, oVEMP
36  2011 A rationale for space motion sickness. SMS
37  2011 Axis rotation and visually induced motion sickness: the role of combined roll, pitch, and yaw motion. ---
38  2011 Effect of respiratory modulation on relationship between heart rate variability and motion sickness. HF, HRV, LF
39  2011 Role of AQP1 in inner ear in motion sickness. AQPs
40  2011 Validating an efficient method to quantify motion sickness. FMS, SSQ
41  2011 [Interocular asymmetry of nystagmus and motion sickness]. ---
42  2010 Histaminergic and cholinergic neuron systems in the impairment of human thermoregulation during motion sickness. CN, DMH, MS-CN, MS-P, SCOP
43  2009 Vestibular functions in motion sickness susceptible individuals. HAS, VEMP
44  2008 Motion sickness induced by otolith stimulation is correlated with otolith-induced eye movements. OVAR
45  2008 Vestibulo-ocular reflex and motion sickness in figure skaters. OVAR, VOR
46  2007 A novel animal model for motion sickness and its first application in rodents. ---
47  2007 Adaptation to motion sickness from torso rotation affects symptoms from supine head nodding. HN, TR
48  2007 Experimental evaluation of a common susceptibility to motion sickness and vasovagal syncope in children. SOT, VVS
49  2007 Motion sickness as a predictor of postoperative vomiting in children aged 1-16 years. POV
50  2007 [Relationship among sexual differences of susceptibility to motion sickness, AVP levels of plasma and pituitary and V1b receptor expression of pituitary in rats]. CTA, RIA, SSS
51  2006 Motion sickness increases the risk of accidental hypothermia. CN
52  2006 Rotation velocity change and motion sickness in an optokinetic drum. SSQ
53  2005 Effects of ethnicity and gender on motion sickness susceptibility. MSSQ, RT, SR
54  2005 Rotation direction change hastens motion sickness onset in an optokinetic drum. ---
55  2005 Sex differences in tolerance to visually-induced motion sickness. MSS
56  2004 Display color affects motion sickness symptoms in an optokinetic drum. ---
57  2004 The role of vection, eye movements and postural instability in the etiology of motion sickness. EM, PS, SC
58  2004 Zinopin--the rationale for its use as a food supplement in Traveller's thrombosis and motion sickness. SGRE, VTE
59  2003 Vector analysis of electrogastrography during motion sickness. EGG, NSW
60  2002 Medical prevention of space motion sickness--animal model of therapeutic effect of a new medicine on motion sickness. SCOP
61  2002 Neurobehavioural responses to hypergravity environment in the CD-1 mouse. BDNF, HG, NGF
62  2002 Optokinetic nystagmus, vection, and motion sickness. FOV, OKN
63  2001 [Relationship between EGG and the dynamic process of motion sickness induced by optokinetic vection]. EGG, OPS
64  2000 Motion sickness occurrence does not correlate with nystagmus characteristics. EVAR, OVAR
65  2000 Neurobehavioural effects of hypergravity conditions in the adult mouse. BDNF, NGF
66  1999 A simplified risk score for predicting postoperative nausea and vomiting: conclusions from cross-validations between two centers. PONV
67  1999 The use of an independent visual background to reduce simulator side-effects. CI, IVB, SS
68  1999 [Comparison between two anti-motion sickness drugs]. ---
69  1998 Effect of hypoxia on motion sickness induced by optokinetic stimulation. HOS, MSS, OKHN, OS, SPV
70  1998 Motion sickness susceptibility correlates with otolith- and canal-ocular reflexes. COR, OOR, TC
71  1998 [Study on effect of acupoint sticker of TTS-ST93-1 in treating motion sickness]. TTS-ST93-1
72  1997 Unusual vestibular and visual input in human dynamic balance as a motion sickness susceptibility test. ---
73  1997 [A study on central and peripheral nerve transmitter mechanism of motion sickness]. ---
74  1996 Motion sickness during off-vertical axis rotation: prediction by a model of sensory interactions and correlation with other forms of motion sickness. OVAR
75  1996 Visual and vestibular components of motion sickness. ---
76  1995 Inverted immersion as a novel gravitoinertial environment. UI
77  1993 Psychophysiological aspects of increasing resistance to space motion sickness. AOP
78  1993 Separation of affective disorder into seasonal and nonseasonal types using motion sickness susceptibility as a marker. SAD
79  1992 Experimental research on antimotion sickness effects of Chinese medicine "pingandan" pills in cats. ---
80  1992 Histaminergic response to Coriolis stimulation: implication for transdermal scopolamine therapy of motion sickness. 5-HT, TTS-S
81  1991 Motion sickness severity under interaction of vection and head movements. ---
82  1990 [Condition of cell membranes in simulated motion sickness and use of alpha-tocopherol]. ---
83  1988 [Vestibulo-protective properties of regulatory peptides]. ---
84  1987 Clinical characterization and etiology of space motion sickness. EOG, SMS
85  1987 Gastrointestinal motility in space motion sickness. Gl, SMS
86  1987 Pharmacological interventions for motion sickness: cardiovascular effects. BF, BP, HM, HR
87  1985 Influence of transdermal scopolamine on motion sickness during 7 days' exposure to heavy seas. TD-P, TTS-S
88  1983 Physiological and psychological correlates of motion sickness. ---