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Abbreviation : MSNA
Long Form : muscle sympathetic nerve activity
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A recent history of preeclampsia is associated with elevated central pulse wave velocity and muscle sympathetic outflow. BRS, CTRL, PPE
2020 Abnormal sympathetic neural recruitment patterns and hemodynamic responses to cold pressor test in women with posttraumatic stress disorder. AP, BF, BP, CPT, PTSD
2020 Adjuvant Treatment with 5-Fluorouracil and Oxaliplatin Does Not Influence Cardiac Function, Neurovascular Control, and Physical Capacity in Patients with Colon Cancer. 5-FU, FMD, HRV
2020 Aerobic fitness and sympathetic responses to spontaneous muscle sympathetic nerve activity in young males. CO, MAP, TPR
2020 Angiotensin II-mediated nondipping during sleep in healthy humans: effects on baroreflex function at subsequent daytime. ---
2020 Arterial baroreflex regulation of muscle sympathetic single-unit activity in men: influence of resting blood pressure. DBP, sBRS
2020 Augmented pressor and sympathoexcitatory responses to the onset of isometric handgrip in patients with type 2 diabetes. BP, CPT, HG, MAP, MVC, T2D
2020 Broader adaptive range of sympathetic burst size in response to blood pressure change in older women with greater arterial stiffness. BP, BRS
2020 Case Studies in Physiology: Sympathetic neural discharge patterns in a healthy young male during end-expiratory breath hold-induced sinus pause. AP
10  2020 Countdown before voluntary exercise induces muscle vasodilation with baroreflex-mediated decrease in muscle sympathetic nerve activity in humans. AP, CD, CO, HR, TPR
11  2020 Cutaneous warmth, but not touch, increases muscle sympathetic nerve activity during a muscle fatigue hand-grip task. hand-grip
12  2020 Differences in regional grey matter volume of the brain are related to mean blood pressure and muscle sympathetic nerve activity in normotensive humans. MBP
13  2020 Early onset neurocirculatory response to static handgrip is associated with greater blood pressure variability in women with posttraumatic stress disorder. BF, BP, MVC, PECA, PTSD, SHG, TA
14  2020 Effect of Salt Supplementation on Sympathetic Activity and Endothelial Function in Salt-Sensitive Type 2 Diabetes. ABPM, AI, HRV, RHI, SNS, T2D
15  2020 Evidence for a physiological role of pulmonary arterial baroreceptors in sympathetic neural activation in healthy humans. Amb, BP, PASP
16  2020 Global REACH 2018: Andean highlanders, chronic mountain sickness and the integrative regulation of resting blood pressure. BP, CMS
17  2020 Heterogeneous baroreflex control of sympathetic action potential subpopulations in humans. AP, BSL, LBNP
18  2020 High-Intensity Interval Training Decreases Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity in Men With Essential Hypertension and in Normotensive Controls. BF, BI, BP, HIIT, HYP, NORM
19  2020 Highs and Lows of Sympathetic Neuro-cardiovascular Transduction: Influence of Altitude Acclimatization and Adaptation. MAP
20  2020 Impact of age and sex on neural cardiovascular responsiveness to cold pressor test in humans. BP, CPT, hb, MAP
21  2020 Increase in diastolic blood pressure induced by fragrance inhalation of grapefruit essential oil is positively correlated with muscle sympathetic nerve activity. BP, HR
22  2020 Influence of multiparity on sympathetic nerve activity during normal pregnancy. BP, HR
23  2020 Low dose ketamine reduces pain perception and blood pressure, but not muscle sympathetic nerve activity, responses during a cold pressor test. BP, CPT
24  2020 Lower-limb venous distension reflex and orthostatic tolerance in young healthy humans. BP, LBNP
25  2020 Muscle pump-induced inhibition of sympathetic vasomotor outflow during low-intensity leg cycling is attenuated by muscle metaboreflex activation. BF, PEI, TA
26  2020 Muscle sympathetic reactivity to apneic and exercise stress in high-altitude Sherpa. IHG, PECO
27  2020 Neural control of blood pressure during pregnancy in humans. ---
28  2020 Recording and quantifying sympathetic outflow to muscle and skin in humans: methods, caveats and challenges. SSNA
29  2020 Renal iodine123-metaiodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy relates to muscle sympathetic nervous activity in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. 123I-MIBG, HFrEF, LVEF, SGC, SNA, WR
30  2020 Reproducibility of the Neurocardiovascular Responses to Common Laboratory-Based Sympathoexcitatory Stimuli in Young Adults. BP, CPT, HG, ICC, PEI
31  2020 Role of the carotid chemoreceptors in insulin-mediated sympathoexcitation in humans. ---
32  2020 Salt intake impacts sympathetic neural control but not morning blood pressure surge in premenopausal women with a history of normal pregnancy. BP, BV, HS, LS, MBPS
33  2020 Sex differences in integrated neuro-cardiovascular control of blood pressure following acute intermittent hypercapnic-hypoxia. BP
34  2020 Sex differences in vascular transduction of sympathetic nerve activity. ---
35  2020 Short-term water deprivation does not increase blood pressure variability or impair neurovascular function in healthy young adults. BP, BPV, CON, WD
36  2020 Sympathetic arterial baroreflex hysteresis in humans: different patterns during low- and high-pressure levels. sBRS
37  2020 Sympathetic neural abnormalities in type 1 and type 2 diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis. T1DM, T2DM
38  2020 Sympathetic neural recruitment strategies following acute intermittent hypoxia in humans. AP, IH
39  2020 Sympathetic overactivation predicts body weight loss in patients with heart failure. BW, HF
40  2020 Symptom severity impacts sympathetic dysregulation and inflammation in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). BP, BRS, CAPS, HR, HRV, PNS, PTSD, SNS
41  2020 The need for specificity in quantifying neurocirculatory vs. respiratory effects of eucapnic hypoxia and transient hyperoxia. ---
42  2020 Unaltered neurocardiovascular reactions to mental stress after renal sympathetic denervation. BP, HR, MS, RDN
43  2020 Within-breath sympathetic baroreflex sensitivity is modulated by lung volume but unaffected by acute intermittent hypercapnic hypoxia in men. BP, BRS, IHH
44  2019 Acute effects of resonance frequency breathing on cardiovascular regulation. BP, HR, RF, SB
45  2019 Age and sex differences in sympathetic and hemodynamic responses to hypoxia and cold pressor test. ---
46  2019 Android Fat Deposition and Its Association With Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Overweight Young Males. RHI
47  2019 Arterial baroreflex regulation of muscle sympathetic nerve activity at rest and during stress. DBP, PP, sBRS
48  2019 Asynchronous action potential discharge in human muscle sympathetic nerve activity. AP, APN, BSL, LBNP
49  2019 Autonomic Abnormalities in Patients With Primary Sjogren's Syndrome - Preliminary Results. AP, BRS, ESSPRI, HF, LF, pSS, SAP
50  2019 Autonomic Dysfunction in Preeclampsia: A Systematic Review. ANS, CENTRAL, PE
51  2019 Baroreflex control of sympathetic vasomotor activity and resting arterial pressure at high altitude: insight from Lowlanders and Sherpa. DBP, HA
52  2019 Can strenuous exercise harm the heart? Insights from a study of cardiovascular neural regulation in amateur triathletes. REST
53  2019 Cardiac and Vascular Sympathetic Baroreflex Control during Orthostatic Pre-Syncope. AP, cMSNA, HUT
54  2019 Cardiac resynchronization therapy restores muscular metaboreflex control. CRT, HF, IE, IQR
55  2019 Central command increases muscle sympathetic nerve activity more to contracting than noncontracting muscle during rhythmic isotonic leg exercise. EMG
56  2019 Characterization of the Asymmetry of the Cardiac and Sympathetic Arms of the Baroreflex From Spontaneous Variability During Incremental Head-Up Tilt. AP, BR, BRS, cBR, cBRS, DAP, HP, PRSA, SAP, sBR, sBRS, Seq
57  2019 Chemotherapy acutely impairs neurovascular and hemodynamic responses in women with breast cancer. BP, CBF, CHT, CVC, CY, DX, HR, SL
58  2019 Comparison of endothelial function and sympathetic nervous system activity along the glucose continuum in individuals with differing metabolic risk profiles and low dietary sodium intake. HbA1c, PAT, SNS
59  2019 Diet associated with exercise improves baroreflex control of sympathetic nerve activity in metabolic syndrome and sleep apnea patients. ABR, MetS, OSA
60  2019 Docosahexaenoic acid reduces resting blood pressure but increases muscle sympathetic outflow compared with eicosapentaenoic acid in healthy men and women. BP, DHA, EPA, OO
61  2019 Early sympathetic neural responses during a cold pressor test linked to pain perception. BP, CPT
62  2019 Effect of varying chemoreflex stress on sympathetic neural recruitment strategies during apnea. AP
63  2019 Effects of dynamic arm and leg exercise on muscle sympathetic nerve activity and vascular conductance in the inactive leg. RHG, SFA
64  2019 Effects of weight changes in the autonomic nervous system: Asystematic review and meta-analysis. ANS, HF, HF, LF, LF, NA-SR, RMSSD, SDNN
65  2019 Elevated Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity Contributes to Central Artery Stiffness in Young and Middle-Age/Older Adults. PWV
66  2019 Evidence for differential control of muscle sympathetic single units during mild sympathoexcitation in young, healthy humans. LBNP, RHG
67  2019 Exercise Training Increases Metaboreflex Control in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA, PHMI
68  2019 GABAA receptors modulate sympathetic vasomotor outflow and the pressor response to skeletal muscle metaboreflex activation in humans. BP, HR, PEI
69  2019 GHRH-mediated GH release is associated with sympathoactivation and baroreflex resetting: a microneurographic study in healthy humans. BP, GH, GHRH, HR, MAP
70  2019 Habitual cigarette smoking raises pressor responses to spontaneous bursts of muscle sympathetic nerve activity. BP, BRS, MAP
71  2019 Heart Failure-Specific Relationship Between Muscle Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Aortic Wave Reflection. AIx, AP, HFrEF, LV
72  2019 Heat therapy reduces sympathetic activity and improves cardiovascular risk profile in women who are obese with polycystic ovary syndrome. BMI, CON, FMD, HT, PCOS
73  2019 Hemodynamic and autonomic effects of low-dose glyceryl trinitrate used to test endothelium-independent vasodilation of the brachial artery. BP, FMD, GTN, HT, NT
74  2019 Identification of the human sympathetic connectome involved in blood pressure regulation. fMRI, RVLM
75  2019 Identifying Increases in Activity of the Human RVLM Through MSNA-Coupled fMRI. ACC, BOLD, CVLM, DLPFC, DMH, fMRI, mPFC, NTS, OSA, PAG, PCC, RVLM, VMH
76  2019 Information-domain method for the quantification of the complexity of the sympathetic baroreflex regulation in healthy subjects and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients. ALS, CE, HDBR, HUT, preSYNC, sBR, SE
77  2019 Microneurographic characterization of sympathetic responses during 1-leg exercise in young and middle-aged humans. ---
78  2019 Muscle sympathetic nerve activity and hemodynamic responses to venous distension: does sex play a role? CON, HR, SV
79  2019 Peripheral chemoreceptor deactivation attenuates the sympathetic response to glucose ingestion. CO
80  2019 Reduction in sympathetic tone in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea: is fixed CPAP more effective than APAP? A randomised, parallel trial protocol. APAP, BP, CPAP, OSA
81  2019 Regional Cerebral Activation Accompanies Sympathoexcitation in Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. BMI, BOLD, BP, HR, IFC, PCOS
82  2019 Relation between resting sympathetic outflow and vasoconstrictor responses to sympathetic nerve bursts: sex differences in healthy young adults. BP
83  2019 Resting regional brain activity and connectivity vary with resting blood pressure but not muscle sympathetic nerve activity in normotensive humans: An exploratory study. CBF, MBP, RVLM
84  2019 Retrograde and oscillatory shear rate in young anabolic androgenic steroid users. AAS, FMD, hs-CRP, SR
85  2019 Severity Indices for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Reflecting Glycemic Control or Insulin Resistance. BMI, nCPAP, OSAS
86  2019 Sex and age differences in the association between sympathetic outflow and central elastic artery wall thickness in humans. BP, IMT, MA/O
87  2019 Simultaneous assessment of central and peripheral chemoreflex regulation of muscle sympathetic nerve activity and ventilation in healthy young men. P ET O 2, P ETC O 2
88  2019 Sympathetic baroreflex sensitivity is inversely related to vascular transduction in men but not women. BRS
89  2019 Sympathetic neural overdrive in congestive heart failure and its correlates: systematic reviews and meta-analysis. CHF, HR, LV
90  2019 Sympathetic neural responsiveness to sleep deprivation in older adults: sex differences. TSD
91  2019 Sympathetic responses induced by radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation. HRV, RFCA
92  2019 Sympathetic Transduction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. BP, T2D
93  2019 Sympatho-Vagal Imbalance is Associated with Sarcopenia in Male Patients with Heart Failure. ALM, HF
94  2019 Sympathoexcitation and impaired arterial baroreflex sensitivity are linked to vascular inflammation in individuals with elevated resting blood pressure. BP, BRS, ERBP, ICAM-1, Lp-PLA2, SNS
95  2019 Training heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction attenuates muscle sympathetic nerve activation during mild dynamic exercise. HFrEF, PHGI
96  2019 Ultrafine particles and ozone perturb norepinephrine clearance rather than centrally generated sympathetic activity in humans. DHPG, UFP
97  2019 Upward resetting of the vascular sympathetic baroreflex in middle-aged male runners. DBP
98  2019 Vestibular modulation of muscle sympathetic nerve activity assessed over a 100-fold frequency range of sinusoidal galvanic vestibular stimulation. sGVS
99  2019 Work of breathing influences muscle sympathetic nerve activity during semi-recumbent cycle exercise. ---
100  2018 Acute effects of device-guided slow breathing on sympathetic nerve activity and baroreflex sensitivity in posttraumatic stress disorder. BP, BRS, DGB, HR, PTSD