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Abbreviation : MSP
Long Form : manganese-stabilizing protein
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2013 Evaluation of abiotic stress tolerance in transgenic potato plants with reduced expression of PSII manganese stabilizing protein. PSII
2012 Physiological and biochemical responses of transgenic potato plants with altered expression of PSII manganese stabilizing protein. OEC, OECs, PSII
2011 The evolution of Photosystem II: insights into the past and future. OEC, PSII, RC
2008 Structural and functional aspects of the MSP (PsbO) and study of its differences in thermophilic versus mesophilic organisms. PSII
2006 Six specific lysine residues are crucial in maintaining the structure and function of soluble manganese stabilizing protein. NSP
2005 Acetonitrile-induced unfolding of the photosystem II manganese-stabilizing protein studied by electrospray mass spectrometry. CD, ESI-MS
2005 Assembly and function of the photosystem II manganese stabilizing protein: lessons from its natively unfolded behavior. BSA, PSII
2005 Structural and functional differentiation of three groups of tyrosine residues by acetylation of N-acetylimidazole in manganese stabilizing protein. CD, NAI, PSII
2005 Structure and activity of the photosystem II manganese-stabilizing protein: role of the conserved disulfide bond. PSII
10  2004 pH-induced conformational changes in the soluble manganese-stabilizing protein of photosystem II. ---
11  2004 Structural studies of the manganese stabilizing subunit in photosystem II. FTIR, PSII, SAXS
12  2003 Amino acid sequences and solution structures of manganese stabilizing protein that affect reconstitution of Photosystem II activity. ---
13  2003 Binding of manganese stabilizing protein to photosystem II: identification of essential N-terminal threonine residues and domains that prevent nonspecific binding. ---
14  2003 Comparative studies on the properties of the extrinsic manganese-stabilizing protein from higher plants and of a synthetic peptide of its C-terminus. PSII
15  2003 Specific isotopic labeling and photooxidation-linked structural changes in the manganese-stabilizing subunit of photosystem II. PSII
16  2002 A domain of the manganese-stabilizing protein from Synechococcus elongatus involved in functional binding to photosystem II. PSII
17  2002 N-terminal truncations of manganese stabilizing protein identify two amino acid sequences required for binding of the eukaryotic protein to photosystem II and reveal the absence of one binding-related sequence in cyanobacteria. ---
18  2001 Characterization of high temperature induced stress impairments in thylakoids of rice seedlings. OEC, PSII
19  2001 Mutations of arginine 64 within the putative Ca(2+)-binding lumenal interhelical a-b loop of the photosystem II D1 protein disrupt binding of the manganese stabilizing protein and cytochrome c(550) in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803. PSII
20  2001 Substrate water exchange in photosystem II depends on the peripheral proteins. ---
21  2001 The manganese stabilizing protein (MSP) and the control of O2 evolution in the unicellular, diazotrophic cyanobacterium, Cyanothece sp. ATCC 51142. PS
22  2000 Characterization of site-directed mutants in manganese-stabilizing protein (MSP) of Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 unable to grow photoautotrophically in the absence of cytochrome c-550. cyt. c-550, DCBQ, PSII
23  2000 Crystallization of dimers of the manganese-stabilizing protein of Photosystem II. ---
24  1999 Deprotonation of the 33-kDa, extrinsic, manganese-stabilizing subunit accompanies photooxidation of manganese in photosystem II. ---
25  1999 Impact of mutations within the putative Ca2+-binding lumenal interhelical a-b loop of the photosystem II D1 protein on the kinetics of photoactivation and H2O-oxidation in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803. PSII
26  1998 Conformational changes in the extrinsic manganese stabilizing protein can occur upon binding to the photosystem II reaction center: an isotope editing and FT-IR study. ---
27  1997 Photoassembly of the photosystem II (Mn)4 cluster in site-directed mutants impaired in the binding of the manganese-stabilizing protein. CP47, PSII
28  1997 Yz. reduction kinetics in the absence of the manganese-stabilizing protein of photosystem II. PSII
29  1996 Cold-sensitive assembly of a mutant manganese-stabilizing protein caused by a Val to Ala replacement. PSII
30  1994 Reconstitution of the spinach oxygen-evolving complex with recombinant Arabidopsis manganese-stabilizing protein. PSII
31  1994 Topography of the heme prosthetic group of cytochrome b-559 in the photosystem II reaction center. ---
32  1992 Oxygen yield and thermoluminescence characteristics of a cyanobacterium lacking the manganese-stabilizing protein of photosystem II. ---