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Abbreviation : MT
Long Form : microtubule
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Assessing the utility of in vitro microtubule assays for studying mechanisms of peripheral neuropathy with the microtubule inhibitor class of cancer chemotherapy. CIPN, MTI
2020 Eosinophil cytolysis on Immunoglobulin G is associated with microtubule formation and suppression of rho-associated protein kinase signalling. HAIgG, MAP4, ROS
2020 hVFL3/CCDC61 is a component of mother centriole subdistal appendages required for centrosome cohesion and positioning. SAP
2020 In vitro reconstitution of branching microtubule nucleation. gamma-TuRC
2020 In vivo comparison of N-11CH3 vs O-11CH3 radiolabeled microtubule targeted PET ligands. BBB
2020 Instance-Level Microtubule Tracking. ---
2020 Investigation of the Electrical Properties of Microtubule Ensembles under Cell-Like Conditions. ---
2020 Kinesin-13 and Kinesin-8 Function During Cell Growth and Division in the Moss Physcomitrella patens. KO
2020 Microtubules Regulate Localization and Availability of Insulin Granules in Pancreatic Beta Cells. GSIS, PM
10  2020 NC1-peptide regulates spermatogenesis through changes in cytoskeletal organization mediated by EB1. BTB, EB1, MMP-9, NC, PCP
11  2020 Nonmuscle myosin IIA and IIB differently suppress microtubule growth to stabilize cell morphology. mDia, NMII
12  2020 Potent hemithioindigo-based antimitotics photocontrol the microtubule cytoskeleton in cellulo. HITubs
13  2020 Pregnenolone and pregnenolone-methyl-ether rescue neuronal defects caused by dysfunctional CLIP170 in a neuronal model of CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder. CDKL5, PME, PREG
14  2020 Structural basis for two-way communication between dynein and microtubules. MTBD
15  2020 Structural Characterization of Tau in Fuzzy Tau:Tubulin Complexes. ---
16  2020 The Medicago truncatula DREPP Protein Triggers Microtubule Fragmentation in Membrane Nanodomains during Symbiotic Infections. SPR2
17  2020 TUBB Variants Underlying Different Phenotypes Result in Altered Vesicle Trafficking and Microtubule Dynamics. CSC-KT, EGF, Tf
18  2019 A unique kinesin-like protein, Klp8, is involved in mitosis and cell morphology through microtubule stabilization. KLPs
19  2019 Activity-Dependent Nucleation of Dynamic Microtubules at Presynaptic Boutons Controls Neurotransmission. SVs
20  2019 Adenosine kinase attenuates cardiomyocyte microtubule stabilization and protects against pressure overload-induced hypertrophy and LV dysfunction. ADK, AMP, CADO, WT
21  2019 Aggregation of Microtubule Binding Repeats of Tau Protein is Promoted by Cu2. ROS
22  2019 All-atom molecular dynamics simulations reveal how kinesin transits from one-head-bound to two-heads-bound state. ADP, ATP
23  2019 An integrated parametric model for MT self-assembly formation analysis. ---
24  2019 bicoid RNA localization requires the trans-Golgi network. aMTOC, bcd
25  2019 Calcium signals are necessary to establish auxin transporter polarity in a plant stem cell niche. PIN1
26  2019 CAMSAP2 Is a Microtubule Minus-End Targeting Protein That Regulates BTB Dynamics Through Cytoskeletal Organization. BTB, CAMSAP, PFOS, TJ
27  2019 Cdc42 is involved in NC1 peptide-regulated BTB dynamics through actin and microtubule cytoskeletal reorganization. BTB, Cdc42, NC1, rpS6
28  2019 Centrosome-derived microtubule radial array, PCM-1 protein, and primary cilia formation. ---
29  2019 Characterization of Xenopus laevis guanine deaminase reveals new insights for its expression and function in the embryonic kidney. CRMP, GDA
30  2019 CLIP-170 spatially modulates receptor tyrosine kinase recycling to coordinate cell migration. GGA3, HGF, RTKs
31  2019 Conformational Flexibility of p150Glued(1-191) Subunit of Dynactin Assembled with Microtubules. SP-rich
32  2019 Current advances of tubulin inhibitors as dual acting small molecules for cancer therapy. ---
33  2019 Direct observation of branching MT nucleation in living animal cells. gamma-TuRC
34  2019 Directional Stepping Model for Yeast Dynein: Longitudinal- and Side-Step Distributions. ---
35  2019 Distinct Functions for Mammalian CLASP1 and -2 During Neurite and Axon Elongation. CLASP1 and -2, GSK-3, KO, PKC, WB
36  2019 Drosophila kinesin-8 stabilizes the kinetochore-microtubule interaction. ---
37  2019 Dual control of Kinesin-1 recruitment to microtubules by Ensconsin in Drosophila neuroblasts and oocytes. KBD, NBs
38  2019 DYRK1B regulates Hedgehog-induced microtubule acetylation. Hh, PTM
39  2019 Ectopic Expression Induces Abnormal Somatodendritic Distribution of Tau in the Mouse Brain. ---
40  2019 Ectromelia virus induces tubulin cytoskeletal rearrangement in immune cells accompanied by a loss of the microtubule organizing center and increased alpha-tubulin acetylation. DCs, ECTV, GM-BM, MTOC
41  2019 Efa6 protects axons and regulates their growth and branching by inhibiting microtubule polymerisation at the cortex. ---
42  2019 Electrochemical gradients are involved in regulating cytoskeletal patterns during epithelial morphogenesis in the Drosophila ovary. bMF
43  2019 Electron cryo-tomography provides insight into procentriole architecture and assembly mechanism. ---
44  2019 Electrostatics of Tau Protein by Molecular Dynamics. ---
45  2019 Endocytosis of CF in marginal cells of stria vascularis regulated by ROCK and MLCK signaling cascade, but not G-proteins. CF, GPCR, MLCK, MPO, PTX, ROCK
46  2019 F5-Peptide and mTORC1/rpS6 Effectively Enhance BTB Transport Function in the Testis-Lesson From the Adjudin Model. BTB, mTORC1
47  2019 Fascetto interacting protein ensures proper cytokinesis and ploidy. Feo, FIP
48  2019 Feedback-Driven Mechanisms between Microtubules and the Endoplasmic Reticulum Instruct Neuronal Polarity. ER
49  2019 Force balances between interphase centrosomes as revealed by laser ablation. ---
50  2019 Functional characterization of MCAK/Kif2C cancer mutations using high-throughput microscopic analysis. ---
51  2019 GPR124 regulates microtubule assembly, mitotic progression, and glioblastoma cell proliferation. ---
52  2019 High stretchability, strength, and toughness of living cells enabled by hyperelastic vimentin intermediate filaments. IFs, VIFs
53  2019 How kinesin waits for ATP affects the nucleotide and load dependence of the stepping kinetics. ---
54  2019 How non-bonding domains affect the active assembly of microtubule spools. ---
55  2019 IFT88 controls NuMA enrichment at k-fibers minus-ends to facilitate their re-anchoring into mitotic spindles. IFT, K-fibers
56  2019 Impaired tau-microtubule interactions are prevalent among pathogenic tau variants arising from missense mutations. MAPT
57  2019 Interactions between two regulatory proteins of microtubule dynamics, HDAC6, TPPP/p25, and the hub protein, DYNLL/LC8. ---
58  2019 Karyopherin alpha2-dependent import of E2F1 and TFDP1 maintains protumorigenic stathmin expression in liver cancer. ChIP, Co-IP, KPNA2
59  2019 Key Role of Microtubule and Its Acetylation in a Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle-Mediated Lysosome-Autophagy System. NMs, ZNPs
60  2019 KIF2A characterization after spinal cord injury. CNS, KIFs
61  2019 Kinesin and dynein use distinct mechanisms to bypass obstacles. ---
62  2019 Limited processivity of single motors improves overall transport flux of self-assembled motor-cargo complexes. ---
63  2019 MACF1 links Rapsyn to microtubule- and actin-binding proteins to maintain neuromuscular synapses. AChRs, MACF1
64  2019 MALAT1 sponges miR-106b-5p to promote the invasion and metastasis of colorectal cancer via SLAIN2 enhanced microtubules mobility. CIFMS, CRC
65  2019 Massive cytoplasmic transport and microtubule organization in fertilized chordate eggs. ncMTOC
66  2019 Memo1-Mediated Tiling of Radial Glial Cells Facilitates Cerebral Cortical Development. Memo1, RGCs
67  2019 Microtubule depolymerization attenuates WNT4/CaMKIIalpha signaling in mouse uterus and leads to implantation failure. EECs
68  2019 Microtubule destabilization caused by particulate matter contributes to lung endothelial barrier dysfunction and inflammation. ALI, EC, PM
69  2019 Microtubule polymerase and processive plus-end tracking functions originate from distinct features within TOG domain arrays. TOG
70  2019 Microtubule regulators act in the nervous system to modulate fat metabolism and longevity through DAF-16 in C. elegans. ---
71  2019 Microtubule-bundling protein Spef1 enables mammalian ciliary central apparatus formation. CP
72  2019 Microtubules Stabilization by Mutant Spastin Affects ER Morphology and Ca2+ Handling. ER, SOCE
73  2019 Microtubules: A Key to Understand and Correct Neuronal Defects in CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder? ---
74  2019 Microtubules: From understanding their dynamics to using them as potential therapeutic targets. ---
75  2019 Molecular basis of vasohibins-mediated detyrosination and its impact on spindle function and mitosis. SVBP, VASH1
76  2019 Molecular modeling study on the differential microtubule-stabilizing effect in singly- and doubly-bonded complexes with peloruside A and paclitaxel. PLA, TX
77  2019 Moss Kinesin-14 KCBP Accelerates Chromatid Motility in Anaphase. KO
78  2019 Myosin VIIa Supports Spermatid/Organelle Transport and Cell Adhesion During Spermatogenesis in the Rat Testis. ---
79  2019 NAP (davunetide) preferential interaction with dynamic 3-repeat Tau explains differential protection in selected tauopathies. ADNP
80  2019 Neuroprotective Approach of Anti-Cancer Microtubule Stabilizers Against Tauopathy Associated Dementia: Current Status of Clinical and Preclinical Findings. AD, MTS
81  2019 Non-centrosomal microtubule structures regulated by egg activation signaling contribute to cytoplasmic and cortical reorganization in the ascidian egg. CAMP, DEM, TAF
82  2019 Non-linear Dose Response of Lymphocyte Cell Lines to Microtubule Inhibitors. ---
83  2019 On the interaction of ribosomal protein RPL22e with microtubules. ---
84  2019 Pathogenic E2K mutation of doublecortin X (DCX) alters microtubule stabilisation and actin filament association. DCX, DCX-N
85  2019 Phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate 4-kinase gamma accumulates at the spindle pole and prevents microtubule depolymerization. MCAK, PIP4KIIgamma
86  2019 Planar cell polarity protein Dishevelled 3 (Dvl3) regulates ectoplasmic specialization (ES) dynamics in the testis through changes in cytoskeletal organization. BTB, Dvl, Dvl3, ES, PCP, RNAi, TJ
87  2019 Quantifying Tubulin Concentration and Microtubule Number Throughout the Fission Yeast Cell Cycle. PAA, SPB
88  2019 Reconstitution of Microtubule Nucleation InVitro Reveals Novel Roles for Mzt1. CM1, gamma-TuC, gamma-TuSC, MTOCs
89  2019 Regulation of BTB dynamics in spermatogenesis - insights from the adjudin toxicant model. BTB, mTORC1
90  2019 Regulation of ezrin tension by S-nitrosylation mediates non-small cell lung cancer invasion and metastasis. FRET, iNOS, MF, NSCLC, SNO
91  2019 Regulation of Glucose-Dependent Golgi-Derived Microtubules by cAMP/EPAC2 Promotes Secretory Vesicle Biogenesis in Pancreatic beta Cells. GDMTs
92  2019 Regulation of microtubule plus end dynamics by septin 9. ---
93  2019 Regulatory mechanisms for the axonal localization of tau protein in neurons. MTBD
94  2019 Rice microtubule-associated protein IQ67-DOMAIN14 regulates grain shape by modulating microtubule cytoskeleton dynamics. OsIQD14
95  2019 Roles of end-binding 1 protein and gamma-tubulin small complex in cytokinesis and flagella formation of Giardia lamblia. gamma-TuSC, GlEB1, Glgamma-tubulin, GlGCP2, HA
96  2019 Septin 2/6/7 complexes tune microtubule plus-end growth and EB1 binding in a concentration- and filament-dependent manner. EB1, GDP, GTP, SEPTs
97  2019 Spatiotemporal dynamics of GEF-H1 activation controlled by microtubule- and Src-mediated pathways. GEF-H1, GEFs
98  2019 Staphylococcus aureus-induced endothelial permeability and inflammation are mediated by microtubule destabilization. CLASP2, EC, GEF-H1, HDAC6, HKSA, MRSA, ROS
99  2019 Stathmin Is Required for Normal Mouse Mammary Gland Development and Delta16HER2-Driven Tumorigenesis. STM KO
100  2019 Structural and functional features of lysine acetylation of plant and animal tubulins. ---