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Abbreviation : MTAs
Long Form : microtubule-targeting agents
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Exploring the Photodynamic Properties of Two Antiproliferative Benzodiazopyrrole Derivatives. LC-HRMS, LED, NMR
2020 MARCH5-dependent degradation of MCL1/NOXA complexes defines susceptibility to antimitotic drug treatment. ---
2020 Membrane-bound TNF mediates microtubule-targeting chemotherapeutics-induced cancer cytolysis via juxtacrine inter-cancer-cell death signaling. memTNF, PCD, PDX
2020 The discovery of novel indazole derivatives as tubulin colchicine site binding agents that displayed potent antitumor activity both invitro and invivo. SARs
2020 The microtubule targeting agents eribulin and paclitaxel activate similar signaling pathways and induce cell death predominantly in a caspase-independent manner. ---
2020 Tubulin Maytansine Site Binding Ligands and Their Applications as MTAs and ADCs for Cancer Therapy. ADCs
2019 Activation of PERK Contributes to Apoptosis and G2/M Arrest by Microtubule Disruptors in Human Colorectal Carcinoma Cells ‡. Bcl-2, ER, JNK, JNK-I, NOC, TAX
2019 CKT0353, a novel microtubule targeting agent, overcomes paclitaxel induced resistance in cancer cells. MDR
2019 Contrasting effects of microtubule destabilizers versus stabilizers on induction of death in G1 phase of the cell cycle. ALL
10  2019 Identification of novel and potent small-molecule inhibitors of tubulin with antitumor activities by virtual screening and biological evaluations. ---
11  2019 Lower Tubulin Expression in Glioblastoma Stem Cells Attenuates Efficacy of Microtubule-Targeting Agents. ---
12  2019 Methyl-beta-cyclodextrin, an actin depolymerizer augments the antiproliferative potential of microtubule-targeting agents. MCD
13  2019 Mitosis inhibitors in anticancer therapy: When blocking the exit becomes a solution. SAC
14  2019 Molecular mechanism of crolibulin in complex with tubulin provides a rationale for drug design. MTs, SAR
15  2019 Regulating the BCL2 Family to Improve Sensitivity to Microtubule Targeting Agents. ---
16  2019 Structure-activity relationships, biological evaluation and structural studies of novel pyrrolonaphthoxazepines as antitumor agents. ---
17  2019 The miR-195 Axis Regulates Chemoresistance through TUBB and Lung Cancer Progression through BIRC5. NSCLC
18  2019 Topological properties and invitro identification of essential nodes of the Paclitaxel and Vincristine interactomes in PC-3 cells. ---
19  2019 Tubulin-VDAC Interaction: Molecular Basis for Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy. CIPN, VDACs
20  2018 A fluorescence anisotropy assay to discover and characterize ligands targeting the maytansinesite of tubulin. ---
21  2018 An Indole-Chalcone Inhibits Multidrug-Resistant Cancer Cell Growth by Targeting Microtubules. ---
22  2018 Differential Morphological and Biochemical Recovery from Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Following Paclitaxel, Ixabepilone, or Eribulin Treatment in Mouse Sciatic Nerves. CIPN, MTD
23  2018 Microtubule-Based Control of Motor-Clutch System Mechanics in Glioma Cell Migration. ---
24  2018 Microtubule-Targeting Agents: Strategies To Hijack the Cytoskeleton. ---
25  2018 miR-195 potentiates the efficacy of microtubule-targeting agents in non-small cell lung cancer. CHEK1, NSCLC
26  2018 Regulation of E-cadherin localization by microtubule targeting agents: rapid promotion of cortical E-cadherin through p130Cas/Src inhibition by eribulin. EMT
27  2018 Vinca alkaloids and analogues as anti-cancer agents: Looking back, peering ahead. VAs
28  2017 Akt targeting as a strategy to boost chemotherapy efficacy in non-small cell lung cancer through metabolism suppression. NSCLC
29  2017 Discovery and preclinical evaluation of 7-benzyl-N-(substituted)-pyrrolo[3,2-d]pyrimidin-4-amines as single agents with microtubule targeting effects along with triple-acting angiokinase inhibition as antitumor agents. AA, CA, CAM, EGFR, MTA, PDGFRbeta, RTKs, VEGFR2
30  2017 Generation of Prostate Cancer Cell Models of Resistance to the Anti-mitotic Agent Docetaxel. PC
31  2017 Harnessing Plant Biodiversity for the Discovery of Novel Anticancer Drugs Targeting Microtubules. ---
32  2017 Interactome Analysis of Microtubule-targeting Agents Reveals Cytotoxicity Bases in Normal Cells. ---
33  2017 Live Imaging to Study Microtubule Dynamic Instability in Taxane-resistant Breast Cancers. ---
34  2017 Marine Derived Anticancer Drugs Targeting Microtubule. ---
35  2017 Mechanisms of kinetic stabilization by the drugs paclitaxel and vinblastine. ---
36  2017 Mechanisms of the anti-tumor activity of Methyl 2-(-5-fluoro-2-hydroxyphenyl)-1 H-benzo[d]imidazole-5-carboxylate against breast cancer in vitro and in vivo. MBIC
37  2017 Microtubule-targeting agents can sensitize cancer cells to ionizing radiation by an interphase-based mechanism. DDR, DEF, IR, MBZ
38  2017 Microtubule-Targeting Agents Eribulin and Paclitaxel Differentially Affect Neuronal Cell Bodies in Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy. CIPN, DRG
39  2017 Sensitivity of docetaxel-resistant MCF-7 breast cancer cells to microtubule-destabilizing agents including vinca alkaloids and colchicine-site binding agents. CSBAs
40  2017 Suppression of spindly delays mitotic exit and exacerbates cell death response of cancer cells treated with low doses of paclitaxel. SAC
41  2017 The pretubulysin-induced exposure of collagen is caused by endothelial cell retraction that results in an increased adhesion and decreased transmigration of tumor cells. PT
42  2017 Toward Discovery of Novel Microtubule Targeting Agents: A SNAP-tag-Based High-Content Screening Assay for the Analysis of Microtubule Dynamics and Cell Cycle Progression. ---
43  2017 Triazolopyrimidines Are Microtubule-Stabilizing Agents that Bind the Vinca Inhibitor Site of Tubulin. TPs
44  2016 Belinostat and vincristine demonstrate mutually synergistic cytotoxicity associated with mitotic arrest and inhibition of polyploidy in a preclinical model of aggressive diffuse large B cell lymphoma. DLBCL, HDACi
45  2016 Effects of Paclitaxel and Eribulin in Mouse Sciatic Nerve: A Microtubule-Based Rationale for the Differential Induction of Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy. CIPN
46  2016 Mitotic arrest-induced phosphorylation of Mcl-1 revisited using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and phosphoproteomics: nine phosphorylation sites identified. ---
47  2016 Nerve growth factor alters microtubule targeting agent-induced neurotransmitter release but not MTA-induced neurite retraction in sensory neurons. CGRP, EpoB, NGF
48  2016 Pre-clinical evaluation of a novel class of anti-cancer agents, the Pyrrolo-1, 5-benzoxazepines. PBOXs
49  2016 Purine-Type Compounds Induce Microtubule Fragmentation and Lung Cancer Cell Death through Interaction with Katanin. JNK, NSCLC
50  2016 Targeting of tubulin polymerization and induction of mitotic blockage by Methyl 2-(5-fluoro-2-hydroxyphenyl)-1H-benzo[d]imidazole-5-carboxylate (MBIC) in human cervical cancer HeLa cell. MBIC
51  2016 The synthetic diazonamide DZ-2384 has distinct effects on microtubule curvature and dynamics without neurotoxicity. ---
52  2015 Breast Cancer Cell Lines Exhibit Differential Sensitivities to Microtubule-targeting Drugs Independent of Doubling Time. ---
53  2015 Die-hard survivors: heterogeneity in apoptotic thresholds may underlie chemoresistance. ---
54  2015 Effects of an antimitotic drug on mechanical behaviours of the cytoskeleton in distinct grades of colon cancer cells. ---
55  2015 Eribulin targets a ch-TOG-dependent directed migration of cancer cells. ---
56  2015 Establishment of a Novel In Vitro Model for Predicting Incidence and Severity of Microtubule-targeting Agent-induced Peripheral Neuropathy. FPN, PN
57  2015 Microtubule-targeting agents augment the toxicity of DNA-damaging agents by disrupting intracellular trafficking of DNA repair proteins. DDA
58  2015 Stathmin potentiates vinflunine and inhibits Paclitaxel activity. ITC, VLB
59  2015 The NOXA-MCL1-BIM axis defines lifespan on extended mitotic arrest. SAC
60  2014 Interphase microtubules: chief casualties in the war on cancer? ---
61  2014 Microtubule-Targeting Agents Enter the Central Nervous System (CNS): Double-edged Swords for Treating CNS Injury and Disease. CNS
62  2014 ROS-mediated EB1 phosphorylation through Akt/GSK3beta pathway: implication in cancer cell response to microtubule-targeting agents. ROS
63  2014 Target driven preclinical screening for new antimitotic chemotherapy agents. ---
64  2014 Targeting microtubules by natural agents for cancer therapy. ---
65  2013 A new perspective on old drugs: non-mitotic actions of tubulin-binding drugs play a major role in cancer treatment. ---
66  2013 Bcl-2-enhanced efficacy of microtubule-targeting chemotherapy through Bim overexpression: implications for cancer treatment. ---
67  2013 End-binding proteins sensitize microtubules to the action of microtubule-targeting agents. EBs
68  2013 MicroRNAs: novel mediators of resistance to microtubule-targeting agents. miRNAs
69  2013 Sequential Cdk1 and Plk1 phosphorylation of protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B promotes mitotic cell death. CDK1, Plk1, PTP1B
70  2013 Tubulin: an example of targeted chemotherapy. ---
71  2012 Approaches for developing novel microtubule targeting agents (MTAs) for therapeutic exploitation. MT
72  2011 CYT997 causes apoptosis in human multiple myeloma. HMCLs, MM, MTs
73  2011 Microtubule-targeted agents: when mitochondria become essential to chemotherapy. ---
74  2011 Mitosis is not a key target of microtubule agents in patient tumors. ---
75  2011 Peripheral neuropathy with microtubule-targeting agents: occurrence and management approach. ---
76  2010 Olesoxime prevents microtubule-targeting drug neurotoxicity: selective preservation of EB comets in differentiated neuronal cells. ---
77  2010 Sequential treatment with flavopiridol synergistically enhances pyrrolo-1,5-benzoxazepine-induced apoptosis in human chronic myeloid leukaemia cells including those resistant to imatinib treatment. CDK, CML, IAP
78  2008 BubR1 is required for a sustained mitotic spindle checkpoint arrest in human cancer cells treated with tubulin-targeting pyrrolo-1,5-benzoxazepines. PBOXs
79  2008 PPARgamma Inhibitors as Novel Tubulin-Targeting Agents. ---
80  2007 Microtubules in apoptosis induction: are they necessary? ---
81  2007 Targeting microtubules to inhibit angiogenesis and disrupt tumour vasculature: implications for cancer treatment. ---
82  2006 Microtubule-targeting agents in angiogenesis: where do we stand? ---