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Abbreviation : MVC
Long Form : maraviroc
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 In vitro replicative fitness of early Transmitted founder HIV-1 variants and sensitivity to Interferon alpha. IFN-alpha, NT, TF
2020 The CCR5 antagonist maraviroc causes remission of pancreatic cancer liver metastasis in nude rats based on cell cycle inhibition and apoptosis induction. CCR5, CDK, PDAC
2019 Activity and structural analysis of GRL-117C: a novel small molecule CCR5 inhibitor active against R5-tropic HIV-1s. ---
2019 Antiretroviral agents in pre-exposure prophylaxis: emerging and advanced trends in HIV prevention. ARVs, CAB, DPV, HIV, NNRTIs, NRTIs, PrEP, RPV, TDF, TFV
2019 Chemokine receptor CCR5 correlates with functional CD8+ T cells in SIV-infected macaques and the potential effects of maraviroc on T-cell activation. CCR5, SIV
2019 Efficacy and safety of long-term maraviroc use in a heterogeneous group of HIV-infected patients: A retrospective cohort study. ART, HIV-1
2019 Improving maraviroc oral bioavailability by formation of solid drug nanoparticles. SDN
2019 Infrared Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Human Hair to Characterize Longitudinal Profiles of the Antiretroviral Maraviroc for Adherence Monitoring. IR-MALDESI, MSI
2019 Mechanistic Evaluation of the Complex Drug-Drug Interactions of Maraviroc: Contribution of Cytochrome P450 3A, P-Glycoprotein and Organic Anion Transporting Polypeptide 1B1. DDIs, OATP, P-gp, PBPK, TVR
10  2019 The pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and mucosal responses to maraviroc-containing pre-exposure prophylaxis regimens in MSM. CCR5, GALT, PrEP
11  2019 Towards a Maraviroc long-acting injectable nanoformulation. ARV, LAI, PrEP, PVA
12  2018 Antiviral activity of maraviroc plus mirtazapine in a low-risk HIV-negative patient with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. MCTD, PML
13  2018 Biosynthesis and Identification of Metabolites of Maraviroc and Their Use in Experiments to Delineate the Relative Contributions of Cytochrome P4503A4 versus 3A5. ---
14  2018 CSF inflammatory markers and neurocognitive function after addition of maraviroc to monotherapy darunavir/ritonavir in stable HIV patients: the CINAMMON study. CNS, LP
15  2018 Deep-Sequencing Analysis of the Dynamics of HIV-1 Quasiespecies in Naive Patients during a Short Exposure to Maraviroc. FPR, g2p, VL
16  2018 High Virologic Failure Rates with Maraviroc-Based Salvage Regimens Among Indian Patients: A Preliminary Analysis-Maraviroc Effectiveness in HIV-1 Subtype C. ARV, PLHIV, pVL
17  2018 Maraviroc improves hepatic triglyceride content but not inflammation in a murine nonalcoholic fatty liver disease model induced by a chronic exposure to high-fat diet. HFD, NAFLD
18  2018 Marginal Effects of Systemic CCR5 Blockade with Maraviroc on Oral Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission to Infant Macaques. HIV-1, MTIT, RMs, SIV
19  2018 Safety and pharmacokinetics of single, dual, and triple antiretroviral drug formulations delivered by pod-intravaginal rings designed for HIV-1 prevention: A Phase I trial. AEs, ARV, CVFs, CVLs, FDA, IVRs, PKs, PrEP, SAEs, TFV, TFV-DP, VMB, VT
20  2018 Size, Composition, and Evolution of HIV DNA Populations during Early Antiretroviral Therapy and Intensification with Maraviroc. ART, IQR, PBMC
21  2018 Successful treatment of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy with recombinant interleukin-7 and maraviroc in a patient with idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia. CCR5, IL-7, PML
22  2017 Addition of maraviroc to antiretroviral therapy decreased interferon-gamma mRNA in the CD4+ T cells of patients with suboptimal CD4+ T-cell recovery. cART, IFN-gamma
23  2017 Analysis of Clinical HIV-1 Strains with Resistance to Maraviroc Reveals Strain-Specific Resistance Mutations, Variable Degrees of Resistance, and Minimal Cross-Resistance to Other CCR5 Antagonists. Env, HIV-1
24  2017 Current Status of the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of HIV-1 Entry Inhibitors and HIV Therapy. AE, CVC, ENF, HIV
25  2017 Effectiveness, safety, durability and immune recovery in a retrospective, multicentre, observational cohort of ART-experienced, HIV-1-infected patients receiving maraviroc. ART
26  2017 Genotypic tropism testing of proviral DNA to guide maraviroc initiation in aviraemic subjects: 48-week analysis of results from the PROTEST study. ABC, ART, INIs, NNRTIs, NRTIs, PIs
27  2017 Maraviroc ameliorates the increased adipose tissue macrophage recruitment induced by a high-fat diet in a mouse model of obesity. AT, HFD
28  2017 Phase 2 Study of the Safety and Tolerability of Maraviroc-Containing Regimens to Prevent HIV Infection in Men Who Have Sex With Men (HPTN 069/ACTG A5305). HIV, TDF
29  2017 Safety and Tolerability of Maraviroc-Containing Regimens to Prevent HIV Infection in Women: A Phase 2 Randomized Trial. PrEP, TDF
30  2017 Short Communication: Maraviroc Once-Daily: Experience in Routine Clinical Practice. ---
31  2017 The CCR5-antagonist Maraviroc reverses HIV-1 latency in vitro alone or in combination with the PKC-agonist Bryostatin-1. LRAs
32  2016 A randomized controlled clinical trial on the impact of CCR5 blockade with maraviroc in early infection on T-cell dynamics. ART, SOC
33  2016 Biophysical characterization of small molecule antiviral-loaded nanolipogels for HIV-1 chemoprophylaxis and topical mucosal application. ARV, TDF
34  2016 Clinical outcome of maraviroc-containing therapy in heavily pre-treated HIV-1-infected patients. GTT
35  2016 Combination Pod-Intravaginal Ring Delivers Antiretroviral Agents for HIV Prophylaxis: Pharmacokinetic Evaluation in an Ovine Model. CVFs, IQR, IVRs, PrEP, TDF, TFV, TFV-DP
36  2016 Development and validation of a liquid chromatographic-tandem mass spectrometric method for the multiplexed quantification of etravirine, maraviroc, raltegravir, and rilpivirine in human plasma and tissue. ARV, ETV, INSTI, LLOQs, NNRTIs, RAL, RPV
37  2016 Differential CD4+ cell count increase and CD4+ :  CD8+ ratio normalization with maraviroc compared with tenofovir. TDF
38  2016 Frequency and Env determinants of HIV-1 subtype C strains from antiretroviral therapy-naive subjects that display incomplete inhibition by maraviroc. ART, Env, HIV-1, MPIs
39  2016 Immunovirological Efficacy of Once-Daily Maraviroc Plus Ritonavir-Boosted Atazanavir After 48 Weeks in Naive HIV-Infected Patients. ---
40  2016 Impact of the Maraviroc-Resistant Mutation M434I in the C4 Region of HIV-1 gp120 on Sensitivity to Antibody-Mediated Neutralization. N-MAbs
41  2016 In vitro-ex vivo correlations between a cell-laden hydrogel and mucosal tissue for screening composite delivery systems. DPV, PHEMA, TFV
42  2016 Maraviroc and reverse transcriptase inhibitors combinations as potential preexposure prophylaxis candidates. RTIs
43  2016 Maraviroc decreases CCL8-mediated migration of CCR5(+) regulatory T cells and reduces metastatic tumor growth in the lungs. CCL8, CCR5
44  2016 Maraviroc in addition to cART during primary HIV infection: Results from MAIN randomized clinical trial and 96-weeks follow-up. cART, cART, MAIN, PHI
45  2016 Maraviroc Reduces Arterial Stiffness in PI-Treated HIV-infected Patients. ---
46  2016 Maraviroc, as a Switch Option, in HIV-1-infected Individuals With Stable, Well-controlled HIV Replication and R5-tropic Virus on Their First Nucleoside/Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Plus Ritonavir-boosted Protease Inhibitor Regimen: Week 48 Results of the Randomized, Multicenter MARCH Study. CI, HIV, ITT, VL
47  2016 Neurocognition with maraviroc compared with tenofovir in HIV. ART, TDF
48  2016 Pharmacodynamic correlations using fresh and cryopreserved tissue following use of vaginal rings containing dapivirine and/or maraviroc in a randomized, placebo controlled trial. CVF, DPV, HIV, PD, PK
49  2016 Short Communication: Limited Anti-HIV-1 Activity of Maraviroc in Mucosal Tissues. ---
50  2016 Simultaneous measurement of etravirine, maraviroc and raltegravir in pigtail macaque plasma, vaginal secretions and vaginal tissue using a LC-MS/MS assay. ETR, RAL
51  2016 Switching to boosted protease inhibitor plus a second antiretroviral drug (dual therapy) for treatment simplification: a multicenter observational study. DT, ETR, RAL, TD
52  2016 Synergistic Inhibition of R5 HIV-1 by the Fusion Protein (FLSC) IgG1 Fc and Maraviroc in Primary Cells: Implications for Prevention and Treatment. ARV
53  2015 A single-residue change in the HIV-1 V3 loop associated with maraviroc resistance impairs CCR5 binding affinity while increasing replicative capacity. MVC-Res
54  2015 Antiretroviral drugs do not interfere with bryostatin-mediated HIV-1 latency reversal. ATP, BRY, cART
55  2015 Antiretroviral-Experienced HIV-1-Infected Patients Treated with Maraviroc: Factors Associated with Virological Response. VL, VR
56  2015 Development of maraviroc, a CCR5 antagonist for treatment of HIV, using a novel tropism assay. HIV
57  2015 Less Bone Loss With Maraviroc- Versus Tenofovir-Containing Antiretroviral Therapy in the AIDS Clinical Trials Group A5303 Study. ART, BMD, TDF, VL
58  2015 Maraviroc modifies gut microbiota composition in a mouse model of obesity: a plausible therapeutic option to prevent metabolic disorders in HIV-infected patients. HFD
59  2015 Maraviroc: a review of its use in HIV infection and beyond. CCR5, CXCR4, HIV-1
60  2015 Models for predicting effective HIV chemoprevention in women. TFV
61  2015 Nanoparticle-Based ARV Drug Combinations for Synergistic Inhibition of Cell-Free and Cell-Cell HIV Transmission. ARV, ETR, HIV, PLGA, RAL, RT, SHIV
62  2015 Off-label use of maraviroc in HIV-1-infected paediatric patients in clinical practice. ---
63  2015 Parameters Influencing Baseline HIV-1 Genotypic Tropism Testing Related to Clinical Outcome in Patients on Maraviroc. GSS
64  2015 Pharmacodynamic Activity of Dapivirine and Maraviroc Single Entity and Combination Topical Gels for HIV-1 Prevention. DPV
65  2015 Phase 1 Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of Dapivirine and Maraviroc Vaginal Rings: A Double-Blind Randomized Trial. CVF, DPV
66  2015 Protection Against Rectal Chimeric Simian/Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission in Macaques by Rectal-Specific Gel Formulations of Maraviroc and Tenofovir. HIV, TFV, TFV-DP
67  2015 Regimen selection in the OPTIONS trial of HIV salvage therapy: drug resistance, prior therapy, and race-ethnicity determine the degree of regimen complexity. ARV, DRV, ENF, ETR, NRTI, OR, RAL, TPV
68  2015 Single oral dose of maraviroc does not prevent ex-vivo HIV infection of rectal mucosa in HIV-1 negative human volunteers. ---
69  2015 Switching safely: pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety of switching efavirenz to maraviroc twice daily in patients on suppressive antiretroviral therapy. EFV, GMR, NRTIs, PK
70  2015 The efficacy and safety of maraviroc addition to a stable antiretroviral regimen in subjects with suppressed plasma HIV-RNA is not influenced by age. ---
71  2015 The maraviroc expanded access program - safety and efficacy data from an open-label study. AEs, ARVs, DRV, EAP, ETV, RAL
72  2015 Viral and inflammatory markers in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with HIV-1-associated neurocognitive impairment during antiretroviral treatment switch. ABC, CCR5, CNS, CSF, EFV, ELISA, GDS, HLA, IFN, IL, MCP-1, NCI, qRT-PCR, TNF, VL
73  2014 Binding of fusion protein FLSC IgG1 to CCR5 is enhanced by CCR5 antagonist Maraviroc. FLSC, HIV-1, STORM
74  2014 Cenicriviroc blocks HIV entry but does not lead to redistribution of HIV into extracellular space like maraviroc. CVC, EFV
75  2014 Complexity and dynamics of HIV-1 chemokine receptor usage in a multidrug-resistant adolescent. PBMCs
76  2014 Efficacy and safety of once-daily maraviroc plus ritonavir-boosted darunavir in pretreated HIV-infected patients in a real-life setting. DRV-r, NRTI
77  2014 Exposure to entry inhibitors alters HIV infectiousness and sensitivity to broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies. ---
78  2014 Extravirologic modulation of immune response by an NRTI-sparing antiretroviral regimen including darunavir and maraviroc. DRV
79  2014 First prospective comparison of genotypic vs phenotypic tropism assays in predicting virologic responses to Maraviroc (MVC) in a phase 3 study: MODERN. PPV
80  2014 Genotypic tropism testing in proviral DNA to guide maraviroc initiation in aviremic subjects: 48-week analysis of the PROTEST study. INIs, NRTIs
81  2014 HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis: mucosal tissue drug distribution of RT inhibitor Tenofovir and entry inhibitor Maraviroc in a humanized mouse model. NHP, PK, PrEP, TFV
82  2014 Impact of maraviroc-resistant and low-CCR5-adapted mutations induced by in vitro passage on sensitivity to anti-envelope neutralizing antibodies. Env, MPI
83  2014 Improvement of endothelial function after switching previously treated HIV-infected patients to an NRTI-sparing bitherapy with maraviroc. cART, FMD, NRTI, PI
84  2014 Maintenance of virologic efficacy and decrease in levels of beta2-microglobulin, soluble CD40L and soluble CD14 after switching previously treated HIV-infected patients to an NRTI-sparing dual therapy. cART, mt, NRTI
85  2014 Maraviroc intensification in patients with suppressed HIV viremia has limited effects on CD4+ T cell recovery and gene expression. TNF
86  2014 Modified silicone elastomer vaginal gels for sustained release of antiretroviral HIV microbicides. ARV, h-SEGs, HEC, HIV-1, SEGs, st-PDMS, SVF
87  2014 Pharmacokinetics and preliminary safety study of pod-intravaginal rings delivering antiretroviral combinations for HIV prophylaxis in a macaque model. IVRs, TDF, TFV, TFV
88  2014 Potential anti-inflammatory effects of maraviroc in HIV-positive patients: a pilot study of inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, and coagulation markers. IL, MIP, VCAM
89  2014 Preferential recognition of monomeric CCR5 expressed in cultured cells by the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein gp120 for the entry of R5 HIV-1. BiFC
90  2014 Safety and therapeutic efficacy of the switch to maraviroc+darunavir/ritonavir in HIV/HCV coinfected patients: initial results from GUSTA study. AP, BL, DRV, TB, VL
91  2014 The effects of boceprevir and telaprevir on the pharmacokinetics of maraviroc: an open-label, fixed-sequence study in healthy volunteers. BOC, PK, TVR
92  2014 The effects of Maraviroc on liver fibrosis in HIV/HCV co-infected patients. APRI, ART
93  2014 The utility of different bioinformatics algorithms for genotypic HIV-1 tropism testing in a large clinical cohort with multiple subtypes. PBMCs
94  2014 Treatment intensification with maraviroc (CCR5 antagonist) leads to declines in CD16-expressing monocytes in cART-suppressed chronic HIV-infected subjects and is associated with improvements in neurocognitive test performance: implications for HIV-associated neurocognitive disease (HAND). cART, HAND, NP, sCD163
95  2014 V3 net charge: additional tool in HIV-1 tropism prediction. DM, G2P, NC
96  2013 A common mechanism of clinical HIV-1 resistance to the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc despite divergent resistance levels and lack of common gp120 resistance mutations. ECL, Env, HIV-1, MPI, PBMC, VERSA
97  2013 Correlation between genotypic (V3 population sequencing) and phenotypic (Trofile ES) methods of characterizing co-receptor usage of HIV-1 from 200 treatment-naive HIV patients screened for Study A4001078. FPR
98  2013 CoRSeqV3-C: a novel HIV-1 subtype C specific V3 sequence based coreceptor usage prediction algorithm. ---
99  2013 Determination of HIV tropism and its use in the clinical practice. ---
100  2013 HIV-1 dynamics and coreceptor usage in Maraviroc-treated patients with ongoing replication. VF