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Abbreviation : MVCT
Long Form : megavoltage CT
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Image-guided dose-escalated radiation therapy for localized prostate cancer with helical tomotherapy. CTV, GI, GU, IGRT, PTV
2020 Image-guided hypofractionated simultaneous integrated boost and adaptive radiotherapy for spine metastasis. ART, CI, HF-SIB, HI, HT, IMRT, PGTV, PTV
2020 Metallic implants and CT artefacts in the CTV area: Where are we in 2020? CT, CTV, DECT, MAR, RT, TPS
2020 Residual setup errors in cranial stereotactic radiosurgery without six degree of freedom robotic couch: Frameless versus rigid immobilization systems. CBCT, DOF
2019 A Megavoltage CT Image Enhancement Method for Image-Guided and Adaptive Helical TomoTherapy. BM3D, CNR, DFR, ROI
2019 CT-based dose recalculations in head and neck cancer radiotherapy: comparison of daily dose recalculations to less time-consuming approaches. mand, OARs, PG, PTV, SC, SuDo
2019 TomoTherapy treatments of multiple brain lesions: an in-phantom accuracy evaluation. ---
2018 Technical Note: Iterative megavoltage CT (MVCT) reconstruction using block-matching 3D-transform (BM3D) regularization. BM3D, BM3D, FBP, FISTA, kVCT, MTF, TV
2017 Dosimetric implications of inter- and intrafractional prostate positioning errors during tomotherapy : Comparison of gold marker-based registrations with native MVCT. CTV, IMRT, OAR, RT
10  2017 Evaluation of impact of an external breast shield (FlexiShield) in electronic brachytherapy for breast IORT: A phantom study. dAP, dSI, SS
11  2017 The heterogeneous CTV-PTV margins should be given for different parts of tumors during tomotherapy. ---
12  2016 Bladder dose-surface maps and urinary toxicity: Robustness with respect to motion in assessing local dose effects. DSM
13  2016 Evaluation of MVCT imaging dose levels during helical IGRT: comparison between ion chamber, TLD, and EBT3 films. ---
14  2016 Radiation-induced CT number changes in GTV and parotid glands during the course of radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal cancer. CTN, GTV, NPC, OARs, RT
15  2015 Helical Tomotherapy of the breast: can thermoplastic immobilization improve the reproducibility of the treatment setup and the accuracy of the delivered dose? HT, WB
16  2015 Prostate cancer: contouring target and organs at risk by kilovoltage and megavoltage CT and MRI in patients with and without hip prostheses. CI, CV, kVCT
17  2014 Clinical evaluation of normalized metal artifact reduction in kVCT using MVCT prior images (MVCT-NMAR) for radiation therapy treatment planning. kVCT, NMAR
18  2014 Comparison of daily versus nondaily image-guided radiotherapy protocols for patients treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. IMRT, RT
19  2014 Comparison of the effectiveness of different immobilization systems in different body regions using daily megavoltage CT in helical tomotherapy. ---
20  2014 Evaluation of internal target volume in patients undergoing image-guided intensity modulated adjuvant radiation for gastric cancers. CI, COM, IMRT, ITV, SD
21  2014 Image guidance in prostate cancer - can offline corrections be an effective substitute for daily online imaging? AP, ML, RE, SI
22  2014 Impact of different setup approaches in image-guided radiotherapy as primary treatment for prostate cancer: a study of 2940 setup deviations in 980 MVCTs. IMRT, PTV, SIB
23  2014 Initial experience with stereotactic body radiation therapy for localized prostate cancer using helical tomotherapy. HR, IR, LR, SBRT
24  2014 Optimization of tomotherapy treatment planning for patients with bilateral hip prostheses. kVCT, O-MAR
25  2014 Vaginal displacement during course of adjuvant radiation for cervical cancer: results from a prospective IG-IMRT study. IMRT, ITV, OAR, PTV, SDs
26  2014 [Use of megavoltage CT(MVCT) in helical tomotherapy for head and neck dose calculation]. ---
27  2013 Evaluation of normalized metal artifact reduction (NMAR) in kVCT using MVCT prior images for radiotherapy treatment planning. FBP, IMPACT, kVCT, NMAR
28  2013 Multi-scale, multi-modal image integration for image-guided clinical interventions in the head and neck anatomy. MRI, OCM
29  2013 [Verification of the couch automatic movement accuracy for Hi-ART tomotherapy]. ---
30  2012 Adaptive radiotherapy for soft tissue changes during helical tomotherapy for head and neck cancer. ART, Dmax, Dmin, DVHs, HT, inPlan, LX, OAR, OC, PG, PTV, SC
31  2012 High-dose MVCT image guidance for stereotactic body radiation therapy. CNRs, LINAC, SBRT, wCTDIs
32  2012 Improving dose calculations on tomotherapy MVCT images. DR, HUs, IVDT
33  2012 Mesh-based approach for the 3D analysis of anatomical structures of interest in radiotherapy. ASD, DICE, distCOM, RT
34  2012 Sci-Fri PM: Delivery - 02: CT image guidance strategies for dose-adaptive IMRT of the prostate. IMRT
35  2012 SU-E-J-201: What is the Importance of Dose Recalculation for Adaptive Radiotherapy Dose Assessment? ART, DIR
36  2012 Three-dimensional patient setup errors at different treatment sites measured by the Tomotherapy megavoltage CT. TMI
37  2012 Voxel-based dose reconstruction for total body irradiation with helical tomotherapy. CTV, HT, TBI
38  2012 [Clinical implementation of dose reconstruction and dose-guided intensity modulated radiotherapy for helical tomotherapy]. ---
39  2011 'Plan of the day' adaptive radiotherapy for bladder cancer using helical tomotherapy. ART, IGRT
40  2011 Clinical challenges in the implementation of a tomotherapy service for head and neck cancer patients in a regional UK radiotherapy centre. HT, IMRT
41  2011 Evaluation of tomotherapy MVCT image enhancement program for tumor volume delineation. GTV
42  2011 Feasibility study on effect and stability of adaptive radiotherapy on kilovoltage cone beam CT. IVDT, kV-CBCT, OAR
43  2011 Inter and intraobserver variation in gross tumor delineation on megavoltage CT images in patients undergoing tomotherapy-based image-guided radiotherapy for postoperative vault recurrences. GTV
44  2011 Radiobiological and dosimetric analysis of daily megavoltage CT registration on adaptive radiotherapy with Helical Tomotherapy. HT, kVCT
45  2011 The effect of temporal HU variations on the uncertainty of dose recalculations performed on MVCT images. HU, MV
46  2010 A planning study for palliative spine treatment using StatRT and megavoltage CT simulation. Tomo plan
47  2010 Effect of lateral target motion on image registration accuracy in CT-guided helical tomotherapy: a phantom study. kVCT
48  2010 Image-guided stereotactic body radiotherapy for lung tumors using BodyLoc with tomotherapy: clinical implementation and set-up accuracy. kVCT, SBRT
49  2010 KVCT, MVCT, and hybrid CT image studies--treatment planning and dose delivery equivalence on helical tomotherapy. kVCT, QVer
50  2010 Quality assurance of an image guided intracranial stereotactic positioning system for radiosurgery treatment with helical tomotherapy. SRS
51  2010 Schedule for CT image guidance in treating prostate cancer with helical tomotherapy. ---
52  2009 A comprehensive assessment by tumor site of patient setup using daily MVCT imaging from more than 3,800 helical tomotherapy treatments. ---
53  2009 Adaptive radiation therapy for localized mesothelioma with mediastinal metastasis using helical tomotherapy. 3DCRT, GTVs, PTV
54  2009 Assessing prostate, bladder and rectal doses during image guided radiation therapy--need for plan adaptation? CT, DVH, IGRT, kvCBCT, kVCT
55  2009 Assessment of rectal distention in radiotherapy of prostate cancer using daily megavoltage CT image guidance. CSA
56  2009 Deformable registration of abdominal kilovoltage treatment planning CT and tomotherapy daily megavoltage CT for treatment adaptation. kVCT
57  2009 Modeling set-up error by daily MVCT for prostate adjuvant treatment delivered in 20 fractions: Implications for the assessment of the optimal correction strategies. HT, IGRT
58  2009 Prostate positioning errors associated with two automatic registration based image guidance strategies. BM, IM
59  2009 Quality assurance of an image guided intracranial stereotactic positioning system. HCI, ISPPS
60  2008 A comparison of daily megavoltage CT and ultrasound image guided radiation therapy for prostate cancer. A/P, BAT, R/L, S/I
61  2008 Evaluation of geometric changes of parotid glands during head and neck cancer radiotherapy using daily MVCT and automatic deformable registration. ---
62  2008 Evaluation of MVCT images with skin collimation for electron beam treatment planning. DTA, ROI
63  2008 Feasibility of concurrent treatment with the scanning ultrasound reflector linear array system (SURLAS) and the helical tomotherapy system. DVH, HT, IMRT, OAR, PTV, ROI, SURLAS
64  2008 Hypofractionated breast and chest wall irradiation using simultaneous in-field boost IMRT delivered via helical tomotherapy. ---
65  2008 Image registration of a moving target phantom with helical tomotherapy: effect of the CT acquisition technique and action level proposal. ---
66  2008 Results of a two-year quality control program for a helical tomotherapy unit. ATP, HT, IMRT, MLC, QC
67  2008 Sci-Thurs PM: Delivery-07: Evaluation of prospects to use daily megavoltage CT studies for adaptive radiotherapy. GTV, NSCLC
68  2008 [Optimization of MVCT imaging schedule in prostate cancer treatment using helical tomotherapy]. ---
69  2007 A model for predicting lung cancer response to therapy. CT, IGRT, LWR
70  2007 Image-guided helical tomotherapy for localized prostate cancer: technique and initial clinical observations. CT, SD
71  2007 Initial experience in treating lung cancer with helical tomotherapy. CT
72  2007 Megavoltage computed tomography: an emerging tool for image-guided radiotherapy. ---
73  2007 Optimization of megavoltage CT scan registration settings for brain cancer treatments on tomotherapy. ---
74  2007 Optimization of megavoltage CT scan registration settings for thoracic cases on helical tomotherapy. kVCT
75  2006 Clinical implementation of adaptive helical tomotherapy: a unique approach to image-guided intensity modulated radiotherapy. MLC
76  2006 Feasibility report of image guided stereotactic body radiotherapy (IG-SBRT) with tomotherapy for early stage medically inoperable lung cancer using extreme hypofractionation. IG-SBRT, SBRT
77  2006 Tomotherapeutic stereotactic body radiation therapy: Techniques and comparison between modalities. ---
78  2005 Feasibility study of helical tomotherapy for total body or total marrow irradiation. TBI, TLDs, TMI
79  2005 Performance characterization of megavoltage computed tomography imaging on a helical tomotherapy unit. CT
80  2005 The use of megavoltage CT (MVCT) images for dose recomputations. DVHs
81  2004 Megavoltage computed tomography imaging: a potential tool to guide and improve the delivery of thoracic radiation therapy. CT, IMRT, NSCLC
82  2002 Helical tomotherapy: an innovative technology and approach to radiation therapy. IMRT