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Abbreviation : NAWM
Long Form : normal-appearing white matter
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A 24-month advanced magnetic resonance imaging study of multiple sclerosis patients treated with alemtuzumab. BPF, CC, MR, MS, MWF, NAA
2019 Blood-brain barrier impairment and hypoperfusion are linked in cerebral small vessel disease. BBB, CBF, CSVD, NVU, WMH
2019 Blood-brain barrier leakage in relation to white matter hyperintensity volume and cognition in small vessel disease and normal aging. BBB, CGM, CSVD, WMH
2019 Blood-brain barrier permeability measured using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: a validation study. BBB, CBV, DCE-MRI, GM, MS, ROI, WM
2019 Characterization of normal-appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis using quantitative susceptibility mapping in conjunction with diffusion tensor imaging. DTI, FA, HC, HCWM, MS, QS, QSM, RD
2019 Characterizing the Penumbras of White Matter Hyperintensities and Their Associations With Cognitive Function in Patients With Subcortical Vascular Mild Cognitive Impairment. ASL, CBF, DTI, DWMHs, FA, MD, PVWMHs, svMCI, WMHs
2019 Comparing MRI metrics to quantify white matter microstructural damage in multiple sclerosis. FA, MS, MTR, MWF, RD, T1L, T2L
2019 CSF oligoclonal bands and normal appearing white matter periventricular damage in patients with clinically isolated syndrome suggestive of MS. CIS, CSF-OCB, MD, MS
2019 Diffusion tensor imaging and disability progression in multiple sclerosis: A 4-year follow-up study. CC, DTI, FA, MD, MS, RD
10  2019 Evaluation of Normal-Appearing White Matter in Multiple Sclerosis Using Direct Visualization of Short Transverse Relaxation Time Component (ViSTa) Myelin Water Imaging and Gradient Echo and Spin Echo (GRASE) Myelin Water Imaging. GRASE, HC, MS, MWF, ViSTa, ViSTa-MWI
11  2019 Evidence for Progressive Microstructural Damage in Early Multiple Sclerosis by Multi-Shell Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging. fr, MS
12  2019 Evidence of early microstructural white matter abnormalities in multiple sclerosis from multi-shell diffusion MRI. CHARMED, DTI, fr, MS, WM
13  2019 Extravascular fibrinogen in the white matter of Alzheimer's disease and normal aged brains: implications for fibrinogen as a biomarker for Alzheimer's disease. AD, BBB, CAA, HPtau, SVD, WML
14  2019 Investigation of white matter PiB uptake as a marker of white matter integrity. FA, MD, PiB, SUVR, WM, WMH
15  2019 Metabolic counterparts of sodium accumulation in multiple sclerosis: A whole brain 23Na-MRI and fast 1H-MRSI study. GM, mIns, MS, NAA, RRMS, TSC, WM
16  2019 Microstructural changes of normal-appearing white matter in Vascular Parkinsonism. DTI, FA, MD, PD, RD, TBSS, VP, WM
17  2019 Quantitative dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging shows widespread blood-brain barrier disruption in mild traumatic brain injury patients with post-concussion syndrome. DCE, mTBI, PCS, WM
18  2019 Restriction spectrum imaging of white matter and its relation to neurological disability in multiple sclerosis. ANOVA, EDSS, MS, ND, RSI, sADC, WML
19  2019 Role of cerebral hypoperfusion in multiple sclerosis (ROCHIMS): study protocol for a proof-of-concept randomized controlled trial with bosentan. CBF, ET-1, MRI, MS, ROCHIMS
20  2019 Scaling of brain compartments to brain size. BC, BV
21  2019 Selective inversion recovery quantitative magnetization transfer imaging: Toward a 3 T clinical application in multiple sclerosis. HCs, MRI, MS, MT, qMT, SIR, WM
22  2019 Standardization of T1w/T2w Ratio Improves Detection of Tissue Damage in Multiple Sclerosis. MS
23  2019 Sustained Opening of the Blood-Brain Barrier with Progressive Accumulation of White Matter Hyperintensities Following Ischemic Stroke. BBB, FLAIR, MRI, PWI, WMH
24  2019 Temporal evolution of acute multiple sclerosis lesions on serial sodium (23Na) MRI. ADC, BBB, DWI-MRI, MS, T2-FLAIR, TSC
25  2019 The features of cerebral permeability and perfusion detected by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging with Patlak model in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. CBF, CBV, CE, DCE-MRI, EDSS, MS, NE, RRMS, Vp
26  2019 Transcriptome analysis of normal-appearing white matter reveals cortisol- and disease-associated gene expression profiles in multiple sclerosis. HPA, MS
27  2019 White Matter Integrity and Early Outcomes After Acute Ischemic Stroke. AIS, WMH
28  2018 A discrete polar Stockwell transform for enhanced characterization of tissue structure using MRI. PST
29  2018 Amide proton transfer CEST of the cervical spinal cord in multiple sclerosis patients at 3T. APT, CEST, MS
30  2018 Baseline NAWM structural integrity and CBF predict periventricular WMH expansion over time. CBF, DTI, MD, PVWMH, WMH
31  2018 Both hemorrhagic and non-hemorrhagic traumatic MRI lesions are associated with the microstructural damage of the normal appearing white matter. DTI, FA, MD, NHLs, SWI, TMBs
32  2018 Compromised Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity Is Associated With Total Magnetic Resonance Imaging Burden of Cerebral Small Vessel Disease. BBB, CGM, CSVD, DGM, MRI, WMH
33  2018 Diffuse microvascular dysfunction and loss of white matter integrity predict poor outcomes in patients with acute ischemic stroke. AIS, BBB, MMP-2, mRS, NIHSS, PWI, WMH
34  2018 Diffusion tensor imaging in metachromatic leukodystrophy. AD, FA, HCT, MD, MLD, RD, TBSS, WM
35  2018 Diffusion weighted imaging may help differentiate intracranial hemangiopericytoma from meningioma. ADC, DWI
36  2018 Disability in progressive MS is associated with T2 lesion changes. EDSS, FA, MD, MRI, MS, MTR
37  2018 Dysregulation of energy metabolism in multiple sclerosis measured in vivo with diffusion-weighted spectroscopy. ADC, DW-MRS, HC, MRI, MS, tCr, TGM, tNAA
38  2018 Effect of dimethyl fumarate on gray and white matter pathology in subjects with relapsing multiple sclerosis: a longitudinal study. DMF, MS
39  2018 Effect of switching from glatiramer acetate 20 mg/daily to glatiramer acetate 40 mg three times a week on gray and white matter pathology in subjects with relapsing multiple sclerosis: A longitudinal DTI study. AD, DTI, FA, GA, MD, RD, RRMS, TBSS
40  2018 Effects of Cerebral Blood Flow and White Matter Integrity on Cognition in CADASIL Patients. ASL, CBF, DTI, FA, MD, MMSE, MoCA, WMH
41  2018 Evidence of progressive tissue loss in the core of chronic MS lesions: A longitudinal DTI study. AD, DTI, FA, MD, PLWM, RD, RRMS
42  2018 Glioblastoma (GBM) effects on quantitative MRI of contralateral normal appearing white matter. CEST, CESTAmide, GBM, qMT
43  2018 Global loss of myelin water over 5 years in multiple sclerosis normal-appearing white matter. LTFU, MR, MS, RRMS
44  2018 Histogram analysis of amide proton transfer-weighted imaging: comparison of glioblastoma and solitary brain metastasis in enhancing tumors and peritumoral regions. APTSIs, APTw, EAs, GBMs, SBMs
45  2018 Lipid biochemical changes detected in normal appearing white matter of chronic multiple sclerosis by spectral coherent Raman imaging. CNS, MS, sCARS
46  2018 Longitudinal microstructural changes of cerebral white matter and their association with mobility performance in older persons. AD, DTI, FA, MD, RD, WMH
47  2018 Low-dose T1W DCE-MRI for early time points perfusion measurement in patients with intracranial tumors: A pilot study applying the microsphere model to measure absolute cerebral blood flow. AC, CBF, COV, ET, GBM, LDHT, MG, NF2, VS
48  2018 Measurement of the permeability, perfusion, and histogram characteristics in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI with extended Tofts linear model. CBF, CBV, CE, DCE-MRI, EDSS, MRI, MS, NE, RRMS, Ve, Vp
49  2018 Microglial activation, white matter tract damage, and disability in MS. DTI, WM
50  2018 Microstructural and metabolic changes in the longitudinal progression of white matter hyperintensities. WMH
51  2018 Molecular pathology of Multiple Sclerosis lesions reveals a heterogeneous expression pattern of genes involved in oligodendrogliogenesis. ---
52  2018 Mono-exponential, diffusion kurtosis and stretched exponential diffusion MR imaging response to chemoradiation in newly diagnosed glioblastoma. CET, Dapp, DDC, DKI, DWIs, GBM, OS, SE
53  2018 Myelin content changes in probable Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment: Associations with age and severity of neuropsychiatric impairment. AD, ANCOVA, MCI, MWF
54  2018 Myelin loss in white matter hyperintensities and normal-appearing white matter of cognitively impaired patients: a quantitative synthetic magnetic resonance imaging study. MRI, WMHs
55  2018 Normalization of ADC does not improve correlation with overall survival in patients with high-grade glioma (HGG). ADC, HGG, ICC, nADC, NT, OS, ROC, ROI
56  2018 Permeability of the blood-brain barrier predicts no evidence of disease activity at 2 years after natalizumab or fingolimod treatment in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. BBB, CI, DCE-MRI, RRMS
57  2018 Pittsburgh compound-B PET white matter imaging and cognitive function in late multiple sclerosis. MRI, MS, PET, PiB-PET, WM
58  2018 Predicting the Development of Normal-Appearing White Matter With Radiomics in the Aging Brain: A Longitudinal Clinical Study. dNAWM, non-dNAWM, NWM, ROIs, WMH
59  2018 Progression of White Matter Hyperintensities Preceded by Heterogeneous Decline of Microstructural Integrity. MD, WMH
60  2018 Quantitative sodium imaging and gliomas: a feasibility study. aISC, aTSC
61  2018 Shades of white: diffusion properties of T1- and FLAIR-defined white matter signal abnormalities differ in stages from cognitivelynormal to dementia. FLAIR, ROI, WMSAs
62  2018 Whole brain white matter histogram analysis of diffusion tensor imaging data detects microstructural damage in mild cognitive impairment and alzheimer's disease patients. AD, ADNI, ANOVA, AUC, AxD, DTI, FA, FLAIR, HS, IR-SPGR, MCI, MD, MDEFT, MV, RD, ROC, TSE
63  2017 11C-PBR28 and 18F-PBR111 Detect White Matter Inflammatory Heterogeneity in Multiple Sclerosis. DVR, MS, RRMS, SPMS, TSPO, WMLs
64  2017 A Comparison of Magnetization Transfer Methods to Assess Brain and Cervical Cord Microstructure in Multiple Sclerosis. FLAIR, MS, MTR, MTsat, NASC, WML
65  2017 A Unique TGFB1-Driven Genomic Program Links Astrocytosis, Low-Grade Inflammation and Partial Demyelination in Spinal Cord Periplaques from Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Patients. GFAP, MS, NDRG1, PDGF-C, TGFB1
66  2017 Absence of system xc- on immune cells invading the central nervous system alleviates experimental autoimmune encephalitis. BM, CNS, EAE, MS
67  2017 Analysis of DTI-Derived Tensor Metrics in Differential Diagnosis between Low-grade and High-grade Gliomas. AD, DTI, RD, ROC, WM
68  2017 Assessment of the diagnostic accuracy of double inversion recovery sequence compared with FLAIR and T2W_TSE in detection of cerebral multiple sclerosis lesions. CSF, DIR, FLAIR, FOV, MS, NSA, T2W_TSE
69  2017 Better Correlation of Cognitive Function to White Matter Integrity than to Blood Supply in Subjects with Leukoaraiosis. CBF, CMB, DTI, FA, MD, MK, WMH
70  2017 Binding of 11C-Pittsburgh compound-B correlated with white matter injury in hypertensive small vessel disease. 11C-PiB, AD, CS, PET, VOIs, WM, WMLs
71  2017 Blood-brain barrier leakage is more widespread in patients with cerebral small vessel disease. BBB, CGM, CSVD, DCE, WMH
72  2017 Blood-brain barrier permeability of normal-appearing white matter in patients with vestibular schwannoma: A new hybrid approach for analysis of T1 -W DCE-MRI. ANOVAs, DCE, MRI, PD, PP, ROIs, SI
73  2017 Changes in cerebral metabolism during ketogenic diet in patients with primary brain tumors: 1H-MRS study. GB, KD
74  2017 Chemical exchange saturation transfer for predicting response to stereotactic radiosurgery in human brain metastasis. CEST, NOE, SRS
75  2017 Correlation between prefrontal-striatal pathway impairment and cognitive impairment in patients with leukoaraiosis. DTI, FA, LA, MD, ROIs, WMLs
76  2017 Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging of Gliomas Grades II and III - A Study of Perilesional Tumor Infiltration, Tumor Grades and Subtypes at Clinical Presentation. AUC, DKI, ROC, ROIs
77  2017 Diffusion tensor imaging of normal-appearing white matter in patients with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder and multiple sclerosis. DTI, HCs, MS, NMOSD
78  2017 Disconnection as a mechanism for social cognition impairment in multiple sclerosis. FA, HC, MD, MS, TBSS, ToM
79  2017 Disconnections of Cortico-Subcortical Pathways Related to Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Leukoaraiosis: A Preliminary Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study. DTI, FA, LA, MD, ROIs, WMLs
80  2017 DT MRI microstructural cortical lesion damage does not explain cognitive impairment in MS. CI, CL, CP, DIR, DT, FA, GMV, LV, MRI, MS, NA, NBV, WM
81  2017 Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suggests Normal Perfusion in Normal-Appearing White Matter in Multiple Sclerosis. CBF, CBV, DCE, MRI, MS, PS, RR
82  2017 Evaluation of the Effect of Fingolimod Treatment on Microglial Activation Using Serial PET Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis. GM, MS, TSPO
83  2017 Executive Functions in Healthy Older Adults Are Differentially Related to Macro- and Microstructural White Matter Characteristics of the Cerebral Lobes. DTI, WM, WMH
84  2017 High b-value diffusion-weighted imaging in progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy in HIV patients. ADC, DWI, PML
85  2017 Increased total sodium concentration in gray matter better explains cognition than atrophy in MS. GM, RRMS, TSC
86  2017 Inflammatory responses in Multiple Sclerosis normal-appearing white matter and in non-immune mediated neurological conditions with wallerian axonal degeneration: A comparative study. MS, WM
87  2017 Insight into Metabolic 1H-MRS Changes in Natalizumab Induced Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Brain Lesions. 1H-MRS, EDSS, IRIS, KPS, MS, PML
88  2017 Integrity of normal-appearing white matter and functional outcomes after acute ischemic stroke. AIS, FA, IQR, mRS, NIHSS, WMHV
89  2017 Machine learning based compartment models with permeability for white matter microstructure imaging. CCs, CST, MS
90  2017 Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging for occult lesion detection in multiple sclerosis. DBGM, DTI, FA, MD, MS
91  2017 Metabolic changes in normal appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis patients using multivoxel magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging. Cho, Cr, MRS, MRSI, MS, NAA, RRMS
92  2017 Metabolic changes in normal-appearing white matter in patients with neuromyelitis optica and multiple sclerosis: a comparative magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. Cho, Cr, HC, MRI, MS, NAA, NMO
93  2017 Metric to quantify white matter damage on brain magnetic resonance images. FLAIR, MRI, WM, WMH
94  2017 Normal appearing white matter permeability: a marker of inflammation and information processing speed deficit among relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis patients. AUC, BBBb, EDSS, rR, RRMS
95  2017 Normal-appearing white matter demyelination in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. HCs, MWFs, MWI, NMOSD, ROIs, ViSTa
96  2017 Perilesional and contralateral white matter evolution and integrity in patients with periventricular nodular heterotopia and epilepsy: a longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging study. DTI, PNH
97  2017 Phenotypic and functional characterization of T cells in white matter lesions of multiple sclerosis patients. cMSAg, CSF, EBV, MS, TCL, TCR, WML
98  2017 Purinergic receptors P2Y12R and P2X7R: potential targets for PET imaging of microglia phenotypes in multiple sclerosis. EAE, MS, PET
99  2017 Quantifying the Susceptibility Variation of Normal-Appearing White Matter in Multiple Sclerosis by Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping. MS, ppb, RRMS, WM
100  2017 Reliable estimation of microvascular flow patterns in patients with disrupted blood-brain barrier using dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI. CBV, CTH, DSC