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Abbreviation : NBL
Long Form : neuroblastoma
No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A novel risk signature that combines 10 long noncoding RNAs to predict neuroblastoma prognosis. DElncRNA, lncRNA
2020 High-dose 131I-metaiodobenzylguanidine therapy in patients with high-risk neuroblastoma in Japan. 131I-MIBG, EFS, HVA, OS, PR, VMA
2020 Immediate Response to Chemotherapy in an Adult Neuroblastoma Patient Presenting with Cord Compression. aNBL, SCC
2020 Incidence, Treatment and Survival in Primary Central Nervous System Neuroblastoma. GBNL, OR, PCNSN
2020 Large 1p36 Deletions Affecting Arid1a Locus Facilitate Mycn-Driven Oncogenesis in Neuroblastoma. LOH, NCCs
2020 Monitoring Immune Responses in Neuroblastoma Patients during Therapy. ---
2019 Advances in Anti-GD2 Immunotherapy for Treatment of High-risk Neuroblastoma. mAb
2019 An age-based, RNA expression paradigm for survival biomarker identification for pediatric neuroblastoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. ALL
2019 Association between image-defined risk factors and neuroblastoma outcomes. IDRFs, TV
10  2019 Development and Validation of an RNA-Seq-Based Prognostic Signature in Neuroblastoma. AUC, EFS, OS, ROC, RPI
11  2019 Does Salvage Chemotherapy Regimen Intensity Embark on Clearance of Bone Marrow Neuroblastoma? ---
12  2019 Duplication of ALK F1245 missense mutation due to acquired uniparental disomy associated with aggressive progression in a patient with relapsed neuroblastoma. ALK, UPD
13  2019 Endocrine consequences of neuroblastoma treatment in children: 20 years' experience of a single center. CT, MIBG
14  2019 Genetic Profile and Clinical Implications of Hepatoblastoma and Neuroblastoma Coexistence in a Child. HBL, WES
15  2019 Interference of bone marrow CD56+ mesenchymal stromal cells in minimal residual disease investigation of neuroblastoma and other CD45- /CD56+ pediatric malignancies using flow cytometry. B-ALL, BM, FC, MRD, MSCs, RCP
16  2019 Management of tumor rupture and abdominal compartment syndrome in an infant with bilateral high risk stage 4 neuroblastoma: A case report. TLS
17  2019 Multidisciplinary surgical strategy for dumbbell neuroblastoma: A single-center experience of 32 cases. ---
18  2019 Neuroblastoma of the Urinary Bladder in an Infant. UB
19  2019 Paediatric Horner's syndrome: is investigation for underlying malignancy always required? HS
20  2019 Pediatric minimally invasive surgery for malignant abdominal tumor: Single center experience. MIS
21  2019 Peripheral Stem Cell Apheresis is Feasible Post 131Iodine-Metaiodobenzylguanidine-Therapy in High-Risk Neuroblastoma, but Results in Delayed Platelet Reconstitution. 131I-MIBG, ASCT, HR
22  2019 Preoperative computed tomography scanning for abdominal neuroblastomas is superior to magnetic resonance imaging for safe surgical planning. CT, IDRFs, MRI
23  2019 Role of miRNA in the regulation of cannabidiol-mediated apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells. CBD, GAS-7
24  2019 ROR1 and ROR2-novel targets for neuroblastoma. ---
25  2019 SFCE METRO-01 four-drug metronomic regimen phase II trial for pediatric extracranial tumor. BS, EST, MC, MISC, SD, STS
26  2019 The Presence of ALK Alterations and Clinical Relevance of Crizotinib Treatment in Pediatric Solid Tumors. ALK, FISH, IHC, IMT, RMA, STS
27  2019 Watch and See Strategy in Selected Neuroblastoma Case Scenarios: Success and Limitations. ---
28  2018 Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation for Refractory/Relapsed Neuroblastoma. GVHD, SCT
29  2018 Health-related fitness in very long-term survivors of childhood cancer: A cross-sectional study. AML, BMI, HRPF, WT
30  2018 MYCN drives glutaminolysis in neuroblastoma and confers sensitivity to an ROS augmenting agent. DMF, ROS
31  2018 Radical Surgery Improves Survival in Patients with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. ---
32  2018 The Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Valproic Acid Exerts a Synergistic Cytotoxicity with the DNA-Damaging Drug Ellipticine in Neuroblastoma Cells. HDAC, VPA
33  2018 The role of N-Myc gene amplification in neuroblastoma childhood tumour - single-centre experience. FFS, OS
34  2018 The unusual association between Neuroblastoma and Gaucher Disease: Case report and review of the literature. GD
35  2017 Catecholamines profiles at diagnosis: Increased diagnostic sensitivity and correlation with biological and clinical features in neuroblastoma patients. 3-MT, HVA, MIBG, NMN, VMA
36  2017 Feasibility, toxicity and response of upfront metaiodobenzylguanidine therapy therapy followed by German Pediatric Oncology Group Neuroblastoma 2004 protocol in newly diagnosed stage 4 neuroblastoma patients. ASCT, MAT, MIBG, RR
37  2017 Iodine-131-meta-iodobenzylguanidine therapy for patients with newly diagnosed high-risk neuroblastoma. 131I-MIBG, CCTs, CENTRAL, CI, HR, ISRCTN, ORR, RCTs
38  2017 Kinome expression profiling of human neuroblastoma tumors identifies potential drug targets for ultra high-risk patients. HR, SAHA
39  2017 Liver transplantation as a potentially lifesaving measure in neuroblastoma stage 4S. ---
40  2017 Management of Neuroblastoma: ICMR Consensus Document. ---
41  2017 MYCN induces neuroblastoma in primary neural crest cells. NCCs, SNS
42  2016 Anti-GD2 mAb and Vorinostat synergize in the treatment of neuroblastoma. FcR, HDACi, mAb, MDSC, TME
43  2016 Diffusion-weighted Imaging Using Readout-segmented EPI Reveals Bony Metastases from Neuroblastoma. DWI
44  2016 Health-Related Quality of Life in Survivors of High-Risk Neuroblastoma After Stem Cell Transplant: A National Population-Based Perspective. HRQL, HSCT, HUI
45  2016 MYCN controls an alternative RNA splicing program in high-risk metastatic neuroblastoma. ---
46  2016 Neonatal neuroblastoma with adrenal primary and metastasis to the liver: A case report and a review of literature. ---
47  2016 Neuroblastoma With Intraspinal Extension: Health Problems in Long-Term Survivors. ---
48  2015 A long-term follow-up of residual mass neuroblastoma in a patient with cystic fibrosis. CF
49  2015 Antagonizing Bcl-2 family members sensitizes neuroblastoma and Ewing's sarcoma to an inhibitor of glutamine metabolism. DON, EWS
50  2015 Cochlear Implantation for Profound Hearing Loss After Multimodal Treatment for Neuroblastoma in Children. CAP, CI, EAS
51  2015 Exosome-mediated transfer of microRNAs within the tumor microenvironment and neuroblastoma resistance to chemotherapy. FC, miRNAs
52  2015 Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in infants. ALL, allo, AML, auto, CGD, HLH, HSCT, JMML, SAA, WAS
53  2015 Inhibition of hypoxia inducible factors combined with all-trans retinoic acid treatment enhances glial transdifferentiation of neuroblastoma cells. ATRA
54  2015 Interaction between bone marrow stromal cells and neuroblastoma cells leads to a VEGFA-mediated osteoblastogenesis. BM, BMMSC, BMP
55  2015 Intra-adrenal murine TH-MYCN neuroblastoma tumors grow more aggressive and exhibit a distinct tumor microenvironment relative to their subcutaneous equivalents. IA, s.c
56  2015 Local control in metastatic neuroblastoma in children over 1 year of age. PFS and OS
57  2015 Necrotizing enterocolitis as an adverse effect of recombinant interleukin-2 and Ch14.18 in maintenance therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma. ---
58  2015 Neuroblastoma and nephroblastoma: a radiological review. ---
59  2015 Outcome in neuroblastoma. EFS, OS
60  2015 Radiotherapy-related arterial intima thickening and plaque formation in childhood cancer survivors detected with very-high resolution ultrasound during young adulthood. BP, IMT, TBI
61  2015 The Role of Id2 Protein in Neuroblatoma in Children. HLH
62  2015 TNFalpha sensitizes neuroblastoma cells to FasL-, cisplatin- and etoposide-induced cell death by NF-kappaB-mediated expression of Fas. ---
63  2015 Upfront treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma with a combination of 131I-MIBG and topotecan. AA, ASCT, HR, MAT, ORR, TPT
64  2014 A transplantable TH-MYCN transgenic tumor model in C57Bl/6 mice for preclinical immunological studies in neuroblastoma. mAb
65  2014 Clinical experience with (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography and (123)I-metaiodobenzylguanine scintigraphy in pediatric neuroblastoma: complementary roles in follow-up of patients. BM, PET
66  2014 Clinical features of ATRX or DAXX mutated neuroblastoma. ALT
67  2014 Does aggressive surgical resection improve survival in advanced stage 3 and 4 neuroblastoma? A systematic review and meta-analysis. DFS, GTR, OS, OS, STR
68  2014 Early targets of miR-34a in neuroblastoma. ---
69  2014 Late effects in children treated with intensive multimodal therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma: high incidence of endocrine and growth problems. HR
70  2014 MYCN repression of Lifeguard/FAIM2 enhances neuroblastoma aggressiveness. FAIM2
71  2014 Primary ovarian insufficiency in children after treatment with 131I-metaiodobenzylguanidine for neuroblastoma: report of the first two cases. MIBG, POI
72  2014 Telomerase reverse transcriptase promoter mutations in tumors originating from the adrenal gland and extra-adrenal paraganglia. ACCs, ea PGLs, GISTs, HNPGLs, PCCs, TERT
73  2014 [The role of MicroRNAs in the pathophysiology of neuroblastoma and their possible use in diagnosis, prognosis and therapy]. miRNAs
74  2013 Advances in chimeric antigen receptor immunotherapy for neuroblastoma. CAR, L1CAM, mAb
75  2013 ALK amplification and protein expression predict inferior prognosis in neuroblastomas. FISH, GN, GNBL, IHC, NTs
76  2013 Allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation for neuroblastoma: the CIBMTR experience. allo-HCT, auto-HCT, DFS, VGPR
77  2013 Clinico-pathological patterns of a rare presentation of abdominal neuroblastoma in children. ---
78  2013 Copy number gain of MYCN gene is a recurrent genetic aberration and favorable prognostic factor in Chinese pediatric neuroblastoma patients. FISH, GN, GNBL
79  2013 Downregulation of Axl in non-MYCN amplified neuroblastoma cell lines reduces migration. non-NMA
80  2013 Epigenetic drug combination induces genome-wide demethylation and altered gene expression in neuro-ectodermal tumor-derived cell lines. DAC, PNET, TSA
81  2013 Extension of microRNA expression pattern associated with high-risk neuroblastoma. miRNAs
82  2013 Long-term follow-up of the thyroid gland after treatment with 131I-Metaiodobenzylguanidine in children with neuroblastoma: importance of continuous surveillance. MIBG
83  2013 Neonatal neuroblastoma with inferior vena cava syndrome. ---
84  2013 Pediatric bladder neuroblastoma: Case report and literature review. ---
85  2013 Ultrahigh-risk group within the high-risk neuroblastoma category. ---
86  2012 Comparison of two different conditioning regimens before autologous transplantation for children with high-risk neuroblastoma. ETC, HDC, HR, PFS
87  2012 Differentiated thyroid carcinoma after 131I-MIBG treatment for neuroblastoma during childhood: description of the first two cases. DTC, MIBG
88  2012 Feasibility of a tandem autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplant regimen for high risk neuroblastoma in a cooperative group setting: a Pediatric Oncology Group study: a report from the Children's Oncology Group. HDC, OS, PBSC, PFS
89  2012 High anaplastic lymphoma kinase immunohistochemical staining in neuroblastoma and ganglioneuroblastoma is an independent predictor of poor outcome. ALK, GNBL
90  2012 Immunocombination therapy for high-risk neuroblastoma. ---
91  2012 Increasing the clinical efficacy of NK and antibody-mediated cancer immunotherapy: potential predictors of successful clinical outcome based on observations in high-risk neuroblastoma. ADCC, CRA, FcR, KIR, KIR-L, mAbs, NK
92  2012 Neuroblastoma progress on many fronts: the Neuroblastoma Research Symposium. ---
93  2012 Outcome after surgery alone or with restricted use of chemotherapy for patients with low-risk neuroblastoma: results of Children's Oncology Group study P9641. EFS, OS
94  2012 Pediatric primary and metastatic neuroblastoma: MRI findings: pictorial review. MRI
95  2012 Retinoids in pediatric onco-hematology: the model of acute promyelocytic leukemia and neuroblastoma. 13-cis-RA, AML, APL, ATRA, DFS, HR-NBL, HSCT, PML
96  2012 Slow down to stay alive: HER4 protects against cellular stress and confers chemoresistance in neuroblastoma. HER4, mRNA, shRNA
97  2012 Thiotepa and melphalan based single, tandem, and triple high dose therapy and autologous stem cell transplantation for high risk neuroblastoma. ASCT, EFS, HD, TBI
98  2012 Valproic acid overcomes hypoxia-induced resistance to apoptosis. HDACi, VPA
99  2011 Anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) inhibitor response in neuroblastoma is highly correlated with ALK mutation status, ALK mRNA and protein levels. ALK, pALK, WT
100  2011 Evaluation of a new cell separator for collection of peripheral blood CD34+ progenitor cells in pediatric patients. CE, MNC, PLT